Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 62: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [9]

Ke Yuan couldn't face Xu Yun due to embarrassment but Xu Yun didn't take it seriously because even when she usually played by herself, she didn’t play very well. She once died too many times in qualifying and was reported by her teammates, who said that she maliciously was giving away head.

Because of Ke Yuan's inexplicable self-esteem and frustration, he didn't dare look at Xu Yun all afternoon. Xu Yun finally had a chance to breathe in the afternoon and was very happy not to be stared at constantly.

The class teacher had no classes in the afternoon and went home at noon. Before going home, he made a phone call, and the person who answered the phone was Ke Rui and Ke Yuan's mother.

On the phone, the headteacher first expressed his concern about Ke Rui playing truant. Then, he said that the children were still young; they had to study, not to mention the two children's grades were so good. He spoke very sincerely on the phone, hoping that Ke Rui’s mother could have a good talk with Ke Rui and get his focus back on learning...

After he finished one call, he made another call. After all, it was a matter between two children, and he couldn’t just solely call Ke Rui's mother.

Tao Ran and Huang Tao didn't know about all this.

After school in the afternoon, Tao Ran thought that Huang Tao was very sad today. In class, she looked fine, but she might cry when she got back.

Crying was an emotional outlet, which was good for Huang Tao. He said to Huang Tao very gently: "Don't do your homework tonight."

Huang Tao: "Huh?"

"Take a good rest tonight."

Tao Ran said: "Tomorrow morning, I will give you the homework to copy, and I will make sure it is all right."

Huang Tao: "..."

On the way back home, Ke Yuan said in frustration: "I lost so badly today, Xu Yun won't be disappointed in me, right?"

"I don’t think she was disappointed." Tao Ran patted Ke Yuan on the shoulder and said, "We’re already seniors in high school."

Ke Yuan: "Huh?"

Tao Ran said: "Have you ever thought about your poor grades? What will you do in the future?"

"Why are you lecturing me just like our parents?" Ke Yuan said with a look of disdain: "It's none of your business anyway."

Tao Ran: "Then it's always Xu Yun's business, right?"

Ke Yuan turned his head to look at Tao Ran, to hear what he was saying.

Tao Ran said: "Xu Yun is ranked third, so a “B” grade in the test is mostly okay. But what about you? If you can't pass the test or go to a junior college, you won’t be in the same school as her, and you will meet less. Different living environments will further reduce commonality. The classmates around Xu Yun are all excellent people. How can you guarantee that Xu Yun will not like other people?"

Ke Yuan really hadn't thought about this issue. He had always thought that as long as Xu Yun liked him, then everything would be fine.

Tao Ran opened the door, turned to Ke Yuan, and said, "Hey, you should think about it. Relationships are never that simple."

He said that, turned to face the room, and saw their parents sitting on the sofa and staring at them intently.

Tao Ran felt a murderous air, and he gave a quick laugh: "Mom, Dad, you have already finished cooking so early?"

When Ke Yuan entered the house and saw this situation, his scalp felt numb. He had experienced this situation many times, and every time it was because he got into trouble and his parents would educate him. Ke Yuan said sheepishly, "Um... I didn’t seem to have done anything wrong this time, right?"

Dad said to Ke Yuan indifferently: "Go to your room and close the door."

"Oh." Seeing that it was not directed at himself, Ke Yuan scurried upstairs quickly and then closed the door with a bang.

Tao Ran: "......"

"Come and sit down."

Mom said with a smile: "Xiao Rui, come here."

Tao Ran thought: I have been the president of a company and a Sword Sovereign. What am I afraid of? He put down his school bag and walked over, sat down, and asked, "What's the matter?"

Dad directly came straight to the point and asked: "Where did you go this morning?"

Ah, looked like the class teacher called and snitched on them. Tao Ran smiled impeccably and said: "A classmate was sick, so I took her to the hospital."


"Male classmate or female classmate?"

"Female classmate." Tao Ran said: "Are you afraid of me falling in love early?"

Since Tao Ran directly asked, Mom and Dad stopped going around in circles. Dad said, "We know you're a good boy, so we're worried about you."

"Don't worry about if I am in a puppy love, really." Tao Ran said sincerely: "I can tell you now that I am indeed in love."

Mother: "Uh..."

Just as his parents were about to explode, Tao Ran smiled and said, "You guys don't have to worry, I know what I'm doing, and I'm clear about my relationship issues. Also, I have plans for the future. You don't have to worry about my studies. Until the college entrance examination, I will always maintain the first rank of the year. If I can’t do it, you can come back and educate me. But before that, please respect me and don't interfere with my life."

Tao Ran stood up with a smile and went upstairs with a triumphant expression on his face.

Ke Yuan, who was hiding in the doorway quietly listening to the situation outside, was stunned. He used to think that Ke Rui was nothing great other than being good at studies. Only today he realized that being good at school could be so remarkable.

Mom and dad were sitting dumbly on the sofa as if they were frozen into ice sculptures. Ke Yuan suddenly felt that he should also study hard, not for anything else, but just to bring Xu Yun home in the future and be as handsome as today's Ke Rui.

Tao Ran returned to his room and began to write his homework. Tomorrow he had to copy it to Huang Tao. Ke Yuan quietly sneaked into his room and said, "When did you get together with Huang Tao?"

Tao Ran: "I'm not with her."

"Then why did you say that to our parents?" Ke Yuan said, "Did you just want to try feeling rebellious?"

Tao Ran stopped writing, and his lips curled into a smile: "Not being together now does not mean that we will not be together in the future. I just said that to get them to be mentally prepared in advance."

"..." To be honest, Ke Yuan felt that Ke Rui's appearance just now was extremely domineering. Was ‘learning to bully’ a bully a ‘domineering bully’? Why didn't our school bully learn to bully?

Ke Yuan said: "I want to study hard, please help me."

Tao Ran said very nicely: "Wait for me to finish my homework."

At night Tao Ran lay in bed and thought that anyway, he had to stay in this world for a long time. Why not be with Huang Tao? Huang Tao was beautiful and cute, and he could guarantee that he would never change his mind about her. She and he were naturally a perfect match.

Thinking about it, Tao Ran went downstairs to find something in the refrigerator, and the mother who came out to drink water asked, "What are you looking for?"

Tao Ran said, "Did our family buy yellow peaches?"

Mother: "...No."

"Oh." Tao Ran said: "Then I'll go out and buy them."

Mother stared at Tao Ran's back blankly, turned around, and swished into the room. She patted her hands on the quilt, and almost slapped Father on his back.

Dad: "What's wrong?"

Mother: "Xiao Rui went out to buy yellow peaches."

Dad: "Let him buy it if he wants to eat. Why are you making such a big fuss?"

"No." Mom squeezed father a few times. "Today, the class teacher said that his little girlfriend is called Huang Tao." (Huang Tao is chinese for yellow-colored peaches)


Tao Ran didn't buy fresh yellow peaches and only bought canned yellow peaches. When he went to school the next day, he had the cans in his bag. He said to himself that Tao Ran, who took the initiative to flirt for the first time, would definitely be able to catch his object of affection. However, when he arrived in the class, he saw that Huang Tao hadn't come.

Not just late, but did not come the whole morning. Tao Ran thought to himself, was she so sad that she didn't want to go to class anymore? During the lunch break, he asked Ke Yuan for Huang Tao's phone number. He walked to a corner and started calling Huang Tao. All morning she had not come, so it was better to call and check.

The phone was answered after a few rings, and Tao Ran said, "Huang Tao, it's me, it's ......"

"I'm not Huang Tao." The person who answered the phone had a middle-aged woman's voice, "Huang Tao is not here."

Tao Ran was taken aback for a moment and said, "Are you Huang Tao's mother? Huang Tao did not come to class today… Hello?"

The phone was hung up. Tao Ran looked at the phone while a whole bunch of fictional plots popped up inside his head. The most likely reason was that the class teacher had also called Huang Tao's mother, and her mother was afraid that she would really fall in love early and hence wouldn't let her go out.

Entering the classroom, Ke Yuan asked, "Well, why didn’t she come to class?"

Tao Ran said, "Do you know where Huang Tao's family lives?"

Tao Ran was a little worried about Huang Tao. After school in the afternoon, he went to find her alone. He came to an old neighborhood and slowly searched according to the address. Finally, he found Huang Tao's home in an illegal building bungalow next to the neighborhood. Compared to the previous vicious female counterparts, Huang Tao's condition was so much worse.

Tao Ran asked Xiaomei in his mind: "Didn't the book say that Huang Tao's father is a very rich real estate agent? Why are their family conditions so poor?"

"I don't know, it's not written in the novel."

Tao Ran went to the door. Before he knocked, he heard a curse coming from inside.

"It's all because of you, this debt collector!"

"If it weren't for your old mother, how would you live like this? You don't study well, but you want to seduce men. Why are you so cheap?"

Tao Ran's face turned pale. Then, there was a sound of beating and a cry of pain from inside. That voice belonged to Huang Tao, Tao Ran could hear it.

The woman in the room seemed to have had enough of beating, and the sound of her footsteps was heard closer to the door.

Tao Ran hurried to the corner to hide and saw a middle-aged woman walking out in slippers, still cursing. She walked to the end of the alley and was gone from view.

Tao Ran walked to the door, seeing that the door was not locked, slowly pushed the door and called out, "Huang Tao?"

There was some noise inside, so he opened the door. He saw Huang Tao with her hair fully messy, sitting on the floor beside the bed. Seeing Tao Ran, she seemed to be particularly shocked.


Huang Tao said in shock: "Why are you here?"

Tao Ran: "You didn't come to class, I came to see you."

"You better leave." Huang Tao said: "If my mother sees you, it's over."

Tao Ran thought for a while, walked over and took Huang Tao's arm, and ran out. Huang Tao was dragged by him and did not dare to shout loudly, so she could only whisper: "What are you doing? You, let me go."

Tao Ran pursed his mouth and didn't speak. He pulled Huang Tao and ran for a long time, and then entered a shopping mall. Huang Tao said: "What on earth are you doing?"

Tao Ran turned around and pressed Huang Tao on the chair, then rolled up her sleeves to see, her hands were covered in blue-purple bruises. There were not only new injuries but also some old injuries that were healing. Tao Ran said, "She often beats you like this? Where's your father?"

Huang Tao pulled her hand back and said, "I don't have a father."

No, it was clearly written in the novel that Huang Tao had a rich father. Later, after her blackening, she used her father's resources to suppress Xu Yun. How could she not have a father?

Huang Tao reached out and straightened her messy hair, then said, "I don't know how you know my home address, but I don't want you to come back in the future. I don't have a father, and you are not qualified to take care of my affairs. I want to go home. My mother will be worried if she doesn't see me when she comes home.”

Huang Tao said and stood up to leave, Tao Ran said from behind her: "Huang Tao, you can't do this, I can help you."

"How do you help me?" Huang Tao turned and roared: "Can you support me?!"

The people around stared at them in astonishment, saying that it must be another pair of youngsters who only knew how to fall in love early without studying properly.

It was not difficult to see from the injury on Huang Tao's arm that her mother often beat her. And what he heard standing outside the door before, how could a mother scold her child like that? Such a mother couldn’t take good care of children at all, Tao Ran said: "I will find a way."

"Don't think about it." Huang Tao said with a smile: "It will be over soon. When I get my college entrance examination results, I will go to a very far away place, and then never come back."

No wonder Huang Tao's academic performance was so good. Tao Ran had always thought that Huang Tao was studying so hard for Ke Yuan. It seemed that the reason was not just that. Tao Ran said, "Are you hungry? I brought food, at least eat something before going back."

Huang Tao saw the canned yellow peaches Tao Ran took out of his school bag, blinked, and said, "I hate yellow peaches the most."

"Sorry I didn’t know, I'll go buy what you want to eat right away."

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