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Chapter 75: Getting Married?

The spring in April has been tainted with bits of summer’s temperature in advance.

Bei Yao was wearing a white coat with a few light-pink cherry blossoms on the cuffs. Her wrist was white and thin, while her fingers were long and soft.

He lowered his gaze and gently held her hand.

Bei Yao was a little surprised. There were still people around, she had thought that with Pei Chuan's character, he would not get too close to her. She had never held hands with Pei Chuan in public. She was not quite used to it, and as a girl, she was also a bit shy.

Pei Chuan's body temperature was very high all year round, but today, his fingers were a little cold.

Bei Yao was quite famous in school. At this moment, everyone saw a man holding her hand, and she had not shaken it off. The students quietly looked over.

After all, some time ago, there were rumors in school that Beiyao's boyfriend was... a cripple who had just been released from prison.

The man who’s holding Bei Yao has an unfamiliar face. People were passing by with curiosity in their hearts. They couldn’t stop themselves from taking a look at his legs.

Bei Yao didn’t care how others looked at them. She looked at Pei Chuan next to her and asked in a small voice, “Where are we going?”

Pei Chuan’s lips were a little pale. He originally thought it would be easy to talk to her about this matter, but now he found it difficult to open his mouth.

He was afraid to see the shock, disappointment, and resistance in her eyes.

Either way, it’s all in his heart.

In fact, he understood that this was not respectable.

It’s very disgraceful.

Some people have a dull life but could see the future at a glance. He belonged to such people. When he sat in jail, he knew that it would almost be impossible for him to be with her in this life.

But on that cold winter night, she came. The soft and warm girl coquettishly rubbed a kiss mark on his neck.

At that moment, a dam broke in his heart, and his eyes were sore.

He loved her so much, and wanted them to be together for life.

To be able to love for one day is one day, to be able to love for one year is one year.

However, when she asked how long she had to wait for him, he finally said eight years.

He wished that the long eight years would let her see the prosperity present and travel the world. Just in case she still didn’t hate him like before, then he would accept that in this life, even at the cost of his, he would stay with her.

But the world has changed too much, and he has now cut off the opportunity for her to choose and regret.

She didn't even know how he coldly watched Huo Xu threaten her parents.

The better she was, the more fearful Pei Chuan was of future consequences.

What she gave was too good, if ever there’s a crack, his heart would turn cold.

Now, how could he tell her where to go?

Pei Chuan opened his mouth and finally said, "I’ll take you on a date, ok?"

She reached out and touched the tree branch, while the side of her face was slightly red. She wanted to cover it up as if nothing was wrong. "Okay ya."

Pei Chuan pursed his lips.

He hadn’t slept at all last night. His thoughts were straightforward: directly explain to her the pros and cons. Even if she was disgusted or felt repulsed, she still has to agree and take the certificate. But at this moment, he was afraid to say it.

He also didn’t have the calmness that he had when he faced Aunt Zhao and the others. Every heartbeat made him feel dizzy and at a loss.

But the question was, where should he take her on a “date” right now?

There was nothing interesting in Pei Chuan’s life, Bei Yao knew.

When she looked at the door in front of her, she held back a smile without saying a word.

Pei Chuan took out the key in silence and opened the door.

He took her home.

This was his new apartment in B CIty. Before opening this door, Pei Chuan pursed his lips.

Bei Yao wanted to laugh, however, when she saw the house, she was stunned.

She remembered that she had been to Pei Chuan's home in C City once during the Spring Festival in high school. At that time, the house was full of black, white and gray. It was very cold. There was no vitality to be seen, and she could only wear Pei Chuan's slippers. However, now...

The house pricing in B City was still steep. Nonetheless, the house was huge. It was facing the sun with the sunlight pouring down on it. The curtains were also warm-colored.

The balcony was planted with evening primrose, spider flowers, peonies, and has a large area of roses.

The floor-to-ceiling windows were specially made for the balcony, while a flower vine swing was in front of it.

The carpet was beige, and the sofa had many cute small pillows.

There was a lady’s slippers in the hallway, and it was decorated with a cute pink rabbit.

She couldn’t react. If it hadn’t been Pei Chuan’s key that opened the house, she would have thought that she had broken into the house that a rich man had brought for a little princess.

Pei Chuan didn’t say anything. He didn’t even dare to look at her expression.

All of his thoughts could actually be understood in this “home”. The house was not far from B City, and he knew that she still had to go to school.

Bei Yao said, “Your house is so beautiful.”

He whispered, “En.”

Bei Yao was only 21 this year. No matter what, she would not think about marriage yet. The only thing in her mind was that Pei Chuan knew she would come and made a small swing for her.

She was very well behaved and polite, she didn’t run rampant and just eagerly asked Pei Chuan, “Can I sit on the swing?”

The flower vine swing was very beautiful.

Pei Chuan nodded.

She didn’t want to be pushed. This was novel to her, and thought that such a big house was also good. Meanwhile, their house in C City was small and dilapidated, let alone swings, they couldn’t even put a rattan chair.

Seeing her happy, he clenched his teeth and opened his mouth with difficulty. “Do you want to look at the bedroom?”

Bei Yao leaned her head on the flower vine, her small face was more charming than the rose behind her.

She didn't understand what was so good about other people's bedrooms, but the pupils of the man's eyes were dark and carried an indescribable hope. She had to ask softly, "Can I take a look?"

Of course.

He opened the bedroom door.

Bei Yao blanked out.

Contrary to having not sensed anything earlier, right now, even a fool could understand the situation.

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes, his lips slightly pale.

The red bed sheets was with mandarin ducks* playing in the water in a modern style. The word "double happiness**" was embroidered on the top with dark patterns, and the curtains were also red.

*t/n: Mandarin ducks symbolize a couple or married couple.

**t/n: 囍, it’s a combination of two “happy” (喜) words.

The master bedroom was particularly large with a separate bathroom.

There were hydrogen balloons and colored flowers on the roof with colored ribbons hanging down. The big red pillows and carpet meandered all the way to her feet. A pair of small redfish fell from the closet, and under the pearl and jade necklace was a true-love knot*.

*t/n: This knot is made with two strands of strings, it means together forever.

It was a wedding room.

This "date" was a bit scary. Bei Yao couldn't believe it. She pulled his sleeves, and the girl's voice was soft. "Pei Chuan, who made your home like this?"

Pei Chuan gritted his teeth, not daring to meet her gaze.

Beiyao felt that the speculation in her heart was unlikely. Her idea was actually pure and simple: to date Pei Chuan, and later, if he accepts to be together, then they would find a way to make her parents accept him.

After all, there were still proposals, engagements, and so on. They could take it slow, there’s still a lot of time.

She could not react. She was afraid that when Pei Chuan’s house was being renovated, other people mistakenly thought that he was going to get married.

So it became this style. Or Pei Chuan bought a second-hand house? Was the former owner of this house planning to get married?

Her tone was too innocent and natural, and Pei Chuan knew that in Bei Yao's heart, she had never thought of marrying him at this time.

She was a little frightened, so she didn't dare to step in.

It was luxurious, but a little too festive… it looked too auspicious ah. You could see the intention and attention put by the "owner”, and even his deep expectations. Bei Yao was afraid to take a step forward and destroy its purpose.

She did not dare to go inside. Pei Chuan gently closed his eyes, knowing that there was no way to escape.

Pei Chuan looked into her eyes. It was clear, with some uncertainty at the unknown future, and his appearance was reflected in it. “Yaoyao, it’s just like what you think. I want to marry you.”

She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

However, Pei Chuan didn’t dare to listen to anything, he was terrified. This was a situation that’s only possible after exhausting every effort. He almost immediately continued, “Huo Xu has someone he likes, named Shao Yue. The Huo family is very messy. The family’s head, Huo Ran’s ex-wife, Jiang Huaqiong had a child named Huo Nanshan. Huo Nanshan died five years ago in C City. Jiang Huaqiong suspected that Huo Ran’s illegitimate son, Huo Xu, killed hers. She got divorced in anger but also wanted to take revenge on Huo Xu. Huo Ran sent Huo Xu away, and it was only in the past two years did Huo Xu come back and also took over the Huo family. But Jiang Huaqiong is more powerful than him. He is afraid that Jiang Huaqiong will hurt Shao Yue who helped him leave C at that time, so he pursued you."

Bei Yao was a little shaken.

Hearing this passage, she finally connected the notes that had existed since she was a child.

The notes said that Huo Xu had someone he liked. But at that time, the her who had memories of the future didn’t have enough time to write the story clearly. It turned out to be like this.

“He will hurt you. He even started to pressure your parents to get you engaged to him in May. You only......"

He said each of the words with immense difficulty. Pei Chuan said, "The only way to be safe is to get married and have Jiang Huaqiong believe that you are innocent. So we have to get married in two days."

Bei Yao froze and listened. She subconsciously said, "But finding Jiang Huaqiong and telling her what happened will also ensure our safety ah." Pei Chuan chose to marry her, but if he didn’t want it, it would only wrong him. Moreover, for Pei Chuan to marry her, he must fight Huo Xu. It was very dangerous.

In an instant, Pei CHuan’s face turned pale as a paper.

Yes, he knew that he could find Jiang Huaqiong directly.

Bei Yao thought of it, so how could he not think of it. But he… in his life, only has this huge chance to get her. One step forward was his world, one step back was the abyss.

His heart kept falling, and it took a long time for him to look at her eyes. He whispered, “Huo Xu has been interfering with Jiang Huaqiong for more than a year. Jiang Huaqiong can’t be touched now, and even if we tell her, she would be suspicious. There is a high probability that you are the one who Huo Xu likes.”

After all, the next game of chess would be a mixture of truth and falsehood.

She reflected for a while, and thought that it made sense.

However, she was still not relaxed.

Pei Chuan bit the inside of his mouth. The spreading blood made him feel uncomfortable, but he couldn’t suppress the slight pain in his heart.

He was afraid she would refuse, and forced out a smile. “Don’t worry, it’s just… getting married. We won’t tell anyone, you don’t have to tell your classmates. You can continue to study well. I also won’t touch you, if in the future…”

If you have someone you like, we can divorce peacefully. I will tell him that we are clean.

The latter words seemed to cut his heart with a knife. Pei Chuan moved his lips, but he couldn’t say it.

He pursed his lips, and finally said, “Later, you can do whatever you want.”

She tilted her head and thought about it carefully. “Would you be in danger after the marriage?”

He shook his head and said quickly, “No.”

“Oh,” Bei Yao said. She originally wanted to say, If they have already married, then… why won’t you touch me?

But as a girl… she could not ask such an embarrassing question.

She was 21 this year, she did not have any problems with her psychological needs. She looked at the man’s pale lips and dark eyes. She couldn’t help but be shy, and slowly said, “Then, then we’re getting married?”

She thought for a bit, a little nervous. “My parents will not agree.”

Pei Chuan didn’t say anything and took out her household registration book and showed it to her.

Bei Yao: “...” She seemed to be unable to say anything. Although, she really wanted to know. Is her household registration book really given to Pei Chuan by her mother? It can’t be!

She was a little shy and felt that it was very sudden. Bei Yao asked in a small voice, “When will we get married?” I never married anyone before, I don’t understand ah.

Pei Chuan didn’t know what he was feeling and settled the dust in his heart. But even if she didn’t understand anything and agreed to marry him, he still couldn’t control the shine in his eyes.

Pei Chuan’s throat moved and said, “Now.”

2013 was a different turning point in fate.

April 18, Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock, the Civil Affairs Bureau opened its doors.


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