Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 143: The Divorced Leftover Woman [1]

"Let’s start to receive the plot and the host needs to be more serious ah."

"Understood." Tao Ran said speechlessly, "And which time have I not been serious?"

As soon as Tao Ran received the plot of this world, Tao Ran had an urge to shed tears of happiness. After so many worlds, he finally stood at the top again.

The reason why he was so excited was because his identity this time was the youngest son of a certain wealthy man. What does this mean? It means that Tao Ran could now concentrate on completing his mission without being distracted from earning money to support himself. He said to Xiaomei: "You are very good this time, please give me such an identity in the next world also."

Xiaomei snapped her fingers and said: "The identity of the host is limited to having the opportunity to get in touch with the female supporting role. The system also strives to provide convenience to the host according to the situation."

Tao Ran: "Huh!"

Indeed, every time the system gives him an identity that allows him to easily approach female supporting roles. This time was also no exception as Tao Ran's current identity was the male protagonist's younger brother.

Biological brother.

This world was a bit special, why special? Because even if the female supporting role was blackened from beginning, she couldn't do anything great till the end. Why? Because the heroine of this article was reborn.

The female supporting role had already done all the bad things before the heroine’s rebirth. Since the reborn heroine was familiar with all the plots, she soon recognized her super awesome biological father. Having so many cheats, there was no pressure for the heroine to beat the supporting actress.

Tao Ran was actually a bit incomprehensible while analyzing the plot. Before the rebirth, the male lead was abandoned by the female lead and was tricked by the supporting female lead to marry her. The heroine came back from rebirth and still thought about the hero. She went to great lengths to beat up the supporting female lead just to show off her excellence, and then let the male lead fall in love with her.

Xiaomei said: "Actually, this is the psychology that many people have. If you can't get it, you want to have it even more. This is the same as the host, because you don't have money, so you don't even want your face to get it."

"..." Tao Ran looked at Xiaomei indifferently, "Huh!"

The female supporting role in this world was named Si Shao. A year ago, she fought off the male lead's true love, the female lead, and got engaged to him. Now at this time, the heroine had just come back from rebirth and Si Shao faced a difficult situation since the hero wanted to break off the engagement with her. And because Si Shao's family background was not as good as the reborn heroine so if she wanted to deal with the heroine, she didn't know where to start.

In reality, she had previously attempted to do so, but each time the heroine gave a massive slap in her face by successfully turning the situation around. After so many times, Si Shao became a little timid, because her rival in love was so evil that she would have nightmares even by the thought of the heroine.

Tao Ran was now Jing Yu, the younger brother of the hero Jing Ming. Being a college student, he was at the happiest stage of his life. It's the stage where you have a sibling to take the lead, and you have less to do and more money to squander. Tao Ran said to Xiaomei: "Where is the female supporting role now? I'll go over and see her situation first."

Tao Ran moved in the direction of the red dot on the map that Xiaomei had shown to him. It was already dark at this time, and logically, Tao Ran should have gone back to school by now. His roommate called him as he approached the door of the bar.

"Hi, where are you?"

Tao Ran: "Outside."

"Well." The roommate's tone was calm as usual, "Which Internet cafe? I'll take the brothers there."

Tao Ran broke into a sweat, and said, "I'm at a bar, not an Internet cafe."

"Bar?!" The roommate finally became restless, "You went to the bar without saying anything. Didn't you say last month that you would help me get rid of my status as a chicken?"

"..." Was there such a thing? Tao Ran thought about it, and thought that anyway, he just came to observe the female lead today. It seems to have a better cover-up effect when you come with others. After all, Si Shao was still his nominal sister-in-law as the engagement has not been officially broken yet. So Tao Ran reported an address, and the other party said that he would bring someone to slay right away.

Tao Ran entered the bar and saw Si Shao under Xiao Mei's guidance. Si Shao was drinking while seated with a group of sisters, presumably the heroine put too much pressure on her.

The ladies who were drinking with Si Shao couldn't stand it any more, and snatched the wine bottle from her hand and said: "It's not elegant to blow on the bottle."

Si Shao’s face and neck were flushed red, and she spluttered: "What kind of elegance do I want? My marriage is about to be annulled."

"If he cancels the engagement, then let him do it. It's not like you can't get married."

"That's right, like I said, there are so many men in the world, why do you have to hold on to Jing Ming?"

"He's my fiance!" Si Shao said excitedly, "Besides, have you seen a few men who are better than Jing Ming?"

Hearing this, it was pointless to say any more. How could Jing Ming have so many ladies linger around him if he wasn't really good?

A sister said thoughtfully: "Si Shao ah, since Jing Ming treats you like this, should not you retaliate against him?"

Si Shao was already drunk and delirious at this point, "How to retaliate?"

"The finest way to exact revenge on a man is to cheat on him." The sister whispered, "Look at the handsome guy in front of you. I think he is not inferior to Jing Ming in appearance. You might as well..."

Several people probed to see a young handsome man sitting at the bar. Just a glance at the slim and tall guy in sportswear reminded them of the sunny school boys in those youthful years.

Although Si Shao was sad and drunk, she still retained a trace of consciousness. She refused, "What are you talking about? I can’t do anything sorry to Jing Ming."

Tao Ran was drinking a glass of fruit juice, and felt that several people over there were looking at him. He wondered if he was exposed. According to his memory, Si Shao should not have seen Jing Yu till now, ah. And now he was recognized all at once?

Si Shao's friends exchanged glances over there. They were all secretly bribed by the heroine to ruin Si Shao's reputation today. As long as the evidence of Si Shao's love affair is confirmed, the Jing family would not want her as their daughter-in-law for sure.

They discussed it, and one of them stayed here to watch Si Shao, while the others made their way towards Tao Ran. Tao Ran calmly sat there, but internally he was debating if he should leave immediately or not. The Jing family's tutoring was quite strict. If the elders in the family got to know that he was in a bar instead of sleeping well in the dormitory at night, definitely there would not be any good fruit for him.

Just as he was hesitating, several women had already surrounded him.

"Hello, handsome boy, why are you drinking alone here? Are you sad because of something?"

Tao Ran thought for a while, put on a shy expression, raised his glass and said, "I'm sipping fruit juice."


The scene fell into embarrassment for a while, who would come to the bar alone to drink juice? Why go to a bar for juice when you can get it anywhere?

Several women were filled with these questions at the same time, and finally one of the women said: "Handsome young man, you're really interesting, why would you come to the bar alone to drink juice?"

Even though it appeared that they were unfamiliar with him, Tao Ran couldn't let his guard down. He continued to pretend: "Well... I've never been to a bar, so..."

This shy look, this hesitating expression made several women swallow their saliva. They thought that it was really cheap for Si Shao. If it wasn't for plotting against her, this handsome guy would be their own today.

"Well, you really should come out and meet people at your age."

Several people exchanged glances before saying, "It is quite a fate to meet you today. So, let this sister buy you a drink, okay?"

Tao Ran: "This is not good..."

"What's wrong? What can we sisters do to a grown up guy like you?"

The bartender who had been listening for a long time was sweating for Tao Ran that such a pure young man was going to be swallowed by this gang of wicked scumbag women. He kindly reminded him: "You should drink juice if you're not accustomed to drinking wine. Fruit juice also tastes quite delicious."

However, Tao Ran appeared to be persuaded by those women. He was too shy to look up at them and nodded slightly before saying, "Then I’ll drink a little bit."

The women were ecstatic and ordered all the strong liquors at once. Tao Ran pretended to be shy while thinking that his roommates were coming over anyway, and these women wouldn't be able to do much even if he pretended to be drunk.

So he drank a few glasses and said, "Oh, I feel so dizzy."

"You have to drink a bit more. How can you get dizzy after just a little?"

The women looked at Tao Ran who was lying on his stomach and yelling that he was uncomfortable. Then they all knowingly glanced at each other, helping Tao Ran stand before leaving.

The bartender looked at their backs and shook his head helplessly. Since he started this line of work, he has seen so many joys and sorrows in life. He has witnessed many such events, but he has never been able to stop them. But alas, such is life.

Tao Ran was supported by them, but he was still wondering why the group of self-proclaimed good brothers didn't come. Your brother will lose his virginity and be squeezed dry, you know?

They helped Tao Ran and Si Shao into a room, and after putting them on the bed, one of them asked: ​​"Is this all right?"

"No, can't you see that they are so drunk. Do they look like they can do something?"

"Then let's strip them off and take pictures."

They promptly followed it and not long after Tao Ran and Si Shao's clothes were stripped off by them. Tao Ran thought that this would not work. If they really took pictures, Si Shao would definitely not be the only one who would be unlucky.

So he abruptly sprang up from the bed like a corpse, startling all the women in the process.

"How did you get up?"

Tao Ran said with a confused expression as if unconscious: "I want to go home..."

Having said that, he rushed towards the door. They didn't close the door of the room at this time, and Tao Ran was about to rush out naked. Oh my gosh, he is so powerful, several ladies murmured as they stood in front of him, "This is home, don't go back...."

Tao Ran stubbornly pushed them all the way to the door, and then said, "Is this home?"

Several people nodded repeatedly, "Yes, yes, this is home."

Tao Ran: "I'm home?"

Several women: "Yes, yes, you are home."

Tao Ran: "Then why are you standing in front of my house?"

A few women: "Huh?"

"Hmph, you guys are bad guys!" Tao Ran slammed the door shut, and then firmly locked the door behind him.

Only a few women were left standing outside the door and looking at each other, now how to tell about this affair?

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