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Chapter 67: Brothers

Bei Yao wished for the stars and moon as she looked forward to the arrival of April.

She did a lot of preparations and research about what could be brought to the “prison visit”. Bei Yao and Fang Minjun didn’t know what kind of existence the “Seventh Prison” was, but she was really prepared to wait for Pei Chuan for eight years.

It doesn’t matter even if he doesn’t have anything after he comes out. Won’t I already be working by then?

She always believed that life was better with two people.

Spring had come, and Bei Yao was confessed to by several people. One of them was a genius from the law department. It was said that he had been shocked seeing Bei Yao last year.

When Wang Qiankun talked about this, she laughed so hard because the genius acted a little dumb and spoke sternly. People in the know understood that he was confessing, and people who didn’t know would think that he was interrogating a prisoner.

Wang Qiankun imitated him so perfectly that it amused Bei Yao.

As for Bei Yao’s story of having a boyfriend in prison, Qin Dongni told them about it, but nobody believed it.

Wang Qiankun said, “Beautiful Yaoyao, you should also start dating. I feel sweet when I look at you. Hahaha, your boyfriend will definitely spoil you to the sky.”

Bei Yao said, “I have a boyfriend.”

Qin Dongni teased, “The one in prison?”

Bei Yao nodded. The roommates burst into laughter. Wang Qiankun said, “Yaoyao, you’ve been joking about it for so long; it’s enough. We’re in our second year and will be in our third year shortly. If you don’t date soon, you can only date the juniors; do you like someone younger? And as for me? I have no hope anymore, I feel that I’m very masculine. But there are so many people chasing you, yet you never consider them. What are you thinking?”

How come people don’t believe me when I’m telling the truth?

Bei Yao looked solemn. “I really have a boyfriend.”

She emphasized it by repeating it one more time. The other three people in the dormitory looked at each other. Qin Dongni forced a smile. “Really in prison?”

Bei Yao nodded; there was neither shame nor embarrassment on her face, as if she was just talking about a common fact.

Wang Qiankun covered her face and howled in grief.

Qin Dongni asked, “How long before he comes out?”

Bei Yao replied softly, “Eight years.”

“……” All the girls in the room fell silent.

The next day, everyone began to tell Bei Yao, “Now, we don’t mean to belittle him, but Yaoyao, eight years, 2920 days, you’re wasting a woman’s best time on waiting for him. That’s jail! Not an outing! Do you think everyone is like Dr. Yu Xueqin, who can be a master of medicine after being in jail?"

Bei Yao asked, “Who is Dr. Yu Xueqin?”

“Haven’t you heard about him? He’s a big shot in medicine, and will be over 50 years old this year. He used to be a surgeon with firm hands. He made a lot of contributions when he was in prison and saved many lives. After he came out, there were countless people looking for him to conduct surgeries. He has a lot of money now.”

*t/n: I found nothing about this person, he might or might not exist.

Bei Yao nodded.

Everyone found that the topic was a little bit off, and not everyone was like Dr. Yu Xueqin. The majority of those who had been in jail were old, jobless people, okay? They either became gangsters or gamblers.

Qin Dongni and the others were really worried about Bei Yao being deceived.

Even Shan Xiaomai couldn’t help saying, “My mom said that people who have been in jail are particularly fierce. Yaoyao, you should think carefully about it.”

Bei Yao could only smile and shake her head. “Thank you, I know you’re doing it for my sake, but my boyfriend is very good. I won’t break up with him.”

Bei Yao saw her roommates’ reactions and understood Pei Chuan's previous thoughts. People did have a prejudice against those who had been in jail, even if they didn’t know them nor what mistakes they had made before.

When spring started in April, the weather turned completely warm.

When Bei Yao and her roommates went shopping, the girls were all enthusiastically looking for women’s clothing. But instead, Bei Yao looked for men’s apparel.

The clothes in the mall weren’t cheap.

Since Bei Yao hadn’t sold the diamond, and Zhao Zhilan and Bei Licai still had to raise Xiao Bei Jun, her living funds came from scholarships, government allowance, and part-time jobs.

She was pretty but rarely bought new clothes for herself.

She used almost all of her savings to buy clothes for Pei Chuan. She bought him a smoky gray shirt and a thin black sweater.

Wang Qiankun and the others saw her buy clothes and Qin Dongni whispered, “Yaoyao, why bother?”

Yes, ah, why bother?

The second school beauty was from the journalism department. Now, she was happily together with a rich second-generation. Not only did he give her all kinds of beautiful clothes, but he had also given her a car last month.

When it came to beauty, Bei Yao was definitely more beautiful. Even if she picked a good man at random, she wouldn’t have a hard life.

Waiting for a man with no future for eight years; for the first time, Wang Qiankun and the others couldn't say anything.

What can he give Yaoyao after he is released? At that time, Yaoyao will be 26. He has no house, no car, no job, only a “criminal” past.

No matter how they imagined it—it was a bitter life.

Bei Yao didn’t know what they were thinking. She was just focused on packing the clothes. After thinking for a while, she decided to contact Jin Ziyang.

In the past two years, Young Master Jin had worked hard, and it was said that he was doing well. Also, they hadn’t given up looking for Pei Chuan. Bei Yao frowned slightly when she thought of Pei Haobin. Pei Chuan probably still didn’t know that he had a half-brother.

In the end, Bei Yao didn’t tell Pei Haobin.

On April 10th, Bei Yao rented a bicycle to go to the outskirts.

Not long after leaving the school gate, she was stopped by a car.

The car window rolled down, revealing Chu Xun’s face.

Chu Xun had vigorously chased after Bei Yao when he had been a freshman, but everyone knew that he had been rejected. Chu Xun put on a fake smile. “Where are you going? It’s inconvenient riding a bike. I’ll give you a ride.”

Looking at Bei Yao’s beautiful face, Chu Xun gritted his teeth with hatred. After he met her, he only wanted the best. But he didn’t get her, and it also became boring to look at others.

Bei Yao was annoyed. She frowned and walked around him.

It was difficult to see Pei Chuan, and she really didn’t want to waste time with Chu Xun here.

Chu Xun was angry. He opened the car door and came out to stop Bei Yao. “Am I not good to you? Huh? You don’t even have a boyfriend, what’s wrong with being with me? What do you want? A house or a car?”

Chu Xun’s voice wasn’t small; he wanted to tell the world. But Bei Yao found it laughable: “I don’t want anything, if you are so good to me then go to jail for me.”

Chu Xun became stunned for a moment: “Wh… What?”

Bei Yao pursed her lips and walked around him to leave. Chu Xun was unwilling to let her off, and reached his hand to pull her. He wanted to make her clarify it, but a hand slapped Chu Xun’s hand away.

Chu Xun saw the man and immediately cursed, “F**k your mom, which b*tch is so meddlesome?”

The man frowned. He was wearing a suit, and his voice was clear. “This student, you are at the school gate. Is it okay to pester a female classmate like this?”

Chu Xun sneered, “Scram.” He wanted to make a move, but the man blocked and threw his hand away.

The man smiled perfunctorily, and gave his business card to Chu Xun. “Young Master Chu, use your brain more.”

Chu Xun looked down and looked at the two big words: Huo Xu.

“Huo Xu!”

Hearing this name from Chu Xun's mouth, Bei Yao turned her head and just saw the man's clear and gentle eyebrows. He stood at the gate of the school beside a tall street tree.

Huo Xu met her clear almond eyes and displayed a smile.

In an instant, Bei Yao rode her bike away without looking back.

The two men went silent for a bit.

Why is it that in a scene where the hero saves the beauty, the beauty not only ignores the bully but the hero too?


Although Bei Yao had no memories from her senior year in high school, after reading the words in the notes for so many years, she had carefully guessed the meaning of each word.

She was very familiar with the name “Huo Xu”, which had harmed her with evil intentions.

She pursed her lips, and didn’t want to think about what Huo Xu was going to do.

She had a good memory. After seeing this person, she remembered the boy she had rescued at the gate of Bei Jun’s kindergarten when she was sixteen.

To be honest, seeing him again after a few years made her realize that this man was wealthy. However, she could not erase the ill-feeling and rejection she had when she saw him.

Bei Yao rode all the way to the outskirts and her unhappy mood was blown away by the spring breeze.

At the gate of the “Seventh Prison”, several cars were already parked there.

When Bei Yao arrived, Zheng Hang became a little stunned.

She had grown up and had become more beautiful than when she had been in her youth. Bei Yao was a little surprised when she saw them. She had obviously only informed Jin Ziyang, who had been asking around for news in the past few years.

But Zheng Hang and Ji Wei had both come, too.

Ji Wei was also carrying his schoolbag, holding his "Five Years College Entrance Examination, Three Years Simulation" book.

She felt a little warm in her heart, and also a little grateful that they had never forgotten Pei Chuan. After all, Pei Chuan had only had a handful of friends during these years. He had been an antisocial boy when he was young; no one in the neighborhood liked to play with him.

The several people walked inside together, which happened to be the opening time for prison visits.

Zheng Hang looked at the bad environment and felt that something was wrong. He raised his eyebrows. This… doesn’t look like a simple prison, ah.

The ordinary prisons’ “visiting day” was opened simultaneously. Then, they would meet in a spacious meeting room, but the “Seventh Prison” gave each person a separate small room.

However, when going through the procedures to explain the situation, the prison guard frowned: "Pei Chuan… fought last night, and he’s in confinement today."

The faces of the men were all saying ‘WTF!’

Bei Yao was also stunned.

Everyone knew that you couldn’t fight during the sentence. Otherwise, the consequences would be grave. Was Pei Chuan crazy?

It just so happened to be that senior Cheng Zhenghai also had a visitor. When he saw the several young people outside the door, he said with a smile, “Old Chen, can you just let loose? Isn’t it fine to start the confinement tomorrow? It’s fine to lock him up for half a month.”

Cheng Zhenghai had had a high prestige before, and his family was also rich. But then, his daughter had been defiled and humiliated. He had been enraged and used biochemical weapons to murder. Then, he came here as a talent. A few years ago, everyone had respected him.

Eventually, Pei Chuan was brought over.

The dark pupils of the young man were nonchalant, but upon seeing Jin Ziyang and the others, there was still a moment of sorrow in his eyes. He had thought that in this life, after becoming friends for three years, they would go their own ways and would never see each other again.

Jin Ziyang was ecstatic. In the past two years, he had used up all his connections just to find him. Now, he almost forgot how to speak. “Chuan Ge, I finally found you.”

It was the first time they had seen Pei Chuan in a wheelchair. Transformations weren’t vacations, and no matter what, there would always be difficulties. However, the coldness and indifference on Pei Chuan's face didn’t make them retreat.

Jin Ziyang touched the wheelchair. “Chuan Ge, this thing is kind of cool, ah.”


Pei Chuan looked around before his gaze fell on the girl at the very back. She called with a delicate voice, “Pei Chuan.”

His eyebrows softened. Afraid of scaring her, he replied in a low voice, “En.”


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