Many informed people started exposing more things. There were many who claimed to be middle school, high school, or university classmates.

Now that a spark between the two seemed to have been ignited online, these people couldn’t resist sharing their own piece of the story.

So, from everyone’s details, an understanding of the daily life of a siscon-diseased person was made.

Yu Jingxuan would bring milk and snacks to Lin Miao’s sports school on a weekly basis.

He also didn’t let anyone he knew greet Lin Miao when they went to watch her tournaments in person, saying that it would distract her.

All kinds of breaks: as long as Lin Miao also had days off at that time, no one else would be able to find him.

Their fans were blown into fireworks. How did they get to know each other, and at such a young age? Furthermore, how is their relationship so good? This doesn’t make sense!

Knowing each other and knowing each other from a young age were two completely different things.

What was more shocking was that there was that back portrait of them with their backpacks.

If the former was shocking, the latter blew everyone's minds into bits.

Especially for Yu Jingxuan’s fans. They initially thought that the girl came later, so they tried to protect their teenage boy’s journey of growing up.

However, in reality, that girl was already walking home with their teenage boy years before they were introduced to him.

There had been many signs before, but there wasn’t much light brought to this subject. For example: Yu Jingxuan travelling to watch the world championships and the Olympics. Everyone had thought that it was because his mother liked Lin Miao, and she happened to bring her son along.

Now, they realized that he had been watching Lin Miao way prior to that. He had skipped middle school to spectate some of her matches, but the tournaments then were probably smaller regional competitions.

Compared to the craze of some girlfriend-fans, others said much less online.

Quietly supporting his childhood love: genius mastermind x genius athlete.

With the picture that looked like it came right out of a teenage school drama, a new cp was born.

(cp is short for couple)

In the battlefield formerly filled with wailing and bloody conflicts, everyone picked up their popcorn and candy instead.

(candy refers to seemingly intimate interactions in a cp)

However, some netizens began to lament how precious these moments were. Candy was scarce, and couldn’t be savored enough.

There were virtually no updates from Yu Jingxuan, and the most they would normally get were blurred pictures from his classmates.

On the other hand, Lin Miao didn’t even participate in the interview after the Olympics. There would be no coverage of her except for her competition reports.

They were quite literally a cavemen cp pair.

The name spread like wildfire, and many found it sweet and quite unique.

So, while the solo fans were still arguing, the exponentially growing cp fan group of the two had already set a name.

Meanwhile, Lin Miao’s inactive Weibo account was brought to daylight. They were certain that it was the Mumushuishuishui account.

This… and the Yuyuyuyuyu account… This truly went a long time back, even on the internet.

All of these things happening online had no effect on the young girl solving algebra equations.

Lin Miao was still studying, feeling quite giddy after solving each problem in the book.

She would have to return soon for lunch.

Then, Yu Jingxuan’s mother called, begging and reasoning for Lin Miao to join them for lunch. It made her feel extremely awkward, but she also felt it would be impolite to decline.

So, she called her parents and told them that she wasn’t returning for lunch.

She would eat with Yu Jingxuan’s family.

It had been very long since she visited their house, but she used to visit much more frequently in the past.

The three dogs seemed to still remember her, surrounding her warmly immediately after she came out of the car.

Lin Miao patted them one by one.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother was also outside, leading her into the house. “Our Shuishui is getting prettier and prettier.”

After lunch, Lin Miao headed out with Yu Jingxuan to walk the dogs, and then returned to the library.

She finally became aware of the online discussion in the evening, when she returned home. Lin Miao grew dumb for a brief moment looking at the picture with Yu Jingxuan putting his hand on the back of her chair. She then saved the picture, her face blushing.

Then, she saw the comments below:

“OMG this posture from Yu Jingxuan, so much boyfriend power that it’s going through the roof. It’s making my legs soft! Brother Shui’s like a fierce little jaguar on the field and also pretty aggressive in front of sister Jing. But in this picture, I feel brother Shui’s little girl vibe, it’s so angelic!”

“The two didn’t even touch! But it’s making an old woman like me red all over my face!”

“They’re so close, make them kiss!”

“Is this what perfection feels like? Yu Jingxuan’s posture is so handsome! I’d kill to sit beside him, be his deskmate! So jealous of brother Shui!”

“Brother Shui’s super cute, but wouldn’t this count as premature dating? Looking at Yu Jingxuan’s mother, it seems like she has accepted the fact of having her idol as her son’s wife. Nice, just great!”

“This one picture alone already shows how much Yu Jingxuan pampers our brother Shui. Look at that gaze, shit, Yu Jingxuan, are you really under 18? Do you really not want to consider starring in an idol drama? It’s almost like wasting god’s blessings for you to not even consider it.“

“I’m a new cp fan, don’t know the rules around here, what am I supposed to do? Should I go compliment their match and say all hail premature romance?”

“Quit shipping the two, Lin Miao’s the Olympic world champion, but she had to cut back on school for badminton practice! Our little boy scored first place in his region for the nationwide college entrance exams when he was only fourteen. What would the two talk about when they sit together? They’re probably just friends, so stop saying and implying that they’re a couple ok?”

Lin Miao felt her face burn more and more as she scrolled through the comments. So many people like Gege.

And… Lin Miao was lying on her bed, thinking that all of the netizens were mistaken. Her relationship with Yu Jingxuan wasn’t… that type of relationship.

That type of relationship…

Thinking about this, she felt her heart heat up, “Gege…”

The words brought her a sweet sensation. Mixed in it, there was also some indescribable feelings.

She didn’t mind the negative comments towards her as there were only a few of them.

There were actually a handful of hate comments earlier, but Yu Jingxuan deleted most of them, so only the positive ones remained.

Lin Miao’s family also didn’t go online much, so they were unaware of this discussion.

However, it was completely different in the Yu family, especially for Yu Jingxuan’s mother.

She waited for her son to come home with her phone in her hands.

“Aren’t you going to explain this?” She looked at him, amused.

Yu Jingxuan was a bit confused, “Explain what?”

“Cavemen cp.” His mother said, trying to hold back her laughter. “You don’t say, I didn’t think of this much before they brought this up, but you two do seem pretty fit for each other.”

They knew each other’s roots, personalities matched, and were already close friends.

She continued to poke fun at her son, “If it weren’t for you guys growing up together, you might actually have a spark. I actually feel like she’d be a great addition to our family. You see, you guys have a great relationship already, and we all like her, too.”

Yu Jingxuan looked at his mother, speaking, “Wrong.”

His mother smiled. “I’m only joking, okay. I know that you guys are just friends.”

They had been kidnapped when they were little and been through so many more things. It was pretty normal for them to act closer than even some blood-related siblings.

“I meant that the first part was wrong.” Yu Jingxuan said slowly.

The first part? His mother was confused.

Then, seeing him walk upstairs, she came to realize something.

The first part?

Isn’t that the part of the sentence talking about how there won’t be a spark of affection?

“Yu Jingxuan!!!” His mother ran up the stairs. What does he mean by that?

Frankly, she never noticed anything suspicious. The two had known each other for so long, and they’ve never done anything too out of the ordinary.

Which made her think that they were still little kids.

Following him upstairs, she quickly started asking, “What’s going on? Are you guys dating? Do you know what love is? Son, I’m telling you, you’ve gotta be careful. This kind of friendship is hard to come by. If you’re unsure if it’s really love, don’t do it. You might ruin your relationship entirely.”

Yu Jingxuan was an only child, but growing up, he didn’t live the life of one. His mother thought that the two would have a life long relationship.

But if there was romance mixed in, the two’s friendship would also end if they were to break up one day.

“No. She’s still young, I’m not that outrageous.”

Yu Jingxuan’s mother furrowed her brows. “Do I need to remind you that you guys came to this world on the same day? You sound like a middle aged man.”

Yu Jingxuan’s mother, who was still debating about the relationship between the two, felt as if her son turned “childhood sweethearts” into ”a sugar daddy and a loli”…

“Because the adults in this house are too immature.” Yu Jingxuan spoke as he shelved a book in the study room.

Yu Jingxuan’s mother: “… I give up, let’s switch topics.”

“How far are you? Is it just you liking Shuishui?”

Yu Jingxuan felt a bit uncomfortable. If he didn’t tell her, she might develop a misunderstanding of them and hurt their relationship.

So he decided to explain, “I like her, but she’s still young, so I don’t think she understands this.”

“Go chase her, son! It’ll almost be guaranteed with what you have!” Yu Jingxuan’s mother threw all her principles behind her head.

Yu Jingxuan was even more frustrated, “That’s dangerous, what would happen if she accepts? She’d be clueless with me, but eventually she’ll have a moment where she’d develop feelings, which could be for someone else.”

His mother stared at him in astonishment. He had a point, but something still seemed off to her.

“Mom, I know what to do, you don’t need to interfere.”

Yu Jingxuan’s mother: “…”

Yu Jingxuan returned to his bedroom, sitting on the balcony.

He didn’t actually know what he was doing.

He couldn’t even dare to imagine how he’d feel if Lin Miao told him she liked someone else.

He might not be as calm as he thought he would be…

Suddenly, his phone rang.

A message came: “I miss Gege.”

Yu Jingxuan’s darkened mood suddenly lifted, replying: “I miss you too, what is Shuishui doing?”

Lin Miao, who was looking at Yu Jingxuan’s pictures, replied with a bit of embarrassment: “Preparing to sleep.”


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