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Chapter 168: Xiōngdì Wants to Climb into Bed [6]

In this world, there exist numerous military organizations comprising individuals with extraordinary abilities, much like this small town. Some of these organizations aim to unite and safeguard themselves against annihilation, while others seek vengeance against ordinary humans.

Initially, people were unaware that superhumans would become infertile. Becoming a superhuman was regarded as an honor for humans. When people discovered that the chances of gaining superhuman abilities increased through close contact with existing superhumans, many formed friendships or maintained other relationships with them.

However, when the war against superhumans erupted, the majority of them were obliterated overnight. The deceased superhumans were friends, parents, children, and spouses of the surviving superhumans. The survivors were consumed by grief and despair, with some living solely for the purpose of seeking revenge.

Qin Ke, the male protagonist, harbored no hatred towards ordinary humans, so the organization in this small town wasn't formed for revenge. However, as he commanded numerous superhumans, there were instances when they actively attacked ordinary humans. Kui Qingqing, the second-in-command of the small town, was one such individual, although the novel doesn't delve into the reasons behind her transformation.

Kui Qingqing went upstairs to sleep, while Tao Ran sat on the sofa for a while. These past few days, he had been learning how to use superpowers from Xiao Mei.

Kui Qingqing went upstairs to sleep, while Tao Ran remained seated on the sofa for a while. These past few days, he had been learning how to harness his superpowers from Xiao Mei.

While he was lost in his closed-eyed simulation, Tao Ran was startled by the sudden ring of the doorbell.

Tao Ran walked over to open the door, his curiosity piqued as a sudden darkness seemed to engulf the sky. He looked up and was met with the sight of an imposing man, towering at least two meters tall, with bulging muscles. The man stood at the entrance, carrying an enormous basket on his back that completely obstructed the doorway.

For a moment, Tao Ran remained silent, unsure of what to say. However, an embarrassed smile appeared on the man's fierce face. He scratched his bald head and said, "Female Shura... ah no, I mean, is Kui Qingqing here?"

Tao Ran replied, "She's sleeping. Do you need something from her?"

The man appeared surprised by this response and blankly stared at him for a while before shyly lowering his head.

Tao Ran: "......" What's there to be shy about?

The man extended his hand and retrieved three large boxes from the massive basket behind him, placing them on the ground. His face flushed with embarrassment as he said, "These are Sister Kui's meals for the upcoming week. I'm sorry, I didn't know there would be an extra person. I haven't prepared enough today, I'll bring more tomorrow."

Tao Ran glanced at the abundance of food, realizing it was more than sufficient for both of them for the next week. He reassured the man, saying, "It's already more than enough. You don't need to trouble yourself any further. If I need anything, I'll come find you. Where do you live? What's your name?"

The man replied with gratitude, "You're a kind person. My name is Luo Shuang, and I live in the pig farm on the western side of town."

"Alright," Tao Ran didn't seem to have read about this person in the novel, he said, "I've remembered it. My name is Chao Ge."

Luo Shuang seemed very happy and pulled out two juicy peaches from his basket. He handed them to Tao Ran, saying, "These are for you."

Tao Ran raised an eyebrow and asked, "Does the small town also provide fruits?"

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Luo Shuang explained, "These peaches come from a tree I planted myself. It's the first time it has borne fruit this year, and there were only five."

Despite having just five peaches, Luo Shuang generously gave two to Tao Ran. He was truly a generous person. Tao Ran smiled and said, "Thank you, I really like peaches."

Luo Shuang seemed unaccustomed to receiving thanks. His face turned red as he replied, "These things are quite heavy. Let me help you bring them inside. I'm a strength-type user."

"No need," Tao Ran replied as the three large boxes in front of him began to levitate. He chuckled and said, "I'm also an ability user, you know."

"Oh, really?" Luo Shuang looked at Tao Ran with a hint of envy in his eyes.

As a power-based ability user, he wasn't known for his combat skills. Despite his immense strength, his body was still as vulnerable as an ordinary person's. Bullets could harm him, and he couldn't shield himself from extreme temperatures. Therefore, power-based ability users often found themselves engaged in logistical work in most superhumans' gatherings.

Luo Shuang couldn't help but feel envious of other superhumans. Even a seemingly insignificant ability like telekinesis impressed him and seemed dazzling and extraordinary.

Tao Ran carried the stuff into the house and opened all three boxes. One contained meat, another held vegetables, and the third was filled with rice and eggs.

There was really quite a lot of food, and yet surprisingly Luo Shuang still thought that it might be barely enough for Kui Qingqing alone. With her slim waist, how could she consume so much?

The sky gradually darkened, despite the town having generators, they couldn't provide round-the-clock power like in peacetime. The town's residents conscientiously conserved electricity, with most of them having dinner before it got dark and then carrying out their activities in the darkness. After all, they were all ability users, and if they couldn't see, they could simply ask a fire-based ability user to light up the area.

Tao Ran moved the food to the kitchen and pondered for a moment. He decided to make braised pork, stir-fried lettuce, and a vegetable and egg soup. Kui Qingqing's house was well-equipped; it seemed that no one in the town dared to let the female Shura Kui Qingqing go hungry or lack clothing.

When Kui Qingqing woke up, the clouds on the horizon had already been painted in fiery red hues. Kui Qingqing liked this color. It resembled the flames she emitted, giving her a sense of tranquility.

Having slept through the afternoon, she wondered what that kid was up to. Rubbing her neck, Kui Qingqing descended the stairs and was immediately greeted by the aroma of food.

Approaching the dining table, she saw two plates of dishes placed on it. One plate contained braised pork, while the other held stir-fried lettuce. Kui Qingqing squeezed a piece of braised pork into her mouth with her bare hands and immediately felt overwhelmed by the familiar taste. She couldn't cook, and would usually bring her own food to Qin Ke's place and ask him to cook for her.

Qin Ke's appetite had significantly increased after awakening his abilities. He already received a substantial amount of food, but it was still not enough for him. Combined with what Kui Qingqing couldn't finish, they could say they each got what they needed. However, although this rough man Qin Ke could cook, his dishes were not particularly delicious. Eating too much of it would leave a bland and tasteless sensation, making it hard to muster any further interest.

When Tao Ran came out holding a bowl of soup, he saw that Kui Qingqing had already devoured one-third of the braised pork.

When she saw Tao Ran, Kui Qingqing was still in the position of having one foot on the chair and one hand reaching for the braised pork. The two of them locked eyes for a moment, creating a slightly awkward atmosphere.

Tao Ran didn't realize it, he walked over and set the soup down, saying, "The rice is ready. You can go to the kitchen to serve it and grab some chopsticks while you're at it."

"Oh, okay." Unusually flustered, Kui Qingqing hurriedly escaped into the kitchen, displaying a rare moment of embarrassment.

Shortly afterward, she returned with two bowls of rice and said, "Here, let's eat together."

Tao Ran sat down to eat with her. Kui Qingqing felt too embarrassed to almost finish the entire plate of braised pork by herself, so she proactively picked up two chopsticks and offered them to Tao Ran. Tao Ran immediately showed a sweet smile and said, "Thank you."

Clearing her throat and avoiding his radiant smile, Kui Qingqing said, "What are you thanking me for? After all, you cooked all of this. I didn't expect you could cook."

Tao Ran asked, "Is it delicious?"

Kui Qingqing already thought it was delicious, but when she saw the expectant look on the young man's face, she exaggeratedly exclaimed, "Damn! It couldn't be more delicious! Were you a Michelin chef before?"

Tao Ran burst into laughter and replied seriously, "As long as you like it."

Kui Qingqing felt wise to reserve this chef while he was still an ordinary person. After tasting the meal Tao Ran made, even though she still liked Qin Ke very much, she had to admit that when it came to cooking, Qin Ke was really lacking.

Unaware of Kui Qingqing's thoughts, Qin Ke had finished cooking and was waiting for her to eat. Hearing that Kui Qingqing's cousin had arrived, he even made a few extra dishes. Later, he and Zhen Ling sat at the dining table, waiting for the two of them, but no matter how long they waited, Kui Qingqing and Tao Ran did not show up. Zhen Ling said, "Could they have already eaten by themselves?"

Qin Ke waved his hand and said, "Impossible. Kui Qingqing can't cook. She might have been delayed by something. I'll go call them."

Watching Qin Ke's figure, Zhen Ling thought that just because Kui Qingqing couldn't cook, it didn't mean her cousin couldn't either.

However, Qin Ke didn't expect that when he arrived at Kui Qingqing's house and saw the two of them, they were already lying on the sofa, having finished eating, each holding a juicy peach and savoring its taste.

Qin Ke blankly stared at the plates on the table in disbelief and said incredulously, "You've already eaten?"

Kui Qingqing nodded. "Mm."

Qin Ke felt dejected that he had prepared so many dishes with great enthusiasm, but no one came to eat. He said, "Oh, then I'll go eat by myself."

Kui Qingqing called out from behind, "Qin Ke."

Qin Ke turned around, his eyes filled with hope, hoping that Kui Qingqing and her cousin had changed their minds and decided to appreciate his cooking skills. To his surprise, Kui Qingqing smiled and said, "I won't bother you in future. My cousin can cook, and he makes incredibly delicious food."

Tao Ran nodded obediently, "Mm-hmm."

Qin Ke: "..."

There was no greater pain in the world than this. Qin Ke clutched his wounded heart as he made his way back. Just then, Zhen Ling delivered a fatal blow, "Does Kui Qingqing's cousin know how to cook?"

Qin Ke nodded, "Mm-hmm."

Zhen Ling continued, "Is he better at cooking than you? Will Kui Qingqing no longer come over to eat?"

"... " Qin Ke didn't want to admit it, but he nodded sorrowfully, "Mm-hmm."

Zhen Ling said, "Alright, that's okay. Let's eat."

Qin Ke sat down and said, "Kui Qingqing is really going too far. She's too fickle, silently abandoning me. Where is her integrity?"

Zhen Ling's mouth twitched, she took a bite of food and said, "Whether I can go back now is another matter. It's just that I always feel bored staying at your place. Can I go to the town for a stroll tomorrow?"

Zhen Ling's mouth twitched as she took a bite of food and said, "Whether I can go back now is another matter. It's just that I always feel bored staying at your place. Can I go to the town for a stroll tomorrow?"

How could Qin Ke refuse? He said, "Absolutely no problem. I'll accompany you, and we can go wherever you want."

In fact, Zhen Ling wanted to interact with more superhumans. She thought that when she awakened her own ability, it would be best to have a stronger one so that she could rely on her own power to escape. With her special status, it wouldn't matter whether she became a supernatural person or not; the government needed her. She possessed a precious brain, and even if she became an ability user, she wouldn't lose her intellect.


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