Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 33: The Guilty Rich Girl [9]

Xiao Mei really didn't dare anymore, because the host's angry look was terrible. Even the beautiful Loli and the macho man couldn't seduce him, and he has a cold look on his face, and is ignoring her. She hates cold violence! Very annoying!

Tao Ran decided to temporarily let the system go. As long as the system is obedient in the future, they could still get along well.

Tao Ran didn't really want to complete the task. However, whether it was for going back to his own world or for the bonus, he had a reason to complete the task well. When reading novels, you could often see that the protagonist and the system in these kinds of systematic novels love each other and kill each other with one mind, and beware of each other all day long.

I feel so tired, this is not the way Tao Ran liked to be. He doesn't like fighting, can’t everyone just do well?

Tao Ran sometimes thinks about it and feels that he is too ambitious. He doesn't want to kill the system at all, and he doesn't want to go against the heavens or anything. His idea is simple. In real life, he had been oppressed by his boss in the company for such a small salary, and he does not like the work he does.

He is now doing tasks for money. Relatively speaking, the work content is a bit more interesting and not so boring. Not to mention the increase in knowledge. At least it is very novel. So he doesn't want to do things, it's good to just do the task.

Alas! Why were the same people that were selected by the system so unpromising? It doesn't matter if you don't blow up the sky or make everyone love and hate, even his thoughts are like this.

Even if it was written as a novel, it's the kind that nobody reads, right?

Ruan Jun got up early the next morning. When she got dressed and went downstairs, Mrs. Ruan was shocked and surprised: "Jun Jun, what are you doing up so early?"

Ruan Jun said full of fighting spirit: "I'm going to work."

"Oh." Mrs. Ruan nodded clearly, "Have breakfast and go then."

"No, I have to arrive earlier." Ruan Jun hurried out after drinking a glass of water.

Mrs. Ruan smiled and shook her head, "This kid."

"No, wait." Mrs. Ruan suddenly remembered, "Didn't she say that she doesn't want to continue working at the Zhou Company anymore?"

Ruan Jun rarely came so early. Several colleagues saw her and asked her: "What's wrong with you Ruan Jun? Why didn't you come to work yesterday?"

Ruan Jun said casually while sitting in her seat and turning on the computer: "Oh, I had a fever yesterday."

"Well, why don't you take a few more days off, are you all cured?"

Ruan Jun kept looking at the aisle outside the glass door and replied absently: "It's all right, I’m all right now, thank you for your concern."

Ruan Jun knew that Zhou Jiayi hadn't come yet at this time, she just thought that if she could see Zhou Jiayi when he would come to the company, she could also make preparations in advance.

After sending Luo Rou home yesterday, she had thought a lot. She made a plan and even thought of her lines. Because she was nervous and couldn't sleep, she also thought of various accidents that might happen. For example, Zhou Jia might not come to work at all, or he would have a one-day meeting, or he would be busy and have no time, or he wouldn't want to hear herself at all.

Then she found that even though she thought about these possible accidents, she still had no solution.

She became very depressed for a while. Does he really want to abandon her like this? It really can't be done. She still has to try it before she knows it. Ruan Jun got up to drink water.

She just thought that it’s taking a long time, and the employees in the company were almost there when she went to drink water. While observing the flow of people, Ruan Jun wondered when Zhou Jiayi would come. She had known him for many days, and she didn't even know what time he came to the company. He really didn't care about her.

As she walked back with the water glass, there were waves of depressed gasping sounds behind her. Ruan Jun turned around and saw the man regaining his seriousness, walking in through the main door with wind. The front desk ladies all blushed and looked dying.

The sounds of the surrounding scenery were all blurred, and Ruan Jun saw the man strode towards her. She could see his hair, the curvature of his pursed mouth, and the smell of men's perfume on him.

Then Zhou Jia also walked past her without stopping at all.

Several front desk ladies were wailing, "Why did he never look at me? Doesn't Zhou like women?"


"I really want to go to Thailand."

Ruan Jun came back to her senses, as if there was still a certain smell around her. She turned around and looked back, there was no longer a shadow of the person. Sure enough, he was still angry, and he didn't even want to care about herself. He said that he would announce their relationship in the company today.

She felt a little melancholy and a little bit uncomfortable. This feeling is particularly strange, as if something very precious once belonged to oneself, but no one knew it. While feeling lost and melancholy, there is also an inexplicable little pride.

Ruan Jun squeezed the cup in her hand. Isn't this a good start? At least he is here, at least she has seen him, and she has completed the first step of the plan.

Tao Ran walked to his office while talking to the system in his heart. After getting on the elevator, he suddenly said systematically: "Host, didn't you agree to someone that you will complete the task well?"

Tao Ran frowned and said, "Which one of you saw that I didn't do the task properly?"

With tears in his eyes, the system said, "Just now, you ignored Ruan Jun."

"Huh?" Tao Ran recalled carefully, "Did you meet Ruan Jun just now?"

Little Mei Xiong's face was dumbfounded...the panda's face was dumbfounded...In short, she was dumbfounded: "You didn’t see Miss Ruan Jun standing on the side?"

Tao Ran solemnly said: "The truth is, I really didn't see her."

Xiaomei suddenly exploded her fur, "Wow! Host, you have a problem with your eyesight, why didn't you say earlier, Xiaomei can help you treat it!"

The corners of Tao Ran's mouth twitched, "Your eyesight is a problem. It's because you always talk to me and distract my attention, so I didn't notice Ruan Jun."

Xiao Mei's pair of bears scratched and touched gently, "People thought that the host was ignoring her on purpose."

Tao Ran was a little distressed, he was thinking what to do if Ruan Jun got angry. Ruan Jun had reluctantly agreed to a fake relationship with him because of his love for Jiang Jue. He left her alone on the street yesterday, and today he turned a blind eye to her very coldly. If he put himself in her shoes, he will definitely get angry.

What if Ruan Jun gets angry? The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. What should he do if her anger becomes dark in advance?

Thinking of this, Tao Ran trembled. No, he has to go to Ruan Jun, and he must not let her get in an evil way.

Tao Ran did what he said, and immediately went downstairs to find Ruan Jun.

Ruan Jun also happened to be looking for Tao Ran, and she took a piece of cake she bought. Her mood always improves when eating sweets. So she hopes that Tao Ran will be in a good mood to listen to her after eating. She was walking when she suddenly heard someone calling her behind her.

When Ruan Jun turned around, she saw Jiang Jue rushing towards her. Ruan Jun was a little dazed on the spot. Why was he here?

Jiang Jue slammed his foot brake and stopped in front of Ruan Jun, and said with a big smile: "I just looked at a person from behind and thought it resembled you. I didn't expect it to be really you."

Ruan Jun said inexplicably: "Why are you here?"

"I work here. Didn't Ah-Rou tell you last night?"

Luo Rou wanted to talk about it last night, but she was interrupted by Ruan Jun's complaint. Later, she became drunk, so Ruan Jun didn't know about it until now.

Ruan Jun: "No, she didn't say, are you both working in the Zhou Company?"

"Well, I officially joined today." Jiang Jue said with a look of excitement: "What about you? Why are you here?"

Ruan Jun: "I have been working at Zhou's for almost half a month now."

"Oh..." Jiang Jue said for a moment: "It's really fate. The three of us have been classmates since high school, and now we are colleagues. It's not an ordinary fate."

Ruan Jun only thought it was Nie Yuan, she laughed dryly: "Ha ha ha... yes..."

Jiang Jue said, "Thank you so much yesterday. Ah-Rou is so disobedient. She is obviously forbidden to drink outside."

"It's okay." Ruan Jun said: "I called her out. I have an obligation to send her home."

Jiang Jue said, "I heard Ah-Rou said that you had a quarrel with your fiance? How is the situation?"

"We didn't quarrel..." Ruan Jun said helplessly: "I only talked to Luo Rou last night, what development can we have in such a short time?"

Jiang Jue said in shock: "Did he not contact you last night?"

What's so shocking…?

Ruan Jun: "No."

"God." Jiang Jue said with lingering fears: "If I dare to treat Ah-Rou this way, Ah-Rou will not pay attention to me for a month. Thinking about it is scary."

Ruan Jun's heart: Are you showing affection? Definitely is.

With the excitement of entering the workplace and meeting acquaintances, Jiang Jue's words are eloquent. After talking with Ruan Jun for a long time, Ruan Jun is already getting impatient and just wanted to find Zhou Jiayi, but the habit of getting along with Jiang Jue for many years prevented her from rejecting Jiang Jue directly.

Jiang Jue talked for a long time, and when he saw the cake in Ruan Jun's hand, he said, "Is this your breakfast?"

 Ruan Jun lied: "No, this is for... I'm going to eat it later for snacks."

 "Then give it to me." Jiang Jue said.

 Ruan Jun forced: "Huh?"

"I haven't eaten breakfast yet. I'm so hungry." Jiang Jue reached out and took the cake from Ruan Jun's hand as he said, "I'll eat it first and buy it for you in the afternoon."

Ruan Jun: "But..."

It was too late, Jiang Jue opened the package very quickly and took a bite, then raised his head and said, "What's the matter?"

"It's okay..." You already ate it, I can't make you vomit.

Jiang Jue also felt okay. Ruan Jun seemed to have never refused any request from him. He ate half of it in a few bites, and smiled: "It's delicious, thank you."

Ruan Jun: "Just be happy..."

Tao Ran, who had just come downstairs, saw this scene. The boy took the love cake from the girl and ate it in person. In the process of eating, they raised their heads from time to time and said that it was delicious, and the faces of the two of them were filled with happy smiles...

Didn't see what happened all night? Are they two so together? Where's Luo Rou?

"Xiaomei." Tao Ran said: "What is my mission?"

System Xiaomei: "The task of the host is to save the vicious female partner and protect the lives and property of the people."

Tao Ran understood this task several times in his heart, and said: "In other words, as long as the vicious female partner will not be blackened and will not make any dangerous actions, then who she will be with in the end, will the male and female lead be together? It’s not necessary right?"

Xiaomei: "Yes...yes."

Tao Ran: "Then if the vicious female partner ends up with the male lead, and he asks for it, she won't be blackened?"

Xiaomei: "Yes...yes."

"I think my task has been completed." Tao Ran said with a complex expression: "Although I don't know what happened last night and how the two of them got together, this is considered to be the completion of the task. I wish them, and that is , I don’t need to be responsible for the heroine’s happiness, right?"

Xiao Mei was already sluggish, "No, the host's task is only responsible for the vicious female partner."

"Oh." Tao Ran said: "Then do I still need to stay in this world? Can I enter the next world in advance?"

Xiao Mei Xiong said with a dazed face: "Wait, I'll check it out. I always think something is wrong."

Xiao Mei was still immersed in the inspection. Then Ruan Jun over there felt a little bit..., and suddenly turned her head and stared at Tao Ran who was standing not far behind her.

Tao Ran looked at them calmly, Ruan Jun felt confused, Jiang Jue yelled super brainlessly: "Hey, is this not Lao Zhou, are you working here too?"

Tao Ran nodded, "Yes."

Jiang Jue said, "You are too interesting to bully Ruan Jun. You have to be careful, let me tell you that if you are bullying Ruan Jun, I will not let you go."

Tao Ran nodded, "You can rest assured that I will never bully Ruan Jun again. I have nothing to do with her now, am I."

Jiang Jue: "...What do you mean?"

Ruan Jun already wanted to vomit blood. She wanted to cover Jiang Jue's mouth and also wanted to cover everyone's eyes. Finally she walked to Tao Ran and said: "Jia Yi, I..."

"No need to say anything, I know everything." Tao Ran looked at Ruan Jun and looked at Jiang Jue, and said in a low tone, "I am very pleased that you can be together. Jiang Jue, you have to treat her well, she really likes you, it has been a long time."

Jiang Jue: "???"

 "No..." Ruan Jun looked tired, "Let me explain."

Tao Ran turned and left. The mission was really completed this time inexplicably. He felt that he had not done anything yet, and the mission was completed by itself. Although he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, he was still very satisfied that he could complete the task so easily.

Ruan Jun was mad, she rushed over and grabbed Tao Ran's arm in front of the people of the company, and shouted, "You stop!"

Tao Ran turned and looked back.

Everyone turned their heads to them. Ma Ye! She dared to rant at the CEO.

Ruan Jun: "Listen to my explanation."

Everyone pricked their ears, huh? There seems to be some gossip.

Tao Ran said: "You don't have to explain, everyone has the right to pursue true love, and I bless you."

 Everyone: Ah... it seems to be very explosive...

Ruan Jun said with a look of entanglement: "Can you listen to me? It is not what you think."

Tao Ran felt that Ruan Jun might be a little embarrassed. After all, the two had to have the agreement yesterday. He said: "You don't need to explain, I understand. Our agreement yesterday can be invalidated."

Everyone's heart: What agreement?

"Can't void!" Ruan Jun was anxious and didn't know what to do. She said, "I really just happened to meet Jiang Jue and said a few words. Don't get me wrong."

Tao Ran: "I don't think you need to explain to me. Really, you only need to explain clearly to Luo Rou."

Whoops, this is a pitted brain, so sad!

Ruan Jun turned around in a hurry, but Jiang Jue stood aside watching the play with a look of ignorance, and didn't know that he would come up to help her.

Seeing that Zhou Jia also wanted to say a bunch of words about understanding and blessings, Ruan Jun staggered and stretched out her hand to pull Tao Ran's neck down. In this broad daylight, she kissed Zhou's CEO's mouth.

The audience went quiet for a while, and the sound of the wind blowing across the door was clearly audible.

Ruan Jun kissed Tao Ran hard, feeling the man's soft lips. His lips were soft and sweet, which didn't match his usual serious appearance. At this moment, she thought clearly, she really liked Zhou Jiayi, not only because of his collarbone.

She wants to be with this person, the idea has never been so strong.

The lady at the front desk thumped and fell down, and the other one was already crumbling, and the other one screamed in her heart: "Ahhhhh!!! She did what I always wanted to do!"

Tao Ran was kissed so aggressively by Ruan Jun, and his mind couldn't turn around for a while.

Ruan Jun kissed the other fiercely and it took her a long time to let go of that delicious lips. She began to gasp hard while Tao Ran then took a step back.

Ruan Jun stared at him and said: "Now you know, I have nothing to do with him. I like you, really really like you!"

Tao Ran reached out and touched his lips. It hurts. Is it broken?

Seeing that he was not speaking, Ruan Jun said more viciously: "Didn't you say that we are going to announce our relationship today, you announce it!"

Tao Ran sluggishly said, "Uh...Is this necessary?"

Ruan Jun stood next to Tao Ran in a few steps, put her hand on his and said, "Yes, I say it is."

"Okay." Tao Ran's mind is still a bit unclear. He looked at the people present and said: "This is the daughter of the Ruan Family Group called Ruan Jun, my girlfriend."


The women in the company who had a crush on Zhou Jiayi were heartbroken. It turned out that Mr. Zhou didn't not like women, he just liked this one.

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