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Chapter 79: Land of Warmth and Tenderness

That night, the rain poured down and Huo Xu rushed from B City to C City. His father, Huo Ran was in poor health, so Huo Xu was in charge of the company right now.

He rubbed his eyebrows tiredly. After arriving in C CIty, Huo Xu went to the hotel first.

Huo Xu just sat down to rest before an unfamiliar number called him. With his identity, he usually would not accept a call from an unknown number, but Shao Yue was cautious and she always called him from a public phone or someone else’s. Huo Xu gave in to her and had to pick up.

"A Xu, it's me," Shao Yue said, "You told me last time that it would be done in May. Tomorrow will be May, how is the situation now?"

Huo Xu frowned. Although he was an illegitimate child, Huo Ran loved his mother more, so he always had a good life from birth.

He was busy in the company the whole day and then rushed here overnight. He was now exhausted. Hearing Shao Yue’s urging tone, he subconsciously grew impatient.

However, it’s the person he cherished since his youth. Huo Xu said, “Even if they don’t want to agree, they have to. I have already arranged it in C City.”

Shao Yue breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "A Xu, it's been hard for you. Thank you for everything you've done for our future."

Huo Xu answered tiredly.

When Shao Yue thought of him marrying that woman soon, her heart went sour. How should she say it? The person who caught a glimpse in that heavy rain, when they were young, was not only Huo Xu but herself too. Later, she lied on an operating table and did a plastic surgery to repair her face. What Shao Yue envied was Bei Yao’s impeccable face. She was afraid of disgusting Huo Xu as she did not even look half as good as Bei Yao.

Shao Yue was afraid of Jiang Huaqiong—this crazy woman—but she wanted to survive. On the other hand, she was reluctant to let Young Master Huo marry someone else after keeping him all for herself.

Not to mention that the woman was younger and more beautiful than herself. Shao Yue subconsciously panicked.

When she spoke again her tone softened, it even sounded like she was crying. “A Xu, when I think of the sacrifices you made for me, I am very sad. I wanted to accompany you, to be with you instead of watching you marry some other woman. I regret it, I shouldn’t let you do this.”

It’s originally better to act soft than hard with a man. Hearing Shao Yue sobbing, Huo Xu’s mood improved. He coaxed her. “I came up with this idea, what does it have to do with you?”

Shao Yue choked. “But I’m afraid. I can be jealous too. If you start to pretend and end up loving her for real, then won’t you not want me anymore?”

Huo Xu was stunned, he remembered a small white face in his mind. In the spring light of March, Bei Yao’s eyes were like colored glass, warm and attractive.

Shao Yue said, "A Xu?"

Huo Xu didn’t know why he was subconsciously a little flustered. He denied. “Of course I won’t like her. I love you. You’ve done so much for me, don’t think too much.”

Shao Yue burst into laughter, and said coquettishly, "Then you are not allowed to touch her! If you want to... you can come to me."

Huo Xu said, "Of course."

When the phone was hung up, Huo Xu didn’t feel sleepy anymore but instead became more annoyed.

He knew that Bei Yao was innocent, but what about Shao Yue? Shao Yue was also innocent. She was almost humiliated by Huo Nanshan! She was also disfigured.

Shao Yue has been with him for eight years—the goddess he had kept in his heart since he was young.

What's more, Jiang Huaqiong was not sure about the cause of Huo Nanshan's death. In the past few years, the investigations have been fruitless. If he was with Shao Yue, she could go crazy and kill them both at once. Only by being with Bei Yao could he explain why he was in C City.

If he must make a choice, he could only pull Bei Yao to the muddy water. Not to mention... Huo Xu thought about it, Bei Yao was not necessarily in danger, wasn’t she? He would still try to protect her. Jiang Huaqiong might also think that it was not him who killed Huo Nanshan.

He irritably lit a cigarette. Thinking that he was most likely able to settle the matter with Bei Yao, except for his boundless worries, there was a hidden and slight expectation.

Lightning flashed across the sky, and then a muffled thunder sounded.

The lightning flashed for a moment and was blocked outside by the red curtains.

When Bei Yao came out of the shower, she saw Pei Chuan making his bed on the floor. The man silently spread the quilt he found in the closet and straightened out its corners.

Hearing the sound of Bei Yao coming out, he paused. The hand pulling the corners tightened. Not only did it not smoothen the wrinkles, but it also made it messier.

She asked, “Pei Chuan, what are you doing?”

Pei Chuan looked up. “I promised you earlier. Even after getting married, I will respectfully give you freedom and we’ll get along as before. You can go to school, and I won’t do anything to you.”

Bei Yao’s face that’s full of shyness disappeared in an instant, replaced by annoyance and anger.

Before they got married, it was fine if he was insecure and didn’t believe in her. But, he still acted like this after they married!

How can she divorce him and marry someone else in the future? What does he think of himself? A springboard for her to cross the danger? Someone she will throw after using?

It’s not like she did not have any temper. He didn’t want to touch her, so she couldn’t possibly always take the initiative to move closer right?

Bei Yao fumed with anger. “Then why are you making a bed beside the mattress? There’s a sofa outside.”

Pei Chuan’s lips turned pale. “If you…” His voice was slightly hoarse, as if it was very difficult. “If you don’t want me here then I’ll sleep outside.”

She was so angry that she wanted to beat him to death. Since he wanted to sleep outside, then they’ll sleep separately on the night of their marriage.

She was not someone who was easily angered, but when she was, it would be hard to coax her back. She said, “Up to you.”

Bei Yao did not bring her pajamas, but she brought several big red handkerchiefs. She went around the big bed to get the handkerchiefs. Pei Chuan raised his eyes when she passed him.

A pair of slender white jade legs. She did not wear the summer pants.

His eyes were scalded, but he remembered her asking why he did not go outside to sleep on the sofa. Can’t he even get a little bit closer to her? He pursed his lips, feeling bitter and sad, then slowly walked out.

Before Pei Chuan left the room, he could not stop looking back. She was sitting on the sofa while drying her long hair that was wetting the shirt, and the outline of her chest was hidden. She didn't look at him, her face was turned away. He sensed that Bei Yao was angry.

She has been well-behaved since childhood and rarely got angry or held any grudges. However, she now wouldn’t even look at him. Pei Chuan clenched his fist, afraid that she would be angrier if he stayed, and just reluctantly went out.

Bei Yao snorted.  Okay, okay. If you don’t want to sleep together, then don’t. I won’t let you even if you beg me later!

The living room was not as warm as the bedroom, you could almost instantly feel the coldness of the spring night.

He sat on the sofa. There was thunder and lightning outside. He obviously never felt anything even when alone, but at this moment, the warmth in that room made him sentimental.

He didn't know how long he had been sitting outside. The light inside finally went out, he was in the dark, and his heart ached.

He remembered that she didn't blow dry her hair.

Pei Chuan stood up. The room’s door was not closed, and Pei Chuan said, “Yaoyao, don’t sleep with wet hair.”

Bei Yao said, “Didn’t you want to respect my freedom? I’m going to sleep.”

He knew she was talking out of anger, but her words were like needles stabbing his heart making it tighten.

He walked over. In the dim night, there was a small ball on the bed. He touched her hair, and it was a bit damp. It really has not dried yet.

She got angry and drew back her hair, not letting him touch it.

He had never suffered such resistance from her.

His palm was empty. Pei Chuan had long known that he could plan and calculate everything when he was facing others. But in front of her, she held his emotions.

He asked in a low voice, "Did I make you angry?"

Bei Yao gritted her teeth and didn't say anything.

It was not easy to get her angry. Yet, from the beginning until now, she tried hard to approach him, but he always either backed away or didn’t trust her.

The girl has been wronged for a long time, but right now she felt more sad as this was their wedding night, and it was too special.

She was silent. He heard the sound of irregular breathing.

Pei Chuan quickly turned on the light, and she subconsciously pulled the quilt to block her face. But it’s too late, he still saw the tears in the corner of her eyes.

His heart hurt and suffocated.

He pulled the quilt and held her hand that was not hidden. Her snow-white hand was soft and cold. He pulled it and put it on his cheeks, helplessly coaxing her. “It’s me who’s not good, making Yaoyao angry. Don’t cry, you can hit me if you’re angry, okay?”

He took hold of that small hand to hit it on his own face.

He did not understand. It’s okay not to coax a woman, but once he did, the grievance Bei Yao felt instantly burst out.

She withdrew her hand and sat up on the bed. “Not good, it’s not good at all. If you don’t like me, you don’t have to marry me just to protect me! If you don’t believe that I am sincere in marrying you, then we can get a divorce tomorrow…”

He covered her lips, Pei Chuan’s hands trembled. “Don’t say it.”

She blinked, tears flowed out from her eyes. It fell on the back of his hand, making a hole in his heart.

“I beg you don’t say it. You can say anything else, you can hit me, you can scold me. But this word*, you can’t say it. Even if you’re angry, even if it’s a joke, you can’t.” This was his bottom line, he couldn’t stand it.

*t/n: ‘divorce’ is one word in English but two words in Chinese ‘离婚’.

She whimpered softly and nodded.

Pei Chuan let go of her and wiped away the tears on her tiny face little by little. The man stood up, found a hairdryer in the bathroom, and came back to blow dry her hair.

The hairdryer whirled as the lightning flashed outside.

Sometimes the sky would suddenly light up while his hand brushed through her soft hair. The hairdryer blew some heat.

His empty hand gently wiped away the teardrops on her cheeks.

Pei Chuan opened his mouth, the deep voice resounded in the night, and he opened his heart to her. “Yaoyao, it’s not that I don’t believe you. There is no one in this world who can willingly wait for me for eight years. The year I decided to surrender, I knew it would be hard for me to be with you in this life. A disabled person, a criminal, what will I use to protect you for a lifetime?”

He said, “When we were young and vigorous, we always thought that we could give everything. But if I wait for two years until you get a little bit older, what will I do if you regret it? At that time you will remember I, this cripple, had tainted you with my disabled body. That kind of memory cannot be erased forever. What can I do to compensate you? I can't even kill myself to repent."

She bit her lip. “I won’t regret it.”

He said, “You are only 21 years old this year. Girls your age are still studying at school, they have their own circle, their own life. Marriage is still far for them. They will go to concerts, and will want to travel around the world. They will be like you, when angry, will impulsively stay silent without scruples.”

She opened her mouth.

He gently touched her cheek. “Don’t rush to deny it. Yaoyao, a person has to go through a lot of things to grow up. I’m glad you can say anything you want to say, it means that you are far from the suffering in this world.”

But for him, he has already endured too much suffering and despair: his legs were chopped off by the kidnappers, his parents divorced, no one took care of him, went to jail…

Too much darkness. Even if someone stabbed him in the heart, he still had to think a few times to see if he could say what was in his mind.

Since the beginning, their life was not in the same growth trajectory.

She was like a persistent little sun working hard to shine and give warmth.

Pei Chuan said, "Yao Yao, my parents divorced because of my disabled body. That woman who gave birth to me can't even accept the incomplete me. Truth be told, I'm really afraid that one day you will also leave me because of this reason."

She tightly squeezed the big red quilt, and whispered, "I won't, I'm sorry."

Pei Chuan said, “No need to apologize. I can’t give you a lot of things. If I can, I’d rather have a complete body. Having you marry me is unfair to you. I just hope that you’re free and happy. A good man can make a woman become pure, a bad man will make a woman become tainted. I hope in another few decades, you will still be able to speak freely without restraints, because you have me.”

Pei Chuan said, “I like you very much—really really like you. I really like you to the point that I tell myself over and over again that you actually don’t like me very much. Otherwise, I’m afraid that I’ll be dead on the day you leave me.”

She hugged his waist and said in a nasal voice, “I won’t go. I’ll be with you forever.”

He laughed. “Okay.”

Bei Yao said, “I’m not angry anymore, my heart feels stuffy and a little sad. Pei Chuan, They didn’t want you and abandoned you because they didn’t know how good you are. You see, I know how good you are and can’t bear to leave you.”

Her hair has dried, and for the first time in so many years, she heard Pei Chuan say such bitter words from his inner thoughts.

It was also the first time that Bei Yao knew the reason for the divorce between his mother and father.

Because of his disabled body…

This was a lifelong pain that couldn’t be erased for Pei Chuan.

She said, “It’s raining outside, it must be cold, right?”

He said, “En.”

She buried her head on his waist, and told him honestly with a sticky voice. “I, it’s warm beside me.”

He didn’t say anything and just put down the hairdryer. His long slender fingers plunged into her hair.

She wanted to say, No need to touch it. The hair has dried. It has been blown for so long, how could it still be wet? No need to confirm it.

However, the next moment, he inserted his fingers with more force. She was forcefully brought to gently hold her head up, he bent down and landed a kiss.

He was telling her: it was not that he did not want to, in fact he really desired to.

With every force he used on the fingers between her hair, she couldn’t help but emit a seductive groan.

He was almost panting, turned off the light, and went to her side.

It was really warm.

He pressed her down and kissed her. It was raining outside but the sound of the thunder couldn’t reach the room.

She was very soft. Her skin was supple and her voice was gentle too.

He slightly shivered. The top two buttons on her chest were undone. His trembling fingers fastened it up, and he used a lot of time to do it.

She also had no strength left. Her voice was soft. “Pei Chuan, you can’t wear prosthetics to sleep.”

He lightly patted her hair, feeling a little warm and sour.


“Take it off.”

In the quiet night, he fumbled, unhooked the prosthesis, propped himself up, and put it on the foot of the bed.

He lied back, and the pampered girl rolled into his embrace.

For the first time, Pei Chuan faced his disability in front of her. His body stiffened. He knew that Bei Yao could feel the difference in his body.

Pei Chuan was also glad that they could not see anything clearly in the dark.

She whispered, “Can you pat me? I’m afraid.”

They both knew what she was talking about, but he hugged her tightly and shook his head.

He said, “It doesn’t look good, it’s injured.”

She ‘ohed’ softly, very obedient.

For the first time, Pei Chuan realized what a “spoiled wife” meant.

He undressed himself and put her small hand on his chest. His heartbeat was rapid, and his chest muscles were hard.

He kissed her soft fragrant hair, and sank into a land of warmth and tenderness*. His tone was stiff but unreasonably gentle. “I’ll let you feel my heart.”

*t/n: A place where men can find gentle, charming, and considerate women.


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