Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 87: The Manic Queen [17]

Tao Ran walked away and suddenly felt something. When he looked back, he saw Xuanyuan Yan was crying alone.

In Tao Ran's heart, Xuanyuan Yan was different from the previous female counterparts. Although she is a woman, she is now essentially similar to men in other worlds. Therefore, Tao Ran has always lacked patience and tolerance that he usually had when treating the other female partners. He always had a feeling that a woman in a female deity oriented world would not be very fragile.

At this time, when looking at Xuanyuan Yan he felt his heart move. It felt like something deeply buried would break through, but in the end, it didn’t break out. He didn't understand why Xuanyuan Yan was crying. If it was just because of a child, she didn't have to.

Tao Ran still walked away, ignoring the expectation that Xuanyuan Yan had just flashed.

In this world either men or women, whether in a female oriented or male oriented world, we all drift in this world looking for a stable place. People who are destined to meet together, people who support each other's lives, and people who give birth to the continuation of their lives, this kind of generation is passed on, and what is left behind is definitely not just life.

Xuanyuan Yan felt that if a person really came to a place that made him feel at ease, he wouldn't mind having his own child. Ye Tan resisted having a child so much that she could only say that this place or herself could not make him feel at ease.

The person who caused this situation was herself. Her regret, heartache and helplessness seeped into the bones and blood and gathered in her heart, and then she started to slowly torture herself.

The miraculous physicians in the Palace were sent away, and Xuanyuan Yan wandered around Tao Ran as usual. If you know he likes delicious food, try every means to get it for him. If you know he likes to enjoy it, create the most comfortable rocking chair and big bed for him. Afraid that he would be bored, she collected countless interesting things for him. Everyone in the capital came to know that, King of Yue, Xuanyuan Yan had changed her temper and was seduced by a concubine in her family.

In the Fu Xi Palace, since the miscarriage of Princess Lian more than a year ago, he has been sick and not well. Everyone knew that Princess Lian had shut the Emperor out. Everyone in the palace, those who were acting friendly and those who were envious, were waiting for Gu Yinglian to lose favour.

But unexpectedly, the Emperor not only did not blame Gu Yinglian, nor did he alienate him because of this, but instead, she ran to Fu Xi Palace every day for more than a year. Even if she couldn't go in, she would stand at the entrance of the Palace for a while.

Gradually, the people in the Palace understood that the always merciless Sire was really in love with Princess Lian. The concubines were jealous and afraid, before she was a heartless Emperor although cold, but ultimately would not favor only one. But Xuanyuan Mo was moved by true love. So now, she would rather stand in front of the door of Fu Xi Palace in the cold blowing wind, rather than go to the concubines in the tender land of pleasure.

Gu Yinglian was lying in the Fuxi palace. The month of confinement after childbirth had made him weak and sick all the time. In addition, he was unable to get out of the shadow of losing his child, and his condition was getting worse and worse.

It was spring again. A few days ago, Xuanyuan Mo took Gu Yinglian's parents to the Palace just to make Gu Yinglian happy. Gu Yinglian was really happy. He got up early that morning. He leaned against the bed and the servant-in-waiting helped him wash.

Gu Yinglian felt that the depression in his chest seemed to have dissipated a little, he had some strength in his body, as he heard the birds chirping outside. He asked the man-in-waiting, "What time of the year is it? Why do I seem to hear the sound of birds chirping?"

"Replying back to My Lord, it is almost April. The flowers outside have been blooming for a long time, and the birds have all flown back from the south."

"Is that so? It's already April." Gu Yinglian suddenly smiled lightly and said, "The flowers are all in bloom in April, the flowers will all be thankful in April."

The valet helped Gu Yinglian comb and tie his hair and said, "Master, you look much better today."

"Really?" Gu Yinglian had a hunch in his heart.

He hadn't seen Xuanyuan Mo in this year, a large part of the reason was because he had been sick, sometimes so sick and confused that he couldn't think good of Xuanyuan Mo. Now sober, he thought, as the Ruler of a country, even if she made a big mistake, she should have a chance to be forgiven after more than a year of rain and wind.

He sometimes thought that if he had not been curious and eavesdropped on the Imperial study that day, his daughter would have learned to speak now. Xuanyuan Mo always doubted himself, but she kept it from him. If he didn't hear it, maybe he would be cheated by Xuanyuan Mo all his life. Perhaps ignorance was also bliss.

The servant showed a difficult expression and finally made up his mind and asked, "Master, Her Majesty is here again, still not opening the door?"

Gu Yinglian was immersed in his own mind, he froze for a while after hearing the words and suddenly said, "Let her in, I haven't seen her for a long time either."

"Ai!" The servant found that Gu Yinglian wanted to open the door, and joyfully ran out to invite Xuanyuan Mo in.

Today Xuanyuan Mo was wearing a black robe, with her black hair all tied behind her head. This year she has lost a lot of weight. It seemed to have become a habit to stand at the entrance of Fu Xi Palace. As long as she stood here, thinking that her beloved one was only a wall away from her, her heart would be quiet.

The main Palace lady said: "Your Majesty, You've been standing for an hour today. It's time to go to Imperial study."

"Oh." looking at the unknown bird on the wall, Xuanyuan Mo questioned, "Why do I feel I've just arrived?"

The main Palace maid smiled, "Your Majesty, you like to stand here, let alone for an hour. Even if you stand for a day, you won't feel tired."

Xuanyuan Mo smiled and turned to leave.

Suddenly there was a sound of opening the door behind her. A servant poked his head out and said happily, "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, wait a minute."

Xuanyuan Mo turned around.

"The master has promised to see Her Majesty."

When Xuanyuan Mo turned back again, she was already standing by Gu Yinglian's bed. Gu Yinglian gently gathered his hair, slightly bowed his head and said, "This concubine has been ill for a year, and his face has long gone."

"Where is it?" Xuanyuan Mo looked at his pale face and said earnestly, "You are exactly the same as before."

Gu Yinglian smiled happily, and his pale cheeks seemed to be tinged with sweet red as he said, "Thinking carefully about this year, this concubine has been too capricious. You are the Son of Heaven, how can this concubine treat you like an ordinary person."

Xuanyuan Mo was filled with joy. She sat by the bed and reached out to caress Gu Yinglian's face. "As long as you like, you can do whatever you want. I'm willing to indulge you all my life."

Gu Yinglian was a little embarrassed, "In fact, this concubine should have told Your Majesty long ago, I have liked Your Majesty since I was outside the palace. That day on the street, this concubine was disturbed by a couplet and it just so happened that my handkerchief was blown away by the wind. When the handkerchief was brought back, there was a wonderful couplet written on it. Your Majesty thought this concubine did not know, but this concubine actually saw the handkerchief fly to your shoulder."

Remembering that Xuanyuan Mo couldn't help smiling and said, "So you knew all along. I saw a young man in the street that day worrying about a couplet for a long time. I was thinking of hastily going to remind him but didn’t want to be rude. As a result, the wind knew my mind and sent your handkerchief."

The two people looked at each other, the meeting of the emotions, a thousand words into a simple smile.

Xuanyuan Mo said: "Later, I had been looking for you. I thought if I found you, I would never let you go. With wind as a matchmaker for us, I believed you wouldn’t be without affection for me."

The sweet red on Gu Yinglian's face quickly faded, and his eyes began to grow dim, but there was no shortage of emotion in them. Gu Yinglian suddenly fell into tears and said, "If only everything had been made clear earlier, if only I hadn't heard those words at the beginning, how good it would have been."

"It doesn't matter if we start over now." Xuanyuan Mo wrapped her arm around Gu Yinglian and said, "I was wrong, I have been thinking about you all the time this year. You get your body well, we can still have many Imperial children."

Gu Yinglian's eyes were wide, it was as if there was a dimness in front of him, even Xuanyuan Mo's face was not clear. He haphazardly reached out to touch Xuanyuan Mo's face.Xuanyuan Mo asked: "Yinglian, what's wrong with you?"

Gu Yinglian felt as if he couldn’t breathe. He said hoarsely, "How can you doubt me? How can you doubt me..."

Xuanyuan Mo:"I was wrong, I will definitely not in the future."

"How can you doubt me... I entered the palace for you..."

Gu Yinglian trembled and was out of breath. Xuanyuan Mo was startled and shouted, "Hurry, call the physician. Yinglian, Yinglian..."

More than a year of lingering sickness has long burned out Gu Yinglian's life, when the return of light seemed to end, Xuanyuan Mo was again blinded by worry.

"How can you doubt me? How can you... My child..."

At a loss, Xuanyuan Mo hugged Gu Yinglian and said softly, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, the Imperial physician is coming. Hold on for a while, hold on for a while..."

Gu Yinglian suddenly said, "You must never doubt me again."

"En, never, I never will." Xuanyuan Mo promised.

Then Gu Yinglian closed his eyes as if he were satisfied, and there was a slight smile around his mouth.

"Er..." Xuanyuan Mo's mind suddenly went blank, not wanting anything, unable to say anything. She just looked at Gu Yinglian, looking at his pale and quiet face.

The surrounding sounds were chaotic, as if someone was crying, as if someone said something about mourning. Xuanyuan Mo knew nothing. She could not hear anything. There was something suffocating her chest, and then she blacked out and knew nothing.

It was also the season of March and April. The flowers in the capital were in full bloom, and the whole city seemed to be filled with all kinds of flower fragrance.

Xuanyuan Mo rarely went out of the Palace in plain clothes. She walked to a place where the crowd had gathered. It was at the door of a bookstore. The boss had put one part of the couplet at the door. He said that as long as someone says the correct lower couplet, he would give away four treasures.

Many people eagerly tried, only to fail, and only one young man stood stubbornly in front of the couplet. The sun shone on his side face, reflecting the light fluff on his face. Looking at him, Xuanyuan Mo's irritability and pressure for many days were swept away. How could there be such a lovely person in the world?

Xuanyuan Mo looked at him like this until a handkerchief with fragrance blew onto her shoulder.

That fragrant smell, for a moment, was comparable to all the flowers over the city.

Xuanyuan Mo woke up from the coma. Her hair was gray overnight, but she was only thirty years old.

After that, the Emperor did not go to court for seven days in a row. The civil and military forces of the Manchu Dynasty talked about it one after another. They all said that the demon imperial concubine confused the Lord. Even if he died, Her Majesty's mind was not in government affairs.

Folk rumors were different. Many scholars wrote a sentimental love story between Her Majesty and the Imperial Concubine. After seeing it, many men in the boudoir were fascinated for a moment and wanted to find a wife, who was as infatuated as Her Majesty.

Tao Ran heard the news in the Palace and sighed.

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