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Chapter 46: Baby

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way……”

A Christmas tree was placed in front of Sixth High School’s concession stand and Christmas songs were playing from the store. The Christmas tree was twinkling with colorful lights and Santa's socks, and Li Fangqun showed his disapproval. “We’re Chinese, what use is celebrating foreign festivals? What’s the point of making this all fancy? In our generation, this is called blind worship of foreign goods and ideas, you know?”

The classroom was bursting with laughter.

Li Fangqun also laughed. “However, it may also be that your teacher is old-fashioned. I’m old and do not understand you youngsters. Your English teacher is young and trendy, so she should like this kind of festival."

The so-called young and trendy English teacher: “...”

It was time for the first evening study session when Chen Feifei saw Bei Yao’s drawer with amazement. “My God, Yaoyao, how many Christmas cards have you received!”

Her voice wasn’t small, attracting many of her classmates’ attention. She covered her mouth and smiled.

Bei Yao said awkwardly, “Feifei, lower your voice.”

The thin Christmas cards were so many that they were piled up to the height of ten books. From freshmen to seniors, from boys to girls in this class, everyone liked Bei Yao so much that on a holiday like this, where cards could be sent openly, Bei Yao’s desk was filled almost to the point of overflowing.

Some of the cards were exquisitely made and were said to cost ten dollars a piece. They could also play music when opened, while others were three-dimensional.

Wu Mo cast a sidelong glance, and put the three cards she received into a book, feeling upset. Her three cards, compared to her's, were like a drop in the ocean.

Chen Feifei was both amazed and envious. "If only I could receive so many cards."

Bei Yao buried her head in writing a return card.

Courtesy demanded reciprocity. It was impossible to only receive from other people without any expression. After buying clothes for Bei Jun last time, the rest of her pocket money had been used on buying greeting cards. The ones she had bought were affordable, only one yuan each. Bei Yao would give all the cute girls a return card.

Although her cards were not expensive, every word was written with much thought, and everyone’s card was unique.

As for the boys’ cards, they must not be returned. It would become troublesome if she returned them. No matter who it was, the school was going to be full of gossip about the school flower’s love scandals tomorrow.

From the pile of cards, there was one from Fang Mingjun.

Fang Mingjun was in class 8. Her grades were pretty good.

This year, without the influence of Chang Xue, Fang Mingjun’s life was more peaceful and she was actually much happier. The discord between the teenagers had melted into the heavy snow.

One by one, Bei Yao wrote on all the greeting cards until a single card was left, which she was planning to give to Pei Chuan.

But the kiss last time had made the girl feel so shy that after writing everyone else’s, the card was still blank.

Today’s evening self-study session should’ve been led by the English teacher. Because the teacher had something to do at home, Li Fangqun as the homeroom teacher took one session, and the physics teacher took another session.

During the third period of evening study, the English class representative quietly announced, "The English teacher isn’t coming tonight, so let's have a Merry Christmas!"

There was a suppressed cheer in the classroom. Class 6 was so lucky.

Qin Shi also seized the opportunity to make money and organized a Christmas party.

Unlike the little Christmas tree in Sixth High School’s small shop, no one knows where Qin Shi had gotten such a big tree. The lights dotted all over it, like stars falling down to earth, very luxurious to look at.

After all, it was Saturday night and tomorrow was a holiday. The students either snuck out or went out openly.

Bei Yao, Chen Feifei, and the others also came to Qin Shi together to watch the excitement.

Inside her school uniform’s pocket, she was carrying the blank card.

Chen Feifei said, “Oh dear, this tree must be very expensive, ah. Are the gifts and gift boxes hanging on it real?”

Bei Yao also looked up.

The colorful lights and fake snowflakes were hanging in the sky, and the real snowflakes were fluttering under the brightness, becoming a beautiful painting.

Pei Chuan was looking at her inside the painting.

Bei Yao’s roommate held her hand and the liveliness and cuteness of the young girl made the world come alive.

Pei Chuan lit a cigarette, while Jin Ziyang and the others were picking gifts from the tree.

This is something that only rich people with cheap hands dared to do. Picking meant to take away three times the price.

A girl who had changed out of her school uniform came over. "Pei Chuan."

Pei Chuan’s gaze moved away from Bei Yao. He leaned under a tree, his gaze clear and cold. There was a sense of a winter night’s coldness when approached.

Wu Mo said, “What a coincidence to meet you here. Merry Christmas, did you get my greeting card?”

Pei Chuan’s eyes were dark and without any joy or anger.

Wu Mo plucked up her courage, her voice slightly louder. "I, I don’t mind the previous rumors about you and your family background. It doesn't matter if you don't have money, I’m really grateful to you."

Pei Chuan sneered slightly.

Wu Mo didn't understand what he meant. Last time the school had been spreading that Pei Chuan wasn’t a particularly wealthy person. His family was just an ordinary well-off family, even having a stepsister. When Wu Mo had first heard this news, she’d been very shocked and her heart had slightly felt disappointed that he wasn’t a rich second-generation.

But then she thought, at this time Pei Chuan must need someone to accompany him, so if she showed that she did not mind the rumors, wouldn’t he be touched?

Thinking like this, Wu Mo happened to see Pei Chuan smoking alone in the corner where the light didn’t shine, so she came over.

Pei Chuan said, "Like me?"

Wu Mo’s face flushed red all of a sudden. She knew Pei Chuan was being straightforward, but this… also made her very embarrassed. She nodded. “My feelings are true.”

Pei Chuan’s smile faded instantly. “So you were playing with me last time?”

She had deliberately provoked him about Han Zhen, revealing false information, and had said that Bei Yao had been moved by Han Zhen's heart.

Wu Mo didn't expect Pei Chuan to guess the key with a casual sentence. Her face turned pale. "No, no, Bei Yao really likes Han Zhen a little bit, she personally said it to me. Isn't it Christmas today? She also received a gift from Han Zhen. I’m not lying to you."

Pei Chuan’s eyes were dark. “Shut up! Who she likes or who likes her doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Wu Mo couldn't figure out what he meant.

However, Pei Chuan hated this woman. Such a despicable and small-minded trash, only worthy of someone like Ding Wenxiang.

“Extend your hand.”

Wu Mo’s heart thumped wildly and she stretched her hand out.

Pei Chuan’s index finger lightly flicked the cigarette, letting the ashes fall on her palm. It was so hot Wu Mo screamed.

“You! You…”

Pei Chuan said, “Get lost! Don’t bother me.”

Wu Mo was a little afraid of him, but she felt that this man was different from Ding Wenxiang who was pretending to be gentle. His temperament was very manly and there was a different kind of seductive power. She spoke with red eyes, “I am sincere.”

Pei Chuan became impatient. "Sure, ah, eat the cigarette butt and I’ll believe you."

The fire sparkled, but the teenager's pupils were cold. Wu Mo said, "No matter how much one likes someone, how can they be willing to swallow ash?"

Pei Chuan did not speak. There was no hint of laughter in his eyes.

How was it possible, how was it possible that no one was willing?

At least if it was for someone else, he would have done it even if it was the most excessive request.

Seeing that he was in a bad mood, Wu Mo didn't dare to provoke him, so she ran away.

Not far away, Bei Yao pursed her lips, her cheeks bulging unhappily. Zheng Hang said, "This is for you. Your name is Bei Yao, right?"

Bei Yao sat on the stone steps and watched Wu Mo leave Pei Chuan.

She couldn’t hear what they were saying, but her heart was gloomy.

Hearing Zheng Hang’s words, she turned her head.

The small porcelain-white face was pure and clear, with a bit of a teenage girl’s innocence. It moved others’ hearts.

She lowered her eyes and saw a twinkling star lantern, it had just been picked off from the Christmas tree.

Bei Yao shook her head. “Thank you, but I don’t want it.”

Chen Feifei liked the star lantern, but Bei Yao had refused, and it also hadn’t been given to her. There was disappointment in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything.

Zheng Hang noticed the gaze of Bei Yao’s friend. He was very generous. “Do you like this lantern? I’ll give it to you.”

Chen Feifei was very happy. “Thank you!” After all, it had been other people’s things and she was a little embarrassed from receiving it.

Zheng Hang said, "You're welcome, being able to meet is fate. Do you have any other lanterns that you like?"

Chen Feifei turned her head and realized that Bei Yao had disappeared.


Bei Yao went around from below the colorful lantern, patting the snow on top of her hair. Her hand was tucked in her pocket. Inside was the warm greeting card.

Bei Yao was not happy with the scene she saw just now, and she didn't know what emotion she was feeling.

It was like suddenly discovering that a person you didn’t like very much was getting very close to someone you cared about. It made her heart very stuffy, but unable to vent.

She walked towards the corner and her nose caught the very light smell of smoke.

She followed it, slowly getting farther away from the noisy crowd. It was dark here, but after looking around she could vaguely see the outline of the cold teenager.

Pei Chuan lowered his gaze and met her bright eyes in the darkness

In such a bleak place, her pair of almond eyes were still bright as stars and glistening grapes.

This was the first time the two had met since that last kiss.

He leaned so closely to her that his left hand, which was holding a cigarette, dropped.

The bright spot would be especially obvious in the dark. His hand tightened as he silently extinguished the cigarette with his fingertips.

The two people were momentarily silent.

Bei Yao was silent because of shyness and annoyment, Pei Chuan was…… because of his jumbled up and mixed feelings.

She was petite and small but happened to be standing at the exit of the big tree in the corner.

Pei Chuan knew that he smelled of cigarettes and was a little uncomfortable. He frowned. “Step aside.”

Listen to this! What kind of annoying tone was this!

The little hand in her pocket squeezed the greeting card. She didn’t want to give it to him anymore.

She stood still, angry and slightly baffled.

When Pei Chuan looked at her, it was inevitable that there would be a circle of ripples in his heart. Bitterness and sweetness were intertwined repeatedly. It seemed that he would die because of these extreme emotions.

His voice was slightly suppressed, but he did not know that he had unconsciously lowered the tone of his voice. "What's wrong with you? Is something wrong?"

Bei Yao’s cheeks slowly reddened.

Ah… She seemed to have nothing to say. She had originally gone out to meet Pei Chuan and give him a Christmas card. Though she’d forget about it if she wasn’t able to meet Pei Chuan.

But seeing Wu Mo, the stuffiness she felt during the marathon in autumn came again.

Hadn’t she told Pei Chuan already that Wu Mo wasn’t good?

Bei Yao was actually curious. What had you felt when I had kissed you at the hospital that day? Was it true just like what the internet said? Could a light kiss really make others’ hormones explode and make them feel so excited they could die?

Pei Chuan couldn’t see her reddish cheeks, only the beautiful silhouette and the pair of clear wet eyes inside the darkness. It was particularly attractive.

The atmosphere was a little bit awkward. Bei Yao whispered, “I’m uncomfortable…”

He frowned subconsciously. “Where are you not comfortable?”

Her heart felt uncomfortable.

But she unconsciously knew that it didn't seem to be a good thing to say.

If she really liked Pei Chuan, what about her? Could it be that he hated the stupid things she did with this reckless brain of her?

She said, “Um… dizzy.”

Pei Chuan pursed his lips. He had an unspeakable bitterness in his heart. This was someone else's baby. He had just promised her parents yesterday to stay away from her, and to not let their baby get dirty. But seeing her come over today, he couldn't help but have a tiny bit of hope in his heart.

He just wanted to talk to her; he hadn’t been thinking of doing anything excessive or anything else.

Bei Yao took out the courage to break through and whispered, "Can I lean on you?"

She applied what she had learned*. She took a step forward and nervously tried to lean her little head against his chest.

*T/N: 举一反三 (jǔ yī fǎn sān) a Chinese idiom which means you learned one thing then able to use the knowledge for many other things on your own.

He was so high; there was no other way.

The night was quiet. Heavy snow fell on the vigorous branches and leaves of the evergreen trees, and the girl under the tree gently leaned her forehead against his chest.

The teenager's muscles tensed almost instantly, like someone had cast magic on him, making him unable to move.

Under the place she was leaning against were his ribs and his heart.

Both of his hands, one still wrapped in bandages and the other hiding a cigarette. He was stiff but still allowed her to lean on him.

She must have heard his violent heartbeat?

The boy had a warm chest, which was strange. For a person with a bad temper and a cold temperament, his body temperature was always very high. The girl leaned her head into his arms and quietly felt his heartbeat.

But to her surprise, his heartbeat could no longer be described by frequency but intensified little by little, so powerful that it trembled.

It was over. It was over. Bei Yao was at a loss. The pounding heart really caused her to be dizzy.

He had some muscle, after knowing this fact, she was embarrassed and the tips of her ears were red.

Pei Chuan gritted his teeth. In any case, he still remembered what he had promised to Auntie Zhao. The other people had already disregarded the ten years of friendship and openly gave him their family fortune, just begging him to let their daughter go.

He said, "Are you better?"

The young girl timidly said: "No, it seems that I’m still, still dizzy."

Pei Chuan had a momentary breakdown.

How had Aunt Zhao taught this baby of hers!


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