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Chapter 65: Visiting

The trial for Pei Chuan’s case finally opened in January, but no one in the outside world knew what its final verdict was.

Autumn at B University was very beautiful. The lake sparkled and everything was dyed in warm yellow tones.

When stepping into the university grounds, Bei Yao suddenly remembered Li Fangqun’s words. “In the future, you won’t know which city in this country you’ll go to. Some might go to the far north to watch the snow, some might live in a small town by the water in the south.”

Last year when she had gone to B University, Pei Chuan had walked with her on his back under the snowfall. At that time, Bei Yao hadn’t understood why the young man had insisted on completing that road, but now she understood.

The registration procedures for university weren’t as complicated as that of high school. Choosing to live on campus, Bei Yao went to her dormitory on the fifth floor. The senior sister who brought her to the dormitory teased her, “Junior sister, you’re very beautiful, I don’t know how many people will feel regret when I take you away, ah.”

Bei Yao giggled. “Senior sister is also beautiful.”

The senior sister was overjoyed. After all, girls liked to hear compliments.

Bei Yao carried both small and large bags to the fifth floor and opened the door while panting.

Wang Qiankun was changing her muddy pants when her eyes lit up as she saw Bei Yao. “Oh, new roommate?” Wang Qiankun let out a whistle.

Classmate Wang Qiankun had a boy-cut hair, a flat chest, and a beautiful appearance. She was a tomboy.

Bei Yao was stunned, unsure whether she was in the girls' dormitory or the boys' dormitory.

A girl who had gone to get water came over and smiled. “Is the new roommate here? Hello, my name is Qin Dongni, she is Wang Qiankun. We are all women… cough, women.”

Bei Yao quickly said, “Hello everyone, my name is Bei Yao.”

Bei Yao still couldn't help but look at Wang Qiankun more.

This roommate’s name was also special— like a boy’s name. Wang Qiankun said, “Don’t you think that my name is ridiculous? Don’t mention it, my father named me. He loves to study the five elements of Feng Shui. I’m glad that old man didn’t name me ‘Ba Gua’, or else when people call me they’ll say, ‘Hey, that’s Wang Ba Gua’. It sounds like I’m the king of gossip.”

*t/n: Qiankun (乾坤) means ‘heaven and earth’, very imposing indeed. While Ba Gua (八卦) means eight trigrams, it’s something that’s used to calculate Feng Shui or luck, and it sounds like ‘Ba Gua’ (八挂) which means gossip. The surname Wang (王) could also mean ‘king’, so Wang Ba Gua sounds like ‘king of gossip’.

Bei Yao couldn’t hold her laugh, nor could Qin Dongni.

In this way, the strange atmosphere was eased.

Before long, the last girl in the dormitory arrived. Her name was Shan Xiaomai.

Shan Xiaomai spoke very softly. In contrast with Wang Qiankun, she sounded like a mosquito’s buzz. Wang Qiankun couldn’t wait to hang a little bee on her waist.

After spending time with each other, everyone had a clear picture of each other’s personalities.

Wang Qiankun took on the joker and boyfriend’s power role. While it took two people to carry mineral water, Wang Qiankun could carry a gallon of it to the fifth floor by herself without taking a rest.

Shan Xiaomai was timid and still fainted when seeing blood even if she was studying medicine. Once, she shocked everyone when she fainted in class.

Later, Wang Qiankun asked her, “Mai Zi*, what kind of doctor will faint upon seeing blood, ah?”

*t/n: Chinese people often add Zi (子) after a name as a nickname.

Shan Xiaomai whispered, “My mom told me to study this.”

“......” Everyone was speechless.

Qin Dongni was a local of the capital. She had a lively personality, looked good, and knew how to act spoiled. She could get a boyfriend every second day of the month.

One night, Bei Yao, who had gone to study at night, accidentally saw Qin Dongni and her boyfriend kissing under a tree.

It was October, so they had started wearing thick autumn clothing. The boy’s hand went under the hem of her clothes and he couldn’t help but move it upwards.

Bei Yao’s face flushed red. She hadn’t meant to see this scene. She didn’t dare to continue watching and increased her speed, leaving Shan Xiaomai’s also reddened face.

Wang Qiankun watched with gusto. She grabbed Bei Yao and said, "What’s the hurry? Look, Qin Dongni doesn't even mind."

Qin Dongni really didn’t mind. After she finished, she wiped her mouth and cheered, “Yaoyao! Qiankun, Mai Zi.”

The girl didn’t care about her boyfriend anymore and rushed over to go back with her roommates.

Qin Dongni blinked and said to her roommates, "You guys go back first, I'll walk two laps with Yaoyao."

She then pulled Bei Yao to stroll around the playground.

Under the dim night light, Qin Dongni said in a low voice, "I saw you reject Chu Xun two days ago. Why? He’s handsome and rich."

With the light, the beauty became more stunning. Qin Dongni looked at her roommate’s face and thought that the title of school flower was well-deserved.

It was unknown how active Chu Xun had been in order to help Bei Yao get more votes in the selection of the school flower the past few months. Of course, Bei Yao herself was really beautiful and got the highest number of votes in the end.

However, Bei Yao didn’t have a boyfriend. It surprised Qin Dongni since even she, herself, had one.

Bei Yao was stunned. She didn’t know Qin Dongni had seen it, but she just smiled and said, “Because I have a boyfriend, ah.”

Qin Dongni was stupefied. “What… who? Where is he?”

Bei Yao said softly, “I don’t know which jail he’s staying at, but I’m waiting for him.”


The atmosphere went silent for two seconds, then Qin Dongni burst out laughing.

Hahaha, the school flower is really humorous. Does being with Wang Qiankun for a long time teach people how to tell jokes? Hahaha. Don’t know which jail he is staying at!

Bei Yao didn't know what was funny, so she had to wait until she finished laughing.

Her clear almond eyes made Qin Dongni feel embarrassed.

When Qin Dongni finished laughing, Bei Yao asked softly, “Can I ask you a question?”

Qin Dongni said, “What?”

Bei Yao was a little embarrassed. Though her voice was low, it still sounded comfortable in the late autumn. "When you’re with your boyfriend, do you always… kiss like that?”

So intensely.

Qin Dongni looked at her roommate's somewhat shy face and laughed.

“Yeah, did you see that he also touched me? When you are dating, you can’t help it. Even if someone likes you very much and restrains himself, there are still some things that can’t be helped.”

Bei Yao looked at the people running in the distance. Pei Chuan should have been experiencing the vibrant evenings of the university.

Alas, he had almost given up his whole life just to be with her for a short while.

Pei Chuan had never kissed her like that. Even if he gasped and his heart beat rapidly whenever he kissed her, he would always restrain himself and cherish her.

Bei Yao understood that he always thought he was dirty.

Just like the two conditions that Pei Chuan had made in the beginning. No close contact and not letting others know. He must’ve thought long ago that this day would come, leaving her alone to grow up.

However, Qin Dongni was right. There were some things that couldn't be helped.

If she could still find Pei Chuan, if she could still see Pei Chuan.

Even if it was late by a long time, she would surely tell him how much she liked him.


However, the days still went by. Everyone knew that the school flower of the medical department liked to run to the law department. Thus, the boys there were surrounded by pink bubbles.

And yet, from the fall of the first year to the fall of the second year, Bei Yao had never sought out any students. All she sought were law school professors, asking them for advice on various criminal final executions.

All the teachers in the school had been visited by her.

The law department once had a rumor that the school flower wanted to change her major. After all, she didn’t come to find a boy to fall in love with. But, the period to change majors had passed and Bei Yao was still in the medical department; no one knew what she was thinking.

Bei Yao would consult with the nearby law firms when she had time. Later, a teacher told her, “The cases that aren’t made public are either juvenile cases or… are tied to confidentiality. Since the person you asked about is already an adult, it’s likely to be the latter.”

Bei Yao remembered the term “devil” in her diary, and it had mentioned a software.

She changed her angle. “What if it’s a high IQ crime? If it’s grave, where will he be detained in the end?”

The teacher thought about it. “If you aren’t allowed to visit the prison, it must have gone through the highest trial. Juvenile crime, high IQ talent, I don't know if you've heard of such a case."

The teacher continued, “More than ten years ago, there was a female spy in X Country. She stole many state secrets. She entered the organization at ten and caused several disturbances. She was only eighteen when she was captured by G Country. She originally had to be executed but was released and was given another chance. She compiled secret reports from her time as a spy and avoided many wars.”

The teacher concluded, “The country is very tolerant of talents with hearts of justice. Bei Yao, if what you said is true, then he is most likely undergoing a confidential transformation. The country will absorb such talents.”

The teacher looked at the girl with eyes as gentle as the moonlight in front of her.

“Teacher, where will he be?”

The teacher shook her head; this was beyond her knowledge.

Bei Yao bowed deeply. "Thank you."

This year, on her second year in university, Bei Yao returned to C City to celebrate the new year. Red lanterns were hung at the treetops in C City. After Bei Yao finished eating a family dinner, Fang Minjun came to visit.

Fang Minjun had grown up, which could be seen from her clothes that gave her a more mature appearance.

She had permed her hair into a big curly wave and dyed it maroon.

The two girls were talking in a room.

Fang Minjun didn't look too happy, and mockingly ruffled her hair. "Isn't it strange that I look like this?"

She didn’t like it.

She liked to be with Bei Yao and the others, just like when they had been young, having snowball fights in winter while her long black hair fluttered in the air. At that time, they had been beautiful even without makeup or dressing up.

But Huo Dinglin liked Fang Minjun's current appearance, where the silhouette of Hong Kong star Chang Xue could be seen. Fang Minjun looked kind of showy once she dressed up.

Bei Yao laughed. “Minmin has always been beautiful. I envied you when I was a kid.”

Bei Yao’s tone was gentle and her eyes were sincere. Fang felt sourness in her heart; her eyes were a little red.

Meanwhile, Huo Dinglin's family was doing well in C City. As an important side branch of the Huo family, it had established a firm foothold in a new city in just two years. Also, the Huo family had produced a marshal in its early years, and they still had great influence up till today; they knew some military personnel, too.

Fang Minjun leaned close to Bei Yao’s ear. “Yaoyao, I asked Huo Dinglin and Uncle Huo where the country’s high IQ criminals will be detained.”

Bei Yao’s eyes widened at the words that were spoken in a small voice.

In the past, the Huo family had produced many officers everywhere. Fang Minjun said, "Although there is a possibility that he isn’t there, there’s still a little hope. This is a thank-you for your previous help. Though it’s not much, this is all I can do for you."

When Fang Minjun and Zhao Xiu left, Bei Yao looked at her back. "Minmin!"

Fang Minjun turned around.

“Thank you.”

Fang Minjun smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Her cold silhouette softened. It turned out that some people would grow up and become better.


Though spring hadn’t come, Bei Yao still said that she wanted to go back to B City.

Zhao Zhilan said anxiously, “This child, it’s Chinese New Year. Why would you suddenly want to go back to school? Is it something that can’t be delayed until Chinese New Year is over?”

Still, Bei Yao went back in the end. The ticket wasn’t easy to buy and many types of transportation stopped operating.

Upon arriving back, Bei Yao stumbled into a heavily snowing B City.

The snow was so heavy that it covered people's heads in white in no time.

Before Bei Yao went to the “Seventh Prison”, she was prepared to be unable to see Pei Chuan. Even Fang Minjun had said that there was only a possibility that Pei Chuan was there, and that he might not be there.

But Bei Yao still came.

The "Seventh Prison" was built on the outskirts of the city.

So, she rented a bicycle and asked for a scarf to cover her cheeks from the wind and snow since there was no direct transportation. When she arrived there, it was already dinner time.

Though the other places were full of celebration during Chinese New Year, the prison was a little bit deserted.

The "Seventh Prison" differed from the others in that it detained all talents that would undergo transformation.

In other words, atoning for one’s crime by doing good deeds.

During the New Year, the prison would strengthen its forces and organize some activities for the prisoners to participate in.

Bei Yao's hands were almost frozen as she looked at the building in front of her. Her eyes felt sour.

The Seventh Prison didn’t allow visitors, and there were very few that could be found here. When Pei Chuan first came in, he wrote that he had no relatives. That was why he did not inform them where he was locked up.

As for Bei Yao…

Why would he obstruct some family’s good daughter?

When the prison guard came to inform him, Pei Chuan was eating. The surrounding people all had high IQs: there was a biochemical genius and mechanical genius. The country was very tolerant to them, as their new year wasn’t cold and gloomy. It was also heard that there would be two activities after dinner.

After all, everyone here had signed an agreement, and they weren’t considered to be "in jail", but secretly working for the country.

In the past, when prison guards had come to say that someone's family was looking for them, Pei Chuan hadn’t felt much.

He had no family, and no one knew that he was here. However, this time, the prison guard said, "Pei Chuan, someone is looking for you.”

For a second, the air went still. The “cellmates” looked at the indifferent-looking Pei Chuan, who was quietly eating, either with surprise or teasing.

But at that moment, the chopsticks in Pei Chuan’s hand suddenly fell to the ground.


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