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Chapter 32: The Guilty Rich Girl [8]

System Xiaomei was a little confused. In her opinion, this was just a joke. Furthermore, it has not caused any substantial harm to the host. In the past, when she was bound to other hosts, she would not tell jokes, and there were even deception and deliberate concealment of the truth. He felt that he was very good to Tao Ran. She liked Tao Ran and felt that Tao Ran was unlike her previous hosts, so she wanted to scare Tao Ran a bit to play with him. Who knew that Tao Ran would become really angry.

Tao Ran rushed forward angrily, Ruan Jun ran to catch up with him and reached out to grab his arm. Tao Ran avoided her. Ruan Jun was taken aback for a moment and asked, "Are you angry?"

Tao Ran ignored her and continued to move forward. Ruan Jun was a little sad as she said, "You were the one who proposed to go to the haunted house just now, I thought you weren’t that scared."

Tao Ran still did not speak. He strode forward without saying a word, ignoring Ruan Jun. Ruan Jun thought Tao Ran was angry with her. She knew Tao Ran had told her that he didn’t want to go in anymore but because she had wanted to get closer to him, she had insisted on going in against his will. Now she regretted it; she didn't know Tao Ran would be so angry.

"Jiayi..." Ruan Jun trotted behind Tao Ran, apologizing. "I'm sorry. I apologize. Stop being angry, okay?"

Tao Ran's anger was purely anger towards Xiaomei who set up his task to fix Ruan Jun. Since he didn’t want to do the task anymore, it was naturally no longer necessary to approach Ruan Jun. Tao Ran walked to his car and turned to Ruan Jun to say, "Go back, we won't have to meet again in the future."

Ruan Jun stunned. One moment, they were still fine, why had it suddenly become like this? She was a very emotional person, otherwise, she would not have liked Jiang Jue for so many years. She finally decided to let go of Jiang Jue and start a new relationship, but it turned out to be like this.

She didn't know anything about Xiaomei, she thought it was all because she forced Tao Ran into the haunted house. She pulled Tao Ran's sleeve and apologized in a gesture that she had never done before. "I was wrong, don't be angry, okay? I won't be like this in the future."

Tao Ran brushed her hand away, opened the door and got into the car, then drove away.

Ruan Jun watched as Tao Ran's car got further and further away from her. This scene was very familiar. Just the other day, Tao Ran had dropped her in front of her house and left her like this. Although she was uncomfortable at that time, it was still bearable. Today she was just hoping for happiness, but she lost everything in an instant instead.

She was standing on the street outside the amusement park. The people came here together in pairs, with happy smiles on their faces. She felt very wronged and uncomfortable. She wanted to just sit down on the ground and cry but that would be too ugly, so she could only stand, and blankly look around with red eyes.

The black-jacket boy came out supported by his classmates, just in time to see Ruan Jun standing pitifully at the gate.

They walked over and said, "Where is your boyfriend?"

Ruan Jun did not speak.

When he saw traces of Ruan Jun having just cried, he asked, "He left you here?!"

"Damn!" The black-jacket boy said, "What kind of man is he?"

Ruan Jun turned her head and yelled, "You are not allowed to talk about him! Why are you talking about him, if you didn't push him in..."

Halfway through, she remembered that this was not black-jacket boy’s responsibility alone so she couldn't say anything to blame him. She stopped a taxi and got in. As soon as she got in the car, she said, "Mister, please leave here quickly."

Just now, the taxi driver had seen the group of young men standing around this young lady. That young lady’s eyes were red so he thought she was being harassed. After receiving Ruan Jun inside the car, he immediately drove the car away fast. As he drove, he said, "Young lady came to the amusement park alone? You must bring your boyfriend next time. It's not safe here."

I did bring my boyfriend, but my boyfriend left me behind. The more she thought about it, the more she felt it unbearable until she finally couldn't help crying. The driver immediately panicked and scolded his stupid mouth in his heart. Who says it’s okay to poke at someone’s affairs of the heart? Since she came to the amusement park alone, there must be no boyfriend, isn’t that obvious?

The driver looked anxious as he drove the car further. Then he remembered that he still doesn’t know where Ruan Jun was going, so he asked, "Lady, where are you going?"

Ruan Jun initially wanted to go home, but she was in a bad state right now, and she didn’t want her family to know that she was in a bad mood today. If she went home looking like this, they would definitely think that Zhou Jiayi had bullied her, and then they would trouble Jiayi in the future.

She thought for a while and found out that she had no friends. Among the few friends with whom she could say whatever she wanted, Luo Rou was probably the most suitable one. Because she does not belong to the upper class in City A, even if she came to know what had happened between her and Zhou Jiayi, she would not spread it. People in this circle will not know about her shame, nor will they speculate about it in their gossip.

She figured it out clearly, so she called Luo Rou.

Coincidentally, Luo Rou had not been arranged to go on a business trip today. Although it was Mr. Zhou's order, no one would let a fresh newcomer who had just joined the company go on a business trip, so she would have to train for a few days. In addition, Jiang Jue was celebrating with his family for finding a job so he was not with Luo Rou. Luo Rou happened to be free.

Luo Rou was happy to hear that Ruan Jun was coming to find her. Finding a job in the Zhous’ company was an amazing thing, and she couldn't wait to share it with Ruan Jun.

The two planned to meet at a grilled fish shop, which was full of fragrant grilled fish. Ruan Jun usually doesn't like to come to these places because the smell of grilled fish will stain her hair and clothes and she will smell bad if she gets closer to others. This kind of smell will make people feel that a person often goes to cheap places, causing a loss of face.

But she didn’t want to care about that anymore, she just wanted to vent the sadness in her heart.

Luo Rou liked to come here the most. The grilled fish was inexpensive and delicious, so delicious that she could eat a whole piece by herself. When she arrived at the grilled fish shop, Luo Rou had already ordered the dishes, and she happily said to Ruan Jun, "I have ordered your favorite fried rice and fish soup."

Ruan Jun sat down expressionlessly before suddenly saying, "Let’s go to the wine bar."

"Huh?" Luo Rou looked dumbfounded. "But… Ah-Jue won't let me drink outside."

Ruan Jun clenched her fist and said, "I just want to drink!"

Although Luo Rou was fair and sweet, she was not stupid. It was also because Ruan Jun's conduct was too obvious. She asked carefully, "Are you unhappy?"

Ruan Jun looked at her without speaking.

Luo Rou was not very good at comforting people. The way she comforts her friends was to just listen to everything they have to say while she never says anything herself. So, she didn't say anything and immediately ordered a bottle of wine, specifically white wine.

Both of them poured wine into their glasses. Luo Rou thought that the time was right and asked, "What happened? Why are you so unhappy?"

With red eyes, Ruan Jun took a napkin and blew her nose, and then intermittently explained what had happened in the amusement park.

"I didn't know he was so scared. I just wanted to properly play with him for a day, and as a result, he got angry." Sometimes, women are very irrational. When they were alone, they could get through everything and be super strong. But once there was a person they could confess everything to, they become overwhelmed and their emotions crumble in an instant.

Ruan Jun cried as she said, "I apologized to him, but he ignored me."

After listening, Luo Rou's first reaction was to hold her hand and say, "That's too much! How can he leave his girlfriend outside by herself? How can he do that as your boyfriend?"

Luo Rou was the only child in her family. When she was a child, she was unconditionally spoiled by her parents, and afterwards, unconditionally spoiled by Jiang Jue. She had developed the idea that men should indulge girls unconditionally.

She was so angered by Tao Ran that she downed the glass of white wine in front of her and said, "What the hell is that big man afraid of? Men should be like Ah-Jue. When I went to the haunted house with Ah-Jue last time, I was scared to death and Ah-Jue protected me all along. I can't stand a man's courage to be less than mine."

Ruan Jun held the wine glass and did not speak. What she thought was that Zhou Jiayi was courageous and cute. She came to find Luo Rou to, one, vent and adjust her mood, and two, ask Luo Rou to help her find a way to coax Zhou Jiayi.

The result? Luo Rou roasting Zhou Jiayi and Ruan Jun becoming even more worried.

Luo Rou continued to complain, "The last time I saw him, I thought he was a playboy. He didn't want to go shopping with his girlfriend. We have been your friends for so many years, if I haven’t insisted on you asking him to come, he wouldn't have come to see you and your friends. It’s clear to see that he doesn’t value his girlfriend."

Ruan Jun quietly picked up the wine glass, and said in her heart: He was not my boyfriend when we met that day, how could I introduce him to you before?

Luo Rou was so angry that she drank another glass of wine. "A man who was so stingy about going into the haunted house with his girlfriend? Even if he was scared, what about him compensating money, he didn’t lack money? He could even do such an inhumane act like throwing aside his girlfriend, fancy that he’s still putting on airs."

Ruan Jun remembered Zhou Jiayi's collarbone again, not to mention anything else, at least for such a perfect collarbone, she must coax Zhou Jiayi back. Plus, she didn't think it was Zhou Jiayi's fault at all; she had seen Zhou Jiayi’s scared appearance today.

A high-ranking president, a proud son of the heavens from childhood to adulthood, an unattainable existence in everyone's eyes, cutting a sorry figure because of her and making a fool of himself in front of so many people. She would also be very angry if she were him. In her heart, Ruan Jun visualized Tao Ran as a perfect man who was wronged, and she was unhappy when she heard Luo Rou say that it was not her fault.

Luo Rou thought that Ruan Jun was unhappy because of Zhou Jiayi's affairs. She held Ruan Jun's hand and said, "Don't be angry, give him the cold-shoulder for a while, give him sufficient time to fully understand how difficult it is to live without you."

Hence, Ruan Jun thought: I must go and find Zhou Jiayi tomorrow. I must not give him the cold-shoulder, if our relationship gets completely cold due to my cold-shoulder, then it will be really too late for me to cry.

Luo Rou drank another glass of wine and persuaded, "Don't take the initiative to speak to him, but turn a blind eye to him where he can see you so that he can feel the pain in his heart."

In Ruan Jun’s heart: I must tell him clearly. Let him understand how much I like him and how much I value our relationship. Even if he doesn't listen, I have to chase after him and tell him until he listens.

Luo Ruo said, "By then, he would probably be unable to bear it and will take the initiative to look for you. When the moment intensifies, he may even kiss you and hold you. Remember to resist him and not let him succeed."

Good idea, Ruan Jun said in her heart, when all hope is gone, I can only use intimate physical contact to get through Zhou Jiayi. I have given Zhou Jiayi my first time, I should give him all the rest.

Ruan Jun only suddenly felt enlightened, as if a broad road opened before her eyes. She was very grateful to Luo Rou, if it were not for her, she would not have figured it out so quickly.

She raised her head, intending to express her gratitude, but found that Luo Rou was already drunk in front of her. She glanced at the wine in front of her and thought that drinking will cause headaches and affect sleep. Tomorrow morning, she must go to see Jiayi beautifully. Her complexion must not fall short, so she absolutely must not drink.

Looking at Luo Rou in front of her, Ruan Jun was grateful to her but revealed a hint of dislike. The broken-hearted person was me not her. Why on earth did she drink so much wine? Jiang Jue's many years of doting had clearly spoiled her into a fool.

She could only call people to come, she couldn't care less if she was so drunk. Ruan Jun thought of calling Jiang Jue but suddenly remembered that she had hung up Jiang Jue's phone call last time.

She was most afraid of embarrassment. Since she had hung up the phone on him, she finds it embarrassing to take the initiative to contact him. Another reason was that she also liked Jiang Jue before, she didn't want to meet Jiang Jue for the time being lest it affects her mood.

So she got ready to send Luo Rou back, only to find out that she had never been to Luo Rou's house before. Back then, when she heard that Luo Rou's house is not a villa, she refused to go to her house, as a result, she was now at a loss.

She took out Luo Rou's phone, planning to contact her family but then found that her phone had a password and she couldn't open it. Really annoying, why is there such a thing?

Having run out of options, Ruan Jun could only ask Luo Rou. "Luo Rou, wake up, where do you live?"

Luo Rou: "Hihi, my home is your home..."

Ruan Jun: "Damn."

"Where is your home? I'll take you back."

"I hate it, didn't I just say it yesterday, will you be a family with me from now on? You even said that your mother likes me..."

God, why didn't I find Luo Rou so difficult before? Ruan Jun was about to collapse as she said, "Ancestor, sober up a little. I’ll ask one last thing, where do you live? If you don't tell me, I will leave you here!"

"Oasis Three Village, Building Eight, 602."

 "...You didn't just make that up, did you?"

Ruan Jun's tired and sweaty body pulled Luo Rou into the car. Afterwards, she kept restraining the child with ADHD throughout the whole ride. Who would have thought that Jiang Jue liked someone so annoying? It was obvious that his tastes were very poor. Fortunately, she had renounced the dark and found the light, and had abandoned him.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t know how to live in the future.

She finally sent the hundred-catties-heavy Luo Rou to the sixth floor. At this time, she was already at the end of her strength, and her panting lungs were about to explode.

It was really unimaginable that there was no elevator in such a tall building.

She rang the doorbell and planned to leave Luo Rou at the door. However, it was Jiang Jue who opened the door, and Ruan Jun was instantly stunned.

Then, she heard Luo Rou drunkenly say, "Hehehe, let me tell you, I remember where you live."



Tao Ran left Ruan Jun and angrily drove back home. He shut himself in his room as soon as he got home.

System Xiaomei said anxiously, "Host if you just leave it like this, you might lose the favorability you just got from her. This is detrimental to your task. Host should give Ruan Jun a call."

Tao Ran had taken off his clothes and went to take a bath in the bathroom. He was lying in the warm and comfortable bathtub, not wanting to talk to the system at all.

Xiaomei opened a pair of watery panda eyes and said, "Host, it was just a joke, so don't be angry, okay?"

Tao Ran still ignored her, and Xiaomei put her hands on her chest and thought for a long time with her panda head. Thinking that she had come up with a great idea, she said, "Well, Host, your dear system consumed energy to give you something good for your benefit, okay?"

After talking, Xiaomei's ears stirred, and then a stunning beauty with a big breast, small waist, and long legs appeared in Tao Ran's bathtub. Her hair was wet and was sticking to her body as her big watery eyes looked at Tao Ran affectionately. Her beautiful lips opened slightly, and she let out a sigh that would make most men's legs soft. "RanRan, if you want to xxx me, you can xxx me hard."

Tao Ran: "..."

Tao Ran stared blankly at the stunning beauty who was coiling over like a water snake, his eyes did not fluctuate. It was as if he was watching a boring clown.

The beauty writhed around Tao Ran, leaned over, and kissed his neck before saying, "Ah, RanRan you are very fierce, I’m going to die."

Tao Ran: "..." I didn’t xxxing move a finger toward you, aren’t you the fierce one, you big-headed ghost?

The stunning beauty lay on Tao Ran and tossed from side to side; Tao Ran remained unmoved. Xiaomei watched at the side for a long time, and doubtfully said, "Host, do you not like her? Is she not good-looking?"

Tao Ran looked up at the system indifferently.

Xiaomei said in distress, "Do you like pure little lolis?"

After that, his ears fluttered again, and the stunning beauty in front of him flashed with golden light, turning into a tender little lolita. The little lolita looked at Tao Ran with tears in her eyes, her voice was soft, cute, and adorable with a touch of loveliness. She said, "Tao Ran-gege, be gentle, ok? I am afraid of pain."

Tao Ran remained expressionless as if he turned into a statue, without the slightest reaction.

Xiaomei urged, "Lolita, quickly use your ultimate move."

The little lolita immediately squinted her eyes, two lines of glistening tears trickled down from the corners of her eyes, and she sobbed softly, "Don’t! Tao Ran-gege, you are so thick and long, it won’t fit in my mouth~"

"..." Tao Ran’s mood not only didn't ease, but he also gave the system a terrifying look.

The poor system was not a real person and couldn’t understand the real thoughts of a ‘man with a woman’s heart’. He simply put the image of a woman that men liked the most in front of Tao Ran, but Tao Ran didn't appreciate it at all.

After thinking hard for a while, System Xiaomei suddenly realized that she was wrong, she was

completely mistaken. Tao Ran used to be a girl so she should have liked men. How could she feel something toward beautiful women? She was indeed gravely mistaken.

After Xiaomei came to this realization, she immediately corrected her mistake. With a movement of his ears, the loli in the bathtub immediately became a macho man with eight pack abs. The macho man fell into the bathtub, splashing water three feet high, and showering Tao Ran's face with it.

He lay on top of Tao Ran and smiled evilly. He stretched out his index finger to lift Tao Ran's chin and said, "Hah, man, you successfully caught my attention."

Tao Ran raised his eyes to look at him, an emotion brewing in his eyes.

The macho man smiled evilly again, reached out to touch Tao Ran's thigh, and said, "Don't worry man, I will let you moan under me. I like to see your tears of collapse."

"xxx your grandma's tears!"

Tao Ran smashed through with a fist, followed by a violent storm of freestyle punches while his mouth fired at the side, "You motherxxxcker! Just now, Laozi didn’t beat up those two women, but are you so mentally retard to think that I can’t fight? Who’re you calling man, what moan, what tears of collapse? Laozi will beat you until you give out tears of collapse. I’m going to kick you to death!"

The macho man was beaten up and shouted for help again and again. "Xiaomei, help me, he just kicked my crotch..."

Xiaomei was frightened and quickly pulled the macho man out. After he came out, the macho man said to Xiaomei fiercely, "You called me out to be beaten?! Xiaomei, just you wait, I will file a complaint about you!"

Xiaomei was aggrieved as she said, "I also didn't expect it to be like that."

Tao Ran looked at the two of them coldly, then wiped off his body, changed into his pajamas, and went to bed. System Xiaomei turned to a yes-man as she sent the macho man away, and said bitterly, "Host, I am about to be complained about. If the complaints reach the highest amount, I will be returned to the factory to be rebuilt, then I will not be able to continue loving you."

Tao Ran still ignored her. He had already decided not to let Xiaomei know her lesson. He would become more and more presumptuous in the future.

Xiaomei was sad, she was going to register a complaint, and the host was also giving her the silent treatment. She was completely being ignored and even treated with indifference by the other party, she couldn't be more wronged. She didn't dare to recruit other systems to play with Tao Ran, but she still had to coax him because he would be punished for not completing the task.

Xiaomei shifted closer until she reached Tao Ran's side. She stretched out her paws to grab Tao Ran's pajamas, and said, "Host, do you want to stroke a panda?"

Tao Ran turned over the other side of the bed and covered himself with the quilt.

Xiaomei cautiously and gently leaned over and said, "My fur is very soft, I am pretty plump, and I can even play roll. The pandas in the panda reservation are all smelly and cannot be touched. But me, I am not smelly at all, and you can also stroke me. If you really want to sniff, it's okay."

Tao Ran glanced at her contemptuously, Xiaomei immediately stared at Tao Ran with a pair of watery eyes, and sold meng as much as possible as she said, "Huahua, I’m very soft."

"Huahua, I’m the most behaved."

"I can even roll harder."

After she finished talking, Xiaomei began to roll her chubby body on the bed. After turning a few times, the stone-hearted Tao Ran was still unmoved. Xiaomei then decided to stake it all. She rolled up to Tao Ran stuck out her bottom in front of Tao Ran. Both humiliatingly and flatteringly, she said, "Host, look at my little butt, it’s round and soft, and the feeling of pinching it is good."

Tao Ran finally couldn't help it. After grabbing Xiaomei, she rubbed it for a while and said, "Dare you lie to me?"

"Yingyingying Xiaomei dare not."

He slapped her butt with his palm, "Dare you still be disobedient?"

"Yingyingying Xiaomei dare not."

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