Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 29: The Guilty Rich Girl [5]

Tao Ran looked at Ruan Jun's photo, his long eyebrows raised, "She… Has she also agreed?"

"Of course," Zhou Mu smiled, "if she had disagreed, how had it been possible for Mrs. Huang to arrange for her to see you?"

Tao Ran: "Makes sense."

"Besides, my baby is so handsome and excellent, which woman would not be tempted?" Zhou Mu touched Tao Ran's face and said, "Remember, you can't be too attentive when you meet. The Zhou family’s son must not be lacking in poise."

"Yes, yes, I get it." Tao Ran nodded and said, "Don't worry Mother. I will behave appropriately when the time comes."

"Well, that’s good."

After Zhou Mu's departure, Tao Ran sat holding Ruan Jun's picture. He felt confused. When he left Ruan Jun after dropping her at home earlier in the evening, she still showed her love for Jiang Jue in front of him. Yet, after just a short while, she agreed to go on a blind date with him?

What was she thinking?

Panda Xiaomei has many years of experience in missions and said, "According to my guess, Ruan Jun might be wanting to retaliate against you. First, soak you in her hand, and then slam you severely, so that you can also feel hurt for nothing."

 "..." Tao Ran was silent for a while, before finally saying, "I’ve always had a question I wanted to ask you."

Xiaomei put her claws on her hips and said, "Host, what do you want to ask?"

Tao Ran looked at Xiaomei and asked, "Before becoming my system, what exactly did you do?"

Speaking of this, Xiaomei suddenly showed a shy expression. "Host, I hate you! How can you ask people such private questions?"

Tao Ran: "Speak human."

Xiaomei: "I'm not human."

Tao Ran: "Uh-huh?"

Xiaomei: "I used to gain revenge and abuse scum."

"So that's the case." Tao Ran nodded in understanding. "No wonder your thinking is so weird."

Xiaomei turned away from Tao Ran, showing him her chubby back, and said, "Hmph! I’m ignoring you."

Because he knew who his blind date partner was, Tao Ran deliberately didn't dress up. Similar to when he goes to the company, his hair was neatly combed and he was dressed in a plain black suit. Zhou Mu came out and when she saw Tao Ran like this, she shook her head and said, "Son, this won’t do. You look handsome but very stern. It’s not as if you are going there to negotiate a contract. So, why are you dressed looking so …overbearing?”

Tao Ran sweated and thought to himself, You still know about overbearing? It seems that the generation gap does not exist at all. Tao Ran said while tying his tie, "Mom, didn't you say I have to carry the Zhou family’s disposition? Is this not enough?"

Mother Zhou almost laughed out of anger. She walked over, pulled away Tao Ran's tie, and said, "I asked you to be poised, not to scare them away. You don’t even look like you are going on a blind date.”

“I'm going to negotiate." Tao Ran rubbed his neck and said, "Isn't a blind date just negotiation."

Zhou Mu shook her head, not having much hope for Tao Ran's meeting this time. It doesn't matter, she thought, just let Tao Ran be familiar with the routines for now; it will be good if he becomes proficient in the future. She took Tao Ran's tie away and opened the top two buttons on Tao Ran's shirt, exposing Tao Ran's beautiful collar bone.

Tao Ran felt a little awkward and said, "Why do I feel like I’m a little bit too seductive?"

Zhou Mu couldn't control her laughter for the second time today. "Just go directly to seduction, don't come back without fascinating the young lady."

Tao Ran: "..."

On the other side, Ruan Jun was pulled and dressed up by her mother early in the morning. Seeing that she was beautifully dressed-up by her mother, Ruan Jun was not happy at all. She had started regretting her impulsive decision a little, but now that the time has come, she couldn’t let the other party wait anymore. Just go and meet each other. If the other person doesn't hate it, then try to socialize. People always start a new life. Comforting herself with such thoughts, Ruan Jun set off with her mother.

On the way to the blind date, her mother said, "If you don't like him, then just come back and tell me. Don’t force yourself."

"Yeah, I know." Ruan Jun gave her mother a hug, "Mom, I love you.”

"This child," Mom said with a smile, "This is nothing. It’s my duty as your mother."

Ruan Jun got out of the car, took a deep breath, then stepped on her high heels and walked into the agreed-upon restaurant with her head held upright. She was a little nervous about what was going on.

The waiter came over and said, "Hello, Miss, how many people are accompanying you?"

"Hello, I have reserved a seat, at table 9."

"Okay, please come with me."

Ruan Jun reached the table and found that the other party hadn't arrived yet. Suddenly, she felt a little displeased. The man was even later than the woman. This shows that the other party was a person who has no sense of time. When she agreed with the blind date, she had clearly told Mrs. Huang that she didn't like people who were not punctual and that there was no need to waste time on such people.

Meanwhile, Tao Ran was stuck on the road while driving. The cars in front lined up in a long line, and he was idly singing in the car.

"Ah~~ Fifth Ring~ You have one ring more than the Fourth Ring~"

"Ah~~ Fifth Ring~ You have one ring less than the Sixth Ring~"

The man in the car next to him said with a tangled expression, "Don't sing, buddy. This is the second ring."

He had no sense of humor at all, thought Tao Ran. He curled his lips in disdain when Assistant Liu called.

"What's the matter?"

"Mr. Zhou, those two people you let me pay attention to, they have really come to Zhou Company to apply." Assistant Liu said, "What are you going to do with them?"

 As expected, Jiang Jue and Luo Rou really did come to the company to apply. Tao Ran said with a smile, "Arrange the two of them to be together, put them in the same department… Which one?.. In short, the farther away from the advertising department they are, the better. It's best to assign them to travel every day. Oh, and try to keep them from staying in City A as much as possible. Anyway, you figure out the rest of it..."

After hanging up the phone, Assistant Liu fell into deep silence. Recently, Mr. Zhou's ideas have become more and more elusive. Was he absorbed by any organization and will be executing a secret business in City A?

Tao Ran didn't know that Assistant Liu had eighth-grade syndrome, and her imagination made up a mess of things. He was sitting in the car, stuck in traffic, and panicking, fearing that Ruan Jun would not wait for him to arrive and just leave and that she would not call him again.

Ruan Jun has indeed been waiting for a while, and by this time, she had already put the blind date candidate into the blacklist category in her heart. The other party came so late, so obviously, he did not value her. She need not pick someone like that. Thinking about it, she suddenly realized that she didn't even know who the blind date was.

Mother Ruan, who was at home, also remembered that even she didn't know who her daughter's blind date was. She immediately called Mrs. Huang, “Mrs. Huang, who exactly did you introduce to our family’s Jun Jun?”

Mrs. Huang was putting on a face mask at her home when she answered the phone. Hearing Mother Ruan’s question, she said, “Aiyou, Mrs. Ruan, what do you have to worry about even when I manage things? Don’t worry. The other party is the Zhou family’s son, Zhou Jiayi. If I had a daughter, do you think your daughter has a chance to be on a blind date with him?"

Mrs. Ruan: "..."

Just when Ruan Jun was getting really impatient and was planning on leaving, Tao Ran finally arrived. He came over, running and panting, and said, "Sorry, I’m late. The traffic jam on the road was really bad."

Huh? Why does this voice sound a bit familiar?

Ruan Jun looked up and saw Tao Ran panting. She was speechless in an instant.

Tao Ran pretended to look very surprised as he said, "Ah... Miss Ruan, the lady I’m supposed to be meeting today, it was you?"

Ruan Jun, who was still feeling shocked, said, "I... It… probably is… me?"

This was when Ruan Jun’s cell phone rang. She answered the phone blankly. Mrs. Ruan yelled anxiously from the other side of the phone, "Jun Jun, has the other party arrived there yet? Mom made a mistake. The person Mrs. Huang is going to introduce to you today is Zhou Jiayi… If he hasn’t arrived there yet, you can leave quickly, otherwise…”

Ruan Jun said blankly, “Stop talking Mom. He’s already here.”

Tao Ran apologized, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that the person Mrs. Huang wanted to introduce to me was you. Did I trouble you by coming here?"

"No, no." Ruan Jun immediately forgot what she had just thought about—that the blind date was a disappointing man who was not punctual. Seeing Tao Ran exhausted, she immediately asked, "Did you rush over?"

"Yes." Tao Ran sat down and said, "Because of the traffic jam, I was already very late."

"It's okay, you don’t have to rush like this. Anyway, I’m fine. I waited for a while but it’s okay.” After speaking, Ruan Jun spurned herself in her heart and said, Ruan Jun, Ruan Jun, how did you become like this? What is the difference between you being this accommodating and kneeling to lick?

Although she was reluctant in her heart, her body honestly said, "You... why don't you take a break first with a cup of coffee."

Tao Ran smiled, "Okay."

Then Ruan Jun asked Tao Ran's favorite flavor very diligently and ordered coffee for him personally.

Tao Ran sat opposite Ruan Jun and smiled, "I didn't expect it to be you. I thought you wouldn't want to see me anymore."

I didn't expect it to be you either. Ruan Jun was too embarrassed to say that she was also kept in the dark. It would be too fake to say that. She slipped her hair behind her ears and said, "I… I wanted to thank you. I think what you said yesterday was very right."

Tao Ran smiled, "Did you figure it out?"

 Ruan Jun looked at Tao Ran and said, "Yeah, I figured it out."

Then she saw the exposed collarbone between the open neckline of Tao Ran's shirt. His skin was really fair, and it was very delicate... For a moment, Ruan Jun remembered that night, the night he didn't ‘reject’ her, she hurt him that night...

Tao Ran's dress was very formal, but the slightly open neckline revealed a taste of seduction. This was a complicated aura that Ruan Jun had never seen before in Tao Ran. She was a little jealous because the other party didn't know that the person they were going to meet was herself before coming here.

When he was with her, he looked serious and stern. But when he was going out to meet another woman, he opened his shirt buttons and showcased his collarbone.

Ahhhhh!!! Such beautiful collarbone!!!

Tao Ran saw Ruan Jun's empty eyes that looked like she was wandering beyond the sky, and said, "Miss Ruan, Miss Ruan?"

"Huh?" Ruan Jun regained her senses. "What's the matter?"

"You seemed to be thinking very seriously about something.” Tao Ran frowned slightly. "Is there something on your mind?"

Ah!! That frown looks so sexy too!!! Why haven't I found Zhou Jiayi so attractive before?!

Ruan Jun suddenly wanted Tao Ran to fasten the buttons to the top. She didn't want others to look at Tao Ran's collarbone. Just now, the waitress had her eyes bluntly staring when she delivered the coffee. Ruan Jun asked, "Are you cold?"

Tao Ran was taken aback. "I'm not cold, are you cold?"

Ruan Jun: "I'm not cold either."

Tao Ran: "Oh."



The two spoke at the same time. Tao Ran said, "You speak first."

Ruan Jun, "I didn't expect someone like you to also go on blind dates."

"Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, and my parents are also starting to worry." Tao Ran laughed. "I'm not afraid of your jokes. Since I was young, I have never been with a woman."

Ruan Jun said, "How is that possible, you are so… excellent." She almost blurted out the word ‘sexy’, but fortunately, she held it back.

"I don't know, maybe it's because I'm too boring."

It's obvious that your EQ is too low, and you ignore the hints given by others. The waitress's eyes were almost crawling all over your body just now, and you were as indifferent as a blind man, Ruan Jun said in her heart.

"What about you?" Tao Ran asked, "Do you need a blind date at such a young age?"

"Yeah." Ruan Jun said, "I like… I mean, I have always liked Jiang Jue before, and I have never dated other boys. So... my mother was also very anxious."

"It seems that both of us worry our elders." Tao Ran said.

"Yeah." Ruan Jun wanted to say that they should become a couple, but she was shy and felt embarrassed to say it. She was thinking that when she goes back to Zhou Company to work the next day, it would be alright to go to Tao Ran if she had nothing to do.

Tao Ran suddenly said, "Why don't we just make do? What do you think?"

"Ah?" Ruan Jun was immediately stunned, "What are you talking about?"

Tao Ran replied with a serious face, "I mean, since both of us are being urged by our parents, it is better to pretend to be together. Then, they can be rest assured and we can also relax."

It turned out to be just pretending to be dating. Ruan Jun was a little disappointed, but she did not refuse. "Okay, then are we lovers now??"

“Yes, at least in front of other people, we are.” Tao Ran said, "Of course, if you find a person you really like, come and break up with me anytime."

Ghosts would be the only one to break up with you!

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