Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 83: The Manic Queen [13]

Xuanyuan Yan's disobedience shocked the crowd. Old Six anxiously slapped her thighs. Her heart scolded her cheap mouth. ‘Why did you tell her about the horrors of a big wedding? Now she is so scared that she is willing to die rather than get married.’

Tao Ran remembered that there was also a paragraph in the novel. Xuanyuan Mo in order to break Xuanyuan Yan's mind, gave marriage to her younger sister. At that time the villain Xuanyuan Yan had already blackened and she started to go against Xuanyuan Mo deliberately. Relying on the fact that Xuanyuan Mo would not really kill her, she firmly refused to marry. Hence the conflict between the sisters further deepened.

Tao Ran's lips trembled as he asked Xiaomei: "Xuanyuan Yan has blackened? My mission has failed?"

Xiaomei rubbed her big belly and said: "No, all indexes are normal and there is no sign of blackening."

Why disobey the edict if she hadn’t blackened? Was it because she was deeply in love with Gu Yinglian that she was unwilling to marry even without blackening?

Tao Ran's and Xuanyuan Mo’s mood at this time was quite similar. Both wanted to slap Xuanyuan Yan, and then open up her brain to see what she really wanted.

Xuanyuan Mo sitting on the Dragon chair was angry beyond words and Tao Ran who was sitting below was also very angry. Feeling the slight chilly air around him, Gu Yinglian couldn't help but to turn his head and saw that Tao Ran was so angry that he turned his eyes away.

Xuanyuan Yan also saw Tao Ran's angry appearance and thought Tao Ran didn't want her to marry the Prince. Though he never expresses his feelings well, at the crucial moment, Tao Ran really cared about her. She turned her head slightly and smiled at Tao Ran.

Tao Ran immediately wanted to explode. At this time, he was still loyal to Gu Yinglian. If it's not for the task, who cares about your life and death!

Xuanyuan Mo was angry for a long time. Finally, the Empress came out to make things better and the topic was temporarily closed.

Xuanyuan Yan thought that she had won and sat back complacently and continued to drink with her sisters. After drinking for a while, Xuanyuan Mo went out on the pretext of changing her clothes. Tao Ran was also too angry to sit down, and intended to go out and take a walk to calm down. As soon as Tao Ran went out, Xuanyuan Yan followed him out, thinking that she would like to see how happy Ye Tan, this little white eyed wolf, would be now.

The three people went out like this. Tao Ran unknowingly walked to the Imperial garden, to the place where the two of them had messed around last time in the flower garden. There were no flowers now, only dead wood and branches. Tao Ran stood still and felt that he might fail in his mission this time, all because of Xuanyuan Yan, who made her own deathbed and brought Tao Ran along.

Xuanyuan Yan saw Tao Ran from afar, she jauntily walked over and asked: "Why are you standing here? Are you waiting for this King?"

Tao Ran turned around and saw her and advised, "Why don't you agree to the marriage? I see that the prince is very good-looking. Your sin won’t be forgiven by Her Majesty.”

Xuanyuan Yan laughed, "It's nothing. The Imperial Sister will not do anything to this king because of this."

Tao Ran wanted to say, 'you are so naive. Your imperial sister is actually a Tyrannosaurus Rex in wolf skin. She will suddenly and violently eat people at any time.' Tao Ran couldn't help but analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Xuanyuan Yan, and wanted her to find out who was so powerful that she lost her way.

Xuanyuan Yan felt very impatient. She had done everything for Ye Tan. But instead of feeling happy and grateful, he advised her to get married. Xuanyuan Yan, let out a long breath and left in a sulk.

During the process of returning to the Royal residence, both of them were angry, both thought they were right, both thought they were justified. Tao Ran felt as a passerby in this world so he should not be haggling every ounce with Xuanyuan Yan who was a native of this world. He decided he needed to change his strategy in the next world. The passive strategy of counting on the female villain to change herself needs to be changed. If he encountered another hard to chew bone like Xuanyuan Yan, then he couldn’t guarantee on completing the task.

When they returned to the King's residence, Xuanyuan Yan aggressively dragged Tao Ran to her room and she said angrily: "How dare you talk back to this king. You dare to show your face to the king, you bold thing, see how the king will teach you a lesson."

After saying that she moved roughly and tore Tao Ran's clothes.

Tao Ran coldly said: "You really want to do this?"

"What's wrong with this King doing it?" Xuanyuan Yan said with a manic face, "You must remember your identity, you are only a concubine of this King. If you are a concubine, you should do your duty as a concubine!"

Tao Ran laughed back in anger and said: "Isn't it my duty to be a concubine? I will give you my duty!"

After saying that he turned from being passive to active, reached out and pushed Xuanyuan Yan onto the bed with force. Xuan yuan Yan smashed on the bed, causing her to cry out in pain. Tao Ran rushed at her and tore Xuanyuan Yan's clothes in a way that was even more rude than Xuanyuan Yan had just done.

Xuanyuan Yan was pinned underneath him and was on a rampage, "Let go of this King! How dare you do this to the king!"

"Don't touch this king!"

"This king ...... hurts ......"

"Woo woo woo woo ...... you think ...... woo woo woo ...... this King ...... woo woo ...... does not dare to kill you ......"

Tao Ran's eyes flashed with a trace of ferocity, and then he used more force. Tears streamed out of Xuanyuan Yan’s eyes, "this king wants to see your head wooo woooo ......"

"You animal, be gentler!"

"It hurts ...... woo woo ......"

The next morning, Xuanyuan Yan woke up in pain. As soon as she moved, her whole body screamed in pain. Thinking about what she went through last night, Xuanyuan Yan could not help but shed two lines of heartbreaking tears. What sins did she commit? She not only could not enjoy the blissfulness her sisters enjoyed but was also bullied by this white-eyed wolf. Bullied until her waist was sore and her leg had cramps. Even sleeping all night could not help her recover.

The more Xuanyuan Yan thought about it, the more she felt pitiful, aggrieved, and then she saw Tao Ran who was sleeping on the side. In that instant, countless resentments were turned into a celestial kick, Xuanyuan Yan kicked Tao Ran to the ground and said angrily: "You still have the face to sleep?"

Tao Ran woke up in the air for the first time in his life. As soon as he woke up, he landed on his face. He got up with his face covered, and was scolded by Xuanyuan Yan. Finally Xuanyuan Yan asked: "Do you think this king really does not dare to do anything to you? Come on, let me put him ......"

After thinking about whether she wanted to behead him or not, Xuan yuan Yan said: "Put him in the Sky Prison!"

Tao Ran, who didn't sleep well, was still a little confused. He said, "At least let me put on my clothes."

Xuanyuan Yan looked at him angrily, "You ...... wear it quickly!"

Yesterday was New Year's Eve, and the food in the Sky Prison was improved for one day. Previously due to his Big Brother status being taken away by Tao Ran, the fat brother took a long time to establish his prestige again. He said: "How many people can steal my big brother's position? After this time, I will probably be the big brother forever."

On the morning of the first day of the new year, he finished his breakfast with a smug look on his face, and then watched his brothers eat the food that was left-over from what he had eaten. A feeling of complacency filled his chest, this is probably the so-called heroic feelings, right?

Then he vaguely heard the sound of someone walking over, he thought to himself ‘how come the guards are so diligent today, usually they won’t come over until at least noon?’

He saw a few jailers leading a man over. The man was thin, dressed in luxury, the skin exposed looked soft and unbroken, looking like a teenager who had never suffered. But the eldest brother didn't dare to despise him. Even when he came over, his face showed a look of despair.

The jailer opened the cell door and said to Tao Ran, "Go in."

Tao Ran walked into the familiar cell and the minions were stunned.

The fat elder brother said incredulously, "Big ...... brother, why did you come in again?"

Tao Ran looked at him and said: "can’t I miss you?"

Nooooooooooooooo ...... big brother please don't miss me ......

Tao Ran had a crazy night yesterday, and now his body has some after-effects. He sat down on the bed and said: "Come and give me a shoulder massage."

So in full view of everyone, their brutal big brother, shaking all his fat, went to Tao Ran, the new big brother. Like a small daughter-in-law, he gave a shoulder massage.

Fat brother looked up and couldn’t help but tear up. His grief overflowing like a river. Now his big brother dignity could never be established again.

Xuanyuan Yan put Tao Ran into the Sky prison. She was a little depressed. She said to herself, ‘can I not live happily without that white-eyed wolf concubine?’

She felt at her peak for two days, so she decided to spoil the male concubines in the courtyard. She asked the housekeeper to summon five male concubines at once, and Xuanyuan Yan proudly thought, 'Even if the quality of individual concubines is not up to par, the King can win by quantity.'

The male concubines came one by one, happily dressed up, and Xuanyuan Yan leaned over the bed, looked at the male concubines standing in a row, and said: "Let's begin."

The male concubines lowered their heads shyly, reached out and undressed themselves, then climbed onto the bed one by one with red faces. After that they laid down on the bed, straightened up and waited for Xuanyuan Yan to pamper them.

Xuanyuan Yan immediately felt a bit bored, but she thought she must not give in, she had to prove to Ye Tan that she could gallop into battle without him.

She asked coldly: "What are you doing lying still one by one? Why don't you come over quickly?"

The male concubines became even more shy, one by one with anticipation and shyness, sat up to help Xuanyuan Yan undress. The woman's soft skin and heady scent was revealed. The male concubines were very affected, all of them letting out a low wail and then laying down softly with their red bodies.

Xuanyuan Yan: "......" this day has not developed as expected.

"All of you scram!" Xuanyuan Yan covered her face and said: "Get out of here, this King does not want to see you!"

The five male concubines who were full of expectation for the spring time, suddenly heard Xuanyuan Yan say so, and were all panicked and asked: "Your Majesty, what did we do wrong?"

"You guys are too ...... get lost, do not speak anything ......"

The concubines were taken away by the housekeeper. Xuanyuan Yan laid on the bed and rolled over vigorously, and then took the quilt to cover her head. Her heart said she was probably finished, being clutched in the hands of that little demon.

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