I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 25: Do You Want to Go Home?

Most of the dogs in the neighbourhood were pure-breds. There were fluffy samoyeds, huskies, teddies, some german shepherds, and border collies.

The mother didn’t pay much attention to this. She slowly walked with the two newborn puppies. The newborns were very curious, so they were often distracted and would stop to look around, slowing the mother down.

After two big circles, Dahuang finally stopped, so the two rested by the sidewalk while waiting for the mother.

The mother felt great. She was an actress from her childhood. Her career had been glistening and she had crowds of fans. She also saw how miserable those actors and actresses' lives became after declining in popularity, so she worked very hard to keep herself in her audiences’ minds.

Now that she retired at the peak of her career, she found a different type of enjoyment in life. She didn’t have to wake up at three or four in the morning to film, she didn’t have to answer all the reporters, and she didn’t have to always be formal and polite.

At first, she thought that she would never adapt to a life away from the spotlight, but now she realized that life was also good like this.

Soon, she caught up to the two kids. They were waiting for her.

Meanwhile, a stocky husky passing on the sidewalk spontaneously leaped towards the children.

It frightened the Young Master’s mother. The husky was enormous and would knock both of them down if it collided with their legs. “Little Yu! Shuishui!” She cried.

But it was too late.

Suddenly, Dahuang, who was resting aside, sprung up and ran to bite the husky.

Dahuang had fattened quite a considerable amount from the weeks of good food and staying at home. However, she was still half the size of the husky. Miraculously, the husky fled a few moments later.

There was a handful of hair stuck to Dahuang’s teeth.

Lin Miao quickly pulled the patch of hair out, preventing her from swallowing the hair. The two puppies ran towards their mother.

The mother let out a breath of relief. The husky owner walked towards them.

With their dunderheaded dog. They were probably looking for an explanation, but the husky refused to step any closer, “Arf arf arf…”

Seeing that they weren’t going to come, the mother walked towards them instead. It was unacceptable for them to walk their enormous dog without a leash.

She saw a bald spot on the husky’s head. It was hilarious.

While his mother talked with the dog owner, the Young Master knelt down and spoke to Dahuang, “Dahuang, that is how you fight other dogs. You can tear off their hair, but you can’t injure them…”

“Woof woof woof!” Dahuang argued.

The Young Master knew she was being arrogant again because it was the same reply he got when he told her to leave his slippers alone. This dog definitely couldn’t understand what he was saying.

The little puppies followed and also barked.

Lin Miao patted its head, “Good dog!”

Dahuang rubbed her head against Lin Miao’s palm.

The mother soon finished with the husky owner. She then led Lin Miao, the Young Master, and the two puppies home.

Upon returning home, the Young Master pulled Lin Miao to study.

He enjoyed teaching Lin Miao.

Lin Miao listened attentively. The three dogs also followed them in, lying aside to sleep.

The days were getting colder and light jackets gradually turned into down coats.

Dahuang was even more imposing. All of the other dogs in the neighbourhood were afraid of her, especially the husky she bit. It would turn around and head the other way when it saw Dahuang.

Lin Miao was studying even harder because the New Year was approaching. Her mother would definitely be proud of her.

No matter how much the Young Master didn’t want the New Year to come, the twelfth lunar month still arrived.

Lin Miao packed her little backpack early in the morning. In it were her books and some of the Young Master’s old books.

She even allocated some money in advance for the journey home.

Now all she could do was to wait for the New Year holidays.

Seeing the energetic Lin Miao, the Young Master’s parents and the Young Master himself were a bit worried as they enjoyed her stay more everyday.

On the twenty-sixth of the lunar month, the Young Master’s mother suddenly suggested, “Um, Little Yu, Shuishui, remember when I told you guys that we were going to visit the Maldives? I totally forgot about it, Shuishui, have you seen the ocean? It’s beautiful! Let’s go there tomorrow, we can also go on cruises and fish!”

She took out an iPad as she spoke, searching up images of the ocean.

Lin Miao’s relationship with the mother had gotten a lot better. She looked at the blue ocean with astonishment, and then shyly commented, “Auntie Yu, you forgot… I’m going back home for the New Year.”

The Young Master sat aside, wordless.

The grandma interrupted the awkward silence, “Little Yu, let’s go outside.”

In the garden, the grandma looked at the Young Master, her healthy and lively grandson. “If Shuishui never returned here after the New Year, would you let her go back?”

The Young Master paused even though the grandma had asked him this several times before.

He had also thought about this problem before. If he had been asked this question when she initially arrived, he would send her back without a second thought.

But now...

The Young Master thought about Lin Miao’s prepared backpack and her anticipation-filled eyes.

Then, he realized another problem, “Grandma, what do you mean? Can you contact Shuishui’s mother?”

The grandma sighed, “She doesn’t know where we are, and has been calling the Master for our address. The Master asked us if he was allowed to tell her our location.”

Their instructions to the Master weren’t clear. They just paid him a lump sum of money for him to find a lucky girl with the same birthdate as the Young Master to accompany him.

The Young Master had an indescribable feeling. He told himself that it was her parents who gave Lin Miao up and that she was better off here. Even though she may be hurt for a while, sufficient time awaits her in the future.

He would grow up with her.

But he couldn’t stand seeing her feel sad, he couldn’t let something she had thought about for half a year get cancelled.

“Can I see them?” The Young Master asked.

The next day, Lin Miao found her brother missing alongside the mother and grandma.

Lin Miao was confused, and then she saw a message the Young Master left for her. It said that they were going to return in two or three hours and told Lin Miao to study by herself.

Lin Miao mentioned her mother many times to the Young Master, but this was his first time seeing her.

Lin Miao’s mother looked skinny and haggard.

She wasn’t crying, but her eyes were very red. She spoke with a soft voice, “I’m so sorry for making it difficult for you. Here is the money you first gave me, and some more for the interest.”

“No need to be like that, Mrs. Lin. I’m here to discuss something else with you. Shuishui is a great kid, she gets along very well with us. We actually want to adopt her and send her to the best schools there are. It will be good for her.” The grandma responded.

“But I promised her that I would take her home on New Year’s. We already rented a house in town, it’s very close to the school. She won’t have to walk through the mountains anymore.” Lin Miao’s mother responded.

The grandma fell silent after this.

The mother thought about Lin Miao, who was still in their house. She sighed, “How about this, we won’t take your money and you can take Shuishui back for the New Year, but after that, we’ll bring her back and place her in school with my son for another year. How does that sound? You don’t need to pay anything.”

Lin Miao’s mother couldn’t resist anymore, “But how would she think about this when she grows up? I have already failed her once, I can’t do it again. Have your money back, thank you for your care to Lin Miao…”

From start to end, the conversation was between the adults. The Young Master sat aside and waited silently.

He also learned that Lin Miao’s brother had a problem with his heart and needed surgery.

When the Young Master returned home, he saw Lin Miao playing with the three dogs. Seeing that the Young Master had finally returned, she ran towards him, “Gege, where have you been?”

The Young Master patted her head, sad that Lin Miao had to leave, “Shuishui, you would have to stay if you went back. You can’t visit me anymore, are you sure you want to go back?”

“Then I’ll call from the village head everyday!” Lin Miao said.

So she was still going back.

A strange feeling emerged from the Young Master’s heart. He just looked at her, “Pack up, your mom is here to pick you up.”

Lin Miao jumped from her excitement. She recalled her mother promising to bring her back for the New Year!

Lin Miao was overwhelmed with joy, “Really? My mom is picking me up!?” She originally thought that she would have to take the taxi home like everyone else. The least she expected was for her mother to come and bring her home!

She dashed upstairs to get her backpack and then ran back down, “Gege, do you want to come with me?”

Looking at the person before him, who has nothing on her face other than excitement, the Young Master walked back, “No thanks.”

The three adults were silent.

Lin Miao only brought her backpack, candy, and clothing. She didn’t quite have an understanding of what this meant for her.

The mother hoped that she would return, so she didn’t say anything.

The Young Master sat on the balcony with the three dogs, looking at the happy Lin Miao.

The three dogs seemed to understand the Young Master’s feelings as they lay by his side.

Then, they saw Lin Miao throw herself into her mother’s arms.

She didn’t even turn around.


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