Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 22: The Domineering Female President [20.3]

After eating, Long Qiu successfully approved of it.

Tao Ran helped her to the sofa and rubbed her belly. Long Qiu lay down and couldn't move but still remembered the dirty plates.

"Don't wash the dishes. It'd be bad if you’re tired. Let Tony do it tomorrow."

Tao Ran suddenly thought about how cute Long Qiu was, so cute that he wanted to listen to her. So, he said, "Well, I’ll let Tony do the dishes from now on. I will never do the dishes again. "

Long Qiu: "Well, that’s really good."

The two were so tired and full. The system, Xiao Mei, was not even seen by Tao Ran. She took the tree leaves on her head and covered her eyes, thinking about the system giraffe who was doing other tasks.

It was already late at night when Tao Ran made the bed while Long Qiu was taking a shower in the bathroom. Tao Ran had never spent the night with a boyfriend when she was growing up, but now, he would spend the night with his girlfriend. Life is such a miraculous thing. If it was a year earlier from now, this situation wouldn’t even cross his mind.

When Long Qiu came out of the shower, she saw Tao Ran going out of the room with the quilt. She asked, "What are you doing?"

Tao Ran answered, "I will sleep on the sofa."

Long Qiu raised her pair of beautiful eyebrows and ordered directly, "Don't sleep on the sofa. Sleep with me on the bed tonight."

Her momentum was so strong that Tao Ran couldn't put up any resistance, so he just started chatting.

Long Qiu looked at Tao Ran triumphantly and said, "Come here and blow my hair."

Tao Ran took the hairdryer to blow her hair and held up a handful of her hair in his hand. Long Qiu's hair was black and thick. Even the wetness was not at all noticeable. Tao Ran blew her hair softly while he started a conversation. "Tony brought me a script. He said it was a film by the famous director Hua En. The opportunity is rare. I think I'd better not give it up."

Long Qiu really enjoyed Tao Ran blowing her hair. "What do you think?"

"I want to make this movie." The main reason is that I dare not show my tiredness of being with you every day...

"Then film it." Long Qiu said, "Men should always have a career of their own."

Tao Ran immediately smiled and replied, "Yes, you are right."

Then the two of them slept together. Don't get me wrong, they didn't do anything, they just hugged and slept purely. Long Qiu hugged Tao Ran's waist and slept in his arms, but Tao Ran was jealous. In fact, his biggest wish in the past was to be able to sleep with a guy as handsome as himself. Instead, this wish was realized by Long Qiu, and he was the handsome guy who realized the wish.


Director Hua En returned to China to make a movie. When he came back, he chanced upon a showing of 'Han Zi Yan', the movie. He bought a ticket to watch it and was moved by the two protagonists. He felt that the two protagonists had the feel he had been looking for, so he immediately called Cui Xiao and Tao Ran's agents, expressing his desire to cooperate with them.

Directors like Hua En merely had to show the intention to cooperate, and basically, no one would refuse. Cui Xiao's agent agreed immediately. Tony, though, remembered Long Qiu's words to let Tao Ran rest well, so he specifically called to discuss with Tao Ran.

After Tao Ran agreed, Tony called Director Hua En in the middle of the night and said that he looked forward to the cooperation between the two parties and could sign the contract at any time. Director Hua En hung up the phone with sleepy eyes. He had finally managed to overcome the jet lag, and after being awakened by Tony, he couldn't fall asleep.


Currently, Tao Ran had two movies, both of which he cooperated with Cui Xiao to act, so he had to say that it was very fateful. Cui Xiao took Bai Shaohui, and Tao Ran took Long Qiu on the day of the shoot. The two of them were filming, while the two CEOs sat together, chatting.

The staff in the theater all had tangled expressions. The actor coming with the president during filming; is this popular this year?

The two presidents sat together and got a drink. Bai Shaohui said, "My family's Xiaoxiao's acting talent is really good. She never studied acting in school, but she was actually picked up by Director Hua En."

Long Qiu retorted, not to be outdone, "My Little Apple just graduated and was named the best actor in his first film. The second film was at the request of an international director, and he had to sign a contract with our Little Apple without going to bed in the middle of the night."

Bai Shaohui was silent for a while before he changed the topic and said, "My family's Xiaoxiao really loves me so much. My parents didn't agree to us being together and even approached her to threaten her privately. She didn't waver at all. She wants to grow old with me."

Long Qiu said, "Little Apple is good at everything, just a bit no good with being too considerate and clingy. He would suddenly get anxious when he couldn’t see me. He cooks noodles for me every morning and makes different dishes at night. It’s so irritating, I'm already fat."

Bai Shaohui: "..." What made him think that Long Qiu was so staid and boring in the past? However, did she think she could beat him in shamelessness?

Bai Shaohui’s mouth corner twitched and he said, "Xiaoxiao is so good, I love her very much."

Long Qiu said, "Little Apple is not good, he simply spoils me too much."

Somewhere, nearby these two, Tony and Cui Xiao's agent listened to it all with a blank expression. Now, the two of them couldn't help but look at each other, and both saw that life is cruel in each other's eyes. Why should they listen to a love match between the CEOs?

During a filming break, Tao Ran and Cui Xiao walked towards the two presidents together. Bai Shaohui immediately took a bottle of water and said, "Is Xiaoxiao thirsty? Drink some water."

Cui Xiao was not used to being intimate in front of so many people except Bai Shaohui's relatives, so she said shyly, "I'm not thirsty. Oh you, don't stay so close.”

Long Qiu looked at Tao Ran and said, "Sit."

Tao Ran immediately sat down, and Long Qiu said, "Drink water."

Tao Ran was about to drink water when Long Qiu took the bottle and said, "I'll feed you."

So Tao Ran opened his mouth obediently, waiting for Long Qiu to feed him. After the feeding, Long Qiu took a towel and wiped Tao Ran’s sweat. While doing that, she reached out and touched his soft hair. Her posture was like touching a cat.

Bai Shaohui's eyes looked jealous. He said to Cui Xiao, "Xiaoxiao, look at my head."

Cui Xiao looked at his head and said skeptically, "What happened to your head?"

Bai Shaohui said, "Just look! Don't you want to touch my head?"

Cui Xiao said with disgust, "Your head is all waxed. My hands will be dirty after touching it."

Bai Shaohui: "..."

Long Qiu sneered secretly and said in her heart. Why are you fighting with me? My Little Apple is the most beloved and the cutest, not annoying like Cui Xiao.

By the time the filming of the movie came to an end, it was almost the New Year.

The weather this winter was exceptionally cold, and Tao Ran just wanted to wrap himself into a ball when he went out. System Xiaomei said, "Host, Xiaomei also knows that you are cold, but please don't push the responsibility of this winter to me, okay? After all, this is your first time in this world, and this is the first time you have spent winter in this world. With only one cold winter, there’s no reference data to compare..."

Tao Ran shrank his neck and got into the RV. Tony, who was still dressed elegantly during these months, looked at him and said, "Oh my, yeah, you can’t do this as a citizen. As a national boyfriend, you have an idol baggage, you know?"

Tao Ran was relieved by the heater in the car. He took his hands out of his pockets and said, "Can’t do, Miss Long told me to keep warm."

"..." Tony rolled his eyes and said in a very tangled tone, "I finally see what it means for an overbearing president to fall in love."

Tao Ran smiled bitterly. It has already been three months since he and Long Qiu had been officially dating. Before that, he had never thought that one day he would fall in love with a woman. What made him feel most confused was that he didn't even feel repulsed, which means he didn't dislike being associated with Long Qiu.

At six o'clock in the afternoon, Long Qiu called on time.

"Little Apple, have you finished work?"

"It's finished, I’m on the way back." Tao Ran leaned on the sofa of the RV and said, "What do you want to eat tonight? I'll make it for you."

Thus, under the horrified eyes of the female assistant, President Long showed a very sweet smile. Long Qiu was a person who liked to enjoy life, especially after being with Tao Ran. She had never been vague about food. Long Qiu thought for a while and said, "It's been a long time since I had Western food. I want to eat your fried steak tonight."

"No problem at all." Tao Ran raised his head and said, "It's strange, I also felt like eating steak today. Are we really kindred hearts?"

Long Qiu smiled, revealing her white teeth. She reached out to stroke her sideburns and said, "I'll be back soon. I want to watch you cook the steak."

Tao Ran hung up the phone and said to Tony, "Turn round the corner to the supermarket. I need to pick up a few steaks."

"As your agent, I have to remind you that popular idols appearing in the supermarket to buy food is not good news." Tony, the veteran agent said, "The paparazzi have a very good nose. They can tell whether you are single from the number of steaks you pick, expression, and posture."

"You know paparazzi so much. Why not be a paparazzi agent?" Tao Ran was a little depressed. "Go pick a few pieces for me, and remember to get fresh ones..."

After Tao Ran had talked a lot, Tony said, "Actually, I'm quite interested in becoming a paparazzo. It’s a pity that it doesn’t bring good money, otherwise, you probably won’t have gotten the chance to know me."

Tao Ran: "..."

"Here we are." Tony smiled like a fox. "I will buy it for you. Should I also get one for myself for today’s dinner?”

Tao Ran looked at Tony and nodded. “Of course, my friend. I can fry it and let you take it home.”

The little boyfriend was cooking at home and waiting for his girlfriend to be back. Before Long Qiu returned home, she planned on sorting out some documents on the table, handing them over to the assistant for safekeeping before sending her on her way. The assistant came in from outside and said, "Miss Long, the chairman wants to see you."

Star Entertainment only had one chairman, and that was Long Qiu's father. Since Long Qiu started to take over the company, she had seen her father less often. The last time she saw him was two months ago. Long Qiu was a little puzzled. She said, "Okay, I understand, go and prepare two cups of coffee."

Star Entertainment’s Chairman Long Biao was nearly fifty years old, yet he still walked vigorously. He walked into his daughter's office in a neat suit, opened his hands, and smiled. "Qiuqiu, Dad is here to see you."

Long Qiu smiled and walked over to hug Long Biao. She said, "Dad, why are you here?"

Long Biao said, "I don't want to think about how long it has been since you have been home to see me and your mother. Is work so busy?"

Long Qiu smiled unnaturally. "Sorry, work is really busy. You and mother are often not at home anyway, so I don’t go home much.”

Long Biao sat on the sofa and the assistant brought coffee. He asked intentionally, “How is President Long? Is her work so difficult?”

The assistant respectfully answered, “Miss Long has always been serious in her work, and she often works overtime until late."

"It's a pain for my daughter." Long Biao looked at Long Qiu and asked his assistant, "Miss Long will be twenty-five years old after the Chinese New Year. She has a boyfriend, right?"

The assistant's eyes widened instantly, her eyes turned to Long Qiu, not knowing how to answer.

Long Qiu was a smart person, so she couldn't help but understand Long Biao's purpose. She lifted her hair to her ears, and said to the assistant, "You can get off work, I have something to talk about with the chairman."

The assistant pushed the door and went out. Long Biao said, "Why did you send her away? Dad wants to observe his daughter's subordinate's ability.”

"Dad, you didn't come here to see me at all." Long Qiu said. "You came for Tao Ran."

"Tao Ran?" Long Biao spread his hands and asked, "Why do I want him? What kind of business does he have? Is he a genius? Or the son of a great official? Or what science award winner is he?"

Long Qiu took a deep breath. Her mood fell to rock bottom. Long Biao said, "Huh? Daughter, tell me who he is? "

"He is a contracted artist of Star Entertainment. He is very talented. He—"

"Oh, he's just an actor." Long Biao's smile seemed to mask the expression on his face. "What is so special about small-time actors? There are so many stars like this. There are other entertainment companies. There are countless actors like this in the world..."

"Dad." Long Qiu interrupted Long Biao. "Tao Ran is now my boyfriend."

The smile on Long Biao's face instantly disappeared, and he said, "What do you mean? You solemnly told me your relationship with him just like this. What, do you want me to accept him?"

"Dad, Tao Ran is very good. He's still young, give him time—"

"Give him time, so my daughter can use money to propel him into the world, this actor?" Long Biao shook his head and said, "No, no, no, he is wrong for my daughter. Our family does not need a small actor to be a son-in-law. If a person like me is married to an actor, I will be embarrassed."

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