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Chapter 43: The elder disciple of Acacia Sect [7]

Qiangwei's mind went blank for a while. Her hands continued to turn the pages unconsciously; the content of each page was so familiar—she was so familiar with it that she could do the above actions without fail with her eyes closed.

Then, she suddenly remembered that she made such a move in the formation array that day. That lofty and cold-hearted Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing was turning the book, every time she moved, he turned a page...

Qiang Wei covered her eyes and her face turned red.

That smelly Taoist...

 He actually...

A con man! He is so deceptive. What kind of person is this Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing who is obsessed with cultivating the Tao! It was a lie that he was cold-hearted. He is the most stinky Taoist. How could he pretend to be a garlic! (tn: a chinese term meaning to play dumb or feign ignorance in a coy manner)

Smelly Taoist! ! !

"Elder Qiang Wei!"

Qiang Wei turned around, and several people from the Acacia Sect ran towards her, "Elder Qiang Wei, are you okay?"

I am not okay; I am so angry...

Qiang Wei said with a stern face: "Thanks to Zongmen for helping me this time."

"The Elder does not need to say this. You are a member of the Acacia Sect, so this is my duty."

After experiencing it, she now knows how valuable people are treating her. Qiangwei smiled and said: "I dare not forget the great grace of the sect, so let's go back now."

As for the bad Taoist priest, there is time to see his true colors.

Tao Ran was helped to the bamboo forest. The headmaster of Penglai and the Elders attempted to heal his injuries, but the Soul Refining Sect's spells were too evil and the injuries did not improve.

The headmaster sighed anxiously: "There are only two ways to cure his injury."

He Wan asked with tears in her eyes: "What way?"

"One is to use his cultivation base to cultivate slowly, and one day he would be able to heal, but I don't know if he could raise it before the end of his life. The other is..." The headmaster said and suddenly stopped.

"What's the second?" He Wan said, "Master was injured because of me. I have to heal Master anyway."

The headmaster sighed: "In the east, there is a big tree—the hibiscus tree, where the sun lives. The legendary hibiscus tree is the place where the golden crow lives, and it has the object of heaven and the sun. If you could get the hibiscus tree, you could probably get rid of this evil spirit."

Tao Ran said: "This is just a legend. It’s even more illusory than the immortal world and too unreliable."

He Wan cried: "What should I do?"

The headmaster shook his head and sighed uncontrollably. Xuan Qing is the pillar of Penglai— the person who is most likely to ascend to an immortal, but he did not expect him to end up like this.

Tao Ran touched He Wan's head and said: "Your Master is going to be okay. The senior brother has also said that I can heal the injury with my own cultivation. Think about it. Are there more powerful monks in the world than your Master?"

This was particularly narcissistic, but in He Wan's heart, Master is the most powerful, and no one can compare with him. She nodded and said: "Well. Master is the best, so I will go find medicine for Master. With pills plus Master's cultivation base, Master will be better and heal faster."

He Wan rushed out happily. The headmaster and Tao Ran looked at each other, then sighed. What he just said was just for the best. The chances are so slim that he can only lie to a naive girl like He Wan.

Tao Ran smiled gently: "It's okay."

It really doesn't matter to him. Qiang Wei doesn't like the Demon Emperor anymore, so she has no chance of blackening. His mission is considered complete and no matter how long he lives here, he will eventually enter the next world, so it doesn't matter when he leaves.

Penglai Mountain blocked the news of Xuan Qing's serious injury so that it would be good for both Penglai and Xuan Qing.

Tao Ran was healing in the bamboo forest, waiting for when the time was ripe to die naturally.

The idea in Tao Ran's heart had been laid out, and the good apprentice He Wan didn't even know. Because the Demon Emperor fell into the sea and his life or death is unknown, she is much safer now. Thinking of Penglai, although there are many medicinal materials, there are few Zhiyang things after all, so she went out with a few of my colleagues to find some treasured elixir.

That day, they came to a place that was said to be terrifying but very rich in resources.

 A few young people came to this place for the first time. The fog was so thick that they couldn't even see their fingers. Everyone was a little scared, and one of them said humanely: "Let’s enclose Junior Sister He Wan in the middle. Junior Sister is a girl. We have to take care of her more."

"That is good."

He Wan hurriedly said: "No need, no need. I have a spell given by Master. Master will come to rescue me immediately when I am in danger."

Is there any safer operation in this world than Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing being a bodyguard?

Obviously none, so everyone was particularly relieved to let He Wan take the lead. Anyway, with Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing’s ability, it only takes a breath to get here. He Wan won't be given a second when he chooses food.

Only He Wan felt bitter in her heart. Master did give her a spell, but Master was still hurt. He Wan was afraid that his injuries would get worse and she didn't even intend to use this spell. What she just said was that she didn't want everyone to treat her specially, but she didn't know that it would be another special treatment after she had said it.

The baby feels bitter, but the baby can’t say...

So even though He Wan was scared, she still bit the bullet and walked in the forefront. A little movement won’t scare her to death. The fellow behind tried to persuade her, “You should not be so timid. Since you are the swordmaster’s disciple, you must be as brave as the swordmaster.”

He Wan: "..."

He Wan walked forward with a bitter face and said in her heart that next time, she would never say that she had Master’s spell again.

As they walked, the fog became thicker and thicker. Dampness formed between their breaths, as if their lungs were full of water vapor. Junior sister He Wan couldn't see either, and she couldn't even put her spiritual consciousness far in Jin Danqi. She walked around quietly. She was a little scared, so she said: "Brother Qi, Brother Liu? Are you there?"

It was quiet all around, except for the sound of feet stepping on leaves, and no one answered her questions. He Wan immediately closed her mouth and tried not to cry. She had to look for the seniors.

Before she could turn her head, a hand touched her shoulder and patted her comfortably. He Wan thought it was the seniors, so she breathed a sigh of relief and continued to walk forward: "Brother, I'm scared to death, why don't you speak?"

After two steps, she suddenly noticed that something was wrong. Are brothers' hands so slender?


He Wan's scalp tightened and she let out a scream. She had long heard that there may be zombie ghosts in this kind of forest. Had she encountered one herself?

Her mind was a mess as she ran fast under the wind. She didn’t know how long she had been running when suddenly, her feet felt empty space, her foot stepped on a net of plants covering a river.


She was already ready to be thrown as food for the dog, but suddenly, a hand stretched out and grabbed her collar. She was pulled up by that hand.

He Wan's eyes widened instantly. Someone’s here to save me? Is it a ghost?

Then she remembered the story she had heard before that the monsters in the mountains and old forests like human female monks, and they have to catch them back to be Taoists.

Master! I don't want to be a companion to monsters!

In a hurry, He Wan stretched out her hand to pat her storage bag, stepped on her flying sword, and flew forward.


Because she couldn't see the way, she slammed into a big tree and fell off. Stars danced around her head. The collision was so strong that she didn't get over it for a long time. When lying on the ground unable to move, she heard footsteps approaching her. She stretched out her hand to pinch the charm on her neck. Pondering for a long time, she still didn't crush it. She couldn't let Master's injury worsen.

Then, she felt that she was being pulled up by someone.She was about to see the other person's appearance when instantly, her eyes were covered. All kinds of stories came to mind in an instant. In the past, Senior Brother Liu told a story about a beautiful woman who was placed in the wild by a demon. As a result, a beast Taoist priest covered her eyes and she was taken advantage of.

Master, your disciple is about to be bullied...

He Wan's eyes were in tears, and she felt as if she was the woman being left somewhere. Fearfully, she exclaimed: "What do you want to do? My master is Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing. He’s very powerful and he even killed the Demon Emperor."

The other party said: "Then why don't you ask your master for help?"

The voice sounded very strange, as if it was a disguised one. Is the other party Master's enemy? He Wan immediately protected the charm hanging on her neck with both hands, and warned: "Who are you? Go away, whatever you dare to do to me, Penglai will not let you go."

"Is that the spell on the neck?" The man seemed to have realized something, "Let me see."

He Wan struggled frantically, "You go away, you go away..."

"Tsk, how troublesome."

There was a sudden coldness on her head, and He Wan passed out. The man took He Wan's charm and was about to smash it. Suddenly, he thought of something and muttered to himself: "I have to prepare a gift to welcome him."

Tao Ran was reading a book while playing the guqin in the Penglai Mountain. He felt that learning was a life-long thing worth persisting in. Just like now, a small ancient book could allow him to learn so much. Look at this posture, look at this movement, it's so embarrassing...

Suddenly, he felt something. His face changed, "He Wan is in danger."

Before He Wan went out, he gave her a charm, so that she could open it whenever she was in danger. He could feel He Wan's position, and rushed to rescue her immediately.

Tao Ran immediately vanished and appeared in the place where He Wan was. The fog here was very thick. Fortunately, he had a broad sense of consciousness. Even if he was injured, he was not comparable to ordinary people. He saw He Wan who was unconscious on the ground. He rushed over to lift He Wan, and checked on her.

What happened? Why did she fall into a coma?

What's in the fog?

"My unique secret poison is in the fog. I know that you are not afraid, but your apprentice is poisoned. If you don't want your apprentice to die, just obediently catch me."

Tao Ran: "Who are you?"

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