Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 172: Xiōngdì Wants to Climb into Bed [10]

Kui Qingqing sat on the bed like an elder, raising her chin slightly and said, "Can't you see that I'm a patient? Hurry up and feed me!"

The Female Shura spoke, and Tao Ran could only comply. He scooped a bowl of rice and a side dish, bringing it to Kui Qingqing, and said, "Time for your meal. Open your mouth, ah..."

The bizarre scene, reminiscent of coaxing a child, caught the attention of the other three present. It was Kui Qingqing's own request, and even if she had to kneel, she would cooperate. With a frustrated expression, she opened her mouth and Tao Ran fed her a piece of pork rib.


As Kui Qingqing enjoyed her meal, Qin Ke watched with envy. He looked pitifully at Zhen Ling and said, "Um... you know, after falling from such a high place, my arm was broken."

Didn't Qian Lingling already mend your arm? Zhen Ling mocked him inwardly, but she also brought a bowl of rice for him without saying anything. Qin Ke opened his mouth automatically without having to say anything and said, "Ah... I want pork ribs."

Zhen Ling fed him a piece of pork rib, and Qin Ke chewed twice before his eyes widened in surprise. "Wow, it's so delicious! Smack, smack.. Mhmmm... Is this really cooked by our cousin?"

Tao Ran fed a spoonful of vegetables to Kui Qingqing and rolled his eyes, saying, "Who said I'm your cousin?"

"Qingqing's cousin is everyone's cousin." Qin Ke completely forgot about Tao Ran's role in his miserable fall; he looked excited and said, "It's really delicious. I finally understand why Qingqing didn't want to eat the food I made. Compared to yours, mine is like pig feed."

As soon as these words were spoken, Zhen Ling couldn't help but imagine throwing the food in her hand onto Qin Ke's face. I've been eating the food you made for so long, and now you're saying it's like pig feed. What do you mean? Are you the pig or am I the pig?

Qin Ke clearly had no such self-awareness. He eagerly looked at Zhen Ling and said, "Can I have another piece of meat?"

Zhen Ling reluctantly fed him the meat, and Kui Qingqing wasn't too happy either. "You admit that the food you make is like pig feed, yet you haven't made any progress in your culinary skills after all this time. Aren't you ashamed?"

Qin Ke didn't care about her taunts and said, "Lack of progress in culinary skills isn't a big deal. Even someone like you who hasn't even learned how to cook after all this time isn't ashamed. So why should I be ashamed?"

Kui Qingqing was dealt a fatal blow, and her face started turning pitch black with anger. Qin Ke quickly finished his bowl of rice and said, "Is there any soup? I want a bowl of soup."

Kui Qingqing pursed her lips and glared at him, then looked at Tao Ran. Tao Ran understood her intention perfectly. With a thought, a bowl of pork rib soup flew in front of him. He said, "This soup is made for my sister. Don't even think about it."

Qin Ke: "..."

Kui Qingqing looked at Qin Ke proudly, and said, "Pass me the spoon. I want to drink the soup from the bowl."

Tao Ran calmly handed her the spoon. After so many years, what kind of female supporting role had he not seen? Qin Ke complained, "Can you finish such a big bowl? "

"I won't give it to you even if I can't finish it." Kui Qingqing drank the soup with a defiant expression.

Tao Ran timely handed her a tissue. "Wipe your mouth."

Zhen Ling also glared at Qin Ke. If it weren't for him, she would also be able to enjoy a bowl of delicious pork rib soup.

The four of them finished their meal with their own thoughts. Old Zhang, who had witnessed the entire process, was green-eyed with envy. While Qin Ke was lying on the bed, digesting, he suddenly asked, "What's that sound?"

Zhen Ling said, "Is it thunder?"

Kui Qingqing angrily glared at Old Zhang. "What are you up to?!"

Old Zhang looked exhausted. "It's not me. My stomach is growling. What can I do?"

At that moment, Qian Lingling walked in and asked, "I made dinner. Would you like to have some?"

She noticed the aroma in the room and the empty bowls. Qian Lingling said, "Forget I asked." Then she turned to leave.

"Don't go!" Old Zhang exclaimed excitedly. "I haven't eaten yet! I really haven't eaten. If you don't believe me, listen to my stomach growling."

Qian Lingling prepared a plate of pickled vegetables for dinner. She wasn't like Kui Qingqing or Qin Ke, so the food was relatively poor. Old Zhang held a bowl of rice, with a small mountain of pickled vegetables on top. He silently ate, experiencing for the first time the difference in destiny among people who share the same world. He had just witnessed a sumptuous feast, but now he could only eat pickled vegetables. This was beyond the word "miserable" to describe.

Kui Qingqing lay on the bed feeling uncomfortable. "My stomach hurts."

Tao Ran helped her press her acupoints and said, "Who asked you to drink the entire bowl of soup by yourself?"

"I'd rather be bloated than give any to him," Kui Qingqing moaned in discomfort.

Tao Ran helped her sit up and said, "Let me help you press them. It will help with digestion."

Kui Qingqing closed her eyes and leaned against Tao Ran, extending her hand. "Alright, go ahead."

Tao Ran began pressing Kui Qingqing's acupoints. Qian Lingling watched and exclaimed with envy, "Qingqing jie, your younger brother is so gentle."

Kui Qingqing couldn't help but curl her lips, feeling extremely pleased inside, but with duplicity she said, "He's not that good. He has plenty of annoying traits."

Tao Ran just smiled and remained silent. Qian Lingling said, "Everyone has flaws. Don't say such things about him in front of others."

Kui Qingqing replied, "I'm just saying."

Qian Lingling didn't dare to argue with Kui Qingqing. She kept her eyes on Tao Ran, and his radiant smile instantly made people like him at first glance. When Tao Ran noticed her gaze, he smiled back at her. Qian Lingling blushed and asked, "Jie, what's your cousin's name?"

"His name is Chao Ge," Kui Qingqing said.

"Oh, what a beautiful name," Qian Lingling thought for a moment, then looked at Tao Ran while asking, "So does he have a girlfriend?"

Tao Ran raised an eyebrow, and Kui Qingqing also paused for a moment. It was easy to infer the intention behind a girl asking a boy if he had a girlfriend. For some reason, Kui Qingqing felt a little unhappy. She said to Tao Ran, "Hey, she's asking if you have a girlfriend."

Tao Ran smiled gently and replied, "No."

Qian Lingling's eyes instantly lit up, and she bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

Qin Ke chuckled, "Oh, Lingling is growing up. She's become a young lady."

Qian Lingling didn't know where to put her hands and feet because of his teasing. She looked at Tao Ran, as if waiting for his response.

Tao Ran looked at Kui Qingqing and asked, "Sister, what do you think I should do?"

Kui Qingqing felt irritated inside. She had a cold expression and said, "You can be with whoever you like. Why do you need to ask me? Are you still a baby?"

Tao Ran didn't mind her venomous words and simply said, "Lingling has the ability to heal, so she must be a very kind-hearted girl."

Qian Lingling blushed with embarrassment, turned her head, and rushed out of the room, saying, "I'll boil some hot water for you."

Zhen Ling couldn't help but laugh, and Qin Ke said, "You're lucky, my friend. Lingling is the most popular girl in our town."

Tao Ran just smiled, but Kui Qingqing couldn't bear it any longer. She threw off the covers and got out of bed, saying, "It's too noisy here. I'm going back!"

After speaking, she left with a sulky expression. Qin Ke asked in confusion, "What's wrong with her? Did someone provoke her?"

Zhen Ling said, "You said Lingling is the most popular girl. Maybe she's not happy about it."

"I was just stating the truth," Qin Ke said. "If we were to rank the most unpopular woman in this town, she would probably make the list."

Tao Ran politely said, "My sister's health is not good. I'll go and check on her."

After saying that, he went after her. It was now dusk, and the setting sun cast a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere over the town. Many townspeople came out to watch the sunset. As Tao Ran passed by them, some secretly glanced at him and whispered. Occasionally, he could catch a few words about the incident with Qin Ke today.

He didn't mind. He walked back to the villa alone. The door was closed, and it was quiet inside. Tao Ran called out, "Sister!"

No one answered him. He went upstairs, but Kui Qingqing was not in the villa. Tao Ran wasn't in a hurry. He stepped out of the house, lifted his feet off the ground, and flew up into the sky above the town. As he flew higher, he could gradually see the entire town. Then he spotted Kui Qingqing walking alone on a path, with the setting sun casting a long shadow over her.

Kui Qingqing didn't know why she felt unhappy. Maybe it was because of Qin Ke and Zhen Ling, or maybe it was because everyone had someone who liked them and they were all in harmony, while she was the only annoying one. She reached the lakeside, where many weeds had grown, and fish swam by in the lake from time to time.

Not only humans but even plants and animals have undergone mutations in this world. It took them a lot of effort to clear this small town. However, they couldn't completely eliminate the mutated fish in the water because even water-based ability users couldn't guarantee that he could beat the mutated fish in the water.

Kui Qingqing stood by the lake, her hair gently swaying in the wind.

Just as she was lost in thought, a sudden force came from behind, causing her to fall into the lake. Kui Qingqing was truly frightened. She wasn't a metal ability user, and water counters fire. If she fell in, there was no guarantee she would emerge unscathed.

Just as she was about to plunge into the lake, a pair of hands wrapped around her waist, lifting her up. Tao Ran held Kui Qingqing from behind and flew into the sky with her. Nervously, Kui Qingqing gripped Tao Ran's arm. By now, she clearly knew who was playing a prank on her. She angrily said, "Go play with your kind-hearted little beauty, and don't bother me!"

Tao Ran chuckled and, with Kui Qingqing in his arms, maneuvered in the air, somersaulting mid-flight. Kui Qingqing was afraid of falling, so she held onto Tao Ran's arm tightly. Tao Ran asked, "Why are you angry, sister? Is it because of jealousy, huh?"

Kui Qingqing replied, "Jealous? What am I jealous of?"

"Jealous of Qian Lingling," Tao Ran said, "Because she might take me away from your side."

Kui Qingqing scolded, "How shameless can you be? Who do you think you are? You little brat, you've only been here for a few days. Quick, hurry up, let me go and stay away from me."

"Oh," Tao Ran said and released his grip. Kui Qingqing felt her body plunging down and screamed. In a quick motion, she tightly held onto Tao Ran's shoulders.

Tao Ran spread his arms innocently and said, "Sister, I've let go of you, then why don't you stay away from me?"

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