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Chapter 176: Xiōngdì Wants to Climb into Bed [14]

Kui Qingqing instantly realized what was happening and held her breath as she rolled off the bed. She looked at Tao Ran, silently asking for an explanation. Tao Ran said, "There's a fishy and sweet smell in the air that can cause numbness when inhaled. It's likely a toxin similar to snake venom."

There was no such poison in the town, and even if the government sent troops to suppress them using biochemical weapons, it wouldn't be like this. That left only two possibilities: either a poisonous superhuman was poisoning them, or a toxic mutated animal was poisoning the town.

Regardless of the situation, it was dangerous. Kui Qingqing said, "You go to the town center and ring the bell. I'll go find Qin Ke."

Tao Ran held onto Kui Qingqing and asked, "Do you care about him that much?"

Kui Qingqing looked at Tao Ran, hesitating for a moment, but ultimately affirmed, "Yes, that's why I must personally ensure his safety."

Watching Kui Qingqing's departing figure, Tao Ran turned around and flew towards the town center. In truth, Kui Qingqing's approach was not wrong. There was still some distance between here and the town center, but Tao Ran could quickly fly there, thus buying more time for the residents of the town.

He landed near the large bell and reached out to tap it.

"Dong... Dong... Dong..."

The melodious and penetrating sound of the bell echoed throughout the entire town. Tao Ran kept tapping it repeatedly. At this moment, the toxic gas had just started spreading, so it shouldn't reach the severity of everyone in the town being severely poisoned, as depicted in the novel.

Kui Qingqing swiftly ran to Qin Ke's house, while the bell in the town had already begun ringing. Qin Ke, feeling uncomfortable and groaning on his bed, was awakened by the sudden noise. Kui Qingqing climbed in through the window, slapping Qin Ke's chest and said, "Wake up!"

Startled, Qin Ke jerked up, suddenly alert. When he saw Kui Qingqing, he paled and instinctively covered his chest, saying, "What are you doing? Are you picking flowers?"

Kui Qingqing was furious. "You are also considered a flower? Get up, didn't you hear the bell?"

Only then did Qinke hear the sound of the bell, he suddenly became serious and asked, "What's going on?"

"The air is toxic," Kui Qingqing explained. "We're under attack."

Qin Ke sniffed and recognized the familiar fishy and sweet odor. He said, "It's the forces from the neighboring city. They have an extremely rare poisonous superhuman."

Qin Ke tore off a bedsheet and handed it to Kui Qingqing, saying, "Soak it in water and cover your mouth and nose with it. It will help to some extent."

Then he rushed into the next room and shook Zhen Ling. Zhen Ling was just an ordinary person and didn't have the same resistance to toxins as superhumans. Qin Ke wasn't able to wake her up. He grabbed two damp towels and covered his and Zhen Ling's mouths and noses. Carrying Zhen Ling, he came outside. At this time, many people who were not deeply poisoned had already come out on the street.

Qin Ke shouted, "The air is toxic! Grab wet towels and cover your mouths and noses. Wake up everyone who hasn't come out yet!"

Everyone was startled and quickly sprang into action. Qian Lingling, a healing power, was unaffected by the poison. She handed Tao Ran an interlayered mask with a filter and said, "Put this on. It will help."

Tao Ran thanked her and asked, "Have you seen Kui Qingqing?"

"I don't know," Qian Lingling replied. "But she's probably busy saving others."

Tao Ran nodded and anxiously stared at the sky above the town.

The forces that poisoned the town soon heard the ringing bell, indicating that they had been discovered. At this point, it was better to attack immediately rather than wait for the town to prepare. The leader from the neighboring city clapped his hands, and more than twenty fire ability superhumans stepped forward. They concentrated their fire-based abilities, gradually forming a terrifying fireball in the sky above the town.

Qin Ke's eyes turned red at the sight and he shouted, "Find somewhere to hide!"

Just then, the fireball exploded, and countless small fireballs scattered, almost engulfing the entire sky above the town. Many people in the town were still unconscious, and Qin Ke felt helpless as he could only watch the rain of fire descend.

Suddenly, as the countless fireballs were descending, they froze in mid-air. The sky was filled with an array of fireballs, resembling numerous dazzling stars. Everyone was stunned by this scene.

Tao Ran flew up into the air and said, "I'll handle this! Hurry and save the people!"

With a wave of his hand, all the fireballs began to converge, forming a radiant fire dragon in the sky. Tao Ran waved his hand again, and the fire dragon turned into a streak of light, flying towards the outskirts of the town.

The members of the neighboring faction were astonished as they watched the fire dragon approaching. Their leader shouted, "Spread out!"

Everyone hurriedly dispersed, and the fire dragon crashed into the spot where they had just stood, igniting a towering blaze.

"We can't wait any longer. Charge with me!"

The outsiders rushed towards the town, and Li Li and other government superhumans, who had been waiting outside the town were stunned. It was their first time witnessing a battle between superhuman beings. The various fluctuations of the special abilities and the dazzling techniques made them pale, and they dared not approach at all.

Seeing that they were about to charge in, Qin Ke entrusted Zhen Ling to Qian Lingling and said, "Women, continue rescuing people. Men, follow me to kill them!"

The men in the town shouted together and gathered around Qin Ke, charging towards the direction of the neighboring city's supernatural beings.

The town's population was already small, and with a portion unable to participate in the battle. The two groups collided, instantly creating a dazzling display of sparks.

Tao Ran, hovering in mid-air, witnessed a brilliant electric surge repeatedly striking the enemy's ranks. It was followed by various flashes of fire and electricity, and even the plants and vines on the ground burrowed through the concrete and rushed up to the ground, hitting water that came from nowhere to wash over everyone.

Tao Ran was searching for Kui Qingqing when suddenly he saw her rushing towards the battleground, engulfed in blazing flames. She gathered a fireball by herself, which then exploded amidst the enemy's ranks, accompanied by the incessant sounds of screams.

Someone shouted, "She's Kui Qingqing! Take her down first!"

The temperature of the flames on Kui Qingqing's body was terrifyingly high, making it impossible for ordinary superhumans to get close to her. Just then, a man rushed in front of Kui Qingqing, and with a wave of his hand, everything around him instantly froze. Frost formed on the ground and walls, causing Kui Qingqing's body to stiffen, and her flames weakened significantly, almost on the verge of extinguishing.

The man waved his hand again, and several sharp ice cones flew towards Kui Qingqing's head.

Tao Ran flew over, pushing the man with both hands. Caught off guard, the man and the ice cones were sent flying together.

Tao Ran then beckoned, and Kui Qingqing flew into his arms. By this time, the flames on Kui Qingqing had completely disappeared. She lay in Tao Ran's embrace, her face pale, and said, "If it weren't for exhausting too much just now, that guy wouldn't have stood a chance against me."

Tao Ran saw that most of the people had been rescued, and many non-combatants had already begun to retreat. Trucks were heading out of the city one after another.

Luo Shuang, looking disheveled, tearfully watched his pig farm and cried, "What will happen to them? How can I take them away?"

Someone urged him to leave, saying that the pigs were not important at all. Luo Shuang knelt on the ground, weeping bitterly, "I can't bear it... I can't bear it... It was so hard for everyone to have meat to eat..."

The battle on the other side had reached its most intense moment. The town, caught off guard and outnumbered, was gradually becoming overwhelmed. Tao Ran flew over and shouted to the people on the town's side, "The people from the town, retreat immediately!"

Qin Ke shouted, "Everyone, back off!"

All the people from the town retreated together, creating a distance between the superhuman combatants from both sides. Tao Ran landed in the middle and pushed the opposing faction's members. In an instant, all the members of the neighboring faction ascended into the sky. Qin Ke shouted at this time, "Attack!"

Taking advantage of the moment when the opponents were still confused and unable to descend, all the long-range attackers from the town directed their attacks at them. Tao Ran said, "Hurry, get out of here! I can't hold them off for much longer. Take Kui Qingqing with you!"

Qin Ke took over Kui Qingqing and turned to run. Although Tao Ran's powers were formidable, it was no joke to send so many people into the sky at once. He felt like his temples were about to explode. With one final effort, he lifted everyone a bit higher, and then he released his powers. The enemy's forces fell to the ground like dumplings.

The powerful espers survived the fall from that height, but many were injured, and quite a few were left stunned  by the fall.

Tao Ran immediately went to catch up with the main group, taking Luo Shuang, who was sitting paralyzed on the ground, along the way. Luo Shuang clung to Tao Ran's waist and cried, "I won't go, I won't go. At least take Xiaohei with us."

Tao Ran asked, "Who is Xiaohei?"

"Xiaohei is pregnant. Bringing it along gives us hope for the future," Luo Shuang replied.

Tao Ran's mouth twitched, but he brought Xiaohei along as well.

Kui Qingqing was placed in a vehicle, and she asked, "What about Chao Ge?"

Qin Ke said, "Don't worry, he's amazing."

At that moment, someone pointed to the sky and shouted, "Look, there's a pig flying in the sky."

Tao Ran landed on the vehicle with Luo Shuang and Xiaohei, feeling exhausted he collapsed weakly. Qin Ke asked, "How are you holding up?"

Tao Ran replied, "I've depleted too much energy."

Kui Qingqing said, "It's okay, we've all made it out. We can leave now."


The sound of sobbing came from somewhere, and Qin Ke asked, "Who's there?"

Qian Lingling, limping and in a sorry state, came running from around the corner, rolling and crawling. Qin Ke's mind went blank, and he rushed over, asking, "What happened to you? Where's Zhen Ling?"

Qian Lingling cried like a helpless kitten, "I don't know where Zhen jie is, wuwuwu... I was stopped by a fire-based superhuman. I told Zhen jie to run, and then I couldn't find her."

Qin Ke had never been afraid even in the face of great danger, but at that moment, he suddenly felt a chilling sensation in his limbs. Zhen Ling was just an ordinary person, and anything here could easily take her life.

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