Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 34: The Guilty Rich Girl [10]

The news that Zhou Jiayi had a girlfriend was comparable to a bomb that detonated on the Zhou Company. Everyone was stunned. Tao Ran was forced to kiss her, publicly bidding farewell to being single. After finally recovering his sobriety, he felt a little ashamed. After all, his high and lofty cold man persona had collapsed.

He pulled Ruan Jun into the elevator with lightning speed, then entered his office and immediately closed the door. Ruan Jun, who entered his office with him, looked at Tao Ran a little nervously. She just did that kind of thing on impulse. What if his opinion of her had turned bad?

Tao Ran closed the door, turned around, and saw Ruan Jun standing timidly in front of the sofa. He smiled and said, "What's the matter? Weren’t you particularly brave just now?"

Ruan Jun lowered her head slightly and said, "It's all because you never listen to me seriously..."

Tao Ran tilted his head slightly and asked, "You mean, as long as I’m not obedient, you’ll kiss me?"

Ruan Jun's face flushed instantly. She wanted to answer yes but she couldn't say that. The two of them hadn’t known each other for long. Why did she suddenly like him so much?

Tao Ran's mood was a bit complicated. After experiencing the first world, he didn’t dislike being with girls now. What he cared about was whether Ruan Jun really liked him or if she’s just using him as a tool to forget Jiang Jue. Tao Ran tackled these two paths. "Did you just say that you like me back there?"

"Yeah." Ruan Jun nodded, suddenly afraid to look at Tao Ran's eyes.

Tao Ran said, "From what I remember, we haven’t known each other that long."

"Um, yes."

"You have liked Jiang Jue for so long, could you really forget him?" Tao Ran asked.

Ruan Jun looked up and said seriously, "I really don't like him anymore, Jia... Jiayi, I only like you now."

Tao Ran naturally knows whether Ruan Jun was telling the truth or not. His impression of Ruan Jun was that she was a girl that was prone to being radical and impulsive, but she could be really cute when she tried. Tao Ran walked over, hugged Ruan Jun, and said, "If you choose to be with me now, you can't go back."

Ruan Jun leaned against Tao Ran's arms with his eyes facing Tao Ran's collarbone, feeling particularly excited. She nodded, "Well, I have no regrets, absolutely no regrets."

Tao Ran sat down on the sofa holding Ruan Jun. He still felt a bit baffled so he asked, "When did you start liking me?"

Ruan Jun said without hesitation, "Since the collarbone..."

Tao Ran: "???"

No, erase that. Ruan Jun immediately buried her head in Tao Ran's chest, and muttered, "I like you, I simply like you. It doesn't matter when I started to like you."

Alright, Ruan Jun has now become his person. Tao Ran may dislike others in various ways, but he was extremely tolerant of his own people. Even if she was a mess, she was really very cute. Tao Ran stroked Ruan Jun's hair like stoking a pet. After touching it twice, he felt very satisfied. He then asked, "Do you like it when I stroke your hair like this?"

Ruan Jun arched her head toward Tao Ran's arms. "I like it."

Tao Ran couldn't help but want to laugh but pretended to be serious. "You can't do this, this is unspoken rules."

Ruan Jun, who was in Tao Ran's arms, raised her wet eyes, "Huh?"

"You are obviously an employee of Zhou's. After you become the CEO’s woman, you will have to stop working here. Don’t you think that’s a hidden rule?"

Ruan Jun wrinkled her face and said, "I didn't really want to work when I came to Zhou."

"I know you just wanted to find something to do, but what would others think?" Tao Ran waved his hand and said, "Others don't really know the truth, they will definitely speculate. "

"Yes." Ruan Jun sat up straight and reluctantly said, "Then I will go back to work."

Tao Ran raised his eyebrows and said, "Are you stupid? You can just resign."

"Of course, why didn't I think of that?"

It was said that falling in love will reduce a woman's IQ. However, Ruan Jun’s case could no longer be considered a reduction in IQ. She definitely had no IQ. Tao Ran added, "Or just sit here for a while, I will ask Tony to help you with the resignation procedures, and when I'm done, we will go to lunch together."

"Okay, I’ll listen to you."

Tao Ran called Tony in and asked him to go through Ruan Jun's resignation procedures. He sat in his chair behind his desk to read documents while Ruan Jun sat on the sofa looking like a very good girl as she watched Tao Ran work. She was watching without saying a word, small stars seemingly floating in her eyes. She realized that Zhou Jiayi's serious working face was so attractive that she couldn’t get enough of it.

Her gaze was a bit too strong so Tao Ran was a bit unable to stand it. He said, "Is it boring? If you’re bored, just sleep on the sofa for a while."

"Okay." Ruan Jun lay down obediently and hugged Tao Ran's Doraemon pillow in her arms, still looking in Tao Ran's direction.

Somehow, she had developed a very strange habit. As soon as she would lay down, many strange thoughts would pop up in her mind. From the moment she lay on the sofa, her thoughts had started flying. She thought about how to tell her mother about this for a while, and then thought of her first meeting with Zhou Jiayi.

She felt ashamed that that kind of thing happened the first time they met.

But Ruan Jun felt super satisfied as she thought of Zhou Jiayi also saying that it was his first time. It was so romantic to think that the two of them gave each other their first time. While thinking about that night, Ruan Jun fell asleep and had a strange dream. In her dream, she had returned to that night. She had tied Zhou Jiayi to the bed and was leaning in nervously.

Suddenly, the person on the bed broke out from the ropes and grabbed her in a strong manner.

Ruan Jun was very scared and kept begging for mercy when suddenly, Zhou Jiayi said, "You have to pay the price for binding me." Then he pressed Ruan Jun down and went crazy on the bed.

After Tao Ran was done doing some reading, he stood up and stretched his waist, then looked over to the sofa to see Ruan Jun sleeping soundly. He walked over, wondering if he should wake her up when he realized that Ruan Jun seemed to be whispering something.

She even has the habit of talking in her sleep?

Tao Ran leaned over and listened carefully.

He heard Ruan Jun whispering, "Jiayi… Jiayi..."

Tao Ran was really moved. She was thinking of him in her dreams and calling his own name as well, which shows that she truly does love him.

Ruan Jun: "Don't... don't lick there..."

Tao Ran: "..."

Tao Ran immediately reached out and tapped her without hesitation. "Wake up, wake up, your boyfriend is calling you to eat."

"Huh...?" Ruan Jun opened her eyes in a daze. When she saw Zhou Jiayi's magnified handsome face, she suddenly forgot everything.

Tao Ran took the pillow away and said, "Get up, let’s go eat."

Ruan Jun suddenly wanted to act like a baby. She stretched out her hands and said, "Hold me up."

Not good, my girlfriend might be a giant baby. Tao Ran threw those thoughts away and resigned to hugging her. Ruan Jun sighed on his face and gave a resounding kiss.

Tao Ran stretched out his hand to wipe his face. "You left lipstick on me."

Humph, his first reaction was actually this. Ruan Jun said, "I just woke up, shouldn't you at least give me a kiss?" After speaking, she looked up at Tao Ran.

Tao Ran leaned over and kissed Ruan Jun lightly on the cheek, and said, "Satisfied? Let's go."

“That was so perfunctory, I can't even feel the love." Ruan Jun pouted like an old woman. "Here, kiss here."

Tao Ran really wanted to press her on the sofa and give her a domineering and suffocating kiss like in the novels, but then he had second thoughts. That would be too straight man-like, I am a little fairy, and I absolutely can't do such a thing.

So he leaned over and kissed Ruan Jun's mouth.

The moment their lips touched, Ruan Jun stretched out her arms to encircle Tao Ran's neck. Tao Ran wanted to part, but Ruan Jun just wouldn't let go, and was deepening the kiss instead.

Damn it, would I lose to you in this aspect? A man who has lived for almost a hundred years?

With Tao Ran's effort, Ruan Jun was pushed to the sofa. Then a storm came. He leaned down on Ruan Jun, held her head with both hands, and kissed her furiously.

Ruan Jun enjoyed it at first, but later on, because she was suffocating, she began to struggle weakly. When her eyes started to roll backwards, Tao Ran finally let go. Tao Ran moved away from her and said while touching his mouth, "How is it? Are you satisfied with what I just did?"

Huh? The way she pants is a bit wrong.

Ruan Jun was lying on her back, panting violently. Then she blushed and said, "Do it again at night."

Mayah, I'm afraid I need to strengthen the kidney.

Tao Ran changed the subject and said, "We’ll talk about this later, let's eat first, I'm so hungry."

"Yeah, let’s eat, let’s eat." I can't leave Yiyi to starve.

If Tao Ran knew that Ruan Jun called him Yiyi in her heart, he would’ve probably rushed to the wall to vomit blood. Tao Ran took Ruan Jun to eat and then the two walked together holding hands.

Tao Ran said, "Why did you eat so little? Eat more when you get home at night."

Ruan Jun felt that his voice was abnormal. "Hmph, you won’t be at my house tonight anyway, you can’t control how much I eat."

Tao Ran said, "Why don't you come to my house for dinner?"

So it was like that. So it was for there to be a reason to stay in his home overnight. Ruan Jun lowered her head to hide her excitement and answered, "Okay."

"Then let's buy some gifts." Tao Ran said, "I'll choose for you."

Ruan Jun was stunned. "Why buy gifts?"

Tao Ran: "It’s your first time meeting my parents, won't you bring gifts?"

"Huh?" Ruan Jun looked nervous. "You live with your parents?"

"That’s nothing new, don't you live with your parents too?"

Ruan Jun: "I'm really not ready."

Tao Ran thought about it carefully. He had just confirmed their relationship today yet she had to see his parents already. It was indeed not suitable. After thinking for a while, he suggested, "Why don't I buy a house outside? I should be moving out too."

"Yeah." Ruan Jun couldn't agree more. "I can cook for you, I have learned cooking."

"No, it doesn't matter." Tao Ran hugged her as they walked down the street, "I will.”

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