Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 58: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [5]

Tao Ran was actually very anxious that Xu Yun had a bad impression of Ke Yuan. And as per the novel’s plot, Xu Yun never expressed her love for Ke Yuan, and under the question of the little sister, she lied with a guilty conscience that she didn't like Ke Yuan at all, but in fact she hated Ke Yuan.

This happened to be heard by Ke Yuan who secretly sent Xu Yun home, and caused him to be extremely sad. And this resulted in him being with Huang Tao for sometime. Ke Yuan knew Huang Tao's feelings for him, and asked Huang Tao if she wanted to be with him. How could Huang Tao refuse? They were lovers for a period of time.

Later, Ke Yuan realized that he still couldn't forget Xu Yun. He regretted being with Huang Tao and broke up with her to stay true to his feelings for Xu Yun... This caused Huang Tao to completely blacken since then, although the role of the vicious female partner in the plot was to create trouble for the hero and the heroine and in turn promote their feelings for each other.

But Tao Ran still felt pity for Huang Tao. He knew Ke Yuan stayed with Huang Tao because he was sad and frustrated. But he didn't know what this meant for Huang Tao. He didn't know what Huang Tao had done for him, and he had no idea how much damage his betrayal had caused her.

Tao Ran walked over and slung his arm around Ke Yuan's shoulder casually. Ke Yuan immediately exploded, "Don't touch me!"

"Don't say that." Tao Ran said: "When we were in our mother's womb, we two stuck together without clothes for a long time. At that time, you didn’t despise me, and would always stick to me."

Ke Yuan frantically said: "Do babies know a fart?"

"Why don't you understand?" Tao Ran said: "I remember clearly that at that time you would always shrink in my arms, and not leave even if I pushed you."

Ke Yuan was crazy: "Don't tell me, I won't believe it, how could you remember what happened when you were still in mother’s stomach."

"Of course I remember." Tao Ran smiled slightly, "This is the gap in our IQ."

Thinking of Ke Rui's IQ, and then thinking about himself, Ke Yuan still had some doubts. Did he really like sticking to Ke Rui before? Ma, I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Tao Ran continued to put on Ke Yuan's shoulders and said, "For old times sake, I will teach you how to chase girls."

Ke Yuan said with a look of disdain: "What do you know, you are just a nerd? Have you ever been in love?"

Tao Ran sneered, "I know a lot more than you even if I haven't been in love, at least my ability to act is better than you."

Ke Yuan smiled and said, "Who would believe it?"

"Otherwise, why do you think the head teacher is so good to change our positions?" Tao Ran reached out and boinked Ke Yuan's head and said, "Use your head a little even though it is not very useful. Think about it, am I really tall enough to block the classmates behind? Or are you really shorter than me?"

Ke Yuan: "You are shorter." Then he couldn't help but think. The changing of position seemed really suspicious, did Ke Rui really get his position changed? "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I found out you like Xu Yun." Tao Ran: "I want to help you."

Ke Yuan looked at him with a stupid expression, "Do you think I would believe you?"

"Okay." Tao Ran changed his reason. "Because you are also bothering me when you are disturbing Xu Yun by giving her breakfast every morning. I just let you sit together so that both of your drama will not bother me anymore."

"Damn." Ke Yuan: "I knew it wasn't your true heart just now."

Silly boy, these are not my true words either. Tao Ran said, "But I think you and Xu Yun match well, and I can help you."

Ke Yuan blushed suddenly, "Really? Do you really think that Xu Yun and I are a good match?"

"Of course." Tao Ran said: "Don't you believe me, the top notcher of the school?"

Well, when put like that, naturally, Ke Yuan believed him.

Ke Yuan said awkwardly: "But Xu Yun doesn't seem to like me very much. What do you think I should do?"

"It's not just that she doesn't like you, she thinks you’re disgusting." Tao Ran said as he walked. "She always thought that you added ingredients to the breakfast and wanted to harm her. Did you think it was just a simple dislike?"

"Huh?" Ke Yuan cried out sadly, "Why?"

Tao Ran: "Isn’t it because you always teased her when you were in high school..."

The two people walked farther and farther, the yellow afterglow of the setting sun shone on them, and it seemed so harmonious.

After entering the house, Tao Ran said: "Parents, I'm back."

Ke Yuan also said, "I'm back."

"Came back?"

Mother was cooking in the kitchen. She felt today’s scene was a little different. Today they even came back together.

Going upstairs, Ke Yuan hurriedly followed Tao Ran into the room, "You can tell me again, what should I do..."

The two have not dealt with each other since elementary school. They have not entered each other's room for almost ten years. As soon as he entered Ke Rui's room, Ke Yuan felt a little uncomfortable and a little strange. Seeing the model placed on the table, Ke Yuan asked, "Do you like Transformers too?"

"Can't I like it?" Tao Ran put down his schoolbag and said, "Listen to me."

"Oh." Ke Yuan took off his school bag and threw it on the bed.

Tao Ran immediately exploded, "Who told you to put your school bag on the bed? It's dirty! Take it away, take it away..."

Ke Yuan was startled by Tao Ran's explosive reaction. He wanted to get angry, but thought that he still wanted Ke Rui’s help, so he swallowed his anger and picked up his school bag. Whispered: "Something's wrong."

Tao Ran and Ke Yuan sat together, pulling the curtains to have a long conversation, Tao Ran said: "The first thing to do is to solve the misunderstanding between you, or Xu Yun's one-sided misunderstanding."

Ke Yuan: "What should I do?"

"Tell the truth." Tao Ran said: "Tell her clearly that you really want to send her breakfast and didn't add anything to it, and apologize for your childish behavior in the first year of high school."

Ke Yuan scratched his head, "Will that be enough?"

"Be honest." Tao Ran said: "Xu Yun is a good girl with a sense of reason. She will understand you."

Ke Yuan scratched his head and looked at Tao Ran and said, "Look, how are you talking? You sound like an old man."

Tao Ran raised his hand, "Do you believe it or not that I will beat you until you are old?"


Mother cooked a table of food. She smiled and said to Father: "Your threats in the morning were quite effective. They didn't seem to be awkward today."

"That’s it." Dad said triumphantly: "I don't have to look at who I am, it's Ke Yuan that bastard, it should have been cleaned up long ago."

"Puff." Mother smiled: "If he is a bastard, then what are you?"

Dad rogue said: "You are Mother Rabbit."

"Hahahahaha... I hate..."

Mother laughed for a while, and shouted upstairs: "Come down to eat!"

Tao Ran and Ke Yuan said at the same time, "Ok!"

"..." Dad shook the newspaper in his hand and said strangely: "Why do I think something is wrong?"

Then the couple saw the two sons come out of the same room, and then went downstairs while smiling. Ke Yuan said, "Let's go to school together tomorrow morning."

Tao Ran: "Okay."

Parents: "..."

God, what happened? Were they hallucinating?

The atmosphere of the dinner was very delicate, and the couple who had a lot of conversation also calmed down. The fried chicken wings made by their mother were delicious. He ate two of them in pairs and then they disappeared after a second glance. Tao Ran said, "Let’s make more fried chicken wings tomorrow."

Mother smiled and said, "You should eat less fried things, so you shouldn’t eat more fried chicken wings."

Tao Ran pursed his mouth. He couldn't eat what he liked. It was not fair!.

Ke Yuan glanced at Tao Ran and said, "Why don't you eat my piece, I haven't had time to eat it yet."


Parents glanced at each other, and they both saw shock in each other's eyes. Then they looked at Tao Ran's reaction and saw that Tao Ran was not angry at all, but said in disgust, "I won't eat the one that has gotten your saliva."

Mom said to her heart, it's time to fight now, right?

He saw Ke Yuan curl his lips and said, "Then don't eat it."

Then the two continued to eat, the atmosphere turned out to be a little... warm?

Dad almost had a heart attack. When the two of them reconciled, they had nowhere to use their own skills.

After dinner, the two of them ran upstairs together, and their mother shouted: "Xiao Yuan, don't disturb Xiao Rui's studying."

Ke Yuan curled his lips, Tao Ran said, "It's okay, I will help him with his homework."

Dad: "What medicine did you put in breakfast this morning?"

Mother looked blank, "Nothing."

"Then why did they suddenly change?" Dad said bitterly: "It's scarier than taking the wrong medicine."

The next morning, Ke Yuan, who had been studying all night, came to the class again with breakfast. He said shyly: "Student Xu Yun, I'll treat you to breakfast."

Xu Yun frowned and said, "I won't eat."

"Ummn... don't worry, I didn't put anything in it." Ke Yuan thought of Tao Ran's words as he said: "I want to apologize. When we were in high school, I shouldn't have pulled your braids, nor should I put things in your clothes or drew patterns on them. I always wanted to apologize, but I didn’t find a chance."

Seeing his sincere expression, Xu Yun immediately believed him. She was a little embarrassed and said: "It's all over, and besides... it's not a big deal."

Ke Yuan smiled and said, "Then can you eat my breakfast?"

Xu Yun refused: "No."

"Are you worried that I put something? I didn't. If you don't believe me, I'll eat it in front of you."

"No." Xu Yun said with a laugh: "I had breakfast in the morning and I can't eat anymore."

"Oh, that's it." Ke Yuan scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

But he bought breakfast and didn't want to waste it, so he habitually took breakfast to find Huang Tao.

Tao Ran saw it, and sighed in his heart. When Ke Yuan came, he said, "How about it? Xu Yun still doesn't want to eat?"

Ke Yuan scratched his head and said, "She already ate breakfast."

"Oh, what are you doing with your breakfast? You don't want to waste it, so you’re giving it to me?" Tao Ran said, "Did you forget? I also ate breakfast already."

Huang Tao was pale faced when she heard the full story. Just because Xu Yun didn't eat the breakfast brought by Ke Yuan, so Ke Yuan gave it to her to not waste food?

Ke Yuan said to Huang Tao: "Here, for you."

Suddenly with a blank mind, Huang Tao said in a panic: "No need...I...I ate too."

"Ah? Oh." Ke Yuan was a little uncomfortable. In his impression, Huang Tao seemed to never eat breakfast, every time she would accept the breakfast given by him. But he didn't care, Xu Yun didn't misunderstand him, she just smiled to herself.

And Huang Tao did not eat breakfast. She has been used to receiving a gift from Ke Yuan for breakfast at school for so long. So she has been waiting on an empty stomach, waiting for the gift of breakfast.

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