Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 149: The Divorced Leftover Woman [7]

Then the atmosphere became awkward, with Mrs. Jing feeling embarrassed, preoccupied Si Shao, Meng Bozhen feeling unwilling, Jing Ming foolishly happy, and Tao Ran watching the show. Everyone was in their own thoughts, and they finished breakfast in such an atmosphere.

Si Shao was the first to say goodbye, and Jing Ming said cheerfully, "I'll see you off."

Si Shao refused, "No need."

"It's okay." Meng Bozhen still had something to ask Si Shao, and she said, "Let me and Jingming see you off."

Si Shao: "It's really unnecessary."

Tao Ran said, "How about......"

Si Shao thought that Tao Ran also meant to drive her off, she was taken aback and said, "There's really no need to send me, I drove here by myself."

"I know." Tao Ran said, "I mean why don't you drop me off at school by the way, I don't have a driver's license yet."

Si Shao looked at Tao Ran with complicated eyes, and Tao Ran immediately complained, "You are unwilling to take me with you, right?"

"Why would......" Si Shao said, "Let's go then."

The four of them left the door together, and when they were past the yard, Jing Ming said, "Brother, why don't I send you, don't bother others."

Tao Ran turned his head to look at Si Shao and said, "Am I troubling you?"

Si Shao: "No, it’s no trouble."

"Brother." Tao Ran said: "She said there is no trouble."

Jing Ming: "......" You have asked it like this, now she would be too embarrassed to say it even if she finds it troublesome.

Si Shao was driving Tao Ran, the only thing that made her feel relieved was that Tao Ran was not sitting in the co-pilot. She asked, "Which school are you from?"

Tao Ran said quietly in the back: "You don't even know my school?"

"...... " Don't know, I'm guilty......

After Tao Ran said the name of the school, the two had nothing to say for a while, and the atmosphere in the car was very dull. Si Shao was stimulated by the atmosphere, and drove quickly until she was stopped by traffic police on the side of the road.

Si Shao sullenly wind down the car window and said: "Say what do you want?"

Hearing this, the traffic policeman got annoyed and angrily said, "You violated traffic laws and now asking me what I want?"

Si Shao already felt bad about losing face in front of Tao Ran, and she didn't want to spend more time talking here now. Tao Ran was checking Weibo in the backseat, when this happened, he stared at the traffic policeman with ignorant and pure eyes, "I'm sorry police uncle, because my sister is in a hurry to send me to the examination room, so she drove fast."

Si Shao: "......"

The traffic policeman looked at Tao Ran, feeling that he was much more tender than his younger brother with pimples, and said, "It turns out that he is an examinee. You didn't leave early, and now you’re in a hurry when it is too late. How can you be a parent? Ah!"

Si Shao: "......"

"Go, go quickly, don’t delay the exam."

As soon as Si Shao stepped on the accelerator and left, Tao Ran laughed from behind and said, "How was it, am I smart?"

All Si Shao could think about was Tao Ran's act as a high school student with no sense of dissonance. But she was already a working adult, and for the first time she felt the age difference between the two. Si Shao was so overwhelmed that she didn't want to talk anymore, and just wanted to hurry back to her home to diligently take care of her skin.

Si Shao was filled with thoughts of high school life with no sense of dissonance, while he was already a member of society. He felt the age gap between the two for the first time. Si Shao was reluctant to talk and wanted to quickly go back home for some deep rest.

"Do you need me to send you to the dormitory?" Si Shao asked as they arrived at school.


When the car arrived at the dormitory, Tao Ran got off. At this time, three roommates were walking towards the dormitory building with a lunch box in their hands. Tao Ran was worried that if Si Shao saw the way they interacted, his image of a pure and lovely young boy would collapse.

He said to Si Shao, "Okay you go home now."

Si Shao's heart ached, as when he arrived at the school, a place full of young people, he was going to drive her away. Sure enough her decision to stay away from him was right, the two of them were not from the same world.

"Yo, Xiao Yuyu, you're back?"

With a loud, exaggerated cry, Tao Ran's shoulder was patted by a big hand. Needless to say he knew, it must be the loud-mouthed dorm leader Zhang. Si Shao looked at them strangely, that classmate called Jingyu Xiao Yuyu just now?

Loudmouth Zhang held a plate of fried noodles in one hand and patted Tao Ran's shoulder with the other. Seeing Si Shao, he was shocked, "Is this your girlfriend, little boy?"

Si Shao wondered if they looked good together while preparing to explain, but then saw Tao Ran's red face and said, "You know it and still won’t go away, I want to talk to her alone."


"You got the girlfriend and lost your humanity ah!"

"You forget your friends when you have a girlfriend!"

The three laughed and joked as they went upstairs, Si Shao said, "Why didn't you say it clearly and let them talk about you like that?"

Tao Ran scratched his head awkwardly: "How can I make it clear! Besides, it's their specialty to gossip!"

Tao Ran thought that since Si Shao and Jing Ming had already broken off their engagement, there would probably not be many chances to meet her in the future. He said, "I'm bored at school, do you want to come and visit me often?"

Even if I visit you, how often?

"Forget it, I have nothing to do with the Jing family now, you should make more friends at school so you won't be bored. I...I'm leaving." Si Shao said.

Watching Si Shao's back, Tao Ran was silent for a moment, then he chased after her. "Wait a minute."

Si Shao turned around, "What's wrong?"

Tao Ran whispered in her ear, "Although I didn't want to say it, but I have to for your sake. You should go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine, otherwise if something unexpected happens, you'll have to marry me."

Si Shao: "..."

Tao Ran went upstairs, the smell of fried noodles filled the dormitory. A few roommates gathered around him and asked, "Where did you meet this pretty girl? She looks like she's older than you, she’s driving. Has she graduated?"

Tao Ran nodded, "Yeah."

A few people became more excited and said, "I knew it, I said that with so many girls from school chasing after you, you wouldn't give them a second glance. It turns out you have a big sister at home."

"I'm in distress," Tao Ran said, "She hasn't agreed to be with me yet and still thinks of me as a child."

"Oh my god, is that it?" Zhang Da asked, "Based on my many years of experience with love, I've come up with an iron rule: there is no man who doesn't like young and beautiful girls, and no woman who doesn't like young, handsome, and physically fit little wolves. Her rejection of you means you haven't done enough."

Tao Ran thought there was some truth to this and said, "Continue, what should I do next?"

"Do I need to say it?" Tao Ran's bunk mate said, "Of course, it's to conquer her with your male charm."

"Don't listen to him talking nonsense," Zhang opened his mouth, "She thinks you are a child, so you should do something that a child would do, such as getting sick and needing someone to take care of you, or not being able to swallow medicine and needing someone to feed it to you mouth-to-mouth."

Tao Ran suddenly stood up, startling everyone, "What are you doing?"

Tao Ran said, "I'm going to take a cold shower."

It was summer, so a young man taking a cold shower wasn't anything out of the ordinary. After he finished, Tao Ran didn't feel any different. Zhang Da made a quick decision and turned the air conditioner to its lowest temperature, then wrapped himself in a blanket and said to Tao Ran, "From now on, you should sleep shirtless without a blanket."

This move was really ruthless. The first sensation he had when the night was over was that his throat was about to split. He sat up from the bed, and the guy from the lower bunk asked: "How is it? Are you sick? I want to turn off the air conditioner, I'm so cold."

Tao Ran looked down from the upper berth and said, "I'm a little uncomfortable."

Then he felt his nose itch and something fell out of his nose. The guy from the lower berth was looking at him with his head tilted up, he was hit directly, splashed with blood all over his face.

"Oh my god! Jing Yu splashed my face with his nosebleed!"

Loud-mouth Zhang rushed over excitedly and said, "Come on, don't rush to wipe it, let me take a picture of you."

Tao Ran said, "Should I smear my face with blood?"

"Then you smear it quickly."

So Tao Ran smeared his face with nosebleed, Zhang took a picture and said, "Don't send the picture to her first, it will be too deliberate. You have to take it step by step."

Tao Ran lay in bed without cleaning up, trying to maintain his haggard appearance.

He sent a message to Si Shao, "What are you doing?"

After a while, Si Shao replied, "Having breakfast."

Then Tao Ran didn't respond, and after a little while, Si Shao asked again, "Have you had breakfast?"

‘I was just waiting for this sentence.’ Tao Ran smiled slightly and replied, "Ah, no, I don't have an appetite."

Si Shao: "How can you not have an appetite?"

Tao Ran casually said, "It's nothing, I had a little bit of nosebleed this morning, I don't feel well."

On the other side, Si Shao immediately panicked, "You were fine yesterday, why did you get sick today? Have you gone to the hospital?"

"No, I don't want to go."

"How can you not want to go? Don't you care about your health at all, you're already a grown up..."

Si Shao sent a bunch of messages in a row, and finally said, "Wait for me, I'll come find you."

"Hmm?" Tao Ran couldn't help but think, ‘Is it this easy? I haven't even sent a photo yet.’

Seeing Tao Ran put down his phone, several roommates asked, "How is it?"

"She said she’ll be here soon," Tao Ran replied.

"Hahaha..." Loud-mouth Zhang laughed loudly and said, "As expected, I am truly Zhuge Liang."

Tao Ran was also very happy. Although Si Shao said she didn't want to see him anymore, she was here immediately when she knew that he was sick. The body is truly honest.

Many university dormitories have a strange rule that boys are not allowed in the girls dormitory, but girls can freely enter the boys dormitory. Si Shao quickly rushed over to Tao Ran's dormitory and asked as soon as the door opened, "How is Jing Yu?"

The person who opened the door was loud-mouth Zhang. He gave Si Shao a sorrowful look, then gently shook his head. Si Shao was startled by his action and wondered, ‘Why are you shaking your head? He's just having a nosebleed, it's not like he's in labor.’

Si Shao went in and walked to the bottom of Tao Ran's bed. It was a bit high, so she couldn't see Tao Ran's condition. She said, "How are you? Shall I take you to the hospital?"

Tao Ran's head stretched out from the upper bunk, looking pale and weak, and said, "I'm fine..."

"Ah!" Si Shao was startled, "Your face... " Si Shao reached and covered his mouth, almost scared to tears.. How could his face be full of blood? Was it a nosebleed? Or was it a spray of blood?

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