Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 37: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [1]

After the familiar snowflakes and electric currents ended, Tao Ran knew that he had come to a new world again.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. This time, he was not as scared as the first time and as ignorant as the second time. The first thing he did when he came to the world was to accept the plot and memory obediently. When everything was digested in his head, Tao Ran opened his eyes.

Xiaomei stayed solemn with her pair of adorable panda eyes and looked worriedly at Tao Ran before saying, "Host, this world is a little bit special, you have to be careful ah."

 Tao Ran nodded and said lightly, "I know."

The person he crossed over into this time is called Xuan Qing. Doesn’t this name feel like a strange and familiar style of painting?

Xuan Qing is a monk of Penglai Immortal Mountain overseas. He had become a legend in the world of immortal cultivation many years ago because he was extremely talented and was the monk who reached the Mahayana period in the shortest time. There was a saying in the world of immortal cultivation that if a person can really ascend into an immortal, then the first person that had really done so would be Xuan Qing.

In the face of the expectations and admiration of fellow cultivators, Xuan Qing was neither humble nor arrogant, never conceited nor complacent. In fact, many people thought that Xuan Qing actually has no feelings, because how can anyone who has feelings be so quiet, laissez-faire, and aloof from worldly affairs?

Xuan Qing actually had feelings, but he has indeed lived as a cloud-like person; always ethereal and always beyond the world. Although he has the title of the most beautiful man in the world of immortal cultivation, he has never had any emotional entanglements with anyone. Countless female cultivators postured for him as if it was a matter of life and death, but he wasn’t tempted at all.

It stands to reason that even if such a persona wasn’t the protagonist, they must be a very important person at the least. But no, Xuan Qing was just the master of the heroine in the novel. His being ascetic ended after he accepted his first and only apprentice because he fell in love with her.

He was lonely and deserted for many years; no one dared to approach him. Only this female apprentice was not afraid of him. She would smile happily in front of him and joke with him. Thus, the Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing, a thousand-year-old virgin, fell in love with his apprentice.

His love for his apprentice was more than polite. He never dared to express it. He thought it would be good to stay with his apprentice just like this. As a result, said apprentice was captured by the Demon Emperor on her way out for a trial. What else could he do? Of course, it was to save his apprentice.

Thereafter, the apprentice was rescued, but the apprentice's heart remained with the Demon Emperor. The female protagonist, the apprentice, fell in love with the Demon Emperor. What could Xuan Qing do? He could only continue to press on with a straight face, and eventually, under his apprentice's bitter pleading, he finally let her go.

You think that this way the male and female protagonists will have love and eventually become married? Impossible, the story will end there and there will be no need for Tao Ran.

Then appeared the vicious villainess of this story— the Elder Sister Qiang Wei of the Acacia Sect, the left guardian of the Demon Emperor.

Qiang Wei was very indisposed to emotions. As the Elder of the famous Acacia Sect, she has never been close to men, and even more to women. She never practiced the dual cultivation method of the Acacia Sect. Relying on her talent and perseverance alone, she became the first elder in the history of the Acacia Sect who’s a virgin. Then she was favored by the Demon Emperor and became the left guardian of the Demon Palace.

It stands to reason that such a person should have a limitless future, but Qiang Wei unfortunately fell in love with the Demon Emperor. Initially, she thought that it was enough as long as she could stay with the Demon Emperor forever but, as it happened, the Demon Emperor fell in love with a disciple of the righteous path.

After the vicious female partner function was activated and she blackened, she created a misunderstanding between the hero and the heroine, causing them to become life and death enemies for a while. The hapless Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing died a cannon fodder in the process of saving the heroine, barely occupying one-tenth of the full text.

After that was how the female protagonist counterattacked with hatred and did everything to kill the vicious female partner and so on, how the female protagonist and the male protagonist eventually became married and whatnot. Nothing of importance because they were all in account of the standard routine.

Tao Ran held Xuan Qing's pure, cold, and handsome face, sighing as he said, "Why are the people I cross over to cannon fodders every time?"

Xiaomei comforted: "Haven’t you noticed that the cannon fodders you cross into are all very Su? Nowadays, only Su is the way of the king, and all those authors write as so."

[pr/n: Su is from Mary Sue. It’s used to define a perfect person, such as tall, rich, and handsome in one.]

Tao Ran was actually very satisfied with this status because he always believed that there were immortals in the world during his second year of middle school. He once fantasized that he was instructed by an expert, and then he cultivated his foundation, concocted pills, and drove a flying sword into the sky. Unexpectedly, this dream was really realized. Tao Ran was so happy he just wanted to fly to the sky and do several somersaults.

However, Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing’s character settings prevent him from doing so. If he really did that, it was estimated that the Penglai faction would soon report that Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing had fallen into qi deviation and would rationally stop him.

It's just that people can't stop anyone who wants to satisfy themselves. Tao Ran can't fly and somersault in the sky, but he can use other methods to satisfy himself. For example, playing the guqin. Thanks to Xuan Qing's lucky memories, Tao Ran has learned more than a dozen musical instruments without a teacher.

Tao Ran walked to the foot of the mountain where Xuan Qing usually played the guqin. Next to it were a gurgling stream and the singing of cranes and birds. However, the moment he played the guqin, everything seemed to have stilled. Tao Ran was dressed in a blue, fitting robe with the upper half of his black hair tied up in a hair crown made of incense wood; he truly looked like an expert immortal.

As he was becoming deeper immersed into his self-satisfying moment, the heroine of this novel, He Wan, Xuan Qing's apprentice, came to the stage.

He Wan first stood behind the tree and admired her master's demeanor. Every time she saw her master, she couldn't help but feel rueful. Why is such a person of outstanding elegance and peerless talent so cold and without emotions? If he wasn’t without emotions like this...

Ah, what are these thoughts?

He Wan stepped forward and said, "Disciple pays respect to Master."

Tao Ran stopped, and said in a calm voice, "What's the matter?"

He Wan said, "This Disciple has already refined a pill. According to the rules of Penglai Mountain, she could now travel down the mountain."

"Hm, you can go." Hurry up, don't hinder Lao Tzu from satisfying himself.

Master was still so indifferent. He didn't even say more than a sentence to herself. He Wan was a little disappointed. She knelt down and kowtowed to Tao Ran then turned to leave the mountain.

This was the beginning of the plot. He Wan, who traveled down the mountain, would meet the Demon Emperor, and then the two would have a fated entanglement for a thousand years.

Tao Ran thought about the plot and decided that it was better not to stop the heroine from going down the mountain. Not to mention the male and female protagonist’s formidable fate, if the Demon Emperor fell in love with others, wouldn't the vicious female Qiang Wei blacken nonetheless? The key was to start with Qiang Wei, and everything else could only be regarded as assistance.

Tao Ran had already thought about it and he would have to grab Qiang Wei at an opportunity. In any case, this was not a society under the rule of law. Paying attention to whoever has the biggest fist is justified. The whole cultivation world was bigger than Xuan Qing's fist, so it would be really hard to find.

Alas, being unparalleled is so lonely sometimes.

In the following days, Tao Ran continued satisfying himself on Penglai Mountain, drinking tea, and spent a while without having to eat or drink, extravagantly playing instruments all day long. Finally, after he waited for the day, several Penglai disciples hurried up the mountain and knelt in front of the bamboo forest where Tao Ran was currently staying.

Tao Ran said vaguely, "What's the matter?"

"Sword Sovereign, Junior Sister He Wan..."

Tao Ran narrowed his eyes, and said, displeased, "Don't hesitate."

"Junior Sister He Wan was taken away by the Demon Emperor." This disciple had also liked this bright woman He Wan in his heart. He shed tears and said, "Sword Sovereign, please go save Junior He Wan. If it’s late, I’m afraid it will be... I'm afraid it will be more inauspicious."

So many days have passed since he was here and it was really boring, so he decided to take advantage of this opportunity to go for a walk. After hearing the news, Tao Ran was a little bit excited as he said, "Don't worry, I'm going now."

After saying that, Tao Ran quietly disappeared in front of them. The crowd of disciples could not feel the slightest trace of him.

The disciple who liked He Wan was a little puzzled as he said, "I don't know why but I think that Sword Sovereign was… he was a little happy just now."

The disciple next to him looked at him disdainfully and said, "Your worry for Junior Sister He Wan might be propelling you to qi deviation. How could the Sword Sovereign be happy? Sword Sovereign doesn’t feel any sadness or joy."

"What you said makes sense. It seems I need to cultivate well."

Tao Ran wasn’t in a hurry at all as he flew slowly to the south. He really didn’t need to worry, the heroine can't die anyway, might as well take this opportunity to observe this world.

He flew down into a mortal city and was surrounded by people walking around. Although it was not modern, the level of excitement was not worse than of modern times. Xuan Qing had been on Penglai Mountain since he was a child. When he wanted to go out, it was only limited to wandering around in the immortal world and he had never been in a mortal city.

Tao Ran walked around and looked around, buying snacks, watching tricks, and so on. He decided not to go to rescue He Wan today. It would not be too late to find her later after playing enough.

The Demon Emperor who was far away in the Southern Desolate Demon Palace heard that Xuan Qing was coming to rescue his apprentice. He immediately arranged all of the manpower in the palace as if they were going to face a huge enemy. There was no other way, Xuan Qing's name is really too big, so someone as arrogant as the Demon Emperor could not dare to despise him.

A bunch of people waited for Xuan Qing to step into their inescapable trap.

They waited on the left but Xuan Qing didn't come; they waited on the right but Xuan Qing still didn't come. The Demon Emperor was a little puzzled.

He looked around, and said to his most competent left and right arm, Qiang Wei, "Left Guardian, how long does it take to get here from Penglai Mountain?"

Left Guardian Qiang Wei said with a serious expression, "This subordinate would arrive in half a day with flight, however, if it is Demon Emperor or Xuan Qing, who both have a very high cultivation, it only takes one breath."

"That’s right." The Demon Emperor nodded and said, "It only takes one breath if This Seat goes to Penglai Mountain. Xuan Qing is probably not any slower than This Seat, is he?"

Qiang Wei thought for a moment and said, "Perhaps that Xuan Qing wants to put up a pretense implying that he won't come at all and then take advantage of when we relax our efforts and invade to save Miss He?"

The more the Demon Emperor thought about this, the more possible he thought it was, so he sneered. "Xuan Qing might be too scornful of This Seat. Qiang Wei, go and stay by Miss He Wan, protect her well and don't let Xuan Qing take her away."


Qiang Wei’s inwardly thought that the Heavens must also be helping her, but the Emperor himself unexpectedly asked her to guard He Wan. When Xuan Qing comes, she can only pretend to let Xuan Qing rescue He Wan by accident. With Xuan Qing's ability, the Emperor would give up, and he could only look toward the mountain and sigh.

Tao Ran had been shopping for several days and had been having breakfast like an ordinary person. He was about to go to the Southern Desolate Demon Palace when he passed by a book stand along the road. Thinking that he has never read a novel again since he came into this world, his heart inevitably itched. He stopped and asked, "Are there any interesting books for sale?"

The book vendor looked up and saw a man in a blue, fitting robe with a handsome appearance like that of an immortal. He was shocked, he didn't expect such a person to ask with a requirement such as interesting. The hawker smiled triumphantly: "Bookstores might not necessarily have interesting books, but I have them all here."

Tao Ran was satisfied: "Very good, wrap them up for me."

The hawker dully said, "You want all of them?"

Tao Ran nodded: "All of them." After saying that, he threw a piece of gold to the hawker.

The hawker’s happy mouth couldn’t be closed. He diligently wrapped up all the books for Tao Ran and said, "Guest, I will have new books soon. If you want to read new ones, just come and I will reserve them for you."

Tao Ran thought he had bought a pack of ancient small talking notebooks, thinking that he could use them to pass the time when he was bored. He took the books and walked to a place where no one was around then put the large pack of books inside his qiankun sleeve. After that, he soared to the clouds and drove through the fog, and went to the Desolate South.

Sensing the arrival of Xuan Qing, the Demon Emperor said with a gloomy face, "Oh, Xuan Qing, you dare to play with This Seat for five days, making This Seat sit motionless for five days. This Seat must let you know the consequences of playing with This Seat.”

Tao Ran accurately inferred from the plot where He Wan was locked up. He flew in the sky and pointed at one of the houses in the Demon Palace. The house collapsed with a loud rumble, revealing Qiang Wei and He Wan inside.

System Xiaomei said excitedly, "Host, that is Qiang Wei!"

Tao Ranyun flicked his sleeves lightly like a breeze, and was about to float over when the Demon Emperor roared, "Xuan Qing, you dare!"

As he said that, the Demon Emperor also quickly went to He Wan, but in the end, he was still a step too late and Tao Ran arrived one step ahead of him.

He Wan ran to Xuan Qing and shouted, "Master!"

Tao Ran rushed past and gently pushed He Wan with one hand and then took Qiang Wei into his arms with the other. After that, his figure left ethereally quick, leaving only He Wan with a dull face and the Demon Emperor who was doubting his life.

He Wan looked at the direction Tao Ran was leaving towards and said in a daze, "Master… I'm here..."

The Demon Emperor was thinking in his heart: Could it be that Xuan Qing has fallen into qi deviation because of practicing asceticism and has gone blind?

At that time, Tao Ran’s long-drawn voice was heard. "Today, this Daoist is merciful and will spare your life. If you want to save the life of the Left Guardian of the Demon Palace, bring this Daoist’s disciple for an exchange..."

The Demon Emperor didn’t doubt the problem of Xuan Qing’s eyes anymore. Instead, he began to suspect whether Xuan Qing had a problem with his brain. He had the opportunity to save his disciple just now, but he stubbornly refused to save the person and insisted on grabbing the guardian for an exchange. What kind of magical brain circuit is this?


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