Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 24: The Domineering Female President [20.5]

Long Qiu interrupted Tao Ran who was still thinking nonsense, "Come, take me to the bathroom to take a bath. I feel uncomfortable."

Unfortunately, although Tao Ran was a woman before, she still doesn’t understand this uncomfortable feeling due to the lack of emotional life. Tao Ran took Long Qiu into the bathtub, prepared her bath, and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Long Qiu.

As a real boyfriend, he must take care of his girlfriend.

System Xiaomei hugged the bamboo and exclaimed, "Congratulations to the host, you have finally become a man from the inside out!"

Is this something worthy of congratulations?

For this breakfast, Tao Ran was fidgeting. As a man who has already been intimate with his girlfriend, what Tao Ran should do now is to strike while the iron is hot, talk a lot of sweet words, let the other party love him more, and further deepen the relationship between them.

But Tao Ran didn't. Staring at Long Qiu who was sitting next to him and having breakfast happily, Tao Ran couldn't say anything with his stomach full. Long Qiu spotted this, and squinted her eyes and said, "What are you doing?"

"That..." Tao Ran's brain twitched, "Have you taken contraceptives?" Because he remembered not using condoms last night.

Long Qiu's face changed in an instant. She said in a complicated tone, "What do you mean? Do you want to have a baby with me?"

"No no no..." Tao Ran shook his head like a rattle, "I am thinking about whether we need to get married?"

Long Qiu's expression was stagnant, and suddenly, she said a little nervously, "Marriage… how can this work? There’s no ring yet, and no marriage proposal..."

Long Qiu was implying for Tao Ran to buy a ring and propose but Tao Ran thought that Long Qiu didn't want to get married and was looking for excuses to refuse so he heaved a sigh of relief. "I think so too. We are still young. We should put our career first and put aside marriage."

Long Qiu: "..."

Tao Ran felt a murderous aura when he lowered his head and drank the porridge. When he looked up, he saw Long Qiu looking at him terribly as she said, "Go buy a ring, immediately."

Tao Ran shivered under the pressure of President Long. He weakly said, "But… I have to go to the shooting location soon."

"Then buy it when you come back in the evening. I want to see it as soon as possible." Long Qiu sneered, "Be romantic, otherwise, you know."

 "..." Tao Ran understood so he became even more afraid.

Tao Ran couldn't help asking System Xiaomei in his heart, "Xiaomei Long Qiu has already blackened, right? My mission has not been completed at all, right?"

Xiaomei blinked and said, "Don’t the host believe the system? Long Qiu shows no signs of blackening right now, so don't worry."

Mayah, she’s so scary even without blackening, what if she actually blackened? It seems that it was necessary to save the vicious female partner, otherwise, something terrible will happen.

Tao Ran was hiding something in his heart, not only because he was afraid that Long Qiu would not be satisfied. It was also due to a bit of marital phobia. After getting married, he will be a married man. There will be a wife at home, there will be a wife on the bed. When it’s already late at night and he still isn't home, his wife will call to urge him to come home, maybe she will even limit his pocket money...

Life is really dark.


Cui Xiao asked, "What's the matter with you? Why’s your face so pale?"

Tao Ran said, "When will you and Lao Bai get married?"

Cui Xiao blushed and said shyly, "It's still early, we should focus on our career right now."

“Didn’t he already propose?" Tao Ran doubted. "Lao Bai promised you to postpone the marriage?"

"Of course." Cui Xiao said, "Would he dare not listen to me?"


Tao Ran really wanted to kneel on the ground and look up to the sky. He was also in love with the president. Why is the gap so big?!

Life was difficult, but it has to go on. After finishing work, he drove alone to a jewelry store to choose a ring. When a man with a mask, sunglasses, and a hat suddenly came in, the staff were shocked and thought someone was coming to rob them.

Tao Ran looked at each counter under the suspicious gazes of the shop assistants. The rings were shining, all of them were dazzling, but Tao Ran really doesn't know what Long Qiu likes.

He leaned in front of a clerk and said, "That..." The clerk tried to maintain a stiff smile and said, "Sir, what do you need?"

"Well, what kind of ring do you usually use for marriage proposals?" Tao Ran pointed to those rings and said, "What kind of ring do you think girls like best?"

Seeing that Tao Ran did come to buy the ring and not to rob them, the clerk finally laughed. No longer as stiff, she said, "Mister is surprising his girlfriend with a proposal, your girlfriend will be really happy."

Tao Ran: "...Maybe she will be happy, but she may not be surprised."

"Sir, you’re very funny." The clerk said, "What price does Mister have in mind? "

Tao has Ran money now, so he doesn’t care about this aspect anymore. He said, "The price doesn’t matter, the point is that it should be beautiful to make her like it.”

The clerk knew then that a good wind was blowing and that a big business had come. Her smile became increasingly sweet as she took a large diamond ring and said, "Sir, what do you think of this one? This is designed by a famous Italian designer. It is unique."

Tao Ran said, "Why does it look a bit yellow to me?"

The clerk smiled, she stiffened for a second before saying politely, "Sir, would you please take off your sunglasses and take a look again? It affects your vision."

"Oh, okay." Tao Ran took off the sunglasses and was almost blinded by the diamond’s flash.

The clerk looked at Tao Ran curiously and was amazed by Tao Ran's eyes. What a pair of beautiful eyes, why do they look familiar?

Tao Ran vigorously studied the diamond ring while the clerk vigorously studied Tao Ran's eyes. Tao Ran looked for a long while, and said, "Why do I feel like this ring is a bit faux? Is there any ring that’s special and elegant?"

As expected of a man with such good-looking eyes, he preferred choosing a more elegant ring. The clerk took out several rings, but Tao Ran was not quite satisfied. Just when he wanted to change to another jewelry store, he suddenly caught a glimpse of something.

Tao Ran pointed to a ring in the corner and said, "Show me that."

The clerk looked at the ring. Her expression distorted, and she confirmed, "Sir, are you sure you want that one?"

"Yes, bring it over so I can see."

At this time, there were ten thousand 'mmp' running in the clerk’s mind because the shape of the ring was a bit ugly. Its diamonds indeed weren't small, the embedded diamonds formed the shape of a coiled dragon. This ring had been in the store for some years, and it hadn't been sold because women dislike this ring as it was too domineering, and it doesn't have the delicate beauty of a girl.

Tao Ran couldn't be more satisfied looking at the ring. Except for this, was there any ring in the world that was more worthy of Long Qiu? Tao Ran took the ring in his hand and handed out a card saying, "This is it, swipe the card."

After the clerk swiped the card, Tao Ran took the ring and went out. Looking at Tao Ran's back, the clerk said in her heart, why is this person a bit like my husband?

Tao Ran went out of the store, carefully holding a small box in his hand. His mood was a bit complicated. It turns out that a man has to take in so many considerations before getting married; he will never say that a man is irresponsible again.

With his mind occupied, he didn't notice that someone was approaching him. By the time he found out, it was too late. Tao Ran bent over with the posture of pulling the car door as few sturdy men in suits and sunglasses surrounded him.

Tao Ran: "Hi~ I am—"

"Stop talking nonsense." The huge man squeezed his fist, stretched it out in front of Tao Ran, and said, "The chairman wants to see you."

The man didn’t wait for Tao Ran to agree. The four of them carried each one of Tao Ran’s legs...

They carried Tao Ran’s hands and legs and carried him to a restaurant. A man in his forties or fifties was waiting there. His expression looked like he came to purposely find fault.

System Xiaomei hugged the bamboo and reminded, "This is your future father-in-law and the supporting actor in this world. The vicious woman, Long Qiu's father."

Tao Ran was relieved. As long as it wasn't revenge. The men in black sent Tao Ran to him and retreated. Tao Ran almost couldn't stand firm when he was put down. He held the chair and smiled at Long Biao, "Hehe, hello, Uncle."

Long Biao's face suddenly twitched. He said. "You are an artist of Star Entertainment, it’s reasonable for you to call me Chairman."

"Ah, yes, yes, yes." Tao Ran sat down with a smile, "Hello, Uncle Chairman."

Long Biao: "..."

Well, the title is not important, Long Biao comforted himself. He said, "Do you know why I wanted to meet with you alone?"

The entire Chinese citizens knew it, but Tao Ran still pretended to be confused and said, "You want to see me because you want to see for yourself if I am passionate for your daughter, a good man who is cheerful and would love his wife."

"..." Long Biao was stunned, choked by Tao Ran's shameless words, and could not speak for a while. After a long while, poor Chairman Long finally found his voice. The first sentence was the two words, "You fart..."

"Do you think I would agree with you and Qiuqiu? It’s absolutely impossible. What is your status? You are not worthy of Qiuqiu at all. I now give you a chance to leave Qiuqiu immediately after taking the money, otherwise, I have a method to pack you up."

Tao Ran looked at Long Biao with a calm smile, which fully demonstrated the cultivation of a good-quality and refined young man. Tao Ran said, "Why didn't you continue talking? Uncle, are you thirsty? Do you want to drink water?"

Long Biao was furious, "Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, uncle." Tao Ran started to pour water for Long Biao. "I dare not not listen to you."

Long Biao took the water, took a sip, and said, "Then what do you think about it?"

"To be honest, this is not something I should consider." Tao Ran was sincere. "As an outsider, whether it’s you or myself, I will inevitably have scruples when talking. If you really object to me and Ms. Long, why don't you go talk to Ms. Long?"

"Nonsense", Long Biao said, "Do you think I haven't looked for her? If she listened to me, do you think I still need to talk nonsense with you here?"

Tao Ran smiled. "Miss Long is your daughter, your daughter. If she doesn't listen to you, why should I listen to you? I am not your son."

"..." It seems that this was true. Long Biao was so angry that he almost slapped the table. "You... are you really listening to me? Either you leave Qiuqiu with the money, or you just wait for me to clean you up. Is it that difficult to choose?"

Tao Ran said, "How much will you give me?"

Long Biao thought Tao Ran had already succumbed. He thought he understood Tao Ran's nature and thought he was a greedy person, so there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth as he said, "You say your price."

It was already dark, and at this time he would usually be already home, cooking and waiting for Long Qiu to come back for dinner. Long Qiu would be anxious if he didn't come back on time today, and then she would come looking for him. First, she would call him, and if she couldn’t get through, she would contact Tony, Bai Shaohui, etc., and then she would find the car he had left outside the jewelry store, and then she would know that he was taken away, and then she would suspect Long Biao, and finally, she would find him.

In summary, Tao Ran was not nervous at all, he was waiting. "Unless you give me the entire Star Entertainment, I will never leave Miss Long."

Long Biao was so angry that his veins were nearly bursting. Tao Ran rushed. Before the other’s veins truly broke out, he said, "You see, you only have one daughter like Miss Long. From now on, all of your company's property will belong to Miss Long. If I get married to Miss Long, these will be mine, and sooner or later, it will be my child’s. So considering this, unless you give me Star Entertainment, I will lose money if I leave Miss Long."

 "..." Long Biao was shocked. Someone actually dared to say these words in front of him.

Just when he was about to do something out of irritation, Tao Ran's phone rang. Tao Ran raised his head to face Long Biao and said, "Uncle, it’s President Long."

"Give me the phone." Long Biao stretched out his hand to grab the phone and said, "Hello, it's me, your father."

"Why would I have his phone? Because he’s right in front of me..."

"What did I do to him? Can I not find him for a talk?"

"What do you mean not to threaten him? Is this how you talk to your dad?"

"Don't believe him, he’s not a good person. He’s with you for the money. Listen to your father and leave him..."

 "I am talking nonsense? He said it himself!"

 "Where am I? I am..."

Long Biao yelled at the phone for a long time. After he put down the phone, he said, "Qiuqiu will be here soon. I tell you, I have hidden a recorder here, and she will soon see your ugly character."

Tao Ran doesn’t care about it. If Long Qiu was such an easy to give up type of person, the system wouldn't have gotten himself over to do the task.

Long Qiu hurried over, and her first sentence was a question to Tao Ran. "Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?"

Long Biao rolled his eyes in anger and said, "What can I do to him? He’s the one who made me angry until I nearly had a stroke. Truly."

"That's good, that's good," Long Qiu said to Tao Ran with a sigh of relief. "Next time he looks for you, don't be polite to him, just call me directly."

Long Biao said bitterly, "Daughter, you were fooled. He doesn’t like you at all. He’s with you for the money."

"Dad." Long Qiu looked at Long Biao and said seriously, "You only have one daughter like me. In your heart, what is more important? Is it your company’s well-being or your daughter’s lifelong happiness? If you think that my happiness is more important, please stop opposing me and Tao Ran. I like Tao Ran. Only when I am with him will I be happy."

Long Biao took out a recording pen from his pocket and said, "Daughter, it's not that Dad opposes you. It's really Tao Ran who's in it for the money. I recorded everything he said just now. If you don't believe me, just listen."

Having said that, Long Biao started to play the recording. Long Qiu heard everything Tao Ran said since he came into the restaurant. There was no expression on Long Qiu's face throughout the whole process. After the recording finished playing, Long Biao said, "You heard it, did you know what kind of person he is?"

"I always knew what kind of person he is." Long Qiu said, " I knew you would look for him, so I asked him to say that."

Long Biao: "You..."

"Dad, do you have any idea how happy I am these days?" Long Qiu eyes reddened. "Every morning, someone makes me a good breakfast, and I have someone to eat with. When I had grown up, you and mom never ate breakfast with me."

Long Biao: "I... Mom and Dad are busy."

"Every day, in the evening, someone will make a meal and wait for me to come home. He cooks everything I love. He will never delay this dinner for two people because of work. If I work overtime, he will give me supper and accompany me while I work. We talk about everything together, we chat about work, about cosmetics, television, and novels. He never gets bored or impatient with me, and he doesn’t feel that watching TV with me is a waste of time..."

When all of these finished, not only did Long Qiu cry, but even Long Biao's eyes were red.

Long Qiu said, "I feel so happy like this. I have never been happier. So Dad, would you please fulfill my happiness? I beg you."

"You have never begged me." Long Biao reached out to touch Long Qiu's hair. "Dad ignored you too much, Dad has let you down."

Tao Ran said, "Uncle, what I just said to you was a lie. I really like Miss Long. If you don't believe me, I will do a Property Notarization."

Long Biao was guilty and felt awkward. He looked at the pair of young people standing together, holding hands. He thought, wasn't that how he was when he was young. This Tao Ran can make her daughter happy, what is more important than this?

Long Biao said, "What's the matter with you? Haven’t you chosen a ring? Why are you still calling her Chief Long."

Tao Ran said in embarrassment, "I'm used to it."

"If you dare to treat Qiuqiu badly, just see how I will deal with you in the future." After Long Biao threatened him, he said, "Is he proposing to you? Do you mind if Dad becomes the witness?"

Long Qiu finally burst into laughter.

System Xiaomei shouted with both eyes twinkling like stars, "Propose! Propose! Host, you are going to succeed!"

Tao Ran took out the ring, knelt down on one knee in front of Long Qiu, raised his head, and said, "Miss Long, are you willing to accept my proposal? I swear to be nice to you from now on and treat you as the closest person to me in this world."

Tao Ran didn't lie at that moment. He really loved this woman, Long Qiu, dearly. He was willing to love Long Qiu and let her enjoy the feeling of being loved.

Long Qiu stretched out her hand and said softly, "I am willing."

Tao Ran put the ring on her ring finger. Under the shine of the light, the diamonds sparkled, and Chairman Long was about to cry.

Long Qiu and Tao Ran looked at each other, and she said something she thought she would never say in this life, "Little Apple, I love you."

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