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Chapter 34: Does It Feel Good

Under the heavy thunderstorm, Bei Jun was paranoid. He said, “Older sister.”

Bei Yao gave him a hug, “Don’t worry, XiaoJun. Be a good boy at kindergarten. I’ll be right back.”

Bei Jun pulled the hem of Bei Yao’s skirt with his plump little hands. Bei Yao sweet-talked, “Listen to the teachers. I need to go to school. Mommy will fetch you in the afternoon once her work is done.”

Bei Jun had no choice and replied, “Goodbye, older sister.”

Bei Yao kissed his petite cheeks, and walked away with her umbrella.

She walked towards the west side for about 300 metres. A van was parked at the side of the pedestrian walkway. A handsome boy wearing a mask rolled down the window of the car, stuck his head out, and said, “You, you’re back.”

Bei Yao asked, “Do you need anything?”

“Can you get me some medicines? Fever reducers, anti-inflammatory drugs, alcohol, q-tips, bandages…”

Bei Yao noted them all, and replied, “Noted. Is your sister doing well?”

The boy said nothing, his face silent and serious. A woman’s soft weeping could be heard inside the car.

“Thank you, take this money,” the boy passed her a note through the window. That moment when he raised his glance, under the umbrella, he saw Bei Yao’s delicate chin. Bei Yao raised her umbrella slightly. Huo Xu could see her petite, sharp nose and a pair of bright, beautiful almond eyes.

The heavy rain blocks one’s vision, but not her beauty.

Huo Xu paused for a second, Bei Yao already left with the money.

The woman in the car was weeping, she was wearing a white mask. Blood stains soaked the mask. Shao Yue weeps, “Xiao Xu, Xiao Xu, send me to the hospital. Is my face ruined?”

Huo Xu returned inside the van, his eyes flashed immense pain. He hugged her tight, “Older sister Shao Yue, no, this is all my fault that you became like this. We can’t visit the hospital now. My uncle and everyone else knew we’re coming to City C. They’ve definitely arranged people to meet us at the hospital. Please hold on a bit longer. Once we’re safe, I’ll send you to the hospital.”

The woman’s sobbing quietened, “Huo Xu, you need to remember. Everything I do, is all because I love you…”

Huo Xu replied, “Yes, I remember.”

Huo Xu’s glare was empty. He was only nineteen. The future was like an unprecedented thunderstorm, leaving one with no solution. However, Shao Yue gave in so much for him, he could never go back again.

Bei Yao returned not too long after. There was a clinic near the kindergarten, and she bought all the medicine Huo Xu needed there. Gently, she knocked on the window of the van.

Huo Xu was on his utmost guard. When he saw it was Bei Yao, he rolled down the window immediately and said softly, “Thank you.”

He wore the exact same mask, shielding his face tight.

Walking under the heavy rain, despite using the umbrella, the girl was totally soaked in rainwater.

Bei Yao shakes her head, “No problem. I should be the one thanking you for pressing the horn to scare away the stray dogs. Can you return my student pass?”

Huo Xu’s face flushed. This was his first time doing such contemptible things. A stray dog made Bei Jun cry out of fear on his way to school. It was just so that the child’s cry triggered the dog’s crazy barking.

Huo Xu’s car wheel was stuck in the mud. He pressed the horn twice, fished out a self-defence truncheon from his car and chased away the dog.

At first glance, it was a girl about fifteen-sixteen and a child aged two-three.

Because of protecting her brother, Bei Yao’s belongings were stained with mud from falling onto the ground.

Huo Xu hurried to help her pick up the belongings. He saw her student pass. Under the rain, Bei Yao’s class and name was written in a neat handwriting.

The girl stared at her bag covered with mud, crestfallen. After showing her gratitude, she brought her brother to a shelter. The first thing she did was dialling a number.

“Sorry Pei Chuan, I can’t come today.”

Huo Xu stood afar. The girl’s voice was very gentle.

He recalled Shao Yue in the van, and finally voiced, “Bei Yao, help me.”

She raised her brows in shock.

It caught her off-guard that he knew her name. Huo Xu held her student pass, and asked in a more pleading tone. “Please? As a favor back for me chasing away that dog for you.”

Bei Yao stood thinking for a minute. “Alright, I’ll be back after settling my little brother down.”

Huo Xu feared she might not return but thankfully she did.

As he returned her student pass, it was the first time he felt himself being despicable. It was a girl that’s younger than him by 3-4 years, yet he has to threaten her for a favor.

She couldn’t clearly see who was in the car. After taking back her pass, she just walked off silently with her umbrella into the rain.

She carried a light oleaceae scent on her as she walked.

The early September days weren’t exactly cold. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants, her ankles were showing. Although her sandals were submerged in water, the water was gliding past her.

Her silhouette became the most memorable view amidst the September storm.

Bei Yao didn’t ask for his name, neither was she overly helpful but she knew how to show gratitude. Huo Xu spaced out briefly, until Shao Yue tugged on his sleeves, only then did he turn around and applied the medicine on her face.


Bei Yao didn’t pay too much attention to this. Even if she has the entire memory of high school, this incident wouldn’t stand out in her memory.

She hurried back to change her soaked clothes, and the rain had become gentler.

The weather was erratic, one moment it was raining but on another it was sunny. Thankfully, there were no important lessons today. Zhao ZhiLan was busy this morning. Bei Yao planned to send Bei Jun to kindergarten quickly. She never expected such an incident.

Rapeseeds don’t bloom in this season. She was afraid of her brother catching rabies from stray dogs.

After sending her brother to the kindergarten teacher, Bei Yao was still worried and informed Zhao ZhiLan about this incident. Zhao ZhiLan was solemn, “I understand, when I fetch Bei Jun from school later, I’ll inform the police. You should go to school now.”

It was already mid-day. Bei Yao sighed. In addition to waiting for and boarding the bus, the trip will take two hours. She might as well stay at home and make some noodles, dig out her old school bag to put up with the afternoon classes.

Bei Yao trailed along the pathway to the bus stop. In case she’d get caught in the rain again, she was still hanging on to her umbrella.

Nearing the bus stop, she almost couldn’t believe her eyes.

She said, “Pei Chuan?”

The boy had his head low, his body drenched. The rain had already stopped, the sun was out too. However, he was soaked, water was dripping from his wet clothes.

After a heavy rain, the air carried a slight smell of earth. He saw her. Jet black pupils were seen with slight sparkles.

He smiled, “You’re here.”

Bei Yao rarely saw him smile. However this was not the time to point that out. She hurried over, “Why are you drenched?”

Pei Chuan replied, “I was waiting for you.”

Bei Yao said, “But, didn’t I call you in the morning to go first?”

Pei Chuan was silent. Didn’t we promise to go together?

Bei Yao raised her eyes, coming into contact with his jet black pupils.

It was clear that Pei Chuan was furious.

He spoke, “Do you blame me for lying to you last year?”


Pei Chuan added, “Are you disappointed when you saw me for the first time this year?”

Bei Yao shook her head, “Everyone has a right to choose the way they want to live, I’m not disappointed in you.”

Pei Chuan giggled softly. In her view, this was unfamiliar and sarcastic. He said, “Then, is it because you never carried any hopes for me, Bei Yao? I’ve always wondered, why would you befriend a crippled boy from young till now? Don’t you feel gross?”

Such extreme use of words, Bei Yao has never heard from him before. Even when he lied to her last year, it was done peacefully.

However after hearing this line, Bei Yao was shocked. At the same time, she felt intimidated a little.

I-is this Pei Chuan?

She barely suppressed her emotions, and replied “You know I don’t.”

“Oh, really?” He sniggered lightly.

Bei Yao asked, “Pei Chuan, why are you angry?”

Pei Chuan asked back, “What do you think?”

What did she think?! She just felt strange. Pei Chuan took a step forward.

He possessed the chilliness from the thunderstorm just now. The thin sunlight that appeared earlier would not warm him.

Bei Yao wanted to step backwards subconsciously. However her habit from the past ten years made her feet rooted on the ground.

Pei Chuan lowered his glance, he smiled, “Look at yourself. You’re scared, why aren’t you leaving?”

Bei Yao replied, “I don't want to talk to you. You’re weird today.” She admitted she was intimidated a little. After the call with Wei Wan yesterday, the former went through lots of thoughts. Recalling those terrible things from young, was it all from him?

Bei Yao built her courage and made eye contact with him. One of his hands pressed against the back of her head. He looked down.

Slap”, both were stunned.

Pei Chuan’s face tilted, he pressed his lips.

Bei Yao was infuriated, followed by fear, “What do you want now?”

Pei Chuan clicked his tongue. All this while, this girl treated him with the utmost care. She poured in every effort and kindness and grew up with him. This was the first time she acted against him.

Embracing the September breeze, he felt somewhat chilly.

Everyone was having lessons, only they two were at the bus stop. Bus 75 approached, the driver looked at the two of them, “Students, are you boarding?”

Upon seeing the drenched Pei Chuan, he shut his mouth, flabbergasted. What is happening right now.

Bei Yao was extremely awkward. She hid her hands behind her back, suppressing the urge to cry.

She said, “Mister driver, we’re not boarding this bus.”

The bus drove away.

Bei Yao can’t stay any longer. Although her personality was benevolent, she was not thick-skinned. Pei Chuan’s action from just now reminded her of that night when he was drunk, his burning hot thin lips brushed against her finger.

At that time, she thought he misunderstood her as another person. As they grow older, they will start to develop relationships other than friendships. One day, she’ll leave his life and he’ll search for a lover and open a wide path for romance. So it didn’t matter if it was Wei Wan or anybody else, as long as he likes them.

However that one slap, was as if Pei Chuan forcefully made her pull down her shy mask.

Bei Yao pressed her lips tight, “I’m going home.”

If she were to stay any longer with him, she’d suffocate.

Pei Chuan said, “Why, does it feel good after that slap?”

Bei Yao glared at him.

However, he smiled, “So? Talk. You’ve suffered all these years.”

Bei Yao’s blood was boiling. She hoped he would stop smiling. The person in front of her was just like the Pei Chuan that Chen FeiFei showed her some while ago, unfamiliar and crazy. Not one bit of him is likeable, and that smile was so sarcastic.

She turned back and walked away.

September, the leaves fell in circular motions beside her.

His smile faded. Staring at her silhouette, his expression became his casual frigid face.

“Bei Yao,” he said gently, “Can we pretend nothing happened?”

She was already far away.

His wet hair was no longer dripping water. He turned and landed a punch on the ginkgo tree behind.

Pei Chuan closed his eyes, he didn’t actually want to kiss her.

He knew he was not suitable for her. She would be grossed out.

Nonetheless, he wouldn’t need such peaceful friendship anymore. He hated such a friendship. Hey, what’s the use of this? He forcefully tears away from relationships, all for anticipating Bei Yao’s reaction.

However, she was infuriated, terrified.

So “Love” is something like this. No matter how lovely and gentle a girl is, she wouldn’t treat it like friendship.


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