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Chapter 41: The Elder Disciple of the Acacia Sect [5]

He Wan was frightened by her. As she walked with the person, she suddenly thought of something and said, "You’re just letting me go like this? Aren't you afraid of the Demon Emperor's revenge?"

The person seemed to smile behind the veil as they said, "Qiang Wei is the most talented Elder of my Acacia Sect. If the Demon Emperor does not save her, my Acacia Sect would rescue Qiang Wei. If he is reported to the demon cultivators of the Southern Wilderness because of this, the Southern Wilderness will not forgive him even if he is the Demon Emperor. There would no longer be any place for him."

The demon cultivators had always been oppressed by the righteous cultivators, so they were willing to enthrone a Demon Emperor to lead the group of demons to fight the righteous monks. If the Demon Emperor opposed the Demon Cultivators of the Southern Wilderness for a righteous monk, then no matter how high his cultivation is, he will not be able to withstand the rebellion of the demon cultivators of the Southern Wilderness.

This was the strength of the Acacia Sect. The Acacia Sect was only a second-rate sect. They couldn’t afford to lose a talented elder like Qiang Wei. In short, they must rescue Qiang Wei no matter what because Qiang Wei belongs to the Acacia Sect and the Demon Emperor is only a tool to fight against the righteous path.

The person used an unknown method to send He Wan out of the demon palace very smoothly. She took out a shuttle-shaped magical instrument and gave it to He Wan before saying, "Use this to return to Penglai Mountain. Its speed is very fast."

He Wan was a little embarrassed as she said, "How can you give me such a precious magical weapon?" The person’s face was covered, so He Wan could not see her emotions as she replied, "Don't be embarrassed. You can give this to Qiang Wei after you return to Penglai."

He Wan: "Oh..."

Without further ado, He Wan stepped on the shuttle-like magic weapon and instantly escaped from the Southern Wilderness. The Demon Emperor never thought that there would be traitors in the Demon Palace. His heart stirred and he suddenly felt an impulse in his heart. He was faintly uneasy while the Elder of the Soul Refining Sect opposite him was talking about going to the secret realm together. The Demon Emperor’s heart was heavy and chose to release his divine consciousness.

The Demon Emperor's divine consciousness was very broad, and the situation of the entire demon palace appeared in front of him in an instant.

However, at this time, there was no shadow of He Wan in the demon palace at all.

"Who is it?!" The Demon Emperor suddenly roared, shocking the elder of the Soul Refining Sect. "Emperor, what's the matter?"

The Demon Emperor instantly disappeared in front of his eyes and appeared where He Wan had escaped. The Demon Emperor stood there to feel around, and said with a gloomy face, "Shadow Shuttle. Is Acacia Sect looking for death?"

The Acacia Sect disciple had already returned to the Acacia Sect. The Acacia Sect immediately activated the protection array as soon as she returned. If the Demon Emperor really lost his head, they could still resist him for a while. At the same time, they also told the other sects of the Southern Wilderness about the causes and consequences of the incident. In case something happens, wouldn’t someone help them?

The Acacia Sect was very sure that someone would help them. Because first of all, the Acacia Sect wasn’t responsible for this matter, and secondly, the Acacia Sect’s dual cultivation secret method had benefited many cultivators in the Southern Wilderness. The Demon Emperor was not a big deal, they could choose another one.

He Wan didn't know that her departure had put the demon cultivators of the Southern Wilderness in a crisis of replacing the Demon Emperor. She had just returned to Penglai Mountain on the Shadow Shuttle and was discovered by the disciples who were guarding the gate. Recently, because Qiang Wei escaped twice without being noticed, the people in charge of the Penglai patrol felt ashamed. They seem to have been beaten up recently, and just hearing some movements would stir them up for a long time.

As soon as He Wan landed, she was greeted by dozens of fellow disciples with flying swords.

"Who is there?!"

When did Penglai people become so proactive? She was taken aback. "I- It’s me ah, He Wan!"

"Junior Apprentice Sister He Wan?" After everyone took a closer look, they all looked happy as they said, "It really is Junior Apprentice Sister.”

"Junior Apprentice Sister, why are you back?"

"Did the Demon Emperor let you come back?"

He Wan didn't want to talk nonsense with them, so she said as she walked, "Don't stop me. I'm going to see Master."

"I'm going to see Master, don't delay me." He Wan pushed those who were close to her with both hands. "Is my master in Penglai?"

"Yes, he is. Sword Sovereign is personally guarding the demon woman."

Then it would be easier for her to ask her Master to release Qiang Wei. She ran with her skirt up halfway in her hand, feeling very eager to see her Master.

Tao Ran was playing a chrysanthemum remnant and Qiangwei was listening attentively. Maybe when a person's cultivation reached a certain level, their behavior would change. If it wasn’t so, then the strange behavior of Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing was unsolvable.

Qiang Wei thought it through while staying in Penglai. Xuan Qing promised to protect her well. As for how far the Demon Emperor and He Wan's relationship had developed, it was no longer a question Qiang Wei could think about. She didn’t know why, but after listening to Xuan Qing playing the guqin for many days, she no longer thought about the Demon Emperor that much.

He Wan rushed all the way to the bamboo forest, and from a distance shouted, "Master! Master!"

Tao Ran's first reaction when he heard this voice was, Wukong, let go, Master said that he doesn't want you…

[Note: The above might be a reference to Journey to the West.]

Then he felt that something was wrong. For them to shout ‘Master’ in the bamboo forest, it was probably only He Wan who would do so, right?

Before he could react, He Wan had rushed over, and when she saw Tao Ran, her aggrieved eyes burst into tears. He ran over and hugged Tao Ran's waist. "Master!"

"..." The ‘Master’ being called panicked.

Tao Ran asked incredulously, "Why are you back?"

When Qiang Wei heard it, her eyebrows rose. Why did she feel that Xuan Qing didn’t really hope for his apprentice to come back? But after thinking deeper, Qiang Wei was hit by a huge surprise. He Wan was back! Did that mean that the Demon Emperor was willing to exchange He Wan for her? In other words, did she have a place in his heart?

He Wan didn't notice something amiss in Tao Ran's tone. She put her arms around Tao Ran's waist and cried, "This disciple thought she would never see Master again."

What's the matter? Why doesn't He Wan feel like falling in love with the Demon Emperor?

He removed He Wan’s hands from his waist and asked, "Did the Demon Emperor send you back?"

He Wan: "No."

 "..." Qiang Wei couldn't help but interject, "Then how did you come back?"

He Wan looked at Qiang Wei and replied, "A disciple from Acacia Sect quietly sneaked me out, then gave me a magic tool to escape and asked me to give it to you. "

He Wan took out the Shadow Shuttle, and said to Tao Ran, "Master, the Acacia Sect took such a big risk to send me back, just to save Left Guardian Qiang Wei, so you can let her go now."

"..." Tao Ran looked at He Wan, feeling worried. What was this hapless kid doing, returning so soon? Don't you want your Demon Emperor?

"Master." He Wan said with tears in her eyes, "This disciple will never leave Master again. This disciple will be obedient in the future and never let Master worry about her."

If you don't leave me, it’s going to break my heart. What’s going on? Why not follow the script? The heroine seemed as if they haven’t fallen in love with the hero?

Standing in the formation array, Qiang Wei felt a dull pain in her heart when He Wan said that it was not the Demon Emperor who sent her back. Without hope, there is no disappointment. The Acacia Sect took such a big risk to secretly release He Wan back, which meant that the Demon Emperor had no plans to save her. What does it feel like to die? Probably like this...

Tao Ran was still a little confused, he couldn’t let Qiang Wei go before things were clear. But he had promised before that as long as He Wan returned safely, he had to let Qiang Wei go. Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing had to abide by what he said. He could only postpone the time and say, "Let me first examine my disciple to see if there is anything wrong with her. If there is nothing wrong in the inspection, I’ll let you go."

Qiang Wei was disheartened. It didn’t matter anymore. She sat in the formation array and did not speak or look at Tao Ran. Tao Ran didn't know what to say, so he simply took He Wan and left.

Seeing that Qiang Wei seemed very sad, He Wan asked Tao Ran, "Master, what's wrong with her?"

Though Tao Ran knew Qiang Wei's thoughts, he still said, "I don't know, just tell me about the things that happened in the demon palace."

He Wan told Tao Ran about what happened in the Demon Palace very obediently. Tao Ran knew what went wrong after listening. This was the first time he encountered this kind of thing. When he did the previous two missions, the male and female lead were already in love, so this kind of thing never happened. As a result, this time, because he did not hit the male lead, the female lead did not fall in love with the male lead, and would instead avoid the male lead in the future.

This won't cause problems, right?

Xiaomei scratched her panda head with her claws ‘till her fur turned spiky. She said, "It shouldn't matter, host. You only need to be responsible for the villainess. As for the female lead and the male lead... there are other systems..."

Tao Ran was relieved. He thought for a while and felt like this result was also good. If the female protagonist did not fall in love with the male protagonist, Qiang Wei would have no reason to persecute the heroine. She could continue to stay beside the Demon Emperor and be the Left Guardian. If she did not become evil, his task could be considered complete and there would be no need for him to have anything to do with Qiang Wei.

Tao Ran patted He Wan on the shoulder and said, "You have suffered. Don't worry, Master will never let this happen again."

"Un." He Wan was moved and nodded. Her indifferent Master could actually use such a gentle tone when talking to her.

Tao Ran said, "You go and rest first while I let her go."

Tao Ran returned to the formation in the bamboo forest. Qiang Wei looked up at him, and Tao Ran said, "This Daoist is here to let you go."

Tao Ran raised his hand to open the formation and said, "You can go now."

Qiang Wei stood there and didn't move. When she couldn't leave before, she wanted to escape, but now that she could leave, she didn’t want to go anymore. She could now go back to the Southern Wilderness but she doesn't know how to face the Demon Emperor.

Tao Ran asked, "Why aren’t you leaving?"

Qiangwei smiled reluctantly, "I've been together with you for so many days. Is Sword Sovereign so anxious to let me go?"

Didn’t you want to leave? Tao Ran turned sideways and said, "Penglai Mountain is not somewhere you can stay for a long time. Go."

Qiang Wei had just walked two steps when Tao Ran called her, "Wait a minute."

Qiang Wei turned around and Tao Ran said, "This Daoist forgot to lift the restriction on you."

He raised his hand to help Qiang Wei lift the restriction when Penglai's Headmaster suddenly fell from the sky and shouted, "No, don't let her go!"

The Headmaster fell between Tao Ran and Qiang Wei. Tao Ran said. "Why? I already promised her that as long as my disciple comes back, I will let her go."

"But the Demon Emperor did not keep his promise." The Headmaster said, "Why don't release your divine consciousness to check? The Demon Emperor has already taken his army to attack the shores of Penglai Immortals Island."

Tao Ran was startled. At that moment, the Demon Emperor's voice resounded through the sky and spread throughout Penglai.

"Hand over He Wan!!!"

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