I Give Half of My Life to You Chapters List

Chapter 55: During the Competition

The Young Master’s mother was done bullying Mu Qingqing. After all, she was only a little girl, so just those few times were enough.

The Young Master’s mother didn’t expect such a young girl to possess those abilities online. In her memory, everyone who acted like her online were middle-aged netizens.

Furthermore, she did act much like a normal person would in front of her son.

Mid-flight, the Young Master’s mother headed for the washroom to redo her makeup.

But at the washroom, she noticed that Mu Qingqing had followed her down the aisle.

Nevermind then.

She calmly washed her hands.

Turning around, she heard the girl speak loftily, “Hey, I saw you sleeping on Jinxuan’s shoulder a moment ago, are you guys really close?”

“Not really, I was just too sleepy, so I leaned against him for some rest. What’s wrong?”

“Just asking.” Mu Qingqing was furious. Forget the younger sister that spontaneously popped out, who was this supposed to be?

Mu Qingqing was too spoiled as a child. Her grandmother had used her connections with the Young Master’s grandmother to send her to the Yu family when she was little. However, she threw tantrums when she was with their family, ruining the relationship, and was forbidden from seeing the Young Master ever since.

When she later ran into the Young Master, she thought of how his mother was once the most popular superstar, an experienced film queen, and was a celebrity even as a child. She probably had countless connections in the circle.

If she could get together with the Young Master, she would essentially have a straight road into the realm of internet stars under the title of daughter-in-law, not to mention her connections.

She hadn’t expected that the Young Master would act as if he had a signal jammer, completely ignoring her. And if that wasn’t enough, a pretty, gifted little sister suddenly appeared?

Mu Qingqing was concerned that this so-called “sister” would take slices of her pie when she entered the entertainment circle herself.

On top of that, there was now this new girl in front of her, and even she had a better relationship with him.

How could Mu Qingqing not be restless?

All of her emotions were foolishly written on her face.

“Do you need anything else? Let me pass if you don’t,” the Young Master’s mother said.

In Mu Qingqing’s heart, she wanted to tell her to distance herself from the Young Master, but she didn’t know how to express it in this situation. Instead, she just stared at the girl leaving in front of her.

As an old witch in the circle, it was effortless for the Young Master’s mother.

She dried her hands and walked back to her seat.

Prior to the competition, the Young Master didn’t visit nor contact Lin Miao at all, stunning his mother. She had thought that she would be able to see Lin Miao right away upon arriving.

To this, the Young Master explained, “So that she can keep calm while preparing to compete.”

“Fine,” the Young Master’s mother said.

They sat in the first row. Lin Miao soon appeared on the playing field.

Lin Miao’s first opponent was South Korean. It was the Young Master’s mother’s first time watching a match in person.

She had always known the results before watching the matches online, but now that she was spectating in real time, everything was unknown. Lin Miao’s opponent looked fierce, so the mother’s body immediately tensed, “Little Yu, Shuishui will win, right?”

The Young Master wasn’t sure. It was Lin Miao’s first time in the world championships, and no one knew how skilled the Korean opponent was.

It was not like the domestic competitions, which had roughly the same people. The Young Master was able to figure out their skill levels after a couple of competitions.

However, he also understood that Lin Miao wouldn’t lose if she performed normally.

Mu Qingqing found her way to the stadium. She was here for the Young Master, so it would be in her best interest to watch Lin Miao’s competition.

Sitting down on a seat, the girl beside her shoved her two little red flags.

She sat a bit further back than the first row.

Meanwhile, the match had already begun.

Lin Miao performed stably and soon took the lead, but not by far.

Mu Qingqing finally got some luck. Beside her was an enthusiastic Chinese badminton fan.

She heard some people yell in Korean. She didn’t know Korean, but she was pretty sure they were cheering for the Korean participant.

Taking notice of her surroundings, she heard the people around her start to chant, “Go Lin Miao!”

They waved their flags as they chanted.

The person beside Mu Qingqing poked her.

So, she reluctantly repeated after them, “Go Lin Miao!”

The Young Master’s mother also wanted to cheer Lin Miao on, but was stopped by the Young Master: “Mom, chill.”

The Young Master’s mother sat back down, continuing to watch the competition nervously.

Fortunately, Lin Miao safely won the match.

She wiped her sweat off and prepared to leave the court.

She was stopped at the exit for signatures. Even though she was tired and panting, she still signed them.

“Should we go over there?” The Young Master’s mother asked.

“No, she’s going to rest and eat to replenish her energy. She also has to review the other participants’ games at night,” the Young Master said.

“Wow, you know so much!” The Young Master’s mother was astonished.

The Young Master was right. Lin Miao took a good rest after heading off the stage. She then went to eat and watch other players’ games to familiarize herself with their playstyles.

At this stage, her coaches didn’t pressure her anymore, so Lin Miao went to sleep after finishing the videos.

Exhausted and without her phone, she fell asleep on her bed after drinking some milk.

She slept all the way until morning, and was very satisfied with her breakfast options.

Since there were athletes from a diverse range of places, the kitchen prepared breakfast in styles from all around the world.

Lin Miao ate her normal breakfast, but she thought that the other players’ meals also looked delicious. She wanted to try them out after the competition ended.

Only a small part of the badminton fans had followed this young yet collected player during the initial brackets. However, now that she was in the finals, she drew a huge crowd that supported her.

She was up against a Japanese opponent for the championship.

The great crowd cheered thunderously for her.

Mu Qingqing had watched as Lin Miao advanced all the way to the finals, and her jaw dropped on the floor. She had felt very uncomfortable at first, but as she cheered along, and as Lin Miao won more and more games, she felt an inexplicable feeling of pride.

Lin Miao still retained her calm mindset, focusing entirely on the game.

However, as the final game started, Lin Miao accidentally slipped on the court, falling backwards. The birdie was already flying towards her direction, so she instinctively hit the shuttlecock back first.

The accident made all the spectators shed a couple drops of cold sweat.

Lin Miao was unnaturally agile, magically propping herself up immediately after with her left hand. She pressed her hand against her shorts, continuing her match.

Seeing Lin Miao recover from the fall, the Young Master’s mother let out a breath of relief. Turning her head around, she saw her son’s worried face.

“It’s okay,” she comforted.

“Her left hand is injured.” The Young Master was staring at the hand that was against her shorts.

Lin Miao didn’t feel much, probably because she was still fully focused on the game.

When she rose off the ground, her first reaction to her scraped hand was that the blood will make the field more slippery and make it even harder for her to perform well, so she pressed her left hand to her shorts, trying to stop her blood from dripping on the ground.

During the mid game break, two coaches rushed towards her, seeing her bloody left palm.

The coach was startled. “Do we need to treat this wound first?”

Lin Miao shook her head as she wiped her sweat away, responding as calmly as always, “I didn’t hurt my bone, so we can do it after the match.”

Lin Miao felt quite fortunate to have fallen backwards and to have only scraped her hand. Had she fallen forwards, she would have likely injured her knees, making the problem much more severe.

After the break, the two players returned to the court for the second half of their match.

Due to the distance from the field to the audience seats, most of the spectators didn’t notice that Lin Miao scraped her hand. She acted too naturally, as if nothing happened. The only apparent change was how she stuck her left hand against her body.

The livestream cameras also didn’t catch her wounded left hand. They had only focused their camera on it during the break when the coaches checked her hand.

The hand had startled even the people watching the livestream.

They only then realized that she scraped her hand when she used it to recover from her fall.

Now, they saw her calmly return to the field, having rested and confirmed that her bones were fine.

It became almost impossible to see that her left hand was hurt again.

Her jumps and smashes were identical to that of the ones before her fall.

Her resilience crippled her opponent’s mental defense line, soon causing her to misplay.

Lin Miao muddledly realized that she had somehow won.

She! Had! Won!

Sweat was pouring down her face, but she had a brilliant smile!

Yes! I’ll try the other countries’ breakfasts tomorrow morning! I’ll get to eat whatever I want!


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