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Chapter 52: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [16]

Qiangwei walked into the Hundred Thousand mountains alone, and brought a lot of things, basically to deal with monsters. The most daunting thing in the Hundred Thousand mountains were monster beasts. For countless years, the Hundred Thousand mountains were barren and uninhabited, and this place had become a paradise for monster beasts.

The rule in the world of cultivating immortality was that Southern Wilderness belonged to demonic cultivators, Zhongzhou Overseas belonged to righteous monks, and Shiwan Dashan belonged to the monsters.

 Qiangwei condensed her breath, and cautiously approached the secret realm marked on the map, which was said to have hibiscus wood. It was fortunate that there were no difficult monster beasts along the way. Some of the weak, unopened spirit beasts were drawn away by her powdered medicine, and it only took two days for her to reach the entrance of the secret realm.

The entrance of the secret realm was behind a waterfall on a cliff, and Qiangwei let go of her consciousness to sense her surroundings. There were no monsters around here, and there was no movement behind the waterfall. She flew behind the waterfall; the entrance was on the wall behind the waterfall.

Her heart pounded, and there was a strange feeling in her heart as if there was some danger waiting ahead for her. She adjusted her breath for a while and allowed her state to reach its peak. Some tension is normal. Qiangwei comforted herself while observing the wall.

Peony didn’t understand this secret realm. It would be good if she could get an accurate map of the secret realm, so Qiangwei didn't expect her to tell herself how to enter the secret realm. Qiangwei reached out and touched the wall. The wall felt like an ordinary rock. Without aura, she couldn't feel the fluctuation of any formation array. Is the entrance really here?

She looked at this wall carefully; it was very ordinary. It was a blue-gray stone with a bird carving. Although she couldn't see what bird it was, Qiangwei stubbornly thought it was a golden crow, because the golden crow bird lived on hibiscus wood.

 Qiangwei stared at the bird fiercely. She remembered some secret realms she had seen before and accumulated some common secret realm entry methods in her mind. She thought about it, she cut her finger lightly, and smeared the blood on the bird. Then, she pushed a little and stared at the bird unblinkingly.

After a long while, the bird still looked motionless as if mocking her. Qiangwei was not discouraged. She put her hand on the bird carving, and began to infuse the bird with aura.

The stunning eyes on the bird's head looked at Qiangwei blankly, no matter what posture Qiang Wei took; whether the spiritual energy she instilled was thick or thin, whether the frequency was fast or full, it didn't respond. The exhausted Qiang Wei stood against the backdrop.

Qiangwei tried many methods, but none worked. She was so angry that she sat down by the wall. Sitting cross-legged in front of the wall, she stared at the bird.

The bird looked at Qiangwei with its innocent and blank eyes. After a while, Qiangwei furiously punched it, "I tell you to see!"


The broken stone bird turned into a whirlpool and appeared in front of Qiangwei with a hint of a cool breeze. Qiangwei froze for a moment; here she thought that she just wanted to vent her anger, but she didn't even expect that she would succeed inadvertently.

It seems that God was still taking care of herself. Qiangwei lifted her leg into the vortex with joy.

Since Qiangwei set off, Peony had always felt restless. She waited in the Acacia Sect no news of Qiangwei for several days. Could something have gone wrong? Peony thought.

There were many differences between monks and mortals, one of which was that the intuition of monks was much more accurate than that of mortals. Many times, on a whim, risks could be avoided in advance. The more Peony thought about it, the more worried she got, and she sent a disciple to look and find the person who provided the information before.

The disciple of the Acacia Sect hurriedly left and returned after a long time: "Headmistress, that person is not in the Soul Refining Sect. He has been away for several days."

The headmistress said: "Did he say he was going to do some task?"


The anxiety in Peony's heart became stronger, and she ordered several elders and disciples to go to the Shiwan Dashan Mountain to find Qiangwei. After thinking about it, Peony decided to go to Penglai, because she always felt that the matter of Qiangwei finding the hibiscus tree was related to Xuan Qing, and her heart would continue to leap if she didn't figure it out.

Tao Ran left Qiangwei angrily and planned to wait for his death in Penglai.

Tao Ran paid little attention to the news about Qiangwei, and hadn't come out since he heard that she went back. Maybe she was in seclusion, or she was resting. No matter what, she was living normally after leaving himself, so Tao Ran was relieved.

System Xiaomei calculated for Tao Ran, "Host will die in a few decades at the rate at which your body is declining."

Tao Ran said: "It's about the same time as the previous worlds. Will I enter this world in the future?"

Xiao Mei blushed and said, "Host, I can't spoil you."

"..." If you don't spoil it, you don't spoil it. Why are you blushing?

Peony didn't dare to sneak into Penglai quietly this time because she had already said in front of Penglai Headmaster last time that the two factions of Acacia Sect and Penglai had a good relationship. May I ask if someone from the two sects that I have met needs to be sneaky? Of course not.

So Peony entered through the gate and stood at the Penglai Mountain Gate, waiting for the people of Penglai to greet her.

People in Penglai were generally fine. The resources of ordinary schools were in short supply, and disciples needed to go out to find resources for their development. Some monks had no interest in the sect. To increase the strength of the sect, the disciples were all practicing hard.

Penglai, as one of the best cultivators in the world of immortality, had a sect with islands overseas and enough resources. The high-ranking monks in the school walked all over, chasing after the disciples' buttocks one by one, begging to teach them their skills. From this, we could see how boring it was.

Once people got bored, they became gossipers. And Penglai had nothing to gossip about, so the love-hate dispute between Penglai's disciple He Wan and the two female sisters of Acacia Sect became everyone's talk. Everyone has speculated whether He Wan liked Peony or Qiang Wei, or whether she wanted to hug right and left to enjoy the blessing of the people?

Peony came to Penglai in this background. When she politely asked to see Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing at the mountain gate, the eyes of the gatekeepers looked at her subtly. With a little sympathy, a little understanding, and a trace of regret?

The guard disciple confirmed: "Headmistress Peony, are you sure that it is Sword Sovereign who you asked to meet, and not someone else?"

This was a strange question. I don’t know who I want to meet, and I still need your reminder? But she was a polite person, so Peony said again: "I do have something to ask the Sword Sovereign, so please let him know."

"Okay, you wait." The disciple turned around after speaking and went in to find the headmaster.

The remaining disciples still stared at Peony. Peony used to be the focus no matter where she went, and logically, she had long been used to being stared. But the eyes of these Penglai disciples were really overwhelming, and a cheeky person like Peony was uncomfortable being stared upon.

Several disciples looked at each other and selected a representative. The representative stepped forward and said, "Headmistress Peony, do you know that Junior sister Hewan has been punished in Yanhua Cave for a long time?"

Peony was stunned, and said, "I know, Elder Qiangwei mentioned this."

"Don't you feel bad?"

Peony was stunned again and said that she was not her apprentice. Why would I feel bad about her? But she had met He Wan somehow. She was now in Penglai, and too cold to speak, so she was ignorant of her conscience and said: "Distressed is distressed, but I am only an outsider..."

"It's enough for you to feel distressed." The disciple said with an inexplicable expression: "It's not in vain of Junior He's deep affection."

 Peony: "???" What the hell?

When the headmaster of Penglai heard that Peony was coming to visit Xuan qing, the first thing he thought of was similar to Penglai's disciples. He thought she was visiting He Wan under the guise of seeing Xuan Qing. As soon as this thought came out, the leader wanted to reach out and slap himself. Others don’t know what happened to He Wan and Peony, can you still not know? Why did they lead him to the wrong track?

The headmaster said with a cold face: "It was Junior Brother Xuan Qing that she wanted to see, not me. Why are you telling me?"

The disciple said, "Why is the headmistress Peony here? Everyone knows well."

 "..." I know you are a big ghost.

Oh my god, what kind of disciples did I cultivate in Penglai? The future of Penglai is worrying.

The headmaster pointed to his nose, cursed the disciple, and then said, "What are you still doing? Why don't you go and notify Xuan Qing?"

The disciple left, dizzy. Tao Ran didn't want to see her when he heard that Peony was coming. If you want to get rid of Qiang Wei completely, it is best not to have anything to do with the Acacia Sect, but what if she has something important?

Tao Ran thought for a while and said, "Please let her come over."

Peony stood at the door and was questioned by a group of Penglai disciples. Each of these questions seemed normal but had deep meaning. It was a pity that Peony did not understand their profound meaning. Righteous people were troublesome. Such young disciples also liked to practice the Zen machine.

She was led to the bamboo forest. Seeing her coming, Tao Ran said to his disciple without raising his eyelids: "Go down."

After the disciple left, the two fell silent.

Peony smiled and said, "I haven't seen you for many days, the sword sovereign remains fine."

Tao Ran said, "Is there anything wrong with me?"

"There is indeed something that is not very important to look for Sword Sovereign." The headmistress said: "Before you sent Elder Qiangwei to return to the sect, she asked me to investigate the news of hibiscus. After she returned, there happened to have some news, so soon she packed up her things and went to find the hibiscus tree alone."

Tao Ran's brows couldn't help but frown; he didn't expect Qiangwei to go to find the hibiscus tree.

Peony said again: "I asked her why she was looking for a hibiscus tree, but she didn't say anything. I guessed that the sword sovereign might know one thing or two, so I took the liberty to ask."

Tao Ran did not answer her, but asked, "Where is she?"

"She should be in a secret realm in Shiwan Mountain now." Peony said, a little worried: "She may be in some trouble. There has been no news from her for several days."

Tao Ran's heartbeat suddenly, and an ominous feeling filled his chest.

Tao Ran said, "Where is this secret realm? Give me the map and I will find her."

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"I have a bad feeling." Tao Ran said.

The premonition of the monks in the Mahayana period could be said to be very effective, so Peony did not dare to delay, and immediately gave him the map of the secret realm of Shiwan Dashan. Tao Ran took the map and disappeared instantly. Peony was stunned. He said that you can take me with you even if you want to leave. What's wrong with leaving me here?

Peony was preparing to join Huanzong alone, and when she met Penglai's disciples, one after another said, "The headmistress Peony is leaving, right?"

Peony nodded, "Yes."

"Don't you want to stay awhile?"

"No, not anymore."

 "You can go and see Junior Sister He Wan."

 Peony: "She is still being punished..."

"It's okay, it's okay, we will take you there."

Peony: "Oh..."

Qiangwei immediately felt something was wrong when she entered the secret realm. Because this secret realm looked like a demonic cultivator’s cave, the age was not particularly old, and it didn't look like a hibiscus tree at all. At that time, she thought that she might have come here for nothing.

With the thought of what happened, she intended to search this secret realm and talk about it. Suddenly, a strong wind whizzed from behind, Qiangwei had no time to think, and relied on instinct to hide.

Someone behind said: "As expected of the Right Guardian, so you can avoid it."

Qiangwei turned around and saw several people from the former Demon Palace. These people had disappeared since the Demon Emperor's life and death were unknown, and she didn't expect to see them here. Qiang Wei said: "Why are you here?"

"Of course it is to wait for you."

"You knew beforehand that I was coming?" Qiangwei was taking precautions while thinking about what went wrong.

"Of course we know that you are coming, and we also know that you are here for the hibiscus tree, and your purpose for looking for it is to save Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing."

An ominous premonition appeared and Qiangwei stared at them.

A person of the Soul Refining Sect said: "We heard that the Acacia Sect was looking for hibiscus. We knew that it must be Xuan Qing who needed it. So I deliberately disclosed the information to the Acacia Sect that there is hibiscus here. I didn’t expect that you fool would really believe it."

Qiang Wei said: "In other words, there is no hibiscus tree here?"

"Hahahahaha... hibiscus tree? There is no hibiscus tree in the world, so Xuan qing can only wait to die."

Qiangwei felt desperate, and she resisted and said, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because of this seat."

When the Demon Emperor walked out from behind them, Qiangwei almost couldn't recognize him. Is this thin and scary man who looks like a ghost really the Demon Emperor from back then?

"Very unexpected, right? Seeing me like this." The Demon Emperor grinned at Qiangwei.

Qiangwei took a step back, "Emperor?"

"Originally, this trap was prepared for the people of Xuan Qing and the Acacia Sect. I did not expect you to be here." The Demon Emperor said, "But it doesn't matter, I will kill you first, and then take your body to kill Xuan Qing. Xuan Qing is not a self-proclaimed righteous person. He never kills innocent people indiscriminately. I want to see what he looks like after so many people die for him."

Qiangwei felt cold all over. What should she do? He must not be allowed to succeed.

Tao Ran came to the door of the secret realm and was about to go in. Xiaomei suddenly said, "Oh, the male lead is also inside."

"What?" Tao Ran said: "You said the Demon Emperor is also there?"

"Yes, he is."

Tao Ran: "Where is Qiangwei, is she there?"


It was definitely not a coincidence that the demon emperor who has been missing for a long time appeared here. Tao Ran suddenly thought, how could something like the Hibiscus tree appear as soon as it was being looked for? It must be the bait released by the Demon Emperor, just to lure himself over and retaliate.

There must be more people than the Demon Emperor alone, and Qiang Wei’s situation is also not known. Going in is just sending the sheep into the tiger's mouth. If he didn't go in, what would happen to Qiangwei?

Standing at the entrance, Tao Ran was in a hurry.

At this time, there was no good way, so Tao Ran said: "If I die inside together with Qiangwei, will it be regarded as completing the task?"

"I don't know." The system said: "If Qiangwei has hatred in her heart when she dies, it would be considered blackened, and the host's mission would have failed."

"Then what to do?" Tao Ran looked at the system Xiaomei, "Do you have any function that can help me?"

A very wretched smile appeared on Xiaomei's fat face, "Some are available for the host, but the level is not enough, and the host needs to spend 100 points from the previous mission to upgrade."

Tao Ran: "..."

Qiangwei vomited blood and fell to the ground, about to be killed. The Devil Emperor suddenly said, "Wait."

"Emperor, what's wrong?"

The Demon Emperor said: "I felt the breath of Xuan Qing outside the secret realm boundary."

Qiangwei's eyes widened. She didn't know why Xuan Qing came over. But she must not be a tool used by the Demon Emperor to threaten Xuan Qing. She gritted her teeth and stretched out her hand to slap herself to death.

The Demon Emperor stretched out his hand, broke Qiangwei's arm, and said, "You are willing to die for Xuan Qing. It seems that you are really unusual. There are so many surprises today."

Tao Ran walked in and saw the hanging Qiang Wei at a glance. He couldn't help shouting: "Qiang Wei."

"Don't come here." Qiang Wei lowered her bloody head and said: "You said you don't want to get involved with me. If you speak up, then you can go now."

The Demon Emperor appeared next to Qiang Wei, put his hand on Qiang Wei’s head, and said: "As long as I move slightly, she will be gone."

Tao Ran: "Don't touch her!"

"Okay." The Demon Emperor said with a cruel smile: "Don't come over with resistance, and I won't touch her."

Qiangwei roared: "Don't listen to him!"

Tao Ran looked at the Demon Emperor, "Do you count it?"

"Forget it."

Tao Ran looked at Qiang Wei and took a step forward.

A pitch-black stick whizzed and hit Tao Ran's back. The Demon Emperor held a black stick, and said, "Hey, hit the swordmaster with this stick and I will blow this bull for a thousand years."

Tao Ran couldn't control his body, staggering a few steps forward and coughing out a mouthful of blood mixed with fragments of internal organs.

Qiangwei's tears shed instantly, "You smelly go!"

Tao Ran stabilized his figure, barely stood firm, and continued to move forward.


The stick hit Tao Ran's leg with a whistling sound. Tao Ran's right leg bent into a terrifying shape on the spot. He knelt on one knee and couldn't help shaking.

The Demon Emperor said as if he had discovered something new and strange: "I thought that the Sword Master had no desires and emotions, but I didn't expect him to be emotional. Xuan Qing Sword Master fell in love with a demonic cultivator. How ridiculous is that?"

Qiang Wei stared at Tao Ran, who was kneeling on one knee, and tears mixed with blood flowed from her face. "Didn't you say that I am a demonic cultivator and we shouldn't be together?"

"I'm fine." Tao Ran reluctantly smiled and said: "You were waiting for me to save you."

Tears blurred her eyes, and Qiang Wei said: "This time, whether we are dead or alive, I will never let you go."

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