Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 73: The Manic Queen [3]

Speaking of this, Xuanyuan Yan said with pity: "Is my Yinglian not eating yet? He’s really pitiful."

The sky prison guard shook her head and then said, "In fact, Gu gonzi ate something!"

Xuanyuan Yan: "Huh?"

"Ye Tan even persuaded him to eat after eating Gu gonzi’s dishes. Gu gonzi seemed to be persuaded by him and had a bowl of rice today."

Xuanyuan Yan's mind was a little dizzy. Gu Yinglian didn't eat when so many people coaxed him to eat. Now, a person who robbed him of his food persuaded him, and he ate it. What was going on?

Xuanyuan Yan thought about it for a long time and finally felt that this should be a competitive effect. Usually, the food was only for that one person, so whether he liked to eat or not was up to him. Once a person appeared to grab his food from him, he subconsciously wanted to eat. It must be so. Xuanyuan Yan felt that she was simply too smart.

She thought that if Gu Yinglian was robbed of food every day, he would be uncomfortable, then he would not be able to stand it, and then he would want to ask for help. In this way, wouldn't her goal be achieved?

The more Xuanyuan Yan thought about it, the more she felt that this was the case and was impressed by her own wisdom in her heart. She said: "You put Ye Tan and Gu Yinglian in one cell and prepare their meals every day the same as when they were alone. This king doesn't believe that he can stand it for long."

The subordinate from the sky prison didn't know what effect this would have on Gu Yinglian, but the prince was the prince, and other mortals were not the same, she only needed to do as instructed.

Then, after she returned to the prison, she moved Tao Ran to Gu Yinglian's cell.

Tao Ran entered Gu Yinglian's room with a dazed expression in the eyes of the little brothers. Gu Yinglian was also very confused and said: "Why are you here?"

Tao Ran: "Maybe this is the arrangement of fate."

Gu Yinglian was happy that Tao Ran could come. He was like a little girl who saw her little sister, and he said joyfully: "It's great that you can come. I'm bored by myself."

Tao Ran was intimately pulled by his hand and pulled to the bed to sit down. Gu Yinglian said, "I've been here for so long. Except for a word about not eating at dinner time, basically I haven't said anything else."

Tao Ran said, "Why don't you talk to others?"

Gu Yinglian said shyly: "The jailers are all women. How can I, a man, talk to a woman? This is not reasonable."

When Tao Ran talked to him, he felt a sense of violation in his heart. He said, "Aren't they all men in the cell next door?"

"This..." Gu Yinglian was a little embarrassed: "They are so vulgar, I have nothing to say to them."

Tao Ran: "..."

Gu Yinglian said: "Oh, thinking about it, I think they are quite pitiful. A man is so rude, and he doesn't even have the softness that a man should have. I think he can't find any good women, right?"

Tao Ran's cheek twitched fiercely, speechless. Gu Yinglian seemed to be unable to stop talking, and he said: "What about you? Seeing that you have such a mark, you don't look like someone who has done bad things. How could you be locked in?"

"I am." Tao Ran thought for a while and said: "A woman forced me to do it with her. I didn't agree and kicked her, so she locked me in here."

"What? So abominable?" Gu Yinglian's face flushed with anger, "She’s a beast, even more a beast than Xuanyuan Yan."

After he finished speaking, Tao Ran said, "Not more of a beast than Xuanyuan Yan."

"It's not like that." Gu Yinglian said, "No matter how much of a beast Xuanyuan Yan is, she didn't do anything to me. The person who bullied you was more of a beast than her."

"No, no, it's really not more brutal than Xuanyuan Yan." Tao Ran said, "The person who forced me is Xuanyuan Yan."

Gu Yinglian: "..."

Gu Yinglian was stunned, and he said in a daze, "Didn't she say she only liked me?"

"Do you believe the nonsense women speak?" Tao Ran spoke more nonsense: "She also said she liked me, but also very affectionately called me little heart and little baby, saying she liked me the most."

Gu Yinglian was stunned for a long time. Originally, he thought Xuanyuan Yan liked him at least, but he liked Xuanyuan Mo, so he refused her. Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Yan was a woman with a human face and a shameless heart. She said that she liked him not long ago, but it didn't take long to call others to be careful of her baby. It was too much.

Gu Yinglian was so angry that he said: "Xuanyuan Yan is simply the most disgusting person in the world, I...I won't succumb to her even if I die."

After speaking, he took Tao Ran's hand and said, "You must not give in to her. Let's go on a hunger strike from today."

Tao Ran jerked his hand away and said: "I am different from you. My family has no money and no power. In case I make her angry, she will kill me. I am young, and I still have a lot of food to eat and still a lot of money to spend. I don’t want to die."

Gu Yinglian felt Tao Ran was really pitiful, and Xuanyuan Yan was too bad. He patted his chest and said, "Don't worry, I will protect you. She will not dare treat you badly with me."

"Really?" Tao Ran's eyes rolled: "If something happens to me, you must ignore Xuanyuan Yan for the rest of your life, and you will hate her to the bones, right?"

"Of course." Gu Yinglian took Tao Ran's hand and said, "We are the best brothers. If something happens to you, I will not only hate her, but I will also avenge you."

"What a good brother." Tao Ran was almost laughing to death. Today, he suddenly entered Gu Yinglian's cell, which must have been ordered by Xuanyuan Yan, meaning that Xuanyuan Yan had been monitoring Gu Yinglian. What he said to Gu Yinglian today would definitely be told to Xuanyuan Yan word by word. As long as Xuanyuan Yan still wanted to get Gu Yinglian, she would not do anything to him.

In the palace, Xuanyuan Yan smashed an antique vase from the front, and she furiously said: "What do you mean by me forcing him? Why would I call him to be careful, baby?"

The little people knelt on the ground and dared not move.

"What does he mean to make you not only hate her but also avenge you when something happens?"

Xuanyuan Yan said with a grim expression: "How will you get revenge? How do you want to get revenge? I'm so good to you, yet you want revenge on me for a male pet?"

The butler looked worried and said, "Your Majesty, calm your anger. Be careful of your precious body."

"This king... my heart is bitter." Xuanyuan Yan stretched out her hand to beat her chest, but she hit the part that Tao Ran kicked last time, and her expression was distorted with pain.

She felt even worse...

"Someone, come inside." Xuanyuan Yan said, "Bring some medicine."

The steward said: "Your Majesty, is your injury not healed? Should we go into the palace and ask Her Majesty to give medicine?”

"Absolutely not." Xuanyuan Yan said, "Sister Emperor will definitely ask me how I was injured. Can I say that I was kicked by a little bitch? Isn't it embarrassing to say it?"

The steward was silent. She knew that Ye Tan was the most timid and fearful, and his body was still weak. Nevertheless, the prince could be kicked by him; it was really a shame to say it out loud.

The more Xuanyuan Yan thought about it, the more she couldn't swallow her anger. She said, "Go, go to the sky prison and bring that little bitch back to me. I want to see how he can still talk nonsense in front of this king."


Tao Ran was eating Gu Yinglian's special meal in the cell. Several jail guards came over and opened the door of the cell: "Ye Tan, come out, the king wants to see you."

Gu Yinglian grabbed Tao Ran's hand, and Tao Ran looked like he was about to die a generous death and said, "I'm leaving, my departure may be goodbye forever. You must live well. Together with my share, remember what you said: you will never let the murderer Xuanyuan Yan go."

Gu Yinglian cried and burst into tears. He grabbed Tao Ran's hand and said, "Ye Tan~ Ye Tan~ I don't want you to die..."

"Let go." Tao Ran shook his hand free and said, "Remember, take revenge for me."

A few jail guards came over and dragged Tao Ran away. After leaving the gate of the jail, the sun shone on his face, and Tao Ran couldn't help squinting his eyes. He broke free of the hands of several jail guards and said, "Don't pull me, I'll walk by myself."

The jail guards let him go and said, "Behave."

"Am I not behaving yet? How do you want me to behave?" Tao Ran said as he walked: "When it's time to eat, I eat, and I sleep when it’s time to sleep. I never make any fuss. Have you seen such a well-behaved prisoner in all your years of work?"

The jail guards looked at Tao Ran. They saw such a young and beautiful man, how could he be such a chatterbox? It seemed that no one in the world was perfect, no wonder the prince was willing to send him to jail.

After entering the palace, the steward took hold of Tao Ran.

Tao Ran was taken all the way to the mansion by her. He said, "Steward, this isn’t the way to see the prince right?"

"Huh!" The steward gave Tao Ran a disgusting look: "You just came out of the heavenly prison and are covered in filthy bad breath, how can you meet the king in this condition? I will first take you to bathe, change your clothes, and incense before you can see the king."

Tao Ran: "Really attentive..."

Previously as a male pet, Tao Ran was not allowed to leave the yard at all. Now that he was taken around by the steward, Tao Ran could see how big the palace was. The corrupt life of feudal society was really extravagant, and it was indeed very desirable...

Tao Ran was taken to the bathhouse to take a bath, and a circle of servants waited on him. There were also those who combed his hair and incensed his clothes. This gave Tao Ran the illusion that Xuanyuan Yan didn't come to trouble him but was actually pampering him.

After a long time of tossing and turning, Tao Ran was brought to Xuanyuan Yan with a fragrant body.

He was pushed into a room, and then the steward went out and closed the door. Tao Ran looked around and saw a large bookshelf. It was as big as one wall and full of books. This seemed to be Xuanyuan Yan's study.

As he was observing, he heard a voice say, "Why don't you kneel when you see the king?"

Tao Ran looked up and saw Xuanyuan Yan sitting behind the desk. She combed all her jet-black hair to the back of her head, revealing a beautiful face, but her eyes were very fierce when she looked at Tao Ran.

Tao Ran said, "I wonder what the king has called me to do?"

"You look quite honest." Xuanyuan Yan walked to Tao Ran. She was much taller than Tao Ran. Looking at Tao Ran condescendingly, she stretched out her hand to pinch Tao Ran's chin and said, "Why do you need to be so restrained in front of this king, this king has been calling you little heart and little baby."

Tao Ran was forced to lift his head by her pinching his chin. He smiled at Xuanyuan Yan, "If the king has any orders, just say them, and I will definitely do my best for you to complete them. The previous incident was an accident. I was under an evil spell at that time. Otherwise, how could I dare to make a move against Your Majesty?"

Xuanyuan Yan raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh? Is that so? Then the king asked you to undress and serve the king right now, will you also do your best?"

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