Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 180: Xiōngdì Wants to Climb into Bed [18]

During this time, government ability users like Li Li had never given up searching for Zhen Ling. She was too important to the government. Even if she was already dead, they needed to confirm her death.

Zhen Ling and Qin Ke had been staying here for half a month, and Qin Ke's injuries were almost healed. One day, they brought back two pheasants from outside and some oil and salt that Qin Ke secretly stole from other ability users' gathering places. Zhen Ling was outside drying clothes when Qin Ke returned and said, "Let's stew chicken soup for dinner. Do you like it?"

Zhen Ling's mouth watered with desire, and wished to stuff herself with a mouthful of salt on the spot. She replied, "Sure, I'll help you once I finish hanging the clothes."

Qin Ke took the chicken to the river behind the mountain to clean it after gutting it. Then he noticed a cute cluster of mushrooms growing by a tree. Because Zhen Ling had been cooking mushrooms to take care of him before, he now had a special affection for them.

Eating only chicken soup was a bit monotonous, so making a chicken and mushroom stew would be great too. Qin Ke washed the mushrooms and happily went back to prepare the meal for Zhen Ling.

During this half month, they had already tidied up the villa quite a bit. Though life was tough, Qin Ke wished they could keep living like this forever. Due to the lack of quilts, they had to share one bed. As the weather got colder, Zhen Ling would unconsciously snuggle up to him at night. This was something that would never have happened before, and Qin Ke felt like he was dreaming.

Zhen Ling found ripe jujubes in the woods. She picked some and as soon as she returned, she smelled the fragrant chicken soup. Qin Ke came out and said, "Wash your hands; it's time to eat."

A pot of chicken and mushroom stew, floating with golden chicken oil, was served. Zhen Ling couldn't wait to fill a bowl for herself. After tasting it, she was so moved by the salty flavor that she almost burst into tears. She used to be picky about the taste of vegetables, but now anything salty was a delicacy to her.

After finishing a bowl, Zhen Ling realized she had never eaten this kind of mushroom before. She asked, "What kind of mushroom is this?"

With his mouth full of oil, Qin Ke nonchalantly replied, "I don't know."

"... " Zhen Ling was silent for a moment, "What if it's poisonous?"

"No way, aren't poisonous mushrooms very bright? I think this mushroom looks a bit like an oyster mushroom. It should be fine."

Feeling that this mushroom indeed didn't look poisonous, Zhen Ling felt somewhat relieved. After dinner, Qin Ke went to wash dishes, and Zhen Ling had nothing to do, so she sat outside the door, waiting for the stars to appear in the dark sky.

However, tonight, for some reason, the stars seemed to be constantly moving in the sky, and Qin Ke took a long time to wash the dishes and return. Zhen Ling felt a burst of irritation in her heart, but she didn't know why she was irritated, in short, she just wanted to vent.

Just then heavy footsteps sounded behind. Qin Ke came back while holding the dishes. Zhen Ling asked, "Did you fall into the river? Why did you come so late?"

Usually, Qin Ke would shamelessly pester Zhen Ling, showing no sense of dignity whatsoever. But tonight, for some unknown reason, he even retorted, "What are you saying? Don't you want me to wash the dishes properly?"

Zhen Ling: "I think you were just dawdling on purpose. Did you take the opportunity to go out and find your brothers?"

This annoyed Qin Ke, and he replied, "Even if I did, what's wrong with that?"

"Good, you admit it." Zhen Ling was half-dead with anger, "Don't you just want to keep going back to being your boss, have you ever thought about my feelings? I've been captured by you for so long, wouldn't I be homesick?"

Qin Ke's eyes immediately turned red, and his heart ached. "You've always felt like I'm forcing you? You've always wanted to leave me, right?"

Zhen Ling paused for a moment, intending to say it wasn't like that, but her words came out differently. "Isn't that true? You've always been forcing me."

An evil fire rose within Qin Ke, burning away his sanity. What Qin Ke got in return for a sincere heart was revulsion and hatred, he slammed the bowl down in anger and grabbed her hand, saying, "Forcing you? Tonight, I'll show you what real force is."

Saying that, he dragged Zhen Ling back to the room. Zhen Ling struggled, but how could she resist Qin Ke? He threw her on the bed and then pressed down on her. The two of them wrestled on the bed, and they didn't know who kissed whom first. The intense struggle turned into passionate kisses.

Meanwhile, Li Li and the others arrived at the lakeside. Li Li said, "We've been searching for so long, and we've practically searched all the places they could hide. They might really be dead."

"We haven't found any bodies, and there's been no news of Qin Ke's death. Let's keep looking."

"Look, there are fresh footprints by the river."

"Could there be people in the villa halfway up the mountain?"

After their passionate encounter, Qin Ke and Zhen Ling embraced each other, catching their breath, and then they realized they had just acted a bit out of character. Calmly, Zhen Ling said, "Your cooked mushrooms might really be a problem."

After Qin Ke and Zhen Ling hugged each other for breath after the passion, and only then did they realize that the two of them were really a bit off just now. Zhen Ling said calmly, "There might be something really wrong with the mushrooms you cooked."

Qin Ke hugged the sweaty Zhen Ling in his arms and said, "Then what should we do? We've already gone this far."

"That's not a big deal," Zhen Ling said with a very open-minded attitude, "We're all adults; we should have some life in this aspect."

Qin Ke, who had been a big boss for many years, was suddenly a little shy. He said, "Um... are you comfortable?"

Zhen Ling didn't hear clearly, "What did you say?"

Qin Ke repeated, "I asked if you feel comfortable?"

Zhen Ling felt a moment of discomfort and then replied, "It's alright. Among Asian men, your performance is quite good."

These old driver-like words made Qin Ke's face turn dark, "You seem to know a lot about this?"

Zhen Ling maintained a serious face, "I used to specialize in studying this."

Qin Ke: "..."

Qin Ke felt a bit off in his heart. Although he had been looking forward to this moment for a long time, it somehow felt different from what he imagined. He was a bit afflicted in his heart, so he said, "I'll go boil some water for you to wash."

Although Zhen Ling acted calmly, she was still uncomfortable in her heart, so she nodded.

Qin Ke took a bucket and went to the river alone to fetch water.

Meanwhile, Li Li and the others were hiding by the villa, watching him leave. They nodded to each other, realizing that if Qin Ke was alive, there was a high chance that Zhen Ling was also alive, and besides, there are women's clothes hanging outside.

Taking advantage of Qin Ke's absence, they quietly entered the villa. Zhen Ling was lying on the bed, her mind was in a mess. At this moment, she heard the sound of the door opening. Did Qin Ke come back so soon? However, she heard a strange man's voice, "Dr. Zhen?"

Zhen Ling was startled, and immediately wrapped the bedsheet around herself tightly, asking, "Who's there?"

"We are people sent by the government." Li Li didn't expect to see this situation when he entered. As an adult man, he naturally knew what had just happened, but he still said, "We are here to take you home. Humanity needs you."

Zhen Ling was in a daze. She couldn't go back when she wanted to go back all the time, but now she got the opportunity, but she hesitated again. Zhen Ling said, "You guys go out, let me get dressed."

Li Li and the others went outside, and then he said, "The situation is quite grim now. Since you left, the experiments have been delayed. will go back with us, right?"

Zhen Ling smiled bitterly, "I can't bring myself to go back. What do you plan to do about it?"

Li Li sighed, "Then we will have to forcibly take you with us. It's all for the future of humanity, and you know I'm not just saying this for show."

Zhen Ling naturally knew this. She had been striving for this goal for so many years. Would she give it all up for Qin Ke? Clearly, she wouldn't. Even though she had truly fallen in love with Qin Ke, she would still choose to leave. So she said, "If we're leaving, we better do it quickly. Once Qin Ke comes back, we won't be able to escape."

She thought for a moment and left a message for Qin Ke. She went back and told Qin Ke not to look for her. They might meet again in the future.

After writing the message on the wall, she hurriedly left with the government superhumans. Li Li walked out last, erasing the writing on the wall after Zhen Ling had gone. They couldn't let Qin Ke know her whereabouts; who knows what he might do if he finds out.

Qin Ke returned with the water and immediately noticed something was wrong. He felt the lingering energy left by abilities in the room, and when he rushed in, Zhen Ling was already gone. Shrouded in panic for a moment, Qin Ke rushed out of the villa and shouted into the dark night: "Zhen Ling!"

His voice echoed far, and Zhen Ling, sitting in the car, struggled with intense turmoil in her heart. Li Li said, "Doctor, once our research is successful, you can be with Qin Ke."

Zhen Ling closed her eyes and said, "Let's go."

As the car drove farther, Li Li suddenly said, "We have an undercover agent, who was sent after you went to the town. His name is Chao Ge. Have you met him?"

Zhen Ling was a bit surprised. Was Chao Ge actually a government agent? Why hadn't he ever shown any signs of it?

Chao Ge sneezed, and Qian Lingling blushed in front of him, "Have you considered my proposal? I think we're a good match."

Tao Ran smiled wryly as he looked at her. He felt that they were not suitable at all. As he was about to refuse, Kui Qingqing suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said, "Chao Ge, what are you slacking off for? Hurry up and cook."

Tao Ran: "Didn't we already have dinner?"

Kui Qingqing: "But now I'm hungry again. I want a late-night snack."

Since Kui Qingqing wanted a late-night snack, Tao Ran could only make one for her. Helplessly, he said, "All that's left is meatball soup. Do you want it?"


Tao Ran went to prepare the food, leaving only Kui Qingqing and Qian Lingling in the room. Qian Lingling's intuition made her feel a bit hostile towards Kui Qingqing, so she asked, "Qingqing, would you agree to me being with Chao Ge?"

Kui Qingqing felt a bit uncomfortable and turned her head, saying, "Whether you are together or not is none of my business."

Qian Lingling smiled and said, "So, you disagree?"

Kui Qingqing replied, "That depends on whether he agrees or not."

Qian Lingling smiled, "He will definitely agree."

Kui Qingqing felt a twinge of discomfort, not liking Qian Lingling's confident attitude.

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