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Chapter 9: Little Stupid Head

Her older brother wanted to hear stories about school.

Lin Miao felt troubled; there wasn’t anything fun at school.

“School isn’t fun.” Lin Miao deliberately said, “The teacher is very mean, they would make me stand whenever I’m late but they won’t do that to other students who were late.”

The Young Master’s beautiful brows furrowed, “Outrageous.”

Lin Miao nodded in agreement, “Yes, super outrageous.”

Her mom had great expectations for her, so she never told this to her mom.

Also, more importantly, once during Teacher’s Day, many of her classmates had bought presents for the teacher. Lin Miao gifted the teacher smoked bacon from her mom and the teacher laughed at it in front of the class. Lin Miao didn’t like the teacher at all, she was completely different from the good teachers mentioned in textbooks.

She didn’t want her mom to know this either. However, it was different for the Young Master, he couldn’t go to school. It was a good thing to be unable to go to school, Lin Miao thought.

So, she was willing to tell anything to him.

“My classmates are horrible as well.” Lin Miao continued, “I even fought with them because they were pulling on my hair.”

Lin Miao felt that she was overpowered, smart and overpowered. “Then, I made them cry.”

The Young Master couldn’t help but laugh imagining her that haughty.

Lin Miao continued to brag, “When the teacher came in, I cried even louder than them, so then the teacher didn’t penalise me. ”

She was so clever at that time.

The Young Master patted her proud head. “Mm, Shuishui is very clever.”

“It was all because of experience.” Lin Miao responded shyly.

It was about time to sleep, Lin Miao yawned and helped the Young Master back onto his bed. She then tucked him in, trying to imitate her mother. “Good night Gege, I’ll wake you tomorrow.”

She slipped out without giving him a chance to show opposition.

Like a fish returning into water.

The Young Master looked towards the doorway and quickly fell asleep.

The next day, Lin Miao woke up early in the morning and happily waited for breakfast.

The Young Master had a health checkup after breakfast.

Lin Miao didn’t hear the doctor say there were any problems, so she let out a breath of relief. This also means that they don’t have to sleep so early and can chat.

Grandma goes to the temple every morning after breakfast and only returns during the afternoon.

So, the housekeeper was basically the one in charge of the house.

The housekeeper didn’t care for her much, but he was belligerent to everyone else, so she was still intimidated by him.

The Young Master’s room was the quietest, so Lin Miao went to his room during the day.

During the evening, Lin Miao immediately noticed that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right after descending the stairs. Then, she saw the Master, whom she met on her first day here.

He also saw Lin Miao and patted her, “Shuishui, are you used to living here?”

Lin Miao felt very cordial seeing him because he was the one who brought her here, “I’m used to it.”

In reality, she wasn’t used to it at first, but she has been more accustomed to it since.

At this time, the Grandma also came, “Does Shuishui like her older brother?”

Lin Miao nodded, “I like him.”

“Then can Shuishui with her older brother…” Grandma didn’t finish her sentence.

A voice interrupted from the mouth of the stairwell, “Shuishui, come here.”

Lin Miao turned her head, and saw her older brother holding the banister, looking at her.

Lin Miao rushed to help him.

Upon approaching, she heard the Young Master’s voice, a bit angry, “Don’t meet that liar alone.”

Lin Miao wanted to rebuke after realizing that the “liar” in his words was pertaining to the Master but she was also worried about aggravating the Young Master, which wouldn’t be beneficial for his body, so she submitted, “Okay, I won’t meet him.”

Not long after, Grandma came to knock on their door. “Little Yu, Shuishui, Grandma is coming in.”

The Young Master was lying on his bed, playing tic tac toe.

It was Lin Miao’s idea because the Young Master’s mood wasn’t good. She loved to play this with her brother back at home, they could play simply with a grid on a notebook and a pencil.

The Young Master didn’t know how to play it, so Lin Miao taught him how to play in the first round.

However, Lin Miao wasn't able to win even one round after the first round.

The two were exhilarated when Grandma came in. They increased the size of the grid, increasing the difficulty!

The Young Master stopped playing right after the Grandma entered, “Grandma, quit it if you’re going to talk about that swindler.”

Grandma walked towards him, patted Lin Miao’s head, and responded, “Don’t call people swindlers, he’s half-immortal, don’t say that in front of him. Plus, he was the one who brought Shuishui. If he’s a swindler, then what is Shuishui?”

The Young Master was even more unhappy. “Grandma, you know what I’m talking about.“

”I know I know, I’m not here for that. Since you didn’t agree, the Master didn’t force it. He said that it would be bad for your body if it was forced upon you.”

As she was talking, Grandma brought out a piece of jade with a fish carved onto it. “This is an amulet given by the Master, put it on. Let’s not talk about that thing from now on.”

The Young Master looked at the Grandma again and then wore the amulet.

Grandma patted Lin Miao’s head again. “Shuishui, have fun playing with your older brother. Don’t forget to come down to eat later.”

After Grandma left, Lin Miao pulled out her notebook and continued to play tic tac toe with the Young Master.

A short moment after Lin Miao exited the Young Master’s room, Grandma pulled Lin Miao aside to a room and put a piece of jade on her, “Shuishui, don’t take this off and don’t let others see it, okay?”

Lin Miao didn’t understand, but Grandma’s expression was very serious so she nodded, “Okay.”

When she went back to the room, the Young Master called her to the side of his bed.

“Grandma gave you something when you went out, didn’t she?”

Lin Miao nodded.

The Young Master took his piece of jade off and passed it to Lin Miao. “Give me yours”

Lin Miao was a bit surprised. Grandma said that she can’t take it off, nor let anyone else see it.

But, the Young Master was probably an expectation. He doesn’t count as “anyone else”.

“I want your piece.” The Young Master repeated.

Lin Miao saw that his pretty face was all wrinkled up, so she immediately took her piece of jade off and handed it to the Young Master. “Gege, here.”

“Wear my piece, don’t let others see it.” The Young Master put Lin Miao’s piece of jade on and said this to her.

Lin Miao obediently wore the jade that the Young Master took off his chest earlier, tucking it under her clothes.

The Young Master’s ear roots reddened. Looking at her clueless face, he couldn’t help but comment, “Little stupid head.”

Lin Miao raised her head, unwilling to give in. “You can’t call me stupid just because I lost to you thirty-seven times. One more time and I will win!”


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