Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 150: The Divorced Leftover Woman [8]

As Si Shao drove Tao Ran to the hospital, she realized that something was wrong.

She asked, "I feel something is off. Even if you have a lot of nosebleeds, it won’t be all over your face, right?"

Tao Ran, who had already wiped his face clean, was silent for a while, and then said, "It might be because I fumbled with my hands while I was sleeping."

"Is it?" Si Shao said, "Do you have this bad habit when you sleep?"

"No," Tao Ran said, "You've slept with me twice, don't you know my bad habit yet?"

Si Shao: "....." Why does he talk so cheaply?

Tao Ran was afraid that Si Shao would continue to ask, so he lay back in his position and groaned. Si Shao asked concernedly: "What's wrong? Is it uncomfortable somewhere?"

Tao Ran: "It's uncomfortable everywhere."

Sishao comforted him while saying, "You were fine when I sent you to school yesterday, how did you become sick in one night? Did you call your mom?"

"No." Tao Ran said with a distressed face, "My mother is getting old, I don't want her to worry."

What a good boy! Si Shao felt that Tao Ran was really filial and said: "Then what to do? Who will take care of you when you're sick?"

Tao Ran said to himself, ‘is there even a need to ask?’ But he couldn't say this directly, so he said, "What do you think?"

Si Shao thought for a moment and said: "Your roommate seems unreliable, this morning you were bleeding so much and they didn't even know to give you some tissue paper."

"That's true." Tao Ran agreed, "They're so unreliable, if I'm left to them, I'm afraid I'd have to be a stiff corpse before they realize it."

"Don't say such things." Si Shao said: "So what are you going to do?"

‘Is it so hard for you to take care of me for a bit?’ Tao Ran was really tired, he said, "Eh... could you help me a bit?"

Si Shao thought to herself, ‘If we have more interaction, won't your mother find out and will I still be able to live?’ So she refused politely: "Or, What if I help you hire a nurse?"

Tao Ran said: "You'd rather help me hire a nurse than take care of me yourself. Am I that annoying?"

"Not really," Shi Sha hesitated, "I think we should try to reduce meeting each other."

Tao Ran touched his chest "Ah~ It hurts~"

"Why does your chest hurt?" Si Shao said, "Don't you have a cold?"

Tao Ran looked straight ahead and said in grief, "I don't know. After you said that, my heart suddenly felt like it was being stabbed."

Now Shi Sha didn’t dare to speak. Besides driving quickly, she didn't know what else to do.

Then she was stopped by a traffic police for speeding. When the car window was rolled down, seeing the familiar faces of Si Shao and Tao Ran, the traffic police said, "Are you still rushing to an exam today? Wasn't the exam over yesterday?"

Si Shao silently looked at the traffic police for a moment, then looked at Tao Ran. Tao Ran was silent for a moment and said, "Police uncle, can you give me your hand?"

The traffic policeman, baffled, stretched out his hand. Tao Ran took the traffic policeman's hand and placed it on his own forehead, and asked, "Can you feel it?"

"Feel what?" The traffic cop said, "Why is it a bit hot?"

"You're amazing, you felt it right." Tao Ran said, "I fell ill because of studying non-stop in recent days."

Si Shao: "......"

The traffic police felt distraught, "Why do children study so hard nowadays?"

Si Shao said: "It's because of the college entrance exam."

"Ah." The traffic policeman worriedly said, "My son will also take the college entrance examination in a few years. I am scared just thinking about it."

The kind-hearted policeman let them go once more, "Even if it's an emergency, you have to abide by the traffic rules. Alright, you can go."

"Thank you." Tao Ran: "Thank you, Police uncle."

Si Shao drove in silence for a while and suddenly said, "Isn't it bad to keep lying to him like this?"

Tao Ran: "Then let him issue you a ticket."

Si Shao: "......"

After going to the hospital, they still had to register at the outpatient department. Si Shao, who wasn't short on money, took Tao Ran directly to the emergency department. The emergency department doctor took Tao Ran's temperature and said, "38 degrees is not serious enough to come to the emergency department. Look how busy we are here."

Si Shao said, "Is it just a fever? He also had a nosebleed."

"Oh? Let me take a look." The doctor pinched Tao Ran's nose and asked: "Did you turn on the air-conditioner last night?"

Tao Ran: "......Hmm."

Doctor: "Remember to put a basin of water in the room next time you turn on the air-conditioner, otherwise it will be too dry and you will get nosebleeds."

Tao Ran: "......oh."

The doctor said: "Okay, I will write you a prescription. Go home and take the medicine."

"That's it?" Tao Ran couldn't believe she had tossed and turned all night and everything was over just like that, "But what about my fever? I have a fever of 38 degrees."

The doctor said, "What? Do you still want to be hospitalized?"

Tao Ran's eyes lit up, "Can I?"

Doctor: "......"

Si Shao was also a little worried, "Will some medicine be enough for a fever? Doctor, you don't know he's had a lot of nosebleeds and his chest still hurts."

Tao Ran: "Mmm, my whole body hurts."

Doctor: "Fever does cause muscle soreness, it's okay."

"I'm not okay." Tao Ran grabbed the doctor and wouldn't let him leave. "I really feel uncomfortable."

The doctor is getting annoyed, "How can a man not be able to bear such a little pain?"

Tao Ran didn't speak, and started to look pitifully at the doctor with tears in his eyes. Si Shao couldn't take it anymore, "He's really uncomfortable, doctor, he's still a child. There's nobody to take care of him at school. What if it gets worse after he goes back?"

The doctor thought that even without medicine, he would be fine after a night of rest wrapped in a blanket, how could it possibly get worse! But he's been in this profession for so many years and has seen many parents lose their rationality, so he said helplessly, "Then let's put on some drip, he'll be fine soon."

Tao Ran said, "I’ll stay in hospital for observation by the way. I think I still need a full body examination."

Doctor: "......"

Tao Ran was lying on his hospital bed with an IV drip, while his neighbor in the adjacent bed was having breakfast.

Tao Ran said, "I'm cold."

Si Shao felt the current room temperature, "Are you really cold?"

"Yes." Tao Ran said, "I'm on a drip but I still have a fever."

"Cover yourself with the blanket," Si Shao covered Tao Ran with a blanket.

Tao Ran said, "I'm still cold."

Si Shao said anxiously, "Shall I bring you another blanket?"

The patient next door put down his chopsticks and said, "Miss, are you really stupid? He just wants you to lie down and keep him warm."

Si Shao blushed and asked Tao Ran, "Is that so?"

Tao Ran glanced at the patient, "You're the stupid one."

Then he looked at Si Shao eagerly, "Is it okay?"

Si Shao hesitated, "But I'm hot......"

Tao Ran: "I'm so cold, my hands are freezing. I’ll be alone at school..."

"... " Si Shao finally laid down. Feeling Tao Ran's hand on her waist, she asked "You are a man, why are you so weak?"

Tao Ran leaned his face against Si Shao and said, "Maybe it's because of long-term staying in school. I don’t eat well, so my body is weak."

Si Shao: "Why don't you eat well?"

"I want to." Tao Ran said: "But I can't stand the food in the canteen."

Si Shao also lived in school and naturally knew that some school canteens were terrible, so she felt sorry for Tao Ran. But she forgot that she, a woman, had also spent four healthy years in school. She said, "What will you do then? Go out and eat?"

Tao Ran said coquettishly: "There's gutter oil outside."

Si Shao: "What should we do then?"

Tao Ran: "You can make something for me to eat."

The sick person next door was shocked by Tao Ran's shamelessness and was also overwhelmed by the sour smell emanating from the two of them. He put down his lunch box and went to bed in anger.

Si Shao felt the hand on her waist still sliding occasionally, but because Tao Ran was sick, she didn't dare to move and let him touch her. After Tao Ran fondled her for a while, he felt a bit drowsy. It was quite cold last night and he didn't sleep very well. Now at Si Shao's side, he gradually felt sleepy.

Si Shao noticed this and gently patted Tao Ran's back then he fell asleep.

Si Shao carefully looked at Tao Ran's face. After he closed his eyes, there was a different temperament than when he was awake, and this feeling was very strange. It was as if she had never really known this person.

It was impossible to say that she didn't feel anything for Tao Ran, but Si Shao always had all sorts of concerns. She was no longer a student who didn't care about anything, and there were things she couldn't do just because she wanted to.

The patient in the next bed said, "If you like it, just kiss him. You looking at him like this makes me feel sour."

Si Shao said in a low voice, "You've misunderstood, we are not in that kind of relationship."

The patient chuckled and said, "Young people these days like to complicate things. When you reach my age and are still single, you'll regret the words you said just now."

Si Shao thought ‘you're not that old, but talk like an old man.’

She got off the bed lightly and went home by herself.

At home, her mom was reading a magazine. Seeing her return, she said, "What's the matter? Why did you leave in a hurry in the morning?"

Si Shao said, "Mom, can you teach me how to make soup?"

"Ah?" Si’s mom wondered, "Why do you suddenly want to learn how to make soup?"

Si Shao's mind raced, "Well, I just went to my friend's house. She was making soup and teased me for not being able to cook. I want to learn so I can show her."

Si's mom didn't think too much about it, "What kind of soup do you want to learn?"

Si Shao said, "Anything that is nutritious and delicious, I'll learn that."

Si’s mom looked in the refrigerator and said, "There's not much left at home. Yesterday I bought some carp and haven't had time to cook them yet. Let's make fish soup."

"Oh, okay."

By the end of the afternoon, Si's mom was covered in sweat and finally managed to teach Si Shao to cook a passable soup. Shi Mama breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Next time, let's hire a chef to teach you."

Si Shao looked at the milky fish soup boiling in the pot and asked happily, "Is this OK?"

"Mmm." Si Shao's mother thought that the soup smelled good, the color was normal. She had put in the ginger and scallions too, it should be fine, so she said, "Alright, I'll go take a shower and rest. I'm exhausted."

Si Shao excitedly served up the fish soup, however, her mother forgot to remind her to put in the salt.

Tao Ran had been starving all day in the hospital. When his patient next to him finished eating, Si Shao still hadn't come.

The patient said, "How pitiful! Why don't you order a takeaway?"

Tao Ran stubbornly said, "I won't."

His roommate said, "Why not? You're the only one who's starving, not someone else."

Tao Ran clenched his quilt and said, "She will regret it, I just want to let her see my miserable state then feel heartache for me."

The patient: "..." He was becoming more and more confused by the thoughts of young people.

Fortunately, Si Shao came back before Tao Ran couldn't hold on anymore. She held a thermos and said, "Sorry, I'm here now. I cooked some soup for you personally."

Tao Ran, who was lying in bed weakly, said, "Quick...come over here." This time, he wasn't pretending.

Si Shao opened the thermos and poured a bowl of soup for Tao Ran, asking eagerly, "Taste it."

Tao Ran took a sip in a hurry and almost spat it out, "It's so hot."

"Why are you so impatient?" Si Shao helped Tao Ran blow on it, "There's no one fighting with you for it."

Although no one is fighting with me, I haven't eaten all day...

Tanran waited for the soup to cool down a bit before taking another sip. At that moment, his expression became strange.

Si Shao said expectantly, "How is it?"

To be honest, the soup was cooked pretty well. It wasn’t too fishy with the addition of scallions and ginger, but without salt it couldn't be considered as tasty. Tao Ran said tactfully, "The stew is alright."

Sishao blushed and smiled, automatically interpreting that as delicious. She asked, "Is it delicious?"

Tao Ran: "Why don't you try a sip?"

Si Shao: "Forget it, I won't grab it from you, but you have to finish it all."

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