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Chapter 46: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [10]

The headmaster often came to deliver medicine to Tao Ran. He Wan was waiting for the headmaster outside the bamboo forest. When the headmaster came out to see her, he knew she had something to say: "What does Niece He want to say?"

He Wan glanced at the bamboo forest and whispered: "How is Master's injury? Why do I feel that it is getting worse?"

"Haist!" the headmaster sighed: "The all-out blow of the Ten Thousand Soul Banner was placed on him. I am afraid that if he had a lower cultivation, he would have died on the spot. Junior Brother had been able to sustain his life until now because of his cultivation level."

He Wan's tears flowed down on the spot. She pressed her throat and said, "Is there really no way?"

The headmaster shook his head and sighed: "There is nowhere to find the things in the legend of Hibiscus tree."

Seeing that the headmaster had left, He Wan wiped away her tears and went into the bamboo forest. Master was leaning on the chair reading. She always felt that Master had become a lot gentler recently. Is it because he knows that his deadline is approaching, so he changed?

Although He Wan likes such a gentle master very much, she would rather have the cold master from before; at least he is healthy, and won't suddenly leave her one day.

Feeling He Wan's gaze on him, Tao Ran turned his head and said, "What's the matter?"

"Master, some seniors have invited me to explore the secret realm together, and this disciple is here to tell Master."

"Okay, you can go." Tao Ran turned a page of the book and said: "Remember to bring the charms that Master gave you."

"Yes Master." He Wan agreed, and suddenly said before leaving: "Master, you have to take care of yourself when this disciple is not here during this time."

This is something He Wan would have never said before, but Tao Ran was not the Xuan Qing he used to be, and he didn’t think anything was wrong. He smiled lightly and said, "Okay."

He Wan turned her head and flew out of Penglai to the sea alone. She cried because she had lied to her Master. She was not going to explore the secret realm with the seniors. She was going to the Southern Wilderness Acacia Sect to find Qiang Wei. Without the hibiscus tree, the pill would not work. The only hope was the powerful dual cultivation technique of the Acacia Sect.

If it weren't for Master's situation being so severe, she would never go to the Acacia Sect to find Qiang Wei. She likes Master so much, so how can she be willing to give Master to others? It's just that she doesn't know how to dual cultivate, and her cultivation is really superficial. Even if the master is willing to dual cultivate with her, her cultivation can't help him, so she can only go to the Acacia Sect to find Qiang Wei.

In the Southern Wilderness, the more advanced the sect, the deeper the location in the Southern Wilderness. The Acacia Sect was originally the top of the second-rate sect, and coupled with its special sect, its location was no worse than the first-rate sect. He Wan came to the poor mountains and rivers of the Southern Wilderness alone, looking around at a loss.

The last time she came to Southern Wilderness, she was brought in by the Demon Emperor, and she arrived at the Southern Demon Palace in no time. She didn't see anything at all. When she left, she rode the Shadowless Shuttle. The speed was also very fast, and she had no intention of looking at Southern Wilderness at all. This was the first time she entered the Southern Wilderness on her own accord.

She probably knew the location of Acacia Sect but didn't know what she would encounter.

He Wan was holding the Penglai's map of the Southern Wilderness, which had been around for a few years. During this time, there was no indication on the map of any changes in the Southern Wilderness. He Wan didn't dare to fly the sword in the sky, so to hide her goal, she could only chant the lightfoot work mantra and run on the ground. It would take at least six or seven days to get to the Acacia Sect like this. He Wan thought about the danger, but fortunately, the Demon Emperor had been killed by the master. Otherwise, she would not dare to venture the Southern Wilderness.

Qiang Wei didn't know that He Wan was looking for her. The anger in her heart hadn’t dissipated after she spoke harshly to Tao Ran and left. She went all the way to dual cultivate with him, but when he put on his pants, he turned his face and wouldn’t acknowledge her. He also said that a demon cultivator and a righteous monk cannot be together.

Speaking of it, it wasn't because he didn't want to be with herself. His magnificent Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing had a face that the Demon Emperor would kill for, but he did not have the Demon Emperor’s refreshing ways when he did things. If Xuan Qing snatched herself back to Penglai like the Demon Emperor snatched He Wan, who would dare to say anything?

Dead Taoist, stinky Taoist, bad Taoist who suffered a thousand swords!

When Qiang Wei returned to the Acacia Sect, no one could see the changes in her except for the headmaster.

The headmistress of the Acacia Sect, wearing a gorgeous dress, came over with amorous feelings. She played with Qiang Wei's hair and said: "Oh, our Qiang Wei has finally opened up. We know that she had been looking for a man."

Qiang Wei frowned and said, "Don't touch me."

"Well, well, I won't touch you." The headmistress said: "Then you have to tell me, what kind of man actually made Elder Qiang Wei, who was a century-old virgin, be tempted?"

Qiang Wei said with a black face, "Isn't it just a ruthless and unrighteous Taoist priest?"

The headmistress felt that something had happened, and looked at Qiang Wei meaningfully: "The ruthless and unrighteous Taoist priest was also worthy of your attention? Could you have been taken advantage of by a righteous Taoist priest?"

Looking back on the situation at that time, it was obvious that she was the one who took advantage of others' chastity. Qiang Wei was a little speechless inexplicably: "Who do you think is it? Don't you want to guess?"

"You don't want me to guess randomly, so just say it clearly." The headmistress wanted to be scratched by a pair of hooked hands, "If you don't say it, I can't help guessing, and I can't help guessing if you don't say anything. Say it anyway. You know me, and I won’t be sure of what it is like then."

"..." Qiangwei turned her head in grief, "Are you threatening me?"

"If you have to see it that way, then so be it." The headmistress looked at Qiang Wei in an unusual way and said in her heart that you can't handle me anyway. "Is there anything we can't tell each other between us sisters? I slept with the head of Kunlun last time in Zhengdao, didn't I tell you too?"

Qiang Wei stared at the headmistress, and said: "If I tell you, you can't tell others."

The headmistress nodded excitedly, "Hmm."

"You swear." Qiang Wei said: "Swear to your heart demon."

Headmistress: "This..."

Qiang Wei: "Huh?"

"Okay." The headmistress said: "I swear to my demon heart, if I tell others about this, I will let my demon into my body and never make progress."

"It's pretty much the same." Qiang Wei leaned in the head of the head and whispered, "I... gave Xuan Qing a happy reunion."


The leader almost fell in shock.

"Hush..." Qiang Wei: "Be quiet."

"You’re really worthy of being the elder of my Acacia Sect." The headmistress said with a look of admiration: "How is it? How does Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing feel?"

Qiang Wei remembered Tao Ran lying weakly on the ground, helplessly stripped of his clothes, and the expression of always holding back. She was silent for a while, and said from the bottom of her heart: "Very good."

The headmistress didn't believe it and asked: "Is it just good?"

The sweat oozing out of his slightly red skin...

Okay... Qiang Wei said: "It's very good."

Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing, the headmistress took out a small book and said, "I'm ranked first in the list of people who did dual cultivation, and I'm still above the Demon Emperor. I didn't expect to be ruined by you."

"What do you mean by ruined?" Qiang Wei doesn't like to listen to these words, "It was also the first time I dual cultivated?"


The headmistress screamed again, "Sword Sovereign is the first time you were...huh?"

Qiang Wei nodded reservedly, "Yes."

"Uuuuu..." The headmistress stretched out her hand to pinch Qiang Wei's neck, "I tried it with you..."

Qiang Wei avoided the headmistress, frowning and said, "You are the sect’s headmistress anyway, can you focus?"

The headmistress said: "Let's talk about how you gave him the yin and yang harmony scattered? Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing, how did you succeed? Tell me, I want to realize my dream again."

How could Qiang Wei tell her about Tao Ran's injury? She only said: "What if it succeeds. He doesn't want to interact with a demon like me."

She told her off and left. The headmistress thought that Qiang Wei was infatuated and rejected by Xuan Qing. She sighed and shook her head and said: "Silly girl, the people of the Acacia Sect are still talking sincerely, let alone those people."

Seven days later, He Wan came to the gate of Acacia Sect. At this moment, her face was written with the four characters of Feng Chen Servant. She stood at the gate of Acacia Sect like a fool. The gatekeeper of the Acacia Sect saw a young and beautiful girl standing at the door, and his saliva flowed down immediately. He leaned over and said, "Girl, are you here to find someone for dual cultivation? I see you and I have the same level of cultivation. If you don't dislike it, I would like to recommend myself. Let me get a pillow and mat."

He Wan stepped back and said: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm here to find someone. I'm here to find Elder Qiang Wei of the noble sect."

 The disciple of the Acacia Sect posing in a coquettish posture was disappointed and said: "Girl, you are looking for the wrong person. Elder Qiang Wei is a woman. The Acacia Sect has only dual cultivation between man and woman, and there is none between woman and woman."

He Wan was flustered but still said: "I have an urgent matter to discuss with Elder Qiang Wei. If you report it, say that He Wan is asking for her."

Seeing that she really didn't come to dual cultivate, the disciple felt a little disheartened, and said lazily: "You wait here, I will report to the Elder."

Qiang Wei was still talking to the headmistress as the disciple came over and said: "I have seen Elder Qiangwei. There is a female sister calling herself He Wan outside the door who wants to see you."

"He Wan?" The headmistress said: "Why do I feel that the name is a little familiar?"

As soon as Qiang Wei heard about the person and things related to Xuan Qing, she said, "No, let her go!"


"Wait." The headmistress said: "Is He Wan not the disciple of Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing who was snatched back to the Demon Palace by the Demon Emperor?"

Qiang Wei gritted her teeth and said: "It's her."

"Why don’t you want to see her? What if she was sent by Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing?" Thinking of Xuan Qing, the headmistress’s saliva flowed out. She said: "Please let her quickly come in. Don't neglect the distinguished guest."

In this way, He Wan was led to Qiang Wei and the headmistress. Qiang Wei asked: "You want to see me? What are you doing here?"

He Wan glanced at the headmistress, meaning whether she could let others avoid it.

Qiang Wei said: "This is the headmistress of this contemptible faction. Just say anything without any scruples."

He Wan looked at Qiang Wei and said, "It seems that my master once saved your life. The disciple would like to invite Senior to Penglai."

Qiang Wei: "Please tell me, why would I go to Penglai?"

He Wan glanced at the headmistress and said with difficulty: "I... Master he..."

Qiang Wei: "What's wrong with him?"

"Master was hurt very badly. The headmaster said that only the legendary Fusang tree can be used to cure him. But Fusang is a legendary thing and it is hard to find in the world, so the disciple thinks... Maybe the dual cultivation technique of the Acacia Sect can be useful... …"

 The headmistress of the Acacia Sect’s eyes widened, "Sword Master is injured?"

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