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Chapter 88: Honeymoon

After figuring this out, Huo Xu reacted almost immediately. Who will benefit from this incident?

Only Pei Chuan.

Pei Chuan married the woman he wanted to marry, and he was clean.

Huo Xu divided his thoughts and went to investigate Pei Chuan. As a result, his whole person went mad. At that time, he only thought that for a Pei Chuan who just came out of prison and was disabled, what could he do? As a consequence, he underestimated the enemy for the first time in his life, and lost so badly.

But, when the investigation results came out he was too busy to take care of it. Hou Xu simply couldn't spare any effort to deal with Pei Chuan.

In the evening, Shao Yue took a shower and lay down beside him. Huo Xu pushed her away, he was fed up with her.

He no longer liked Shao Yue and understood a lot of things.

In the beginning, he lost control and killed Huo Nanshan because he saw him press Shao Yue on the bed.

What did Huo Nanshan say at that time?

"Little bitch, you can't control your own woman and still dare to harm this young master!"

The words "little bitch" and Shao Yue’s tears at that time caused Huo Xu to make a move. When the two men argued and fought, Shao Yue helped Huo Xu a bit, and her face was cut deeply. Huo Xu also seized the opportunity to kill Huo Nanshan.

At that point, both of them panicked and hurriedly cleared the scene then ran away.

Thanks to the remote location of C City, plus Huo Nanshan playing with his brother's woman, he chose a secluded location. After the scene was cleaned, no clues were left, which made Jiang Huaqiong spend many years looking for the murderer.

Now, the more that Huo Xu thought about Huo Nanshan's words before he died, the more he hated Shao Yue.

If it weren't for Shao Yue, he would not be in such a situation today.

Huo Xu knew very well that he had never been afraid of the legal verdicts. After all, if Shao Yue insisted on saying that Huo Nanshan was trying to rape her, his action would be justified as self-defense. However, Jiang Huaqiong's eyes were only focused on the person who killed her son. Regardless of what the law said, Jiang Huaqiong herself was like a knife.

After Shao Yue was pushed away, the smile on her face froze. She also recently understood that in Huo Xu's heart, she didn't mean anything.

Since he is being cruel, then don't blame her for doing the same. This man kept thinking of other people's wife so much. Actually, Shao Yue crazily thought that it was not a bad thing for Huo Xu to be screwed by Jiang Huaqiong. Who let all of these men like Bei Yao?

Shao Yue thought, She has to leave, leave this country. The further the better. She was still young and beautiful, she did not want to die yet.

In May, Jiang Huaqiong did a radical thing. She sold all of her shares of the Huo family to their rival.

She had played enough and exchanged all the shares for a huge amount of properties, and now she wanted to beat the drowning dog*.

*t/n: To beat the enemy when they were down.

On the night of May 23rd, Shao Yue got into a taxi and secretly went to the airport.

Pei Chuan was the first to know about these two events: Jiang Huaqiong as the largest shareholder sold her shares, and Shao Yue ran away.

Pei Chuan did not go to B University again, after telling the other side, he drove to school to pick Bei Yao.

Bei Yao was dumbfoundedly taken home by him. "What's wrong?"

These things were complicated, but he had to give an explanation. "Lately, the Huo family is in a mess. I'm afraid they will retaliate against you. I have asked for a leave for you, you don't have to go to school for the time being, okay?"

Bei Yao has never pestered him about such major issues. She quietly followed him and nodded immediately.

He smilingly stroked her head. "So obedient."

However, it was impossible to pay some ruffians to protect their door in B City. Pei Chuan was afraid that Huo Xu would struggle and hurt Bei Yao before he died, so the honeymoon was brought up in the itinerary in advance.

In this regard, Bei Yao was delighted. Her menstrual period had passed, and it was convenient to travel.

Pei Chuan and her had previously chosen a tropical country.

Bei Yao had grown up so big and had seen many beautiful snow falls, but had never seen the sea once.

She was happy and hummed a song softly when she set off.

Pei Chuan was a very cautious person and had already prepared everything beforehand. He also brought her many beautiful dresses, hats, and pretty scarves.

Bei Yao asked, "Nothing will happen to my parents there, right?"

Pei Chuan said, "None. Believe me."

She nodded. She knew how outstanding this man was. Her eyes were filled with trust, making his heart become a pool of water.

This time, Pei Chuan saw it for real. For two months, Huo Xu suffered a loss in the hands of Jiang Huaqiong. As for that Shao Yue, when Pei Chuan knew that she had run away, he immediately told Huo Xu secretly.

When Pei Chuan hated a person, he would remember them for ten or even twenty years. And he has to tear off a piece of flesh from that person, just like when he was taking revenge on Ding Wenxiang in elementary school. Shao Yue was also a culprit who almost harmed Yaoyao, and Pei Chuan would not let her live a good life.

As for Huo Xu, he had to catch his own woman. By the time he caught Shao Yue, Pei Chuan and Bei Yao would have long left.

It was afternoon when they arrived at the tropical country, and the sun was shining on the golden sand.

With a row of zeros on his card, Pei Chuan took his honeymoon vacation leave. He asked some people to put their luggage in the hotel, and took Bei Yao for a walk on the beach.

There were only a few who could afford to stay at a private beach and high-end hotels. The waves kissed the shore, and Bei Yao was very excited. She took off her sandals and stepped barefoot on the soft sand.

The sea was endless, it's the same deep and beautiful blue color as the sky. The air was mixed with the sea breeze, which seemed to have a different smell from the city back home.

Pei Chuan carried Bei Yao's shoes for her and watched her put on sunscreen.

That face was white and tender as if water would come out once you pinch it.

Bei Yao finished putting on the sunscreen and came over happily. "Pei Chuan, I'll put it on for you."

He looked at her eyes and thought that men didn't care about this.

Yet, he still lowered his head and let her cold little hand touch his face. The girl's hand was truly cold, much cooler than his temperature.

Her almond eyes were clear and glittering, seriously touching his forehead and his face.

Pei Chuan just looked at her and let her toss around. He remembered that Bei Yao's menstrual period seemed to be over.

Bei Yao felt that the sea was charming. She couldn't resist picking up a beautiful broken shell when she saw it, she wanted to hear if there was any sound.

Occasionally, when she saw a crab, she would look at it curiously.

Pei Chuan, this uninteresting man, saw that she liked it and went to catch it for her. She was so close to laughing. "What are you catching it for? Quick, let it go."

The crab opened its teeth and claws. Pei Chuan saw that she truly did not want it, and released it.

Occasionally, there were girls in bikinis and men in boxers that were strolling on the beach. Her little hands pulled the hem of Pei Chuan's clothes. "I did not bring any swimsuits."

She was now a little dependent on him and realized that this man was omnipotent. Her tone was soft. If she wanted a swimsuit, then she would just act like a baby to him.

Such a sweet girl, no one could bear to refuse her.

He simply did not move away.

Why do you always want to play in the water?

He paused for a moment then spoke, "After you play in the seawater your body will be covered in salt, it's not fun." In fact, it's not that exaggerated. The waters here were clean and the safety measures were well done. A lot of people who liked to seek excitement would go to the sea to play.

Bei Yao thought about the scene in her mind, and felt a little funny. "Then I will go back and take a shower ah."

"The sea is deep, it's dangerous."

"I'll just play in the shallow water. I learned swimming in university."

Pei Chuan was serious and stopped speaking.

He was actually somewhat a chauvinistic male. He could spoil his wife and give her anything: to indulge her, to flatter her, to love her. But some little things could still make him feel offended and annoyed in his heart.

So far, the most out-of-extraordinary clothes he has seen Bei Yao wore were the super short pants that Bei Yao donned when she came to the prison to see him in 2012 and the white shirt she wore on the day of their wedding.

Wang Qiankun's words previously made him angry for a while. He was generous when spending money, but in this aspect, he was really stingy.

Pei Chuan has grown this old, what kinds of hardships had he never suffered before? And his personality was a bit cold.

However, he could not tell her this kind of old-fashioned and monopolistic thoughts. Compared to the other girls nowadays, Bei Yao could be considered a reserved person. He did not want her to be upset, but the little girl was obviously already a little unhappy.

In fact, during this period of time, Bei Yao was spoiled rotten by him and would rush to Pei Chuan to act spoiled or to ask for this and that.

His sudden silence of disagreement made it difficult for her to adjust.

However, she was not mad at him. It was just how women loved to be spoiled.

He saw through it and coaxed her in a low voice. "What do you want to eat for dinner? How about seafood? Do you want to eat crab?" Pei Chuan took the grains of sand out of her hair.

She was sulking. "No."

"Chinese food then, do you want stir fried vegetables?

She was happy being coaxed. Even if Bei Yao was not unreasonable, she was so easily spoiled by how Pei Chuan used his low, deep voice to indulge her, and became a little squeamish.

She kicked the sand. "Don't want."

Pei Chuan smiled. "Then, what do you want to eat?"

Bei Yao bit her lips. "I don't want to eat, I don't have an appetite."

She secretly glanced at him, hoping he would relent and let her play in the water. There were surfers on the beach which made people's eyes greedy.

However, the man's decision was unshakeable.

Bei Yao saw that it was really useless and punched his chest in low spirits. "Liar, you said you would give me everything."

He smiled, held her small fist, and brought it in front of his lips to kiss.

It's good to act like a baby, as long as you didn't ignore him, everything was a couple's affection.

In the evening, they went back to the hotel and washed up before going down for dinner.

The lights on the beach were extremely magnificent and sparkling, the sea breeze at night brought the tropical heat.

She said she did not want to eat, but Pei Chuan naturally didn't believe her. He was afraid that Bei Yao was not used to eating the dishes here, so he ordered a little bit of everything.

There was a variety of seafood.

Pei Chuan peeled it for her then fed it to her mouth. She had long forgotten her anger in the morning, and happily said, "This crab is not delicious, that shrimp is tasty."

The girl peeled one for him and fed him as he fed her.

Bei Yao was not a person who blindly accepted the love of others. She has a scale in her heart, for those who treated her well, she would remember them in her heart.

Being cared for and loved by her melted his heart.

Pei Chuan liked the feeling of having a home like this. It was really nice to have her by his side. Back then, he was willing to leave because he never thought that he could really get her. But once you get her, who would be willing to let go? He only wished to firmly hold her in his palm, to never separate forever.

There was a bottle of fruit wine on the table. Pei Chuan opened it, asked her if she wanted to drink it or not.

Bei Yao's eyes were shining. "Can I drink it?"

She used to be controlled by Zhao Zhilan and never had the chance before going to university. Later, when she had the chance in university, Bei Yao never dared to drink outside. She had a strong sense of security, and people could not put themselves in danger just to satisfy their curiosity.

He was helpless by her cute expectant expression, and smiled. "En, you can. the alcohol percentage is not high."

Pei Chuan poured Bei Yao a glass. It was a good wine, the kind of fruit wine that girls would basically like: sweet, but the aftertaste was not nonexistent.

Pei Chuan did not have a sweet tooth, so he kept peeling her the delicious shrimp.

Bei Yao quickly finished her first glass and pushed the cup over. Pei Chuan's hand movement paused, wiped his fingers, and poured her another cup.

The girl's eyes were a little unclear, brimmed with a confused smile, her voice was coquettish. "Pei Chuan, tell me something about your childhood ba. Grandma Zhou's dog, was it you who let it out to bite senior sister Shang?"

He calmly wiped her fingers. "No."

Bei Yao pouted. "Liar."

He only gave a warm smile.

Bei Yao blinked. "You finally can smile. You had facial paralysis when we were kids."

He knew she was drunk, and spoke in a warm tone, "What nonsense."

Bei Yao said, "I want you to give me a hug."


She came over and sat on his lap.

In fact, this was very burdensome. Pei Chuan took a step back and let her sit on his lap so that there was no pressure on his stump.

She softly hugged his neck. Pei Chuan lowered his eyes to look at her.



He has rarely shown his bad side. However, at this moment, he used a deep voice beside her ear, and spoke, "Call husband."

The night breeze was warm and her breath was hot. Only her exposed skin was slightly cold, and it felt cozy to touch on the summer night.

You couldn't view the sea at night, only the flickering lights and the soft lump in his arms.

She called in a crisp voice, "Husband ah."

She was easily coaxed when drunk. He honestly could not hold back, and gave her a kiss on her lips. "Good, Yaoyao."

Despite the fact that the temperature was much higher at night, Pei Chuan was afraid that she would fall asleep outside, so he carried her back.

Although Bei Yao was dizzy, she still had one thing on her mind. Her Pei Chuan's legs were not good, she had grown a lot of flesh and was not short. 50 kg ne. Bei Yao of course refused him and walked by herself.

Pei Chuan gently caressed her cheek. His girl was extremely caring.

She felt that those under her feet were very soft, like a cloud.

Pei Chuan held her for fear that she would not be able to find the right direction.

The hotel was huge and romantic. When Pei Chuan was young, he wanted to give her good days. But at that time, the two were separated by a deep cliff, and he could not cross it psychologically and physically.

For many years, he liked to buy her beautiful dress, and gave her the best things, but he did not even have a qualified status.

Now, it was also considered as him seeking kindness and receiving them.

Bei Yao climbed to the bed, and Pei Chuan caressed her cheeks. "Yaoyao?"

She answered with a weak voice, "Sleepy."

"Do you still remember what we came here for?"

"What did we come here for?" She closed her eyes and instinctively asked back.

Pei Chuan answered in a low voice, "For honeymoon."

"Oh, it's a honeymoon."

He lowered his eyes and looked at her lovely, innocent side profile. "So, can we sleep later?"


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