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Chapter 44: The elder disciple of Acacia Sect [8]

"Who am I?" The person said: "You guess."

Tao Ran supported He Wan. Seeing that this person wanted specifically to deal with himself, he immediately thought that this person might be someone sent by the Demon Emperor. Xuan Qing had no enemies before, so he might really be sent by the Demon Emperor. Was he not dead yet?

Tao Ran asked: "Were you sent by the Demon Emperor?"

The man replied: "You don't need to care about who sent me here. If you don't want your apprentice to die, be obedient."

Tao Ran had watched so many novels and TV series, and he thought that at this time, the one who would be obedient was a fool. He expanded his divine consciousness and slowly searched for that person. The man said: "Do you think I'm lying to you? Look at your apprentice."

Tao Ran looked down. He Wan was lying in his arms with a pale face, her body trembling slightly. Feeling her condition with his Qi, he found that He Wan was indeed poisoned. Tao Ran was infuriated. He said, "It's best to hand over the antidote. Otherwise, I will definitely kill you."

"Oh, it turns out that Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing can be angry too. it's really different from the rumors."

"Stop talking nonsense." Tao Ran said: "I will count to three. If you don't come out, I won't give you another chance."

"Oh, he also threatens people. I didn't know that the other side of Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing is unknown?"

Tao Ran: "One."

"People are really scared of who you are."

Tao Ran: "Two."

"Here you are." A thing flew towards Tao Ran, Tao Ran stretched out his hand, and found that it was a pill: "What is this?"

"The antidote for your apprentice's poison."

Tao Ran took the medicine and said, "Why should I trust you?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't believe me." The person said: "My goal has been achieved anyway."


Tao Ran's hand was suddenly empty, and the pill turned into a burst of pink smoke and penetrated into his skin.

Tao Ran's legs softened, and he fell on one knee.

At this moment, a stern person wrapped in the thick fog came out. He looked at Tao Ran and smiled: "Look, the high and mighty Sword Sovereign also has a day like today."

Tao Ran’s body felt soft and he was unable to move. He had injuries on his body. Only three-tenths of his original cultivation level remained. Now that he was poisoned, he had no spare power to force it out.

The man walked over, looked at Tao Ran condescendingly, and suddenly bent over and stretched out his hand to pinch Tao Ran's chin, "In this way, Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing is really one of the rare handsome men in the world. I heard that you never looked or liked a woman. It's true, is it?"

Tao Ran looked at him, what does his heart mean? Did he meet a gay in a romance novel?

Tao Ran said, "Before you do something that you regret, you'd better think clearly. Do you really think this little poison can control me?"

"With the Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing kneeling at my feet and letting me touch his face, could he still resist?"

 Ma Ye...

Tao Ran thought to himself that he was dead now. He really likes a socialist harmonious society. In the modern world, he never has to worry about this kind of problem. Who is this person? Isn't he an enemy?

"Who are you?"

The man suddenly approached Tao Ran and said, "You are so nervous about your apprentice, so do you like her?"

Tao Ran: "You fart, do you think everyone is as dirty as you?"

"Huh? Still swearing?" The man tilted his head and said, "It seems that all I have seen before were false appearances?"

"Have you seen me before?" Tao Ran wondered: "Who are you? I think you are a bit familiar."

As if he didn't want Tao Ran to recognize him, the man took a step back.

Tao Ran said, "I think you are a little familiar..."

"Stop talking." The man interrupted Tao Ran, took out a flying sword, and swiped the clothes on Tao Ran's chest.

He approached and knelt on one knee in front of Tao Ran, reached out and pushed He Wan aside, and then began to pick Tao Ran's clothes.

Tao Ran: "..."

In a short while, Tao Ran's upper body clothes were stripped off, revealing his solid white chest. Tao Ran said: "You calm down, our gender is different."

"You still know this, it seems that you are not as undesirable as others thought." The man began to untie Tao Ran's belt.

 Tao Ran thought that he could not protect his chrysanthemum (tn: a term used for the backhole), and almost collapsed and said, "Skills can be killed but not insulted. You can kill me."

Seeing Tao Ran reacted so strongly, the man seemed to be scrupulous, so he said, "Don't pretend, you are not such a desperate person."

Tao Ran said, "Even if there is desire, it is not for you."

"Who do you have desires for?" The man reached out his hand and touched Tao Ran's chest and said, "You tell me or I'll kill her."

"..." Tao Ran wondered: "Who are you? I must know you, right?"

Tao Ran suddenly thought of something. He really wanted to explode his stupid brain. He forgot that he could ask Xiaomei. She is a system and knows everything.

"Xiaomei, Xiaomei, who is he?"

After watching the play for a long time, the little good intentions are still not exhausted: "He is Qiangwei and she is Qiangwei."


Tao Ran looked up, looking at Qiangwei speechlessly.

Qiangwei still doesn't know that her identity has been exposed. She is still saying: "If I must do something to you, would you be willing to give in for your apprentice?"

Tao Ran said calmly, "Give me the antidote."

"What's your attitude?" Qiang Wei said, "Do you have an attitude of being subject to others?"

"What kind of attitude do you want from me? Is that how you treat your savior?" Tao Ran said: "Qiang Wei, give me the antidote."

Qiang Wei was shocked, she couldn't figure out how Tao Ran recognized her. She lifted her disguise and looked at Tao Ran with her true face and said, "How did you know it was me?"

Tao Ran said, "Because the only people I know are you and a man from the demonic way. What's the matter with you? Didn't I tell you to be a good person?"

Qiang Wei said: "Why should I listen to you?"

"Because I saved your life." Tao Ran said: "Is this how you show your gratitude? By taking revenge?"

"I'm trying to reveal your true face." Qiang Wei threw the book she has taken from Tao Ran in front of him and said, "You are a sordid Taoist priest who deceived me."

"..." Ma Ye, why did this terrible thing get into her hands?

Tao Ran defended: "This is...learning..."


"Everyone needs to learn." Tao Ran said: "Because I don't understand this aspect, I need to learn. Only when I know everything can I ascend into an immortal."

"Really? Rely on this?" Qiang Wei looked at Tao Ran, who was half-dressed, and suddenly smiled: "Do you mind studying with the teacher?"

Tao Ran: "Huh?"

Qiang Wei reached out and pushed Tao Ran, who was soft all over, to the ground, and then took out a small bottle from the storage bag and said, "This is the treasure of our Acacia Sect. It is called the Yin and Yang Acacia Sans, and it is fun to use."

Tao Ran swallowed, "You calm down, don't be impulsive."

"Is it pleasant to watch me making a fool of myself in the formation array while reading the book in Penglai?"

Tao Ran: "No..."

"Hmph, this smelly Taoist priest is full of lies." Qiangwei pinched Tao Ran's mouth and poured him a half bottle of Yin and Yang.

Tao Ran: "Cough cough cough..."

"Smelly Taoist, you would feel it later."

Tao Ran looked at Qiang Wei who had begun to undress. He remembered what Xiaomei had said that the task would be getting harder and harder and the female partner was getting wilder. He said: "Don't do this, what about my apprentice? What poison did you use on her?"

"It's nothing, just let her sleep for a while." Qiang Wei took off her outer clothing so that she was only wearing a thin layer of gauze. She gently lay on Tao Ran and said: "I don't believe you can still pretend at this time."

Tao Ran was caught in the Yin and Yang, his body gradually became hot, and a very strong but now confusing desire arose. Qiang Wei stroked him gently, Tao Ran's face gradually turned red, and his body began to sweat.

Seeing that the time was right, Qiang Wei reached out and tore off Tao Ran's pants. Then she stretched his hand to hold his manhood, and said something as if reciting from an instruction: "One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four, rub the front, do it again."

Tao Ran: "..." God, I can't live anymore.

Qiang Wei worked for a while, and then suddenly said, "Although I am the Elder of the Acacia Sect, this is the first time I would use the dual cultivation method. If there is any discomfort later, say it. I don't want to hurt you."

If you want to go ahead, please don't talk nonsense! Tao Ran's sadness flowed upstream, why did he say such shameful words?

Qiang Wei sat down on his erection slowly, Tao Ran's face sweated more. Qiang Wei said: "Come on, try to run your true Qi."

Tao Ran's heart: What kind of anger is for luck?

But Qiangwei really wants to dual cultivate, not just for happiness. She used her own true Qi to guide Tao Ran's true Qi to circulate in the two of them, Qiang Wei said: "You were hurt so badly, why didn’t you tell me?"

Tao Ran: Don't talk at this time...

"Liar." Qiangwei beat Tao Ran, "You lied to me again."

In the end, Tao Ran couldn't help it, and Qiang Wei suddenly said, "Hold the fine pass, don't let Yuanyang go."

"..." Do you want me to hold the fine barrier at this moment?

Qiang Wei said: "You are the dignified Sword Master Xuan Qing, can't you bear this? If you vent your Yuanyang at this time, you will not only lose your previous dual cultivation but your injury will also increase."

Tao Ran sighed, "I will try my best."

After tossing for a long time, Tao Ran's injury improved slightly. Qiang Wei lay on him and said, "Your injury is so serious, Shuangxiu is afraid that it will not be healed."

"It's okay." Tao Ran said: "It doesn't matter to me."

The more Qiang Wei thought about it, the more uncomfortable she said, "You wait, I will kill the Soul Refining Sect and give you revenge."

"No." Tao Ran grabbed her and said: "You promised me, you should be a good person, and I won't allow you to do bad things."

"You... is your brain stupid?" Qiang Wei said uncomfortably: "Why is there such a fool like you in the world? How can you sacrifice your life for someone who is okay?"

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Isn't it relevant now?"


He Wan, who had been unconscious for so long, felt a little dizzy when she woke up and turned her head to take a look. She saw her cold and indifferent master wearing nothing, being pressed to the ground by another person who also didn't wear anything.

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