Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 71: The Manic Queen [1]

In the back house of the palace, several concubines were sitting together and whispering among themselves. While they were talking, their eyes were looking at a room not far away. The door of the room was tightly closed, and it looked like there was no one inside.

"I don't know what luck he had, that the Prince had taken a fancy to him.”

"Yes, usually he looked so submissive, but I did not expect him to have such a seductive ability."

"Don't tell me it was just about looks. If the Prince is pampered, he will like him at once. Then he would give a daughter to the Prince, and he would soon become our master."

"Chi~ that boy?"

At this time, the protagonist of the conversation was lying on the bed.

It was a very large and gorgeous bed. This bed was enclosed in curtains made of the most precious gauze and embroidered with auspicious beasts and fairy grass. In the center of the room was an auspicious beast incense burner with green smoke curling up from it and burning precious incense.

A woman in black clothing entered the room. She looked stern and cold. She walked to the bed and stretched out a snow-white slender hand to lift a corner of the curtain. The beautiful young man on the bed, not wearing any clothes, was in full view. But her expression didn't change at all. It didn't look like she was about to enjoy the fun of fish and water, but was about to do something serious.

She looked at the teenager who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, and said coldly, "Get up."

The boy on the bed opened his eyes, looking very dazed.

She said again: "Serve this King to change clothes."

The boy's eyes were finally not so blank. He looked at the noblewoman at the side, and his pupils contracted slightly as if he had been frightened.

The woman who claimed to be the King said impatiently: "Are you deaf? How many times do I have to say this?"

Tao Ran had just experienced another world and barely had time to let Xiaomei clear his feelings when he opened his eyes and saw a woman standing by the bed looking at himself fiercely. What drove him crazy was that he wasn't wearing anything. He looked at the woman and imagined what kind of world he had come in to be in this situation?

Could it be another world of cultivation, and this was a lustful female devil in front of him, while he was one of her furnaces……..

Seeing Tao Ran's slow movements, the woman was originally very angry, but she suddenly curled her lips and smiled: "Are you playing tricks with this King? Do you want this King to spoil you and let you wear clothes?"

Tao Ran was still confused at the situation when the woman bent down and climbed onto the bed, lowering her head to kiss Tao Ran.

Tao Ran was taken aback. He hastily sat up, moved aside, and asked, "What do you want to do?"

The woman seemed a little annoyed and said: "What are you hiding for? Come here."

Tao Ran: "Let me put on my clothes first."

"Huh!" The woman stared at Tao Ran gloomily: "Don't be shameless. I was thinking of being gentle because it was your first time. This king has changed his mind now. This king will make you die in bed."

As she said that, she rushed towards Tao Ran. He was startled and said in his heart that he was also a woman, and it should be okay for a woman to beat a woman. Thinking of this, he kicked up while standing. The woman didn't expect him to be like this. He kicked her on her chest, and she flew out and fell to the ground.

The two mounds on her chest were about to break...

Tao Ran jumped off the bed and saw some clothes on the stool on one side, thinking that it should be his own. He quickly put the clothes on, walked towards the woman, and said, "Hey, are you okay? Why don't you get up?"

The woman finally came back to her senses, and she looked at Tao Ran. Her face gradually changed from bewilderment to shame and then from shame to anger. She roared: "You dare to do this to this king?"

Tao Ran: "This king?"

"Someone!" That king roared.

The door of the room was suddenly slammed open, and a bunch of tall, swarthy ...... women rushed in with a hula?

“Arrest this bitch and lock her up in the heavenly prison!"

When he was taken away, Tao Ran was still thinking in his heart: what is going on? How come his good self was arrested? Why was this place so strange? Why did that woman call herself the king? Why were all the guards female?

Xiaomei popped up and said, "Host, you are too impulsive, at least you should accept the plot before you act ah."

Tao Ran was dragged along while asking, "What's wrong?"

Xiaomei said, "You'd better get familiar with the plot first."

The plot was instilled in his mind. Tao Ran took a serious look and then almost spewed a mouthful of old blood.

This was a female deity world.

What was a female deity? It meant that women were superior to men, just like in ancient China. The only difference was that the women here were in command. Those who worked on the battlefield and engaged in politics were all women, and all those who weaved, embroidered, and taught children at home were men.

It was worth mentioning that here in this world, men were the ones who gave birth to children.

As he thought of this, Tao Ran couldn't help but tighten his chrysanthemum. A man giving birth to a child? How was it born? From where was it being born?

The male protagonist of this world was named Gu Yinglian, and the female protagonist named Xuanyuan Mo was the Emperor of Darong. And the vicious female partner Tao Ran wanted to reform was Xuanyuan Yan... Well, the name was a bit confusing. She was a Prince and was the one who was just kicked off the bed by Tao Ran just now.

Tao Ran covered his face; this time the mission was about to fail...

Gu Yinglian was a beauty known as the number one talented man in Darong, who loved the emperor Xuanyuan Mo with all his heart. Who knew that people were unlucky enough to drink cold water. When they went out to buy rouge, they were seen by Xuanyuan Yan, and she fell in love at first sight.

Xuanyuan Yan wanted to marry Gu Yinglian, but Gu Yinglian refused to agree. In a fit of anger, Xuanyuan Yan accused Gu Yinglian of not keeping his husband's way, arrested him, and sent him to jail.

Of course, he wasn't really caught and put in jail, but people walked in the jail for a cutscene, and a small sedan was sent to the palace. When Gu Yinglian arrived in the palace, it was akin to a sheep walking into the mouth of a tiger, but he was a proud man who would rather die than be defiled by Xuanyuan Yan. Xuanyuan Yan couldn't eat any meat, so in a rage, she sent him to jail again. She thought that when he could not endure the hardship, he would naturally come to her.

As for Emperor Xuanyuan Mo, she later learned that Gu Yinglian was suffering in jail, so she saved him, spoiled him, and scolded Xuanyuan Yan for him. Needless to say, Xuanyuan Yan became so angry that she became blackened and died tragically in the end.

Who made her a vicious female partner? This was all routine.

The person Tao Ran crossed over through was named Ye Tan. And there was no doubt, his name was like that of a cannon fodder. And his identity was also very special: he was a male favorite in Xuanyuan Yan's Mansion.

Tao Ran was sent to jail by a few tall and strong women and then rudely thrown into the cell. He rubbed his sore little arm and said in his heart that this one would really die before leaving the school, and he might burst into tears.

He got up from the ground, and when he turned his head, he was taken aback.

Because this was not a single cell, but a cell with many people. As soon as he turned his head, he saw more than a dozen pairs of eyes staring at him, and anyone being scrutinized like that would really panic.

It seemed that these were all his inmates. Tao Ran almost blurted out ‘My name is Steel Dan, I am from Montage…

 He stretched out his hand and shook it, "Hi?"

A group of shabby men stared at Tao Ran viciously.

One of them said good-naturedly: "Look at his clothes and look at his vixen look. I'm afraid that he was caught stealing a woman outside, right?"

"He looks like it, look at his slutty look."

"What I hate most is this kind of man who doesn't keep his husband’s way."

A group of men babbled and convicted Tao Ran there and then. The fattest man in the middle looked at the man who seemed like the eldest brother and said: "Newcomer, what crime did you commit to be sent in here?"

Tao Ran said, "Uh ...... I'm not really sure, probably because I just kicked the king?"


The group of men looked at each other, and finally, the eldest brother said angrily: “Shameless bitch, you’re already in here and still not being honest. Lao Tzu, no matter who you were before, you have been sent here to behave; come here and Lao Tzu will give you a lesson. It's better than Lao Tzu letting you go."

Tao Ran was inexplicably scolded and was very upset. He said, "What do you want?"

"Huh, how about it?" The elder brother waved his head and said: "Brothers, give him some color."

Then, a group of men rushed over. Tao Ran was really a little scared.

As mentioned earlier, the men of the female deity world were similar to the women of the ordinary world. How do women fight? Pulling hair, scratching face, tearing clothes, etc.

Tao Ran was really frightened at first. Watching a group of men rushing over, his mind was full of murderous movies like Shawshank's Redemption. In fear, he just beat all of them indiscriminately. He used all the martial arts he had learned in so many worlds and the fists and kicks of the Xianxia World. After a set of exercises, he felt that something was wrong. How can he play so smoothly?

After a while, there was a group of people lying on the ground.

The eldest brother lay on the ground and cried silently, " can you fight us like this? How can you fight this way? Wuuwu..."

Tao Ran looked at the group of big men lying on the ground crying, not to mention how uncomfortable they looked bawling. He squatted on the ground and said, "Okay, don't cry, aren’t men used to suffering?"

Brother: "Uuuuuuu, our men are really suffering, being bullied by women outside, and we are now being bullied in jail by you too."

No one would have expected such a result. After all, Tao Ran was really thin and tender compared to them. Who knew that this man who seemed to be so frail that one push could make him fall was so cruel in a fight.

Tao Ran said, "Who told you to bully me first? I just used self-defense. Okay, okay, don't cry, if you cry again, I'll walk until you can't cry. I even beat women, I'll do what I say."

Everyone was frightened and then stopped crying instantly. The fat elder brother with a doggy look, said: "Big brother, you will be our eldest brother from today!"

Tao Ran: "..."

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