Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 167: Xiōngdì Wants to Climb into Bed [5]

This time not only did Kui Qingqing fall in pain, but Red Hair and the others were also taken aback.

Damn, this kid has some nerve. He even dares to mess with Kui Shura?

Kui Qingqing felt like her butt had been split into eight parts, but she couldn't bring herself to publicly rub it due to her pride. So, she indifferently raised her head, looking at Tao Ran with terrifying eyes and said, "Are you looking for death?"

Tao Ran stared at her with his big, innocent eyes, blinking repeatedly, and then said aggrievedly, "But big sister, you told me to take back the powers, so I did, and then you..."

So is it my fault again? Kui Qingqing's face turned dark and she stood up and turned to leave. Tao Ran stopped her and asked pitifully, "Sister, are you going to abandon me?"

Kui Qingqing was crying in her heart, Just leave me alone, I just want to go back and rub my butt! Tao Ran was so scared that he was about to cry, "I'm sorry, sister, I didn't mean it, so don't be angry."

"I'm not angry..." Kui Qingqing stretched out her hand to push Tao Ran, and finally had no choice but to say, "Alright, forget it. Come with me."

After Kui Qingqing led Tao Ran to her place, her butt was no longer hurting. She was walking during the most painful time, and now that she finally had a chance to rub it, her butt had already miraculously healed.

Thinking of this, Kui Qingqing almost suffered an internal injury...

With a low birth rate in the world, coupled with the large number of people dying in wars, the population of a country with a large population like China had also shrunk a lot. Many places began to become deserted, including this small town that serves as a gathering place for superhumans. Before Zhen Ling arrived, there wasn't a single ordinary person inside.

As long as the superhumans here had strong abilities, they could freely choose where they wanted to live. Kui Qingqing's power was exceptionally strong, so she occupied a whole villa by herself.

After bringing Tao Ran back, she poured herself a glass of water. Seeing Tao Ran looking at her pitifully, she felt a moment of helplessness, and then poured a glass for him as well. Tao Ran immediately beamed with joy, "Sister, you're really nice."

"Hmph." Kui Qingqing had a disdainful expression on her face. "Just giving you a glass of water is considered nice? You wouldn't even know if someone sold you."

Tao Ran sipped the water while Kui Qingqing said, "Go and change your clothes later, and leave when you're done."

Tao Ran asked aggrievedly, "Where should I go?"

"It's up to you," Kui Qingqing said, "Find an unoccupied house, there are plenty here anyway. Go find Qin Ke for food, he'll also give you something to do. In any case, don't come looking for me."

After saying that, Kui Qingqing ignored him, turned around, and went to her own bedroom. She came out with two sets of men's clothing. Although she claimed to ignore Tao Ran, she was secretly paying attention to him. She originally thought that by telling Tao Ran to leave, he would at least put up some resistance, but unexpectedly, he silently took the clothes and stood up, and prepared to leave.

"You wait." Kui Qingqing called out to stop him.

Tao Ran turned around, looking at her with tears of sadness and anticipation in his eyes.

Kui Qingqing's heart, which was supposed to be as hard as stone, trembled slightly. She asked, "Are you really leaving just like that? Do you even know how to use your superpower?"

Tao Ran shook his head, and Kui Qingqing beckoned, "Come here, I'll teach you. Anyhow, you should at least learn how to use your power before you leave."

So Tao Ran showed a sweet smile, and ran up to Kui Qingqing by taking small steps. Kui Qingqing felt a sense of helplessness and pointed to the bathroom, saying, "Take a shower first, clean up before you come out."

Tao Ran hadn't taken a shower for many days. After thoroughly washing up in the bathroom, he was about to put on his clothes and come out. Suddenly, he remembered something and shouted outside, "Big sister!"

Kui Qingqing's impatient voice rang out, "What is it?!"

"I..." Tao Ran seemed a little embarrassed.

Kui Qingqing walked to the bathroom door and asked, "What is it?"

Tao Ran said, "I don't have any underwear."

Kui Qingqing: "....."

Although she had collected quite a bit of clothing, she had never thought about collecting men's underwear. Kui Qingqing paced irritably in place and then asked, "Can't you go without wearing it?"

Tao Ran thought, What do you think? But he still obediently said, "Oh."

Then he put on his clothes and came out. Tao Ran, who had just showered, had fair and tender skin, with a blush on his face. Gazing at him, Kui Qingqing thought, Isn't this the typical Little Shou character in the novels? There are many superhumans here who don't care if it's meat or vegetable, in case they see him...

Tao Ran awkwardly walked out, and Kui Qingqing said, "You can't even walk properly!"

Tao Ran kept his head down, looking as if he had something difficult to express.

Kui Qingqing looked at Tao Ran's jeans and asked with a frown, "Are the pants uncomfortable?"

Tao Ran nodded.

Kui Qingqing continued, "Are they very uncomfortable?"

Tao Ran bit his lower lip and nodded. Kui Qingqing asked, "What's making it uncomfortable?"

Tao Ran replied, "It hurts due to friction."

Kui Qingqing: "....."

Throughout her life, Kui Qingqing had never felt so entangled. She stared at Tao Ran with a terrifying gaze for a while, then seemed to have made up her mind and said, "Stay here, don't move, wait for me for a while."

After saying that, Kui Qingqing left to find Qin Ke.

Why did Qin Ke save Zhen Ling? Was it love at first sight? Of course not. It was simply because they were high school classmates, and Zhen Ling was the goddess he had liked since high school. Qin Ke felt fortunate to have encountered and rescued Zhen Ling that day. He even thought that if it hadn't been him attacking the military, but someone else, Zhen Ling might have died.

This was the only thing that Qin Ke had ever felt lucky about after becoming a superhuman.

However, the problem was that Zhen Ling not only didn't like him, but her impression of him was also pitifully minimal. After pondering for a long time, she could only recall a male classmate from high school whom she couldn't name. And that wasn't the most heart-wrenching part; Zhen Ling wanted to leave, and her attitude strongly expressed her desire to get away from there.

Just when Qin Ke was at a loss, Kui Qingqing arrived. Qin Ke said to her, "Please help me persuade her to stay. She may listen if other women speak."

Kui Qingqing looked at Qin Ke. She had never told him those words "I like you," but that didn't mean she was willing to help Qin Ke play the middleman. Kui Qingqing said, "If you don't let her go, she won't be able to leave. Persuade my foot, I came here to ask you for something."

Qin Ke asked, "What is it?"

"Ahem." Kui Qingqing awkwardly cleared her throat and said, "A few pairs of men's underwear."

Qin Ke: "......"

"What?" Qin Ke was so scared that he started speaking in his local dialect, "What did you say?"

"Can't you understand human language?" Kui Qingqing glared at him, "You won't even give a few pairs of underwear?"

Qin Ke's mood became inexplicably complex. His facial expression changed several times, and finally, he seemed to have made up his mind and said, "Do you want new ones or used ones?"

Kui Qingqing: "..."

In an instant, Kui Qingqing was engulfed in raging flames, and the temperature rose so high that the nearby chairs started to catch fire spontaneously. Qin Ke hurriedly said, "What are you doing?... What are you doing? What's the matter with this? Wasn't I just trying to clarify your needs?"

Kui Qingqing said with a cold face, "Want new ones."

"New ones then new ones...," Qin Ke said and glanced at Kui Qingqing, advising, "Not to be rude, but even if you've gained weight and your butt has gotten bigger, men's underwear would still be too big for you."

Kui Qingqing finally exploded, "Are you fucking going to give them or not?!"

"I'm giving, giving…" Qin Ke turned around to fetch the underwear and muttered, "Why are women so fierce..."

Kui Qingqing: "I heard you!"

When Qin Ke handed three new pairs of underwear to Kui Qingqing, for some reason, she explained, "My cousin, who also became a superhuman, came looking for me. I'm asking you for these for him."

"Oh," Qin Ke asked casually, "What's his supernatural ability?"


Telekinesis was a somewhat lackluster ability because it lacked offensive power. It could only move objects weighing up to twice one's own weight at most, and the range wasn't extensive either. So it had some utility, but not too much.

Xiao Mei continued to speak to Tao Ran, "The weight that telekinesis can move depends on a person's mental power. Even if an ordinary person's mental power is strong, they can only move objects weighing up to 300 catties (about 150 kg) at most, and it's not sustainable. But you're different. You've traveled through so many worlds, including cultivation realms, and your mental power is simply terrifying. As long as you're willing, you can display formidable strength at any time. Then, you'll be able to approach the core power of this gathering place, making it easier to rescue Zhen Ling."

Tao Ran wondered why was Xiao Mei being so self-righteous? He asked, "What's wrong with you? Do you still remember what you're here for? Your mission is to help me complete the task of raiding the supporting female character. As for whether we can rescue Zhen Ling or not, it's none of your business."

Xiao Mei replied, "Oh, right."

Tao Ran said, "I should try to be as weak as possible now so that I can rely on Kui Qingqing."

Xiao Mei exclaimed, "Host, you're wise!"

Kui Qingqing returned with a gloomy expression and threw the underwear into Tao Ran's arms. "Go put them on."

Tao Ran hurriedly went to put on the underwear, then ran up to Kui Qingqing like a little wife, "Big sister."

Kui Qingqing asked, "Am I that old?"

Tao Ran: "Then, Qingqing?"

"Hmph!" Kui Qingqing started teaching him how to use his superpower. Afterward, she asked, "Can you use your superpower now?"

"I can, I can," Tao Ran said. "Isn't it just standing still and moving objects?"

Indeed, that's exactly how it was. Kui Qingqing was about to let him leave when she remembered telling Qin Ke that he was her cousin. So she asked, "Would you rather find a place to live on your own, or would you like to live with me?"

Tao Ran replied, "I want to live with you, big sister."

Kui Qingqing nodded, "Alright, you can stay, but remember one thing, you are not allowed to run around the house and don't touch my things. Outside, you would tell others that you're my cousin, got it?"

"Got it." Tao Ran nodded obediently, "I'm your cousin."

"That's more like it," Satisfied, Kui Qingqing prepared to go upstairs to sleep. But halfway through, she suddenly turned back and asked, "Do you know someone named Zhen Ling?"

Tao Ran replied, "Are you referring to Dr. Zhen? I've seen her a couple of times at the base cafeteria."

Kui Qingqing asked, "What do you think of her?"

Tao Ran understood what Kui Qingqing meant, so he said, "I don't know, I've only seen her a few times."

"Oh," Kui Qingqing thought she might get some information about a potential rival from him, but it seemed like she would be disappointed.

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