Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 28: The Guilty Rich Girl [4]

The sun was shining this Sunday morning but Ruan Jun's mood was not as bright as the weather. She got up early in the morning to dress up; to be precise, she started to clean up herself last night. Everything she did was to show up in front of Luo Rou the next day, trying to compete with Luo Rou in every aspect.

Sure enough, her hard work was not in vain. After she saw Luo Rou, she was far better than Luo Rou in terms of clothing and makeup. In the words of her little sister, Luo Rou stood beside her like a maid.

Ruan Jun stood in front of Luo Rou holding her branded bag and said, "Let’s go to Qiangwei Street. It’s been a long time since we bought a bag."

Qiangwei Street was a famous luxury street in City A. Luo Rou’s conditions at home were just average, and they definitely could not afford going there. Every time Ruan Jun feels unhappy, she likes to take Luo Rou to stroll around here, admiring Luo Rou's embarrassed expression when she couldn't buy anything. She feels comfortable seeing Luo Rou unhappy.

Sure enough, Luo Rou's face became slightly embarrassed when Ruan Jun said they were going to Qiangwei Street. She said, "Don't go there anymore. A-Jue doesn't like it. Why don't we go to the snack street?"

Ruan Jun's expression was slightly stiff as she asked, "Jiang Jue is here too?"

"Yeah, that's right." Lou Rou was very happy to mention Jiang Jue. With a happy smile on her face, she continued, "I went to A-Jue's house yesterday."

Ruan Jun thought she was showing off. Suppressing the viciousness in her heart and not showing it, she asked, as if carelessly, "Did you go to meet Jiang Jue's parents?"

"Yeah," Luo Rou lowered her head shyly and said, "A-Jue's parents were so kind. They gave me a red envelope when we met for the first time."

In City A, only when the future daughter-in-law visits for the first time will the husband's parents give red envelopes. Ruan Jun was so angry that she didn't understand why she could not compare to Luo Rou. Why did Jiang Jue like her?

She was sulking, but Luo Rou beside her did not even notice the mood of her good friend. She couldn't wait to share her happiness with Ruan Jun. Ruan Jun became even more angry as she listened to her and her young lady temperament burst out as she said, "Shut up! I don't want to hear any more of your trivial matters."

Luo Rou was taken aback and thought she was too pesky. "What's wrong with you?" she asked.

Ruan Jun took a deep breath and said, "A little headache, I did not rest well last night."

This was originally just an excuse to cover up her gaffe. But Luo Rou did not know what she was thinking and said with an ambiguous expression on her face, "Why didn't you take your boyfriend out with you?"

Ruan Jun didn't react. "What boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend."

"Don't lie to me." Luo Rou lightly slapped Ruan Jun's arm and said, "A-Jue told me that on the day of the graduation party, you were in the hotel..."

Ruan Jun only felt her brain explode as if she had been punched in the face. Anger, embarrassment, grievance, and shyness flooded her heart for a while. She couldn't believe it. "Jiang Jue told you everything that happened that night?" she finally asked.

"Yes," Luo Rou smiled, “regardless of whatever the matter is, he tells it all to me. He also said that he was very frightened that day."

Ruan Jun's mood at this time was beyond description. She wanted to ask Jiang Jue, Can someone else's private matters be casually told to anyone? She also wanted to turn around and run away. She felt that she couldn't face these two people anymore.

"Xiao Rou." Jiang Jue ran over from a distance, holding two ice creams in his hand. Seeing Ruan Jun, he smiled. "Ah! I didn’t know you were coming, I only bought two."

Looking at Jiang Jue, Ruan Jun couldn't speak. Luo Rou said, "We were just talking about Jun Jun's boyfriend. Jun Jun still doesn't admit it. You've seen it all."

Jiang Jue was a little embarrassed. After all, he had leaked Ruan Jun's privacy. But he didn't care too much. He thought Ruan Jun was a good-tempered girl. No matter what he did, Ruan Jun would not blame him. He also indifferently smiled and said, "Yeah, don't hide it. Ask him out to meet us some other day."

That is not my boyfriend at all! Ruan Jun roared in her heart.

Tao Ran was watching them from inside a car not far away. "Are these two doing it deliberately or are they just dim-witted? Couldn’t they see Ruan Jun's face is turning black already?"

Xiao Mei shook his panda head and sighed. "Young people who have just entered society and don't understand anything, how could they understand what somebody is thinking just by their body language and expressions?"

Tao Ran: "Tsk tsk."

System Xiaomei said, "Host, this is a good opportunity. You can save Ruan Jun now that she’s in the deep waters. Ruan Jun will then definitely give up on Jiang Jue and love you.”

Tao Ran slapped Xiaomei’s big head and cursed, “Are you stupid? I’ll pass this time, what would I do in case Ruan Jun suspects that I am following her?"

Xiaomei covered her head and said with tears, "Host, you’re abusing the national treasure."

Tao Ran: "Mentally retarded..."

Luo Rou was still saying over there, "I heard A-Jue say that your boyfriend is very handsome, call him out and meet us."

Ruan Jun said with a cold face, "He is not my boyfriend."

"Huh?" Luo Rou was shocked, "You did… that.. even though he isn't your boyfriend?!"

Ruan Jun suddenly realized that Jiang Jue had thought that she had slept with her boyfriend. Now, she couldn’t let him think that she is a woman who sleeps around. She changed her words in a panic, "I mean he… he is my fiancé."

"So that was it." Jiang Jue said, "I never heard you mention it before."

Ruan Jun wanted to save face and said, "His identity is very special, I don't want to pressure him." While talking, she observed Jiang Jue's face to see if he had a sad expression after knowing she had a fiance, but she was destined to be disappointed. Jiang Jue and Luo Rou just urged Ruan Jun to call her fiance out to play.

"Call him out. No matter how busy he is, he has to come shopping with his girlfriend." Luo Rou said with a personally-speaking-from-experience expression on her face, "If a man is always busy and refuses a woman’s invitation, it means he doesn't care about that woman at all."

Ruan Jun also wanted to call her fiance, but Zhou Jiayi had nothing to do with her at all. They didn't even meet at work even though they work in the same company. Zhou Jiayi didn't want to have anything to do with her. She looked at Jiang Jue and Luo Rou who were looking expectantly at her. She had never let people look down upon her while growing up, let alone Luo Rou.

Ruan Jun said, "Wait a minute, I'll call him."

Luo Rou walked to a corner after speaking to them and then Tao Ran's phone rang.

System Xiaomei smiled and said, "Host, a good opportunity has come, you must take it."

"I don't need you to tell me." Tao Ran answered the phone and said, "Hello, this is Zhou Jiayi."

 "Zhou..." Ruan Jun said, "it’s Ruan Jun."

Tao Ran had a subtle smile on his face as he said in a serious voice, "Miss Ruan, is there anything wrong?"

Ruan Jun felt that it was inexplicable for someone to come and go shopping with her. It was too rude, but she could only bite the bullet and say, "Can you do me a favor?"

Tao Ran: "Tell me."

Ruan Jun: "Can you pretend to be my boyfriend for a day?"

Tao Ran wanted to laugh but on the surface, he pretended to be a principled person. He said, "Miss Ruan, I don’t understand what you mean. You told me that you did not want to have anything to do with me and asked me to forget about that night. And now, you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend? You really confuse me."

"I'm sorry." Ruan Jun was also full of guilt. "I can't help it. Do you remember the person under the bed that day? He thought you were my fiancé. If I admit that I have nothing to do with you, he will think that I am a woman with a messy private life."

In order to call Tao Ran over, Ruan Jun also fought, "Actually, that is also... my first time."

Xiaomei said, "Ah~ the poor and helpless girl sent a desperate cry for help to the man. Will that man save her from the fire, or refuse mercilessly?"


Tao Ran said on the phone, "Wait for me."

Then he immediately hung up and turned around to pull Xiaomei's ears. "You talk too much. Speak honestly, were your former hosts all annoyed by you?"

Xiaomei let Tao Ran pull his ears and said, "Host, you slander me. My previous hosts were too poor in the business side, and they were killed by their own hands."

Tao Ran was shocked. “Are they really dead?"

Xiaomei: "Aiyaya, that was a slip of the tongue."

Ruan Jun put down the phone and said inexplicably, "I didn’t seem to tell him where I was yet, right?"

Luo Rou came and asked, "How was it?"

"He said he'll be right over," Ruan Jun a bit guiltily said.

"That’s great! I would be able to see Jun-Jun's fiance."

When Tao Ran drove his luxury sports car over, he severely shocked all three of them. Luo Rou and Jiang Jue were shocked that Ruan Jun's fiance was so rich, while Ruan Jun was shocked that Tao Ran actually came. How did he know she was here?

Tao Ran, dressed in a luxurious suit and full of aura, got out of the car. He first smiled softly at Ruan Jun, and then said, "Hello, I am Jun Jun's fiance. My name is Zhou Jiayi."

Since neither Jiang Jue nor Luo Rou had heard of Zhou Jiayi's name, they were not shocked again, but greeted Tao Ran somewhat cautiously. Tao Ran walked over and hugged Ruan Jun's waist and said, "Aren’t you feeling well? Why are you still going out shopping?"

Ruan Jun was slightly stiff, but did not refuse Tao Ran's gesture. She blushed and said, "I’m all right now. "

Zhou Jiayi was also a social figure who had been in the marketing business for years. The three young fledglings lacking in life experience were all stunned. Ruan Jun was a little better. After all, her family background was like that. However, the other two couldn't speak when they saw Tao Ran. It was because they both have seen a lot of ordinary people in the past, but they have never seen such an elite man who seems as if he had come out of a TV show.

Tao Ran asked very intimately, "Where are you going to go shopping?"

Luo Rou said, "We are going to the snack street."

Tao Ran frowned slightly, and said with a puzzled look, "Where is the snack street?"

Ruan Jun thought that Zhou Jiayi has never been to such a place. She said, "Not far from here. It’s full of snacks."

"Snacks?" Tao Ran looked at a passing person who was eating oden and said, "You mean that kind of food?"

Ruan Jun: "Yes… Yes, that’s right."

Then the three of them saw deep disgust from Tao Ran's face, then worry, and finally forbearance. Tao Ran said in a rather helpless tone, "If you like it, then let’s go."

The three people suddenly felt a sense of guilt. They felt that Zhou Jiayi was also trying to force himself for them. Jiang Jue felt his face flush and said, "We don't necessarily have to go to the snack street."

Luo Rou echoed, "We can also go to Rose Street."

Tao Ran showed a relieved expression and turned to ask Ruan Jun, "Are you going?"

Ruan Jun: "...Going."

Xiaomei: "Host, you're just a playmaker."

Tao Ran's heart: "Hmph, didn’t you see what I did in the last world."

The two of them walked together, watching Jiang Jue and Luo Rou walking in front. Ruan Jun whispered to Tao Ran, "Mr. Zhou..."

"Don't call me Mr. Zhou." Tao Ran put his arms around Ruan Jun's shoulders. "I am your boyfriend now, you must call me Jiayi."

"Jiayi..." Ruan Jun said, "I obviously didn't tell you my location, how can you come over so quickly?"

Tao Ran felt a little sweaty in his heart, he thought that he almost exposed himself. He hurriedly spoke nonsense. "Don't you know that your phone can be tracked?"

"Is that so?" Ruan Jun felt a subtle doubt in her heart. She was thinking that she was not updated. He can locate and track others casually? It seems that she cannot make random calls in the future anymore.

With Tao Ran here, Ruan Jun was at least not as passive as before. Tao Ran fully demonstrated what a handsome boyfriend should be like. When Ruan Jun showed her like for an item, he would immediately take out the gold card and say domineeringly, "If you like it, buy it."

Luo Rou's envious eyes, that could only watch from the sidelines, turned red and Jiang Jue felt very sorry for Luo Rou. Little did she know, Ruan Jun was feeling very uncomfortable. She did not want to spend Tao Ran's money. But with this situation right now, it wasn’t easy to refuse. She can only say, "What if I don't like it anymore later?"

"It doesn't matter," Tao Ran smiled and said, "You can give it away."

After the shopping session, all three people except Tao Ran were exhausted. Finally, when Tao Ran said that he wanted to eat, the three of them were relieved.

They heard Tao Ran say, "I know a private kitchen not far away. Their flavor is very special. You will love it."

They then walked to the front of a villa. Jiang Jue said, "This is a restaurant? Isn't this a private house?"

Tao Ran walked into the courtyard. "Oh, only regular guests are accepted here, individual customers aren’t."

They knocked and the door opened, showing them a completely different world. A beautiful woman in a cheongsam attire smiled and said, "Mr. Zhou has not been here for a long time. Did you bring friends today?"

"Yes," Tao Ran said, "I heard that there’s a new dish so I brought my girlfriend to try it."

The cheongsam-wearing beauty was slightly surprised. Zhou Jiayi has a public girlfriend too? Then she smiled at Ruan Jun and said, "Miss, you are so lucky."

Ruan Jun blushed, and thought, If you were to know what I did to Zhou Jiayi, you wouldn't say that.

During the meal, Tao Ran took care of Ruan Jun even more. Even Ruan Jun thought she was hallucinating. Zhou Jiayi seemed like he was really her real boyfriend.

By the end, Ruan Jun was still feeling dizzy. Tao Ran drove Ruan Jun home and said in the car, "How about it? What can you say about my performance today?"

"Ah? Oh." Ruan Jun said uncomfortably, "Thank you so much for today, otherwise, I really... I'll give you the money to pay for the things you bought for me when I go back."

Tao Ran said indifferently, "I’m the one who gave them to you so no need. And I am not short of money."

Ruan Jun didn't know what to say. The atmosphere in the car was a bit subtle. She looked at Tao Ran's shadow on the car window and said, "Whoever becomes your girlfriend will be very happy."

"I think so too." Tao Ran stopped and said, "But some people don’t cherish it."

What is this thing that’s scratching my heart? Ruan Jun felt that she had hurt Tao Ran again. She felt very guilty as she said, "No, you are very good, it's just me..."

"It's just that you have someone you like already?"


"Was it that Jiang Jue today?"


"Miss Ruan, with all due respect, he is not suitable for you whether it be in terms of family background, character, or interest." Tao Ran said, "Do you really like him? Or is it just because you can't get him so you are holding on to these feelings?"

Ruan Jun was stunned. She had never had this issue before. She has always liked only Jiang Jue. She has never considered why she likes Jiang Jue.

Seeing her like this, Tao Ran simply said, "If you like someone, either he is very good, or he treats you very well, or he has something that attracts you. As far as I know, there are other men better than Jiang Jue by your side. So it seems that he has something particularly that attracts you. Is that it?"

Ruan Jun was stunned again because she couldn't think of what Jiang Jue had that attracted her. This was a very strange feeling. Liking a person for a long time and then suddenly realizing that you don't know what you like about him.

She looked at Tao Ran helplessly, "Jiayi..."

"Don't call me Jiayi," Tao Ran said, "I’m not your boyfriend anymore."

Ruan Jun was taken aback. Tao Ran said, "Your family is at home. Get off the car, I won't send you in."

Ruan Jun got out of the car and watched Tao Ran drive away without hesitation. Her heart was empty as if something was missing. The mobile phone in her bag rang. She took it out and saw that it was Jiang Jue who called.

Jiang Jue rarely called her. Ruan Jun was the one who used to call Jiang Jue, and when he did call, she would answer it anyway. But now, she feels disappointed. She didn't care about it after pressing decline. She felt that Zhou Jiayi was really tired of her. A woman who tied a man to bed and coveted her friend's boyfriend was not worthy to be friends with a proud man like him.

When she got home, her brother, Ruan Zijian, looked excited as he asked, "Did Mr. Zhou bring you back? I saw his car. Are you dating now?"

Ruan Jun couldn't restrain the sadness in her heart. She threw herself at her father and cried in his arms.

Ruan Zijian confusedly said, "What's the matter? I just asked."

Their Dad said, “Stop talking.” Then he patted Ruan Jun's back lightly and said, "Don't cry, don't cry, Dad is here. You can tell Dad what caused you to feel wronged. If someone dares to bully you, your dad will help you out."

Ruan Jun choked up, "I don't want to go to work in the Zhou family anymore."

The father and son glanced at each other, and they all had the same thought. It was that the affairs of Ruan Jun and Zhou Jiayi must have gone bad. The father still felt sorry for his daughter, and comforted her, "If you don't want to go to work, then don’t go to work. It doesn't matter if the daughter of the Ruan family does not work for the rest of her life. Dad loves you anyway."

Although Ruan Zijian felt it was a pity, he also felt that Ruan Jun was not just for Zhou Jiayi. He said, "City A doesn’t have Zhou Jiayi as the only awesome man. Sister, don't cry. Tomorrow your brother will introduce you to someone even better than Zhou Jiayi."

Dad Ruan scolded, "Introduce a ghost! Can’t you see that your sister is sad?"

Ruan Zijian stopped talking immediately, but Ruan Jun thought, Is it true that nobody wants her? She did not believe that without Jiang Jue or Zhou Jiayi, she would become a woman no one wanted. She wiped her face and said, "If you want to introduce someone Brother, you must introduce me to someone who can compare to Zhou Jiayi."

Ruan Zijian thought that this was very difficult, so he said, passing the disaster, "Mom said she knows many elite men in A City. She can introduce you to an outstanding man."

Mama Ruan was just coming downstairs When she heard this she said, "Junjun wants to have a boyfriend? Mother will choose one for you. Mom knows someone named Huang Madam. She said she can introduce you to a good boy. Mom will call Mrs. Huang right away."

Ruan Jun nodded and said, "Okay, I will listen to mother."

Tao Ran called Assistant Liu after taking a shower that night. He told her Jiang Jue and Luo Rou's information, telling her that as long as these two people come to the company to apply for employment, they must notify him as soon as possible.

He intends to control the male and female leads. It was best to recruit them into the Zhou family, and then arrange for the two of them to travel every day, so that Ruan Jun would not meet them.

Mother Zhou knocked on the door, came in, and said, “Dear, you haven't slept yet?"

"Not yet Mother, what's the matter?"

Mother Zhou said with a smile, "Didn’t you say that you liked that girl from last time? Mrs. Huang said that she could arrange for you to meet her tomorrow. "

Tao Ran somehow asked, "Which girl?”

Mother Zhou glared at him angrily. He took out Ruan Jun's picture and said, "Look closely. It was her, have you forgotten?”

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