From now on, An Yu no longer exists. She is now Su Mansion’s Fifth Miss, Su Liu Yuan.

After memorizing all the names Xiao Yuan had written on the paper, Su Liu Yuan picked it up and burned it. Looking at the paper that now turned into ashes, Su Liu Yuan raised her head and glanced out of the window, with determination she said faintly, "Xiao Yuan, from now on, you are the closest person to me!"

These days, Su Liu Yuan's body has just recently recovered and still needs a good rest. Perhaps because of Su Huanqing's return to the mansion, Su Mingyu and Su Mingzhu didn't bother her, however... her father in this time period hasn't even visited her once, he is really ruthless! Even if she is no longer his favorite daughter, she is still his blood, right? He doesn't even care that she recently drowned.

Sighing, Su Liu Yuan lay on her back on the small couch, stared at the blue skies above her. Actually, these are not problems that she should be worried about. She has been trapped in this small courtyard for ten days, and she has read most of the books in the study room. If she stays here any longer, in the future she will be a weak woman.

Su Liu Yuan looked at Xiao Yuan who was busy doing her work and asked, "Xiao Yuan, do I have money?"

Xiao Yuan stopped whatever she's doing, stretched her head out and asked in confusion, "Miss, is there something you want to buy?”

"No, I just want to go for a walk." Su Liu Yuan returned lightly.

Xiao Yuan's eyes lit up:" Yes! This servant has saved Miss's previous monthly salaries. Miss, please wait, this servant will go get them!" After speaking, she turned and walked into the room.

At first, Su Liu Yuan kept hearing Xiao Yuan calling herself a servant. She originally wanted to correct it, but everyone in this ancient period did the same thing as Xiao Yuan. If she corrected her, wouldn't it cause trouble for herself? Then, it's better if she let Xiao Yuan call herself a servant.

After asking Xiao Yuan, Su Liu Yuan found out that with her identity as a young lady of the mansion, she will receive a monthly salary of two taels of silver. The original Su Liu Yuan rarely went out of the house, so she seldom bought cosmetics. The money used by the original Su Liu Yuan was not much, thus she was able to accumulate it over the years. As a result, the amount of silver in her possession right now is quite a lot.

Su Liu Yuan glanced at the ten taels in Xiao Yuan's hand and said, "Let's go."

Su Liu Yuan lives in a small courtyard named Qi Chi Courtyard. She heard before that Su Liu Yuan's mother's name was An Qumian. Su Liu Yuan was quite surprised when she found out Su Liu Yuan's mother also had the same surname An. However, she is curious why the courtyard they live in is called Qi Chi Courtyard?

"Oh, isn't this the little vixen?"

Su Liu Yuan who was on her mind, rudely awakened by the speech. She frowned and stopped walking.

When she raised her head, she saw two people in the corridor. One of them is sitting while the other is standing, giving the illusion of a double lotus about to bloom. Both of them were wearing pink color dresses which is quite tacky, but the way they wore it made it look even worse. Taking a closer look at their facial features, although they look like they were carved out of the same mold, they look quite different. One of them has bright eyes while the other eyes are slightly hooked, but both of them have the look of arrogance, acting like they are goddesses.

Su Liu Yuan thought to herself, these must be the twins mentioned by Xiao Yuan! She didn’t understand why the twins hated her passionately. From their childhood until now, they will bully her every time they have a chance.

"You despicable girl, how dare you dare didn't salute when you saw young lady!"

Before she could react, a middle-aged woman wearing a reddish-brown color dress and headscarf shouted loudly, fiercely pointing at Xiao Yuan while her other hands on her waist.

"This servant salutes Third Miss and Fourth Miss, please forgive Xiao Yuan for being rude." Xiao Yuan knelt on the ground quickly, her head dropping low.

"Mama, look at you, you almost frightened her. Xiao Yuan, get up quickly." Su Mingzhu said with a slight smile.

"Fourth Miss you are the kindest! Unlike some people, if the servant is this rude and nasty, the master must be the worst kind of person!"

Su Liu Yuan helped Xiao Yuan get up, curled her lips and glanced at the people in the corridor:“If a servant did not put importance on their master's face, this means the master must be the worst type of master!”

Mama's face suddenly changed when she heard Su Liu Yuan’s words, however, she was unable to reply due to her low status.

Upon hearing this, Su Mingyu immediately stood up and stared at Su Liu Yuan fiercely: "What do you mean?!"

Su Liu Yuan ignored her; she simply left the place with Xiao Yuan.

"Fifth sister doesn't even recognize elder sister?" Su Mingzhu hurriedly said when she saw Su Liu Yuan about to leave.

When she heard Su Mingzhu's words, Su Liu Yuan turned around and looked at them for a long time, she finally said: "third sister and fourth sister, is there anything wrong?"

Her behaviour has turned 360 degrees; however, her facial expression was still similar. This was not like the previous Su Liu Yuan who is very obedient! Su Mingzhu thought to herself.

"Hah, who are your third and fourth sisters! In this Su Mansion, there are only Third Miss and Fourth Miss!" when she heard Su Liu Yuan's words, Mingyu became angry and scolded her.

Su Liu Yuan sucked in a deep breath, and her eyes narrowed. Xiao Yuan behind her shakes her head worryingly while tugging her sleeves. Su Liu Yuan had to tolerate Xiao Yuan's action and coldly said, "Oh? Do Third Miss and Fourth Miss have anything to say?"

The difference of calling them Third & Fourth sister with Third & Fourth Miss is like heaven and earth. Calling them “Miss” seems to acknowledge that they are the masters of this mansion, at the same time degrading Su Liu Yuan’s status in this mansion. The twins really can't bear to see her living a good life, they are really wicked sisters!

"Hmph, don't think because the eldest brother has come back, we will be afraid of you!" Su Mingyu's beautiful face suddenly resembled a Yaksha, staring at her fiercely, wishing to tear Su Liu Yuan apart.

Su Liu Yuan nonchalantly raised her head, glanced at Su Mingyu coldly. Su Mingyu was stunned when she saw Su Liu Yuan's facial expression. Her twin, Su Mingzhu who is next to her was equally shocked. Why is Su Liu Yuan's aura imposing? Staring at her again, Su Liu Yuan's attitude returned to normal.

Su Mingzhu blinked her watery eyes, smiled slightly: "Fifth sister, don't be afraid, third sister is only joking!"

Su Liu Yuan nodded, "Okay."

Su Mingzhu felt a little frustrated when she saw that Su Liu Yuan was indifferent to her. She suddenly thought of something and in a flash, her expressions changed: "Fifth Sister, are you going out?"

"Yes." She replied coldly.

Su Mingyu was about to reply, however, she was pulled by Su Mingzhu, her eyes glancing at her twins. Su Mingzhu is preventing her twin sister from speaking. Su Mingzhu smiled at Su Liu Yuan: " Then, Fifth sister must be careful not to get lost. The street is crowded, so go now and return early!"

Su Liu Yuan nodded, "Well, then I will leave first."

Su Mingzhu was still smiling; however, her eyes betrayed her thought, she suddenly stepped forward and said, "Hold on."

"What else do you want? " Su Liu Yuan brows frowned, indicating that she’s annoyed.

"I heard... Fifth sister was rescued by the Xie family's son, is that correct?"

Su Liu Yuan didn't understand the reasons behind the question; thus, she can only tell the truth: "I heard from eldest brother that it was Master Xie who rescued me."

Su Mingzhu lowered her eyes and said something. Su Liu Yuan was far away and couldn't hear clearly. Su Mingyu snorted softly: "I’m telling you, Master Xie is a kind person, don't you dare take advantage of this opportunity!"

Su Liu Yuan frowned. What is the relationship between Xie Weixing and them? Why should she take advantage of him? If he didn't save her, maybe she would have been reincarnated and living in ease and comfort. Why would she be here and face these despicable people?

Although her heart said otherwise, she replied, "I understand."

"Okay, okay, leave now! It's an eyesore to look at you!" when Su Mingyu saw that her words did little to Su Liu Yuan, Su Mingyu immediately felt bored and waved irritably.

Su Liu Yuan didn't bother to stay any longer, she turned around and left without looking back.


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