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Chapter 85: The Manic Queen [15]

Xuanyuan Yan stood by the bed, looking at the Imperial physician who had closed his eyes and was checking Tao Ran’s pulse carefully, and said anxiously, " Prescribe the medicine quickly. Is it all good? With such high fever, would it affect the brain?”

The two physicians examined Tao Ran's pulse. After listening to Xuanyuan Yan's words, they looked at each other. Then one of the physicians said: "If it was a common cold and fever, I'd have prescribed medicine for this gentleman, but this sir’s symptoms are not due to any disease."

"It's not a disease?" Xuanyuan Yan was stunned. "What do you mean?"

"Lord, have you ever heard of a tonic circulated in the court of the previous dynasty, called Rejuvenation pill. People who have been ill for a long time can gradually recover from their illness, and ordinary people can take it to strengthen their health. But this medicine has one characteristic, that is, it must be taken regularly every two months, otherwise they will be poisoned and die of high fever."

Xuanyuan Yan looked at Tao Ran and asked: "Is that a tonic or poison?"

"It's one-third of the poison. It's very effective but also toxic." The Imperial Physician shook his head and said: "This gentleman’s symptoms are due to the poisoning of the Rejuvenation pill. He needs to take the Rejuvenation pill in the next two days, otherwise even the Great Gods will not be able to save him."

The Imperial physician was sent out by the housekeeper, and Xuanyuan Yan sat by Tao Ran's bed. The Imperial physician thought she knew nothing about this poison, but in fact, she knew about this poison more than ten years ago.

She was only nine years old that year, the husband consort and the Emperor Mother were harmonious and hence she was very happy in the Palace and could be very carefree. Other royal daughters’ fathers had low status and were afraid of her, and those who were born well were not as happy as she was, so there were few sisters and brothers who played well with her, Xuanyuan Mo was one of them.

Xuanyuan Mo, who was five years older than her, has been very calm since childhood. She liked Xuanyuan Yan, a lively and non threatening sister. She often played with Xuanyuan Yan after reading.

At that time, the general of Hussars defeated the grassland tribe. The Khan in Huyan was heartbroken and was willing to pay tribute to Her majesty.

Among the 100 beauties, the Mother emperor only liked one of them, that is, Kajinka, Prince of Huyan. It was said that he was so beautiful that people couldn't help being bewitched at a glance. He was the most beautiful man in the world. Nine year old Xuanyuan Yan was so curious that she took Xuanyuan Mo and quietly sneaked into the Yilan hall where Kajinka was located to see the legendary peerless beauty.

That night, just outside the Yilan Palace, it was raining heavily, and the two sisters quietly went to Kajinka's bedchamber. When they found it, they learned that the mother emperor had also come.

In the dim light of Yilan hall, a person was kneeling on the ground and was crying. Only his back could be seen. His voice was hoarse like a ghost.

They saw their mother sitting on a chair, looking at the kneeling person with a cold and unmoved look. She took out a pill and said: "Take it, I will spoil you for a long time."

The man on the ground stopped crying and said: "I, Kajinka, was a bird of prey on the grassland, preferring to die freely rather than to live meticulously. You lied to me and made me eat the Rejuvenation Pill, just because you covet my beauty but don’t trust me. Then I'd better die. You can rest assured of a dead man."

Then Kajinka's body slowly prostrated on the ground, and gradually there was no sound.

From beginning to end, Xuanyuan Yan didn't see his face. She and Xuanyuan Mo hid behind the screen and covered their mouths, watching the Mother Emperor holding Huichun pill and coldly watching the gorgeous man die.

At that moment, the mother emperor's former kindness and reliability went away. The young Xuanyuan Yan saw for the first time the Emperor’s coldness. She didn't understand, if the Mother Emperor really liked Prince Huyan, why did she give him such a deadly poison.

Similarly, she didn't understand why Xuanyuan Mo drugged Ye Tan, and then sent him to her side.

She had no desire for power and has been idle for many years. What was there to be uneasy about such a prince? Xuanyuan Yan's mind was full of thoughts. Finally, she took a look at Tao Ran with a high fever in bed. She stood up, opened the door and stood at the door.

It was snowing. It was spring, yet it was snowing.

The housekeeper came and said: "Lord, why have you not worn an outer robe? It is very cold. You might catch a cold.”

Xuanyuan Yan asked: "Where's my Imperial robe?"

Housekeeper: "I have kept it inside, Lord. It's not the day to go to court."

"Take it out." Xuanyuan Yan said: "this King will go into the palace and have an audience with the Emperor Sister."

Gu Yinglian walked towards the imperial study room with a big belly. These days, Xuanyuan Mo always makes excuses not to come to Fuxi palace to find himself. He didn't know if the child would miss her mother?

When he walked to the imperial study, from time to time many people came and went in a hurry.

What was the matter?

A man knelt in front of Xuanyuan Mo and said: "Your Majesty, His Highness King Yue is coming towards the palace."

Xuanyuan Mo: "Did she bring anyone with her?"

"His Highness is alone."

Xuanyuan Mo: "Did she bring any weapons?"

"Your Highness, she is empty-handed."

Xuanyuan Mo was silent for a moment and said: "Step back. If there is anything wrong with her, send her to the Zongren's house."


Xuanyuan Yan got down from the carriage, then walked alone step by step towards the palace.

Today she came not only for Ye Tan, but also for herself. Those who could get such attention from a monarch would usually die fast. She came here to understand what she had done wrong. She wanted to understand what was the reason to hurt Ye Tan so much.

Gu Yinglian saw Xuanyuan Yan wearing a dark imperial suit and solemnly entering the Imperial study. Once upon a time, he saw Xuanyuan Yan with a lusty face. It was his first time seeing such a Xuanyuan Yan.

His curiosity could not be suppressed, so Gu Yinglian couldn't help approaching.

Xuanyuan Mo sat on the Imperial throne and watched her sister who grew up together, walk step-by-step towards her, then knelt in front of her and saluted respectfully.

"This minister pays my respects to my Emperor, long live my Emperor."

Xuanyuan Mo's expression remained unchanged, and the white jade coronet hanging down from her crown trembled gently, obscuring her expression.


Xuanyuan Yan straightened up, still knelt on the ground and said: "I dare not rise."


"I know I have done something wrong and angered Your majesty. My crime is unforgivable. I dare not rise before Your Majesty punishes me."

Xuanyuan Mo still said expressionlessly, "What crime have you committed?"

"I don't know." Xuanyuan Yan suddenly looked up and looked directly into Xuanyuan Mo's eyes. "I know I have committed an unforgivable crime and I am willing to accept the punishment. Today, I came to see Your Majesty to ask Your Majesty what crime I have committed."

Xuanyuan Mo said: "Since you don't know, why do you plead guilty?"

Xuanyuan Yan said: "My concubine, Ye Tan, suddenly became seriously ill today. The Imperial Physician said that he was poisoned by the Rejuvenation pill. I think your Majesty knows better than I do about this poison and where it is. I only have him as my beloved concubine in all these years, and I usually can't be beaten or scolded, so I can't rest my heart if I caused him to be like this. Please tell me what I have done wrong."

Xuanyuan Mo has been listening quietly until this time, and she suddenly sighed: "Today suddenly you call me Your Majesty and yourself as a minister, but you won't call me an Imperial sister?"

Xuanyuan Yan was touched in her heart and remembered her deep sisterhood in the past, but she soon woke up and said without any emotion: "I dare not be presumptuous in front of Your Majesty."

So Xuanyuan Mo, who was slightly emotional, also looked cold and recovered into the appearance of the cold Emperor.

Gu Yinglian went to the door of imperial study. The little maid-in-waiting at the door said: "Princess Lian, Your Majesty is talking to the prince."

Gu Yinglian said: "Your Majesty didn't avoid me when he saw other princes before. Can't you do it today? Let me in."

The little maid-in-waiting didn't know anything. She thought that concubine Lian was the most favoured in all of the six palaces. Her Majesty once said that she would see concubine Lian at any time as long as she wanted to. The little maid-in-waiting only hesitated for a moment, before she let Gu Yinglian in.

As soon as Gu Yinglian entered the outer Hall of the Imperial study, he heard Xuanyuan Mo's voice say, "What about Gu Yinglian? What's the relationship between you and Gu Yinglian?"

Gu Yinglian was shocked and stopped in place.

Xuanyuan Yan said: "What relationship can this minister have with Prince Lian? I don't think it's because I wanted to marry Consort Lian, who was not yet a bride, that Your Majesty treated me this way? The only one to blame for this matter is that Your Majesty did not express her thoughts about Concubine Lian earlier. What fault is it that I love a man without a master?"

"Ok." Xuanyuan Mo said: "I ask you, what happened when you said you had a skin relationship with concubine Lian that day?"

Xuanyuan Yan said: "Your Majesty knows better than anyone whether concubine Lian was a virgin when he entered the palace. The reason why this minister said that was because she was in the private room of the Hundred Flower building that day..."

Xuanyuan Yan said what happened that day, and then said: "I still say that, at that time, Gu Yinglian was not a concubine, and Your Majesty had never expressed her mind. The minister can only be regarded as innocent."

Xuanyuan Mo closed her eyes and asked: "What about the New Year's Eve banquet? Why did you refuse to get married, and why did you look at Yinglian, and then went out to talk to Princess Lian?"

Xuanyuan Yan looked at Xuanyuan Mo and thought it was incredible. Today, in the Imperial sister, there was no shadow of the sister she knew since her childhood. Xuanyuan Yan said: "I refused to marry because I was afraid that I would be wronged if I had a concubine in the family. I didn't look at concubine Lian, but I looked at Ye Tan who was sitting around concubine Lian. As for going out to meet concubine Lian later, it was nothing like that. I didn't see Gu Yinglian at all except at the banquet that day."

Gu Yinglian's body was unstable and he stretched out his hands to hold the pillar around him. It turned out that the Majesty who loved him so much had so many doubts about himself. Were all the sweet times they had together was just an illusion?

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