Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 181: Xiōngdì Wants to Climb into Bed [19]

But now, Kui Qingqing was also the head of the village, and she felt that with her current status, she shouldn't resort to violence at the slightest provocation like before. She remained silent and returned to her small house where Tao Ran was cooking soup.

The aroma of the meatball soup filled the air, and strangely, Kui Qingqing felt a little proud thinking, Qian Lingling likes Tao Ran so much, yet with a mere word, he obediently came back to cook for me, hah. Thinking about this, she looked at Tao Ran with an unusually affectionate gaze. She walked over, extended her hand towards Tao Ran, who was busy with the firewood, and then gently caressed his hair.

Tao Ran: "..."

Tao Ran's expression became somewhat complicated. He wondered if he should get a pet for Kui Qingqing. Otherwise, if she kept petting him all the time, his hair might not be able to withstand it.

Since leaving Papa Chao Feng, Tao Ran hadn't paid much attention to his hair. It had grown quite long, and he tied a small braid at the back of his head. Two strands of hair were left hanging at the temples, accentuating the already small face even more delicately.

Kui Qingqing looked at Tao Ran. When he first came to the town, he still had a bit of baby fat. Now, his cheeks had slimmed down, revealing the contours of a young man.

Tao Ran was afraid that she would pet him bald, so he wanted to drive her away, "Go sit aside and wait. It'll be ready soon."

Despite being hungry, Kui Qingqing didn't leave and continued to stroke his hair. She asked, "How were you planning to respond just now?"

Tao Ran was puzzled, "Respond to what?"

"What do you think?" Kui Qingqing frowned slightly, "Didn't Qian Lingling already confess her feelings, how are you going to answer her?"

"Just... reject her." Tao Ran said, "What else can I say?"

Kui Qingqing was pleased by Tao Ran's nonchalant attitude. She felt happy in her heart, but she started to play mean again. saying, "She's a young and beautiful girl. Do you know how many people in the village like her? Are you really going to reject her like this?"

"Otherwise?" Tao Ran almost wanted to show her a dead fish eye, "What do you think I should do?"

"Tsk tsk, you are really heartless." Kui Qingqing said, "There is no man like you who bullies other girls like this."

Tao Ran was speechless and said, "Okay, I was wrong. Tomorrow, I'll go find Qian Lingling to accept her proposal.

"..." Kui Qingqing found herself in a situation of shooting her own foot with a rock; she was stunned for a moment, clearly not expecting that Tao Ran would be so easily persuaded. Her face flushed, and she asked "Didn't you say you didn't like her and were going to reject her?"

"I did think that way," Tao Ran uncovered the pot and started to ladle the soup, "But after your enlightening education, I realized my mistake. So, I've decided to change my ways and correct my mistakes."

Kui Qingqing: "..."

Kui Qingqing was getting extremely frustrated on the side, unsure if it was because of Tao Ran or herself. Tao Ran placed a bowl of delicious and steaming meatball soup on the table and said, "Drink."

Kui Qingqing stared stubbornly at the bowl of soup, made a final struggle and said, "You don't like her, and if you agreed to her, wouldn't you be lying to her?"

"I don't dislike her. She's very nice, gentle and beautiful." Tao Ran said indifferently: "Even if I don't like her now, I should like her after getting along with her."

Kui Qingqing was so angry, she couldn't even express it in words. She tried to let it go, but she couldn't help but feel upset without any reason. Perhaps her mind was clouded with frustration. She picked up the steaming hot bowl of soup and poured it into her mouth.

Tao Ran saw it and widened his eyes, reaching out to stop her, "Hey, don't..."

"Ow! Ahhh..."


Kui Qingqing threw the bowl out violently, her eyes glaring widely, and she shouted with a distorted expression: "It scalded scalded me...ahhh"

Tao Ran reached out and held her head, "Are you a pig? Why would you pour freshly steamed soup directly into your mouth? Let me see."

Kui Qingqing's eyes were teary, but not from sadness. They were physical tears that could not be restrained due to pain. Tao Ran pinched her lips and found that her lips and mouth were full of blisters. He said, "Open your mouth wider. Let me see if your throat is injured."

Kui Qingqing opened her mouth wide. Fortunately, she managed to spit out the soup in time, and her esophagus and trachea weren't damaged. Tao Ran said helplessly, "How old are you, why would you do something like this?...I really don't know what to say."

While shedding tears, Kui Qingqing stuck out her swollen tongue cried, "What's wrong with me? Can't you see it's burnt?"

Tao Ran: “I've never seen someone your age get burnt like that.”

Kui Qingqing: "How is the swelling?"

"It's not okay." Tao Ran sighed, "I'll take you to see Qian Lingling later. She'll treat you."

"I won't go!" Kui Qingqing broke free from his hand, "I won't look for her."

Tao Ran speechlessly looked at her teary eyes, her mouth full of blisters after being scalded, "Aren't you in pain?"

Kui Qingqing pouted her swollen mouth, waiting for Tao Ran, thinking, Try and see if it hurts or not. Tao Ran understood her sad gaze and said, "If it hurts, you should seek treatment. Otherwise, you'll continue to suffer."

However, Kui Qingqing seemed to be possessed; she just refused to seek treatment. Tao Ran really wanted to leave her alone, but looking at her watery eyes, he couldn't bear to do so. "Great Aunt, what do you really want?"

It is said that when people are sick or injured, they become more fragile, and their emotional defenses weaken. Kui Qingqing reached out and held Tao Ran's arm, not letting him leave, but she remained silent. The two of them stood in a momentary stalemate, Tao Ran finally said, "Be careful not to let the wound get infected."

Since Kui Qingqing refused to go to Qian Lingling for treatment, Tao Ran had to find a way to tend to her wound. But what could he do with the blisters in her mouth? He couldn't just pour antiseptic into her mouth. Tao Ran was at a loss and said, "The injury in your mouth is not easy to handle. I can't use antiseptic, there is no way to reduce the inflammation. What if it gets infected and becomes ulcerated?"

Kui Qingqing looked at Tao Ran. She was determined not to go to Qian Lingling. After a moment of contemplation, she suddenly thought of a folk remedy that claimed saliva could help reduce inflammation. Acting like she was possessed, she grabbed Tao Ran's shoulders and leaned in to kiss him.

Tao Ran: "..."

Tao Ran was kissed by Kui Qingqing in a daze, moving his tongue occasionally, as if trying to alleviate the pain of the blisters on her lips. He didn't dare to move much, afraid that if he accidentally popped the blisters, the water would leak out…

Heavens, I can't think about it. Why am I feeling a bit nauseous?

Kui Qingqing worked hard alone for a while, then let go of Tao Ran and began to doubt life. "Kui Qingqing, ah Kui Qingqing, have you been single for too long that you've become so thirsty now? Can you even eat such a little brat?"

The atmosphere became awkward for a moment, and then Tao Ran said, "Um... is it better?"

Kui Qingqing replied, "...Yes, saliva is indeed useful."



Kui Qingqing said: "You talk first."

Then Tao Ran said first, "What did you mean by what you did just now?"

Kui Qingqing replied, "It didn't mean anything."

"Well, actually, it didn't mean anything either." Tao Ran said, "It's just that you were pressing so tightly against me that I accidently got... aroused."

Kui Qingqing: "..."

As mentioned before, since becoming the village leader, Kui Qingqing felt a sense of responsibility. Now that she had started this fire, she also felt the responsibility to put it out. She looked at Tao Ran, remained silent for a while, and then asked, "Is it uncomfortable? Can you endure it?"

"It's very uncomfortable," Tao Ran said, "It's a bit hard to endure."

So, Kui Qingqing fell into another silence. Then she asked, "Have you ever been with a woman... that way before?"

Chao Ge hadn't, so Tao Ran shook his head.

Ah, so this little rookie got hard because of her. Kui Qingqing thought.

Tao Ran sat in front of Kui Qingqing and said, "Do you still like Qin Ke? If not, shall we go to bed? I'll only do this with you from now on."

Kui Qingqing couldn't quite figure out whether she still liked Qin Ke or not. She replied, "Why do you care about a dead person? Do you want to take a shower first?"

For some reason, blisters in her mouth led to intimate moments with Tao Ran. Afterward, Tao Ran fell asleep soundly, but Kui Qingqing suffered from insomnia. She felt that something was wrong with her. How could she have sex with this kid?

As she watched the years pass by, she felt like she was regressing. Kui Qingqing couldn't help but clench her teeth with frustration. She accidentally burst one of the blisters, causing tears to well up in her eyes. She embraced Tao Ran and decided that since he was hers now, she couldn't be as lax as before. From now on, she would look after him closely and never give anyone a chance to hook up.

Meanwhile, Qin Ke, who was still searching for Zhen Ling, had no idea that from that moment on, he had lost one of his admirers. He searched for Zhen Ling for a long time but found no trace of her. This could only mean that she had been hidden away. On that day, there were fluctuations of the abilities of other supernatural beings in the room. Qin Ke suspected that it was either his enemies or nearby factions of supernatural beings who had taken Zhen Ling.

He secretly infiltrated several nearby factions but still couldn't find any information about Zhen Ling. Qin Ke believed that the group that attacked the town must have taken her. However, he knew that he couldn't rescue Zhen Ling alone. So, he wanted to find the other people from the town and save her together.

When Zhen Ling returned to the government, everyone was shocked. They thought that even if she could come back, she would have become a supernatural being. To their surprise, Zhen Ling was still an ordinary person. Without others prompting, she voluntarily requested a medical examination. During the examination, she discovered that it was because she had been injected with a vaccine during a previous experiment. However, the vaccine didn't make supernatural beings fertile.

But this time, they found out that the vaccine contained a substance that prevented ordinary humans from mutating. The lab went crazy with excitement. As long as not everyone turned into a supernatural being, humanity would not be annihilated.

Zhen Ling rejoiced and cried with everyone else. She was overjoyed because she would soon see Qin Ke again, and she could be with him openly and honestly. Supernatural beings would no longer be ostracized.

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