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Chapter 42: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [6]

The Demon Emperor's voice shook the sky, shocking everyone on Penglai Mountain.

Tao Ran swept out his divine consciousness to examine the situation. What he saw was rather strange to him. "Why aren’t there more people? Are the people in the Southern Wilderness this few?"

Qiang Wei immediately understood what was going on. She said, "The Demon Emperor’s attack on Penglai is his personal business, so the Demon Cultivators of Southern Wilderness won’t come with him."

"What do you mean?" Tao Ran said. "Are you saying that those are just the people from the Demon Palace?"

"Yeah." Qiang Wei nodded. Tao Ran suddenly realized that the Demon Emperor was probably a bit mentally retarded to do this for a woman that didn't love him. Then he remembered that he was in a Mary Sue novel. He didn't feel that there was anything wrong anymore, it was only right and proper this way.

He thought for a while and said, "I shouldn't be afraid of this Demon Emperor if it’s only the people from the Demon Palace that are here."

The Sect Master of Penglai said worriedly, "This Demon Emperor will kill without regard for his subordinates, but I can’t ignore Penglai’s disciples. After this battle, Penglai would suffer a heavy loss.”

That’s probably the case, but He Wan won’t be sent there, right? Tao Ran said, "Sect Master, what do you think should be done?"

"Take this witch over, I doubt the Demon Emperor will really ignore her life and death." The Sect Master pointed to Qiang Wei.

Qiang Wei smiled miserably. The Demon Emperor did not make a move to rescue her at all after being captured for so long. He Wan ran back to Penglai by herself, but the Demon Emperor spent so much effort to snatch her back. Did the Demon Emperor care about her life or death? Do you even need to question that?

Tao Ran said, "No, I already promised to set her free."

"Junior Brother, why can’t you see the big picture?" The Sect Master said with heartache, "Is this witch more important than the life of my Penglai Sect’s disciples?"

Tao Ran grabbed Qiang Wei. "But..."

"No ‘buts’, take me there." Qiang Wei shrugged Tao Ran's hand off. "I am a member of the Demon Cultivators. Sword Sovereign does not have to violate the orders of the Sect Master in order to fulfill your promise to me. I'm not worth it."

Tao Ran looked at her. If the real Xuan Qing was here, he would naturally put Penglai as his priority. But he was not Xuan Qing, and his purpose of coming here was for Qiang Wei. Tao Ran said to the Sect Master of Penglai, "Senior brother, can you promise that you will not harm her?"

The Sect Master said, "If the Demon Emperor stops here, then not only I will not take her life, I will personally send her out of Penglai.

"Okay." Tao Ran watched Qiang Wei being taken away. He only hoped that the Demon Emperor would not be so stubborn, and that Qiang Wei would not be careless.

Qiang Wei was escorted to the foot of the mountain by the people of Penglai, where the Demon Emperor was waiting.

Penglai Sect’s people escorted Qiang Wei over, and the Sect Master said, "I, the Sect Master of Penglai, do not want to go to war with the Demon Emperor, not because I am afraid of the Demon Emperor, but because I can’t bear to see Penglai Sect’s disciples suffer. If the Demon Emperor is willing to leave, Penglai will set the Left Guardian of the Demon Emperor free.”

The Demon Emperor didn’t even look at Qiang Wei, but said instead, “Hand over He Wan. This Seat can swear to never become an enemy of Penglai. If not, this seat will level Penglai Island!”

The Sect Master furiously said, "Do you think Penglai will sit back and watch as you do it?”

From the mountain, He Wan also heard the magnified voice of the Demon Emperor. She was afraid of standing around. She asked, "Master, what are they going to do?!"

"Do not worry" Tao Ran comforted, "It’s tradition in Penglai Sect to protect the disciples at all cost. You will be fine." The reason the heroine was a heroine is because of her unique kindness. He Wan said in tears, "But because of me, my brothers are going to suffer, I really..."

Tao Ran thought, It's not your fault, it's obviously the Demon Emperor's brain damage at work, okay?

Tao Ran said, "Not your fault, Master will protect you."

He wan’s tears flowed once more and said cheerfully, "ooo, ooo... Master, how very kind of you..."

Tao Ran, "..."

Penglai’s Sect Master looked at the Demon Emperor and said, "Don't you care about your Left Guardian’s life and death?"

Qiang Wei's eyes moved. She suddenly started feeling hopeful.

The Demon Emperor sneered and said, "You look down on this seat too much. The Left Guardian can die. It's not a big deal to find another one. You old man, do you think this Seat cares about her life?"

Qiang Wei's eyes dimmed in an instant, turning dark and bottomless.

The Sect Master of Penglai realized that since a battle was inevitable, Qiang Wei could not be allowed to stay alive. He said, "If the Demon Emperor really wants to fight, then I will accompany you here in Penglai. Come, kill this witch!"

Tao Ran instantly appeared in front of Qiang Wei and said, "Senior brother?"

“Junior brother?" The Sect Master said, "Why are you trying to protect this witch?"

Tao Ran said, "Because my apprentice promised that as long as she comes back, she would let her go. Is she going to die now that my apprentice is back?”

Qiang Wei opened her eyes and smiled, “Stinking priest, you are too silly. You don’tt need to save me, I just want to die."

"Junior Brother, you’ve heard it. She wants to die." The Sect Master said. "Why save a person who wants to die?"

"It's her business that she wants to die, and it's mine to save her. I just want to fulfill mine and my apprentice’s promise and let her go. If she kills herself, I will not stop her.”

"You..." The headmaster was going to be driven mad by this stubborn junior. How could he reason like this? He really wanted to open Xuan Qing's mind to see what was inside.

Tao Ran said, "Junior Brother knows that Senior Brother is very embarrassed. If Junior Brother can defeat the Demon Emperor with his own power, will Senior Brother fulfil his promise?"

The Sect Master looked at him and said, "What do you want to do?"

Tao Ran stretched out his right hand. A fiery red flying sword appeared in his hand. His body gradually rose up with the sword in his hand, and flew to a height equal to that of the Demon Emperor. He shouted, "Do you dare to fight me?"

Both of Xiaomei's panda eyes became peach pink, "God, host, you are so handsome. How can you be so handsome?"

Tao Ran said in his heart, Although it was the Xuan Qing in the novel that defeated the Demon Emperor, I’m confident enough to replicate it.

Seeing Tao Ran provoking him, the Demon Emperor was furious. He pointed to Tao Ran and said, "Xuan Qing, others may be afraid of you, but this Seat is not afraid of you!"

Tao Ran swung his sword and said contemptuously, "You say too much nonsense."

After speaking, they rushed up, and the two began fighting at sea.

A battle of this level was not something ordinary people could intervene in. Cultivators with a slightly lower cultivation base couldn’t even see the battle clearly. They could only see huge waves turning up in the sea, countless creatures in the sea being shaken to death, and two colors, one green and one black, entangled together.

The people of the Demon Palace were hiding from and watching the battle from afar. Everyone was just talking leisurely, “You said the Emperor can’t win?”

“Hard to say. This is Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing ah."

“What are you going to do if the Demon Emperor loses?”

A person from the Soul Refining Sect took out a small black flag from his arms and said, "I have a Ten Thousand Souls Banner, which was handed to me before the death of my master. They are extremely powerful, but based on my current cultivation level, the power of this Ten Thousand Souls Banner cannot be exerted at all. If we all use the Ten Thousand Souls Banner to attack Xuan Qing together, the result would be unknown."


"Isn’t this too shameless?"

"Only if the Demon Emperor loses. Let us not be hasty!"

"Okay, I’ll just listen to you."

The people on Penglai Mountain Island watched the battle above nervously, and finally after a dazzling glare, the two separated. There was a huge, deep wound on the Demon Emperor's body, out of which blood flowed violently.

Xiao Mei screamed crazily, "You won! Host, you are the best!"

In fact, Tao Ran didn't think he would win at the beginning. After all, he was not Xuan Qing himself. Now that he had won, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a black shadow flew from nowhere. The shadow was fierce. Before Tao Ran had time to react, he heard Xiaomei yell and run away. Then, a sudden pain wracked his body, and his vision went black.

Qiang Wei's eyes widened, That was the Soul Refining Technique.

The Sect Master was furious, "They dare to attack? Do they really think there is no one in Penglai?!"

Without the Demon Emperor, the rest of the people of Penglai were not afraid. Seeing that they dared to attack Xuan Qing, the people in Penglai went crazy. They all sent out troops of disciples to stop the group of demons and refused to let them go, and they started to kill them.


Tao Ran woke up before falling into the sea. He was extremely injured at this time, but he dared not show it. After hurriedly stabilizing his flight, a group of Penglai disciples gathered around. "Sword Sovereign, are you okay?"

"I’m okay." Tao Ran walked to Qiang Wei with a pale face and waved his hand to lift the restriction on Qiang Wei.

He took out the Shadowless Shuttle from his sleeve and said, "This is for you from your sect. Take it and go."

"You smelly Taoist..." As Qiang Wei looked at Tao Ran, her eyes reddened. "You’re really a stubborn bull."

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Go. By the way, the Demon Emperor isn’t worth your love."

"You..." Qiang Wei looked at him in shock.

"Don't think that I didn’t understand anything. You were too obvious." Tao Ran waved his hand, "The Demon Emperor is not worthy of your love. You... don't do bad things anymore."

Not anymore. Never again. Qiang Wei took the Shadowless Shuttle and left, Tao Ran finally couldn't help it and vomited blood. He said to the system, "The injury is too serious."

Xiaomei said, "It doesn't matter, host. Qiang Wei will no longer become evil. You can just use the injury to leave this world."

"That's what I said." Tao Ran clutched his chest and walked back, "I was thinking that the cultivators would live a long life, and I didn’t know how long it would take for me to arrive in the next world. Now the problem is solved."

Qian Wei rode the shadowless shuttle all the way, and didn't stop until she entered the southern wilderness. She never thought that so many things would happen in a single day. The Demon Emperor, whom she loved, didn't care about her, and the smelly Taoist priest that she had originally found disgusting gave her his life.

Qiang Wei wanted to laugh and cry again. She remembered what Xuan Qing said before she left, The Demon Emperor isn’t worth your love...

She took out her secretly painted portrait of the Demon Emperor from her storage bag. At this time, looking at this painting, there was no disturbance in her heart. With a move of her hand, a ball of fire burned the painting clean. She felt relieved. From now on she would no longer be the same Qiang Wei.

As she was about to leave, a book in her storage bag caught her attention.

This was something Xuan Qing often read. She didn't know what to think when she left, so she took it away. That stinky Taoist saved her without her consent. It was not bad to take a book from him, right?

With the book in her hand, Qiang Wei turned a page with a smile, and then she was completely frozen on the spot.

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