Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 15: The Domineering Female President [15]

Tao Ran: "..." You obviously asked for it yourself!

Long Qiu ate the noodles happily, then left in a good mood. As she walked to the door, she turned around and said, "Don't wash the bowls by yourself. Ask Tony to wash them tomorrow."

Damn. She was simply neurotic.

Panda Xiaomei shook its huge head and said, "Women, women. They’re so hard to serve..."

Tao Ran stared at it immediately. "You are hard to serve."

Xiaomei said, "Ah, I forgot he used to be a woman too."

The next day was the premiere of the movie. Tao Ran arrived rather early with Tony in tow. Cui Xiao also came with Bai Shaohui. Fortunately, Long Qiu was not here today. Otherwise he did not know what terrible things would have happened.

Bai Shaohui sat with Cui Xiao on the right and Tao Ran on the left. Before the movie started, he leaned into Tao Ran's ear and whispered, "I’m going to propose to Xiaoxiao."

"Really?" Tao Ran with surprise. "So soon? Did your family agree?"

"I don't need their consent." Bai Shaohui smiled happily. "Xiaoxiao said that as long as I really love her, she won’t leave me."

"That's really good. Congratulations." Tao Ran said from the bottom of his heart. "Please be sure to ask her to make me the bridesmaid when you get married."

Bai Shaohui: "Huh?"

Tao Ran wiped his sweat and quickly corrected himself. "I mean best man."

"Yeah." Bai Shaohui smiled. "I don't know if I'd have the honor to invite President Long to be the bridesmaid."

Tao Ran said in his heart, You want to have a beautiful wedding, but if she shows up with a gun and forces you to stop the wedding, even if you think that she is kind hearted, would you still want her to be the bridesmaid? You can worry about it later Mr Bridegroom.

Bai Shaohui was looking stupid as he imagined the would be 'happy' event. He did not see Tao Ran’s worries at all. He excitedly said, "I got some inside information. On the day of the Film Festival, Xiaoxiao is very likely to win the Best Actress Award. When she's being honored, I will propose to her in front of everyone."

Long Qiu seemed to be going too that day. Tao Ran slumped onto the chair in exhaustion and looked at Bai Shaohui desperately. Bai Shaohui said to himself, "Whenever I think about proposing to Xiaoxiao in the near future, I'm so excited and happy."

I really want to die...

He thought about preventing Long Qiu from participating in the Huangtian Film Festival, but this movie and the festival would be live on TV. Even if Long Qiu was not there, she would get the news as soon as possible. Then she would definitely go berserk and think about killing Cui Xiao.

Tao Ran covered his face. He really wanted to cry.

Bai Shaohui asked with a strange expression, "What's wrong with you? Why are you crying?"

Tao Ran said in anguish, "These are tears from a single dog."

Bai Shaohui: "Hahaha..."

You can still laugh?

Tony leaned into Tao Ran's ear and whispered, "When did you get to know Mr. Bai so well?"

Tao Ran said blankly, "How can you understand the friendship between elders?"

Tony: "... I think you like scolding me."

Just like in the novel, the movie was very successful. Both box office and word of mouth, far surpassed other movies in the same period. The two newcomers Tao Ran and Cui Xiao also became famous. Tao Ran's Weibo fans increased by more than one million within a few days. Tao Ran, who had never experienced anything like this before, was slightly at a loss. Fortunately, his Weibo was managed by Tony.

Tony took a few pictures of him, and then sent out a few inexplicable words. The fans and Tony had a common language, and they all began calling him their husband. Tony was extremely happy. He was even more excited than Tao Ran. He said, "Tomorrow there is an endorsement that you have to do. You have to go to the beach to shoot an ad."

Tao Ran asked, "Is it the advertisement for Nori?"

"No." Tony smiled, "It's a car endorsement. The brand's endorsements are very popular. The advertising company really knows people. You’ve been selected by so many people."

Tao Ran asked skeptically, "Why are they shooting the car ad on the beach?"

"How would I know?" Tony said indifferently, "If I could figure out how they think, I would have changed careers."

Tony was telling the truth. Tao Ran was still thinking and worrying about the Bright Sky Film Festival a few days later. He felt that if all four of them appeared at the film festival that day, it would be a disaster.

"Tony." Tao Ran hesitated before continuing, "Do I have to go on the day of the film festival?"

"What do you think, dear?" Tony winked enchantingly, "It’s very likely that you are going to win. How won't you attend? This is your first important award on the road of acting. How can you be absent?"

Tao Ran scratched his head and said, "I’m very shy when it comes to those kinds of occasions. What am I going to do if I make a fool of myself?”

"Don't worry, you won't." Tony smiled. "Miss Long will be there. Would you dare make a fool of yourself then?"

"..." I think I would be sitting there with my head bowed. Do I dare to go?

The next day Tao Ran went to the beach to shoot the car advertisement. The advertising agency asked him to drive through the waves. Tony watched on the beach with horror. He pointed at the director with one hand on his hips and said, "Our family’s Tao Ran is certainly the backbone of Star Entertainment's future. If something happens to him, you can wait for Star Entertainment’s revenge..."

The director was slobbered on by Tony, and he repeatedly begged for mercy. "Nothing will happen. There are so many people watching so there won't be any accidents."

After shooting the scenes several times, the director was still not satisfied, and Tao Ran drove through the waves again. He couldn't understand what the director was thinking. Can't this kind of advertisement use special effects? Must I drive in real waves?

His phone rang and as soon as he picked up, he heard from the other end of the phone, "You haven't asked Cui Xiao to go out recently. Bai Shaohui was here in the morning. The company is looking for her."

Tao Ran replied, "I've been busy lately, how could I look for her? Now I'm still shooting commercials. The director insists that I drive in the waves and toss myself to death."

Long Qiu: "Time is not a problem. I will give the two of you some advertisements together. Maybe a kind of wedding mattress or something, so you have to take the opportunity, you know?"

Tao Ran suddenly got a big headache, and he said with exhaustion, “I see… Miss Long, it's really hard for me to... Hey! Oh, Shit!"


There was a scream on the beach, and Tao Ran's car suddenly swerved, and then just rushed over in the waves. His whole body turned over and rolled into the sea a few times.

Tony screamed: "My Ranran!"

The director was also shocked. He stood up and waved his hands, screaming, "Come on, quickly! Drag the car up!"

Tao Ran followed the car and rolled several times, but fortunately he was strapped to safety with the seat belt. At this time, the car turned over and half sunk in the sand. Tao Ran was tied up, and the phone fell to the rear seat.

When Long Qiu heard the movement, she shouted, "What's wrong? What's wrong? Little Apple? Tao Ran?"

Tao Ran was strangled uncomfortably, he reached out his hand to unfasten the seat belt, then fell onto the roof of the car. He adjusted his posture and lay on the roof of the car. He took his cell phone and said, "I’m okay, but the car has overturned."

"The car has overturned?" Long Qiu's anger instantly rushed up, "Why are you so careless? You can’t make a phone call at a time like this.”

“…” Tao Ran was choked for a while, and then said, “Didn’t you take the initiative to call?”

Long Qiu was silent for a while, and then continued angrily, “Are you blaming me?"

“I dare not." Tao Ran said as he reached out to open the door, but couldn't open it. He said, "How could I dare to blame you?"

Long Qiu: "What about my calls? You won't stop answering, right?"

Tao Ran checked the size of the car window. It seemed okay to climb out of the car window, so he said while opening the window, "How can I not answer if it's President Long calling? Let alone driving a car, even if I was flying a plane, I'd still pick up."

Long Qiu was angry and wanted to laugh at what he said, but still ended up asking coldly, "How are you? Are you injured?"

"No, no." Tao Ran opened the car window, and seeing as the sea water had not filled in completely, wanted to quickly crawl out and swim to the shore. Just as he was about to hang up the phone and climb out, the car suddenly swerved again, and half of the car window fell into the sand. Then sea water and sand poured in instantly, and Tao Ran was dumbfounded. "Oh, I'm screwed. I’m really dead now."

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