Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 60: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [7]

Tao Ran chuckled, "It's okay, I don't blame you."

"..." Huang Tao's expression suddenly cracked. What do you mean you don’t blame me? Can't you tell that I am being sarcastic?

Huang Tao looked at Tao Ran, and a dark wave of emotions rose in her heart. Just when she wanted to say something, the boss brought the bowls of noodles. Tao Ran handed her a pair of chopsticks, "Let’s eat."

Huang Tao took the chopsticks and held back all the words she wanted to say.

Tao Ran took his chopsticks and prepared to eat the noodles. He added a little chili to the noodles, and he smelled it. It was very fragrant. He raised his head and asked Huang Tao, "Do you want it to be spicy?"

Huang Tao said indifferently: "No."

"Oh." Tao Ran didn't care about other things; he lowered his head and started to slurp the noodles.

Huang Tao initially thought that she would have no appetite, but when she saw Tao Ran eating with full gusto in front of her eyes, she also got hungry. After eating a few bites, it was appetizing and really delicious. Both of them ate like this without talking, and finished the noodles in a short while.

Tao Ran took a breath and said, "It's so comfortable."

Huang Tao wiped her mouth and said, "You are not like how I imagined."

Tao Ran smiled, "What is different?"

"Before, I thought you should be a very indifferent person because you look the same way at everyone. Such a person doesn't care about anyone." Huang Tao said: "Now, I think you..."

 Tao Ran: "What?"

 Huang Tao: "You are a good person."

"..." Unexpectedly, Huang Tao issued the first good person card in her life. Tao Ran smiled bitterly: "Maybe, I often guide people to be kind."

Huang Tao was a little baffled by Tao Ran's words, Tao Ran said, "Are you feeling better now?"

Huang Tao did not feel so uncomfortable anymore, so she nodded.

Tao Ran said, "The stomach is very close to the heart. When the stomach is filled, it will gently press against the heart. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction. In the future, if you feel uncomfortable, you can eat something, which is very effective. "

Huang Tao said a little dazedly: "It turns out that food therapy has a scientific basis… Does the stomach really grow together with the heart?"

"No, but the organs are all growing together, and if the bottom bulges, the top will be pushed up..." Tao Ran didn’t know what to say further, so he said: "Do you want to go back to school? If you don't want to, let's go out and play."

 Huang Tao: "What are we playing?"

Tao Ran thought for a while, and found that he had nothing to play, so he said, "It's better to go to the movies."

Tao Ran took out his phone and started searching to see if there were any good movies. He found a lot of movies, but Tao Ran didn't know which one was good, so he asked Huang Tao, "Which one would you like to watch?"

Huang Tao originally wanted to say that it's okay, but she glanced at the phone and found that there was a movie on it that she had always wanted to watch but couldn't finish it for various reasons. She just pointed to the screen and said: "This one."

Tao Ran saw that it was a very old film, so old that he felt that it shouldn't appear in the movie theater at all. But Huang Tao wanted to see it, so Tao Ran bought two tickets. He took a look, and only one other person had bought a ticket for this show other than them.

Maybe there were no new movies released recently, so the old movies were being played in theaters.

The two went to the cinema to collect the tickets and sat in the quiet and dim theater. Huang Tao looked at the advertisement on the screen and said, "Have you seen this movie?"

"I've seen it." Tao Ran said, "Have you not seen it?"

"No, I have never seen the ending." Huang Tao answered.

Tao Ran said horribly: "Do you need my spoilers?"

Huang Tao looked indifferent, "No need."

At the beginning of the movie, an old man died, and then the hero began to live alone in the mountains. He had a pair of very special hands; his hands could cut out the most beautiful gardening in the world, but he couldn't hold a cup of hot drink for himself.

The audience in front had been watching the movie seriously, and Tao Ran could only see the back of his head.

As the movie slowly played, it gradually reached its climax.

Pegg said: "Hold me."

Edward said: "I cannot."

Tao Ran saw that the man in front lowered his head, his shoulders trembling slightly. He turned to look at Huang Tao, who was staring at the screen without blinking, tears all over her face. Tao Ran reached out and held Huang Tao's hand. Huang Tao did not shake him off.

In the movie, the hero looked at the camera with his almost expressionless face, and there seemed to be something unforgettable in his eyes.

"If I have never tasted the warm feeling, maybe I will not be so cold. If I have never tasted the sweetness of love, I may not be so pained..."

Tao Ran suddenly felt hard to breathe, and some pictures flashed in his mind. Under the soft light, he held up a beautiful ring to Long Qiu. In the light of the setting sun, looking out from the window, there was the beautiful and lonely surface of the lake. And on the small island in the vast ocean, that bitter kiss...

Tears flowed down unconsciously, but Tao Ran didn't notice anything. Xiaomei appeared and said: "Host, when you are doing the task, it is best not to have too many mood swings."

Tao Ran looked at the male lead, lonely carving the ice sculpture of his beloved, and asked in his heart: "Xiaomei, did I fall in love with anyone in the previous mission?"

Xiaomei scratched her claws, and then said, "No, no one of you, the host, is in love."

"Really? Then why would I choose to cleanse my feelings?"

This was Tao Ran's own choice, and XiaoMei didn't know how to answer him. The three people present just watched the movie quietly, and the three of them had three moods, but all had tears streaming down their faces.

After the movie ended, Huang Tao turned her head to find Tao Ran was also in tears. She wiped her tears and said, "I didn't expect you to be very sentimental."

Tao Ran twitched his mouth and smiled, and said, "Are you in a better mood?"

"Yeah." Huang Tao said: "Thank you for staying with me."

"You are welcome."

The two walked out together, and Tao Ran said: "You know, there are many possibilities in life. Although you are sad now, maybe this is another option. You are still so young, there are infinite possibilities in the future, so don't drill. The horns are sharp."

Tao Ran didn't speak like a teenager. Huang Tao looked at him with a serious face and suddenly wanted to laugh.

"I don't feel like you are a middle school student." Huang Tao said: "You are like a little old man."

Tao Ran said without any mood swings: "Are you tired? I'll take you home."

I don't know what came to mind, Huang Tao said, "Let's go back to school."

Tao Ran: "Are you afraid that your mother will find you playing truant?"

Not knowing what was thinking, Huang Tao avoided Tao Ran's eyes and nodded lightly, "Yeah."

"Then let’s go back to school."

When they returned to school, it happened to be lunch break, and there were not many people in the class. As soon as Tao Ran and Huang Tao entered, they attracted everyone's attention.

Xu Yun said: "What's wrong? What happened?"

Tao Ran said: "Student Huang Tao is not feeling well, so I went to the hospital with her."

Ke Yuan doubted: "Really?"

Huang Tao nodded, "Really."


The answer was unexpectedly boring, and everyone lost interest. Originally, Ke Rui and Huang Tao had only been at the same table for two days. No matter what, it wouldn't develop so fast.

Xu Yun took out her mobile phone and said, "Let's play in qualifying. I went back and practiced secretly for a long time yesterday."

Ke Yuan said, "But you two are still stubborn bronze."

Huang Tao suddenly said: "I can register for a side account."

Ke Yuan slapped his head, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Tao Ran looked at Huang Tao worriedly, "Can you really do it?"

"Yes." Huang Tao said.

"If you are uncomfortable..." Tao Ran said.

 "It's okay." Huang Tao smiled at Tao Ran, "I'll take you to fight."

 Ke Yuan laughed and said to Xu Yun: "That's right, I will take you to fly."

 Xu Yun: "Huh."

Ke Yuan and Tao Ran registered a side account, and since all four of them were stubborn bronze, there was no problem in ranking together. At this time, at Xu Yun's back table, the fat female classmate said: "Take me too, five of us are just right."

 Ke Yuan: "What rank are you in? It's also bronze?"

"I am not." The fat classmate said proudly: "I am Silver!"


Five people entered the game. Tao Ran smiled and said, "I went back last night, and Ke Yuan said I was too brave to play Daji, so I bought a Cheng Yaojin."

"Hahahaha..." The fat classmate laughed: "Daji is the most wretched canyon, how can you be brave? You should hide in the grass."

Hearing Tao Ran say that he wanted to play Cheng Yaojin, Huang Tao replaced her Angela with Bian Que. She then said: "Let's go down the road."

"Ah, okay." Tao Ran agreed, "Which way is the next way?"

Ke Yuan looked disgusted, "The one on the far right is the bottom road."

"Welcome to the King of Glory!"

Huang Tao looked at the screen and said, "Bian Que can increase blood, and then you will be closer to me."

The fat classmate said: "I think my Houyi also needs blood, hey? Li Bai? Where are you going, Li Bai? Li Bai, you go on the road with me."

Ke Yuan said, "I want to go to the middle road with Zhen Ji."

"Why is there such a thing?" The fat classmate complained, "Aren't all the masters walking the middle road alone?"

Ke Yuan: "Houyi who dares not walk alone is not a good Houyi."

Fat classmate: "..."

Fat classmate: "Then what should I do?"

At this time, Tao Ran's cell phone suddenly sent Cheng Yaojin's lines, "One word: Do it!"

Everyone: "..."

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