You Treat Me As If I Have A Sickness

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Chapter 13: Chapter 13

Xu Yuan's words were truly suggestive. It took a minute for Meng Zhengrong to react.

Yes, his birthday was coming soon, but just like what Xu Yuan said, she didn't even know, so how could the ordinary employees in the company know?

In this circle, a lot of things have to be taken carefully. At least at the moment, Meng Zhengrong unconsciously thought what Xu Yuan wanted him to think.

"Which employee?" Meng Zhengrong frowned as he asked.

Xu Yuan looked at Meng Zhengrong in surprise, "I don't know."

In fact, as long as Meng Zhengrong inquired, he would know that she had asked around about that employee. But now in front of him, she should pretend she doesn't know anything.

"Anyway, which day is your birthday, I might as well prepare for it." This matter has been revealed to Meng Zhengrong. No matter how Bai Wei explained it later, he already had preconceived ideas, so her purpose was achieved.

Now, there was another important thing, and that was Meng Zhengrong's birthday.

Although the relationship between them was not intimate, they are nominal husband and wife after all, and she had to make it all beautiful even if she was pretending.

Meng Zhengrong looked at her, "Next Wednesday. And you don't have to bother to give me a birthday present. I'll be very happy enough if we can have dinner together."

Compared with the passion for gifts, men are still inferior to women in this aspect.

What's more, people like Meng Zhengrong who could have whatever they want, are less interested in gifts. However, he knew that women really wanted to prepare some so-called surprises in their hearts. He had too many things now, and it was really too tiring to cooperate with the drama as if moved by the surprise of receiving gifts, so what he said at the moment was sincere.

Don't try to prepare any surprises for him. To have a meal together and have a solid day was sufficient and touching for him.

Xu Yuan was not a person who was not available, but still made sure that Meng Zhengrong was not saying pleasantries, "You really do not want a birthday present?"

Frankly speaking, she doesn't want to prepare either. In her mind, she thought that she had no time to prepare.

Meng Zhengrong nodded sincerely: "At my age, I prefer having dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday."

When he was young, Meng Zhengrong’s birthday party would last for at least three days. Everyday, it would go crazy until the early morning. The day after that, he would carry on. He used to feel so unrestrained and spontaneous. So now he only felt bored when he saw other people's birthdays.

Everyone said that he had become low-key in recent years. In fact, it was not that he was unwilling to be high-profile, but he found that his previous high-profile way of doing things was too silly.

It's even more different now that he got married. He was already 30 and he should at least look mature.

"..." His proposal was to her liking. "Well, then I won't give anything."

He said so, so she won't send it. It would save her the trouble.

In the past, when the emperor had a birthday, she would think out of the box to collect interesting things and lose a lot of her hair from it. Now, although Meng Zhengrong had the emperor's face, she was not willing to treat him as the emperor for her to please and serve.

For the emperor, she was willing to be a slave, but to others ... Forget it, who wanted to kneel?

Meng Zhengrong looked at Xu Yuan with such magnanimous looks. He felt very strange. He clearly achieved his goal. So why did he feel a little ... upset when he heard that she said nothing??

That might be an illusion.

Meng Zhengrong quickly adjusted his state of mind. On second thought, it was easier not to pretend. It was a happy occasion. At least she could understand what he was saying, couldn't she?

Both of them got off work on time. It was the peak time of getting off work and the roads were filled with traffic. Seeing that Renmin Road was almost blocked for more than ten minutes, Meng Zhengrong made a decisive suggestion: "Let's just eat outside, the traffic jam will be gone after dinner."

Xu Yuan naturally has no problem with it. It was better to eat than to sit in the car and wait.

Two people got off directly, leaving the driver alone in the wind.

Meng Zhengrong was also on the spur of the moment. He remembered that there was a small alley near here, and there was a shop in it. It had been in operation for many years, and although they were home-cooked it was very delicious.

Xu Yuan followed him, turned left and right, and when her patience was about to run out, they finally arrived at the small shop mentioned by Meng Zhengrong.

The store was very narrow, and there were only three or four tables in it. Meng Zhengrong took Xu Yuan and sat down.

Xu Yuan looked around the small shop. Although it was narrow and partial, it was very clean. There was a small potted plant on each table, which made it comfortable to look at.

They ordered fish head with chopped pepper, small fried meat and garlic sprout with soup.

The food was served soon. No wonder Meng Zhengrong said this shop was delicious all the way. When Xu Yuan tried to taste it, it was delicious.

At the moment, it was getting dark. Meng Zhengrong saw Xu Yuan eat happily and seriously, and he thought that it was a good time to have a heart-to-heart talk. He took his time and said, "Xiao Yuan, I’m already thirty-one, and my age is actually not young anymore. Before I married you, I also had love affairs. You should know this."

[Ed. : Xiao is not a typo… I think? For those who do not know, Xiao is usually used as an endearment to a person who is considered younger and followed by the name it is referred to. The literal meaning are “little”, “small”, or “young”. ]

Xu Yuan guessed that he was going to tell her about it, so she nodded: "Yes, I know."

A man such as Meng Zhengrong was sought after no matter in which era. To expect his feelings to be blank at this age, her mind was not filled with water.

Don't say Meng Zhengrong, even the original owner had a past, which was nothing.

"When I got engaged to you, I also had an emotional gap for nearly a year and a half, so you don't have to mind my former girlfriends because I am already strangers with them, and I won't have any contact with them again in my life." He paused and poured Xu Yuan a cup of tea. "I believe in the separation of public and private affairs, so there is no one in the company who had emotional entanglements with me. I hope you can believe me."

Meng Zhengrong was telling the truth.

He was not a person who would not distinguish between public and private, which his secretaries knew best, so although they are all young and beautiful, they dare not make any bad ideas, because once they are discovered by Meng Zhengrong, they could only leave.

Of course, Xu Yuan was an exception. She’s his wife, and it would be normal to work in Meng Cooperation with no distinction between public and private affairs.

Xu Yuan guessed at the beginning that most of the women secretly liked Meng Zhengrong, and Meng Zhengrong probably didn't even know the woman's name.

It's just that there was such a person in the company who really deserves panic. She was not afraid of thieves stealing, but she's afraid of thieves thinking. She doesn't care much about Meng Zhengrong's emotional affiliation. She just felt that since she had already worked in Meng Cooperation, it would really be unpleasant to have someone secretly rub and want to talk to her about gallants.

However, she doesn't intend to solve this person herself. Past experience told her that she could stay on one side without moving her own hand, so as to not be splashed by dirty water.

She told Meng Zhengrong about it today, just to see what Meng Zhengrong would do.

"I naturally believe in you." Xu Yuan looked at Meng Zhengrong. "It's just that all the insignificant employees knew your birthday, but I didn't know it. I feel ashamed to think about it."

The word 'insignificant' was cleverly used.

Xu Yuan's eyes were calm and collected. She felt great.

Meng Zhengrong quickly comforted her when he heard this: "Don't be ashamed, it is normal to not know."

He also does not know when Xu Yuan's birthday was. Of course, this sentence couldn't be said, but it reminded him. It seemed that he had to take time to ask and promise some information about Xu Yuan. At the very least, he should remember her birthday.

Men like them don't care about birthdays, but women are different, especially their first birthday after marriage, which was especially important.

If he didn't know and didn't prepare a surprise gift, Xu Yuan would definitely have an opinion. Maybe she would remember such a thing for a lifetime.

The dinner was a pleasant one. When they got in the car again, the road condition was already very good. When they came home smoothly, Xu Yuan brought some information to see. Meng Zhengrong did not disturbed her, but returned to his study and called the security department of the company. Within half an hour, the monitoring records were transferred out.

Meng Zhengrong was lost in thought after he watched the records.

He found that he had no impression of the woman on the phone under surveillance.

Since Xu Yuan told him about it, it meant that she was very concerned in her heart, which was understandable. Any other person would mind.

Then he should handle this matter well, or small things could become big matters.