Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 31: The Guilty Rich Girl [7]

Tao Ran looked at the haunted house in fear. Thinking of what Xiaomei said about there being a real ghost, he was extremely terrified. He mentally asked Xiaomei, "Xiaomei, Xiaomei, will the people inside be in danger?"

"Host, don't worry, this ghost likes it very much. It likes to scare people with fake ghosts, but it won't hurt them."

“Is that so?” Tao Ran felt a little relieved. Ruan Jun saw his apprehensive expression and inconceivably asked, "You’re not… afraid of ghosts, right?"

Tao Ran immediately put on a brave face and said righteously, "Nonsense, are you afraid of ghosts?"

After thinking about it, he added, "I mean real ghosts."

Ruan Jun replied, amused, "How can there be real ghosts? Let's go in."

Tao Ran looked at the pitch-black entrance and took a step forward, suddenly, a bunch of horror movies scenes appeared in his mind—there was the headless ghost, the one crawling on the ground, and another that’s combing its hair until half of its head fell off. He turned around abruptly and said, "No no, I won't go in."

Ruan Jun, with sharp eyes and quick hands, reached out to catch Tao Ran's arm with lightning speed. Then she grabbed the door of the haunted house with one hand and dragged Tao Ran with the other. "You said you wanted to come to the haunted house, you can't leave now."

Tao Ran turned around and took her hand off his arm. "Now I don't want to go, don't drag me."

"A big man like you is afraid of ghosts?" Ruan Jun struggled to support him, "Go in, you have to accompany me."

The staff standing by the side looked at the two of them with weird aunty-smiles on their faces, neither helping nor pacifying the situation, they stood and watched with relish.

Tao Ran almost went crazy. "Can't big men be afraid of ghosts? Let me go! I won't go in even if you kill me."

Behind them was a group of college boys watching the two doing push and pull at the door. One of the boys in a black jacket suddenly reached out and pushed Tao Ran inside before saying, “I choose you, Pikafraid-of-ghosts!"

Tao Ran was unprepared, so he ended up being pushed into the haunted house by the black-jacket wearing boy. Darkness momentarily enveloped him. Tao Ran's legs softened and he visibly shook beside Ruan Jun.

Ruan Jun said, "How about it, isn't it scary? Let's go, let's go out and ride the Ferris wheel instead."

Tao Ran nervously looked around and said, "As long as you nod, I can accompany you to ride the Ferris wheel right then. Even ten laps is not a problem."

It turned out that this serious man was afraid of ghosts. Ruan Jun felt that Zhou Jiayi was very cute. She said humorously, "No, you must accompany me through this haunted house."

Tao Ran felt bitterness in his mouth as he comforted himself in his heart. Xiao Mei said that the ghost was not scary. Xiao Mei said that the ghost was not scary. Xiao Mei said that the ghost was not scary...

The group of students came in and saw that the two were still loitering around. The boy in black jacket clicked his tongue and stretched out his arm to encircle Tao Ran’s neck and walked inside. "Buddy, you can really drag things out, look how brave your girlfriend is.”

The group surrounded Tao Ran and dragged him in. He didn’t know whether it was psychological but not long after he walked in, he felt a chill rushing into his heart and he shivered. He set his heart on rushing through this, he just wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

He appeared calm and composed. Only Ruan Jun, who was holding his hand, knew that wasn’t the case because her hand was already very painful from his grip.

That boy in the black coat rambled on, "That's how it should be. Men should be brave enough to make their girlfriends feel safe. It's not so scary here, right?"

Suddenly, a blood-covered ghost sprang out from the corner in front. Tao Ran only felt a turbid air rising from his dantian, and his brain exploded. He blurted out a scream, "Aahhhh!!!"

The black-jacket-wearing boy right next to Tao Ran was unsuspectingly hit by this sonic wave. His head buzzed and his vision went blank. Beside them, a not so courageous buddy was also frightened. He ran forward in a panic, pushing the black-jacket boy in front of him, causing him to fall to the ground.

Tao Ran: "Aahhh!!!! The ghost killed someone!!!!"


Many people were shocked by this sudden situation, including black-jacket’s other classmates. They screamed and ran forward one by one. After having ran two steps, someone remembered that the black-jacket guy was still lying on the ground. With the spirit of loyalty one had for his brother, he turned back, dragged him by his black jacket, and ran forward. His brother’s death was irreversible, but how could he not take his corpse out with him?

Thus, the black-jacket guy, who suffered a double critical hit just moments ago, wasn’t able to respond as he was dragged forward face-flat by his good brother.

Tao Ran took Ruan Jun to dash forward, and Ruan Jun said as she ran beside him, "It's not a real ghost, it's not a real ghost... Don't be afraid!"

A decapitated ghost scuttled in front of him. Tao Ran suspected every ghost that he sees to be a real one, so he shouted again, "Ahhhhh!!! Don't chase me!!!"

The people behind: "Ahhhhh!!! Hurry away!!!"

"Ahhhhh… Mommy..."

Tao Ran burst into snot and tears due to the fear. He ran all over the place scaring the staff disguised as ghosts while screaming, "Save us, there’s real ghosts..."

The black-jacket boy was dragged through the ground and kept bumping into things. He struggled with great efforts, "Huang Kai, Huang Kai face… is going to die..."

The classmate named Huang Kai was stunned, and then said, convulsing in horror, "I seem to hear his ghost calling me."

"Mayah, Run for it..."

Tao Ran ran and ran until he felt somebody grab his foot. He looked down and saw a pale face pressed to the ground smiling at him.

"Wuwuwu.. I want to go home..."

Tao Ran gave the face a flying kick with his foot and dragged Ruan Jun away.

The tourists who were about to enter the haunted house outside listened to their screams, eyes bright and full of expression. In the past, only the screams of girls could be heard inside. Today was the opposite, only the screams of men could be heard and women’s voices were inaudible.

Ruan Jun was still trying to comfort Tao Ran, "Jiayi Jiayii, there are no ghosts, they’re all fake."

Tao Ran said, "Don't talk or it will come for you."

Ruan Jun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, "There really is no ghost, don't drag me, it hurts. Stop it, it’s the same even if we walk slowly."

Everyone was tired from running and eventually slowed down. The black-jacket boy finally managed to revive and struggled to get up, propping both his hands on the ground. A man behind was horrified and said, "Fraudulent corpse... it’s a fraudulent corpse!"


Everyone frantically scrambled to run out. That one student was still screaming while dragging the black-jacket boy out, “Mommy... my hand got caught by its clothes…”

After rushing out, the sun shone on him. Tao Ran heaved a long sigh of relief, and sat on the ground with others regardless of his image. At this time, the rims of Tao Ran's eyes were red, his small lips were white, his hair was no longer neat and tidy, and even his clothes were a little messy, no longer as cold and solemn as he used to be.

Many girls who came to watch saw him and immediately screamed in excitement, "Wow! A stunning little shou!"

The classmate named Huang Kai was still crying. "Wuwuwu… Yang Huai is dead, huhuhu..."

Their group had been terrified, and grief inevitably rose. The amusement park staff came over and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Wuwuwu.. Yang Huai was killed by a ghost..."

The staff were shocked, and the onlookers were also startled.

If people were killed in the amusement park, it would be a big blow to the amusement park. and The staff looked at the boy in black jacket lying on the ground and became a little panicked. They were walking closer to the boy when suddenly, the black jacket twitched.


"Fraud... fraudulent corpse..."

The classmate named Huang Kai looked sadly at the black coat boy and said, "Yang Huai, your corpse need not move anymore. We will avenge you."

The black-jacket wearing boy twitched for a while, and then began to crawl in a strange posture. Everyone was shocked and simultaneously took a step back. Ruan Jun never believed that there were real ghosts. She pointed at the black-jacket boy and said, "What fraudulent corpse, how can there be a fraudulent corpse under the sun?"

Makes sense…

Then, everyone stopped and stood in a circle around black jacket boy. They looked on blankly as black-jacket boy struggled to get up. Black-jacket boy raised his head, revealing a bloody nose and a swollen face. He said in a hoarse voice: "Which son of a bitch dragged Laozi while running just now? Come up, Laozi is going to take him down with him and perish together."

Huang Kai, who ran all the way dragging his friend, said weakly, "Yang Huai, you... are not dead?"

The black-jacket boy was aggrieved and indignantly said, "You’re the one who’s dead!"

"Thank God, you're not dead, that’s great..."

 All his classmates gathered around, and began to guiltily inquire about his well-being.

Tao Ran thought: The ghost really does not harm people? Really just scaring them all?

At this time, Panda Xiaomei said with a grin, "Host, you’re so innocent, I wanted to add a bit to your fun. How can there be ghosts in this world? This world does not have such setting."

Afterwards, two staff members ran out of the haunted house. The two of them were supporting a staff member who disguised as a ghost. They stood in front of Tao Ran and said, "Who kicked you?"

The ghost kicked by Tao Ran covered his nose, pointed at Tao Ran, and said, "Him..."

Then a staff member walked up to Tao Ran and said, "This gentleman, we know that people will make a lot of extreme reactions when they are scared. We would not bicker about you hurting our staff member but please be responsible for his medical expenses. Taking a leave from work is not easy."

Tao Ran took out his phone with a cold face and said, "Does he have Alipay?"

"Yes." The staff member immediately took out his mobile phone, and Tao Ran paid him 50,000 yuan.

The staff were all shocked, not mentioning him giving money so quickly, it was even 50,000.

Tao Ran said after giving the money, "Can I go?"

"Yes, of course you can go."

As soon as the voice fell, Tao Ran turned and left, regardless of Ruan Jun being left behind. System Xiaomei pointed her finger and said, "Host, are you angry?"

Tao Ran mentally replied, "I was forced to do these tasks because of your overlord contract. Forget about being a man every time, you even lied to me and frightened me deliberately. Laozi doesn’t want to do this anymore. Do whatever you like. You can kill me if you can, either way, I quit."

Nanoni Note:

“I choose you, Pikafraid-of-ghosts!” - (hope you got this little joke) We contemplated this for a while before figuring out that it was that phrase Ash says when Pikachu goes into battle. The whole name Pikachu was not complete and there was only “Go ba, BiKaPaGui!” to work with. I mean, how would you know BiKa is pikachu?????

Shou - the bottom in male to male relationships, its counterpart is the Gong (top). Those girls are fujoshis fufufufu.

Fraudulent corpse - it’s a superstition where when someone dies, it is believed that there will be a last breath left in their chest, and if a cat, dog or mice bumped into them, they will be a fraudulent corpse. They will be temporarily possessed by an animal spirit and rampage for a while or just suddenly stand upright before completely dying for real. I think this phenomenon only happens at night, hence Ruan Jun saying that.

Alipay is like paypal, but Chinese oriented.

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