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Chapter 82: It's Okay Now

Warning! Slight NSFW

Pei Chuan acquiesced to Bei Yao's request.

On a summer night in May, the wind blew the curtains and Bei Yao closed the bedroom window. Her hands were slightly cold and there was a light mark on her index finger drawn by the gel pen. Bei Yao first went to wash her hands with warm water before returning to the bedroom.

This season happened to be neither hot nor cold, so there was no need to turn on the air conditioner in the room.

Pei Chuan sat on the sofa in the bedroom, and Bei Yao squatted down in front of him. She had not touched him yet, but she had already felt the tension in the room.

Pei Chuan didn't say a word, he seemed to be playing a game with her that was extremely difficult for him.

Bei Yao knew he needed a lot of courage to accept this. However, if two people want to live together for the rest of their life, they must slowly accept some things. She knew she needed to do it slowly, so her gaze was very gentle, and she asked him softly, "We have to take off the prosthesis right?"

He pretty much never took back his promise to her.

Pei Chuan looked down, slightly bent his waist, and reached out his hand to touch the part where the prosthesis and his stump joined. He still wore the long pants from work, but somehow, he managed to easily remove the prosthesis. He put the prosthesis aside, but his gaze did not fall on it. Although its color looked genuine, it was stiff. In the end, it was not real.

Bei Yao noticed that Pei Chuan had about three inches of length below the knee, and after the prosthesis was taken off, the calf pants became empty in a flash.

She raised her eyes to let him see the calm, soft lights in her’s. "Then I will start, tell me if it hurts."

He didn't respond, his lips were pale.

Pei Chuan even regretted agreeing to her. The place where the limbs were... it was different after all.

Even if you massaged it day after day, the residual limbs would still shrink a lot from the injuries that were acquired in childhood.

Bei Yao lowered her eyes and started massaging with her hands.

She did learn the technique seriously. She started to gently press from the thighs and went all the way down.

The man's body was very stiff, and she could even feel the powerful muscle lines of his thighs. Bei Yao knew that the first step was very difficult, so this time, she could only temporarily ignore his thought.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips tightly. Her hands were gentle. A prolonged illness could make a patient a good doctor. Since she first started, he knew that Bei Yao had specifically studied it.

She was not skilled, however, her movements were standard.

Her hands were getting closer and closer to the knees, and he almost exhausted all his strength not to retrieve his leg.

Pei Chuan gritted his teeth hard.

In the next moment, she would be able to touch a completely different stump. He didn't dare to look at her expression. Don't look away.

Bei Yao's hand pressed over the knee, and a little further down, it touched his stump.

Unlike the powerful thigh, the lower stump was tightened and smaller than the kneecap.

As it was the first time she touched it, it would be a lie to say that she had no other feelings.

The feel on the hand was obviously different. However, it was just flesh and blood of a body, how much difference could there be?

His body slightly trembled.

Bei Yao felt it, and she didn't want to pretend to be nonchalant. She tilted her face up, reflecting the light and his face, she said, "It really is different."

He pursed his lips, the next moment his arms held up his body and stepped back in silence.

His movement was intense. Because he kept his head down, Bei Yao could not see his eyes and expression.

But he was sad, afraid, and felt inferior.

She clearly felt all of them. She still hadn't finished her words, but his reaction was too drastic.

She pulled the man's arm. "Pei Chuan, I didn't mean it that way," she said, "Don't be afraid, look into my eyes."

He tasted the blood in his mouth. He was scared ah. Pei Chuan had a warm childhood, Jiang Wenjuan once was also very good to him. But that afternoon, he was outside the room and heard the complaint of his mother’s breakdown. He had expectations, but then lost hope.

That's why he was so afraid to face his beloved wife.

He could accept Jiang Wenjuan's departure calmly, but what about Bei Yao? He couldn't accept it.

Bei Yao was a little remorseful, she should have known not to say the previous sentence. She said, "Your body is recovering better than I thought. Pei Chuan, what I like is you—everything about you. I'm happy about your state of health, you must have exercised seriously before, right?"

He saw her pair of glittering eyes matched with a gentle smile.

There was no dislike, nor shock.

He said with a hoarse voice, "The massage is done, let's sleep ba."

She was silent, bowed her head for a long time, and kissed him gently on his knee.

He froze completely.

In fact, he couldn't feel anything through his pants, but the kind of impact brought to his heart was like a current, that made him feel the shock from his fingertips.

She took his hand, placed it on her cheek, and rubbed it lightly. "Pei Chuan, we have to face reality, not escape from it. What's special is your soul, not your body. There are so many healthy men in the world, but I don't like them. But as long as it's you, I will like you forever."

She looked at him seriously. "Before I got married to you, my mom said I would have a hard time in the future, she said that I would have to take care of you when I’m old."

His lips twitched, wanting to say that he wouldn't be a burden to her.

However, she laughed and shook her head. "To protect each other for a lifetime is originally an unfair thing. What is the use of fussing over this? How can this be explained? I’am relieved whenever I see you. Pei Chuan, there is no one else in this world that can give me such a feeling. When you become an old man, I will also become an old woman. Not beautiful anymore, and maybe I will have a bad temper. You’re smart and you’ll earn money, at that time, maybe you won't want me anymore."

His eyes were sore and his fingertips brushed her cheek. "I will never won't want you."

She said, "Since you’ll never won't want me, then there is no more problem, right?"

He nodded his head.

She saw his expression relaxed and continued to give him a massage, pressing from the thigh to the knee and then from the knee to the base of the thigh.

She was serious and gentle. He raised his hand and gently touched the top of the girl's soft hair.

She also did not know what had come to her mind, she fished out a yellow ribbon from her pocket, and handed it to him. "This is your reward. If you're nervous, you can just tie my hair."

She finished speaking and continued to massage.

Pei Chuan was silent.

He put the ribbon aside and just quietly looked at her. The lights above shone on her eyelashes, her small nose, and cherry lips.

She squatted between his legs for convenience.

Bei Yao lowered her head, looking serious and charming.

Pei Chuan whispered, "It's okay now, Yaoyao."

Bei Yao said, "The book says it will take multiple cycles, at least half an hour."

His palms were hot and he pinched her tiny chin so that she was forced to tilt her head up. "I said okay, so it's okay."

She blinked.

Wasn't it good just now? But he said okay already, this bad man still regrets it!

She was not convinced and was just about to say something.

Pei Chuan took a pillow by his side and put it to block his crotch.

He let go and did not dare to look at her again.

It's actually embarrassing.

Sure enough, I shouldn't let her do it.

Bei Yao squatted between his legs, and blushed after a long time.

She asked in a small voice, "Is it hard?"

He pressed his voice. "You stand up first."


She stood up, Bei Yao sat on the sofa beside him, and stared. Pei Chuan said, "Be good, bring my wheelchair over. You wash up and go to sleep."

Bei Yao said, "Then did I massage it well?" The eagerness in her eyes softened people's hearts.

Pei Chuan praised her. "Good."

"Is it okay to massage it again tomorrow?" She thought for a bit. "Hub..."

The veins in Pei Chuan's forehead jumped slightly, Pei Chuan covered her mouth before she shouted hubby.

The man's face was cold, he gritted his teeth and said, "Go to sleep."

After that night, Bei Yao went to school during the day as usual, but she found out that Pei Chuan came home much earlier and was especially punctual.

Bei Yao and the others got occupied in their fourth year.

Studying medicine was a lengthy process, and most of them still needed to continue to get a master degree. Their undergraduate program was five years and they had a lot to learn.

University knowledge was nonexistent in Bei Yao’s memory, so every course required Bei Yao to work harder.

Her college life was smooth and peaceful. Bei Yao counted on her fingers, there were still a few days to go before Pei Chuan's 23rd birthday.

What should I give this year?

Pei Chuan let Zhao Zhilan and Bei Licai take Bei Jun to temporarily move away from the old neighborhood.

He pondered deeply and thoughtfully. Although there was no danger at present, Jiang Huaqiong had begun to deal with Huo Xu.

When Huo Ran and Jiang Huaqiong divorced, perhaps because the death of Huo Nanshan aroused Huo Ran's guilt, he gave up 10% of his shares. But apart from this 10%, Jiang Huaqiong's family was also big, otherwise, the Huo family would not choose her for a business marriage.

This woman has a natural brain for business. She fully suppressed Huo Xu, and Huo Xu could not hold on for more than two months.

Not to mention she was a lioness who had lost her cub. If she couldn't pressure his business, she wouldn't mind using improper means to get Huo Xu and Shao Yue killed.

He moved Zhao Zhilan and her family to somewhere safe so Bei Jun could study at ease.

In case Huo Xu became desperate, at least there was one more layer of protection.

Pei Chuan never looked down on the enemy. He knew that a centipede did not stop wriggling even when dead*.

*t/n: Old ideas never died.

His guess was right. Huo Xu was so restless these days that he could not divide his energy to find Bei Yao and Zhao Zhilan.

Huo Xu's heart sank, he knew his plan had been foiled.

Bei Yao was married. For Shao Yue’s safety, Huo Xu could only bring her to his side.

The two lived in a small villa on Fragrant Hill in B CIty. Shao Yue was now restless. She was constantly afraid of that crazy woman, Jiang Huaqiong's retaliation, and was too scared to leave the door.

Although she liked power and wealth, her life was almost gone. Who would still care about being rich or not?

Shao Yue even complained quietly in her heart. Huo Xu shouldn't have let his hand slip and killed Huo Nanshan. Although... Huo Xu did it to save himself.

She was the main culprit and Huo Xu was the one who made the move, the two of them couldn't run away.

But it's convenient to meet if you live together, and didn't need to hide.

Shao Yue was not stupid, she knew that for a man who has status and money like Huo Xu, he could easily get any woman he wanted. Moreover, she was three years older than him, if she readily slept with him, he would lose the novel feeling, and it was not worth it.

She really liked Huo Xu, however, like was not an important factor. Regardless of anything, there would always be some measure in her heart.

So she kept hanging him, making him feel more and more attached to her.

The first time she did it with Huo Xu was that night when she thought of that wicked idea, and Huo Xu really went after Bei Yao for her safety.

But now, Jiang Huaqiong seemed to have suddenly determined that it was the two of them who killed Huo Nanshan.

Shao Yue panicked inside. She relieved her pressure and lingered with Huo Xu in the villa, even at the cost of her life.

Late at night in May, the wind was blowing outside.

Shao Yue climbed onto the man, extremely emotional.

The moment they both came, Huo Xu looked at the emotional face of the woman under him. He quickened his movement and could not help but shout out a name.

Shao Yue's rosy face instantly turned white.

She pushed Huo Xu and sat up. She tremblingly asked, "Who did you just call?"

The lust in Huo Xu's eyes didn't fade away either.

Hearing Shao Yue’s question, he woke up from the trance just now.

He... the one he called was... Bei Yao.

Shao Yue was furious. If a man shouted someone else's name while he was holding her and reaching his peak, then it's enough to prove everything.

She shed her tears. "I have loved you for so many years... so many years ah. Huo Xu, is this how you treat me!"

She did not even wear her clothes, and stepped on the window sill while barefoot. "Rather than waiting for Jiang Huaqiong to harm me, I might as well finish myself."

Huo Xu was alarmed for a moment. "Ah Yue, come down."

Shao Yue shook her head. "Is the one you love really me? Prove it to me!"

Huo Xu's heart was in turmoil. However, the cool breeze of the night also calmed him down.

He rubbed his eyebrows. "I've been under a lot of pressure recently and I have a lot of things to think about. So I made a slip of tongue, you come down."

Slip of tongue, what a laughable mistake ah!

Shao Yue simply regretted it. She should not have mentioned that idea in the first place. Now, she not only lost a wife to the enemy but soldiers as well*!

*t/n: Pay a high price.


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