Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 23: The Domineering Female President [20.4]


The assistant didn't know what they were talking about, but this did not prevent her from guessing. As a two-dimensional girl who has been invaded by TV dramas for many years, the first thing the assistant did after going out was to call Tao Ran.

Tony was sitting in the living room with a lunch box while he was waiting for Tao Ran’s steak to be cooked in the kitchen when suddenly, Tao Ran’s phone rang. As soon as Tony saw that it was not Long Qiu’s call, he answered formally, “Hello, I’m Tao Ran’s manager, Tony. Tao Ran is busy taking another call now..."

"Tony!" There was a huge roar over the phone, and Tony's ear was immediately buzzed with Venus' voice. "Tony, this is not good! The Chairman has come to the company. He seems to know about President Long and Tao Ran’s relationship. He’s probably threatening President Long and Tao Ran to break up right now. "

"Bang!" The phone fell to the floor.

Tony darted into the kitchen, and Tao Ran saw Tony rushing from the door with eyes wide open and he hurriedly said, "Wait a minute, don’t be like a hungry monkey, it will be cooked soon."

“Ran Ran~," Tony said with tears in his eyes, "I will always be on your side."

Tao Ran: “ ..." What the hell?

Tony walked over, gave Tao Ran a hug from behind, and gently said, "Just now, the Chairman of the Board, that is, Miss Long’s father went to the company to find Miss Long.”

"Oh.” Tao Ran turned the steak over and asked, "So, what?"

Tony: "Seems like the Chairman of the Board found out about you being Miss Long’s boyfriend and… I feel that there would be some bad news coming your way.”

“What do you mean?” Could it be that Miss Long just couldn't help it, and wanted to discuss marriage with him?

"Of course, don't be sad.” Tony said, "Even if the Chairman disagrees with you being together, I will continue to support you."

It was a mess in Tao Ran's mind, he asked, "Wait, what are you talking about? The Chairman doesn’t agree to us being together?"

"That's for sure," Tony said as a matter of course. "If I were the Chairman, I would not allow my daughter to be with a small actor like you."

Tao Ran: "..."

This plot, isn't it just like the classic plot of an idol drama? One of the heroes or heroines would have a prominent family background, and then the parents would prevent their children from being together with the ordinary protagonist with every means possible. The protagonist and heroine would swear their love to their death, experience elopement and misunderstandings, etc., until finally, the merits are fulfilled.


He thought this plot would be what Bai Shaohui and Cui Xiao would experience; he didn't expect that he would experience it first.

In his heart, he screamed frantically to the system Xiaomei, "Xiaomei! Xiaomei! if I take this opportunity to leave Long Qiu, will Long Qiu still blacken?"

"After system analysis, the probability of Long Qiu blackening is 50%. Please, I request the host to choose carefully."

Although Tao Ran felt that Long Qiu was a very good woman, and the feeling of being with Long Qiu also very satisfactory, he was still aware that he was a woman. He couldn't accept spending a lifetime with a woman. The most important thing was that Tao Ran was afraid that he could not give Long Qiu the life she wanted. As a man, he was not worthy to be with a woman if he couldn't satisfy his wife even with basic sex life.

So Tao Ran had been looking for an opportunity to leave Long Qiu. Long Qiu has already put down Bai Shaohui so even if she doesn't have himself, she won't take the wicked path described in the book.

Tony saw Tao Ran standing blankly and not speaking for a long time. Thinking that he really couldn't stand the blow, he hugged Tao Ran with pity and comforted him.

Long Qiu pushed the door open and the first thing she saw was this scene.

Tao Ran stood with the kitchen utensils, cooking in front of the stove and Tony was hugging Tao Ran's waist from behind. The steak in the pot exuded a tempting aroma, and the scene seemed so warm...

Tony turned his head back when he heard the sound of the door opening and then was dumbfounded. His heart was in shambles as he said in a daze, "Dragon— Chief Long, we... are..."

Tao Ran's thoughts were interrupted, and when he looked back, he saw Long Qiu looking at himself and Tony absently. Tao Ran realized that Tony was still hugging himself like this, and his cold sweat fell on the spot.

"That, Miss Long... please hear me explain.”

"Yeah, yeah." Tony nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. "It's not what you think. I'm just comforting Ran Ran because I already know that Director Long... he..."

"You still won't let go?" Long Qiu said in a negative tone, "Are you addicted to holding him?

"No, no." Tony immediately let go of Tao Ran's waist and said with a dry smile, "What? I'm leaving."

"Wait." Tao Ran suddenly turned his head seriously.

Tony's brain exploded. He thought if Tao Ran would suddenly realize that he was his true love, then would he want to have a showdown with Miss Long? My god! Although Tao Ran was handsome, his life was more important, okay?

Tao Ran said to the stiff-faced Tony, "Aren’t you taking the steak?"

"Oh, the steak ahhhhahaha......" Tony blushed and soon opened his lunch box and said, "Of course!"

Tao Ran put the steak into his lunch box and said, "The medium-rare ones that you wanted are gone. Just eat the well-done ones. At least there will be no tapeworms."

Tony ran away quickly while holding the steak. Tao Ran said to Long Qiu, "Okay, let's cook our own steaks. Do you still want medium rare ones?"

Long Qiu looked at Tao Ran calmly, "Aren't you afraid that I might get infected with Taeniasis?"

Tao Ran suddenly got a headache. He said with a dry smile, "How is that possible? These are all good beef that has passed quarantine."

Long Qiu said with an unpredictable expression, "It's better to be more cautious, don't you think?"

"Eh, hehe, yes." Tao Ran smiled dryly. "You are right in everything."

He cooked a well-done steak for the two of them. When it was already dark, Long Qiu fished out a few candles out of nowhere and lit them. The room was dark, and only the light of the candles was blazing on the table. It almost blinded Tao Ran's eyes.

The two sat together in silence. Tao Ran habitually sliced ​​steaks for Long Qiu. Long Qiu poured wine into the glass, and the precious red wine reflected attractive colors in the glass. Tao Ran only felt that he was finished and was going to be kicked out, but Long Qiu seemed to be planning something.

Arranging the cut beef in front of Long Qiu, Tao Ran said, "Eat."

"Let's make a toast." Long Qiu said as she raised her glass.

Tao Ran raised his glass.

There was no other way, Tao Ran can only clink glasses with her. A light sip was not enough; Long Qiu asked for him to drink it dry. Tao Ran complained in his heart, why didn't you have a mouthful yourself? However, his body honestly followed President Long's order and drank all the wine in the glass.

Long Qiu said, "Do you know that my father came to the company to look for me today?"

Tao Ran nodded, and Long Qiu spoke again, "Do you know that he was here today because of the matter between the two of us?"

Tao Ran nodded and Long Qiu spoke once more, "Then do you know that he disagreed with our relationship?"

Tao Ran still nodded. Long Qiu asked, "What do you think?"

Tao Ran answered, "Ms. Long, is this... our last supper?"

"Wrong answer." Long Qiu refilled Tao Ran’s glass with wine.

He’s being punished through a glass of wine. This horrible woman…

In the next conversation, no matter how Tao Ran answered, Tao Ran was always punished with drinking a glass of wine. Tao Ran was already tipsy when Long Qiu said, "Remember, no matter what my father uses to threaten you, just tell me and don't care about him. I am his only daughter and he would not dare to oppose who I want. I checked and he has no illegitimate children outside."

The number of Long Qius in front of Tao Ran has become eight. He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about anymore. "Dragon… Miss Long, don’t worry, even if your dad gave me the entire Star Entertainment, I wouldn’t want it. Star Entertainment can’t sell for 100 billion, hiccups, hahahahaha..."

"Very well, that's it." Long Qiu said with satisfaction, "You must maintain this attitude in front of my dad. Unless he can give you 100 billion, don’t ever agree to any request."

"President Long." Tao Ran’s upper body was already lying on the table. He grabbed Long Qiu’s hand and said, "I, if I really have a hundred billion... How do you say I spend it?"

Tao Ran was talking about the system’s promised 999,999,999,998. Long Qiu thought he was simply saying this just in case Long Biao really gave 100 billion yuan. She smiled and said, "At that time, we can start a bigger company with the money. Why else would we care about him?"

Tao Ran was already drunk and was smirking on the table. Long Qiu looked at Tao Ran who was smirking, and only thought that his boyfriend was really the cutest boyfriend in the world. She walked over and helped Tao Ran to the room. Tao Ran lay on the bed and smiled. "Oh, I'm so drunk."

Long Qiu smiled and touched Tao Ran's face. "Are you willing to stay in Star Entertainment for me?"

Tao Ran's mind was already full of paste, vaguely remembering that he crossed over because of her, he smirked and said, "I came to this world for you."

That one sentence instantly hit Long Qiu. Long Qiu started to smash Tao Ran without saying a word. Tao Ran took off his own clothes and then took off her clothes. After that, she blushed and looked at Tao Ran, and started to cheer himself up. She got hold of his thing then started to knead after holding it.

God knows how he was able to get along with a woman who had never been in a relationship before. He was so intoxicated that he forgot who he was. The instinctive reaction of the body cannot be controlled, and he felt very comfortable. Seeing that his thing was standing upright, Long Qiu hugged Tao Ran shyly, kissed and guided him, and then…

In short, after Tao Ran woke up the next morning, he got the conclusion of the night before from the situation in bed and Xiaomei's narrative. He finally slept with his girlfriend like a real man, Xiao Mei said he was very brave.

Mayah, boohoohoo... I can't accept this, my... my first time was given to a woman. The more Tao Ran thought about it, the more grief that came from it, and he couldn’t help but cry.

Long Qiu was exhausted by Tao Ran last night and was suddenly awakened by Tao Ran's crying early in the morning. She looked at Tao Ran, who was lying on the bed and crying bitterly. She asked him, "What's wrong with you?"

"Uuuu..." Tao Ran hugged Long Qiu so much that she couldn't move, "I'm lost. "

Long Qiu: "..."

Ten thousand hmphs was not enough to describe Long Qiu's mood at this time. Long Qiu endured the soreness in her body and slapped Tao Ran's head. Soon after, she thought about him being her man. I’m his girlfriend, I should take good care of him. She switched to a gentle touch and said, "Don't cry, don't cry. Don't worry, I’ll be responsible."

Tao Ran cried for a long time before tearfully saying, "Long Qiu, you deliberately got me drunk yesterday. You were already planning something bad, weren’t you?"

Long Qiu was gently stroking Tao Ran’s head but upon hearing his words, she grabbed his hair and pulled it hard, causing his scalp pain. "I'll give you another chance to think about your wording."

Tao Ran changed his words, "You deliberately got me drunk last night, and then gave me the opportunity to take advantage of it?"

 "Humph." Long Qiu said, "Yes.

 "Oh..." Tao Ran said, "Why did you get me drunk?"

 Long Qiu: "Because I'm shy when I’m sober."

Tao Ran: "Then why didn't you get yourself drunk?"

Long Qiu: "Because I don’t want my first time to be spent while I’m muddleheaded."

But my first time was spent muddleheaded...

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