Devil’s Warmth Chapters List

Chapter 69: Jade Legs

Mrs. Zhao Zhilan was known for her love for her daughter.

Back then, in the whole neighborhood, she had been the only one who had always picked up Bei Yao from kindergarten to junior high school. In Zhao Xiu’s family, Teacher Fang—Fang Minjun’s father—would sometimes come to pick her up. Additionally, Chen Hu’s mother and father would take turns to pick him up. Only Zhao Zhilan was the one who never missed a single speck of Bei Yao’s growth.

She knew how old Bei Yao was when she lost her teeth, how old she was when she’d had her first menstruation, what color she liked, what color she hated. In Zhao Zhilan’s era, Bei Yao’s grandmother had had a patriarchal mindset that had been passed down through several generations and had deeply favored her younger brother. At that time, Zhao Zhilan had thought, if she had a daughter, she must be raised well and let her grow up happily like a precious pearl.

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