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Chapter 50: Meeting Gege Again~

Lin Miao’s mother originally thought that Lin Miao had simply hid Little Ling.

She wasn’t expecting that Lin Miao had brought her to town overnight.

Everyone was in shock when Lin Miao told them.

Lin Miao’s mother ran her hand over Lin Miao’s head. “You have some guts!”

She didn’t know what else to say. After all, Lin Miao had walked almost three hours through the mountains under the rain in the middle of the night.

Lin Miao’s mother placed her hand on Lin Miao’s forehead to check her temperature. Once she was sure that Lin Miao hadn't developed a fever, she felt relieved.

Lin Miao smiled at her mother, “I’ll be more considerate next time.”

She didn’t have much planned last night and had just followed her heart.

They immediately headed for Little Ling upon entering the town. Little Ling had never been outside of the village, much less alone in the town, so the adults were still a bit suspicious.

However, they discovered that Lin Miao wasn’t lying after arriving at the hotel. Little Ling was suffering from a bad cold. She laid on the bed, afraid to get up.

Lin Miao’s parents rushed Little Ling to the hospital with Lin Miao.

Lin Miao was fine, but Little Ling’s fever was dangerously high—she needed an infusion.

Lin Miao gave all of Little Ling’s belongings to her. She also gave her the contract paper. “We don’t have to worry from now on,” Lin Miao said.

Little Ling was in shock. “Why would they…”

“Either way, they agreed,” Lin Miao intejected, her face red. She hadn’t told Little Ling about the money… Everyone thought that it was strange for her to give money. Lin Miao had wanted to end this thoroughly; she didn’t give money just because she had so much of it.

Lin Miao’s mother went to the water boiler outside the clinic to get some hot water. It was also the perfect opportunity to discuss with Lin Miao’s father about what they should do with the little girl.

“Little Ling seems like a good kid, why don’t we let her follow us for a bit.” Lin Miao’s mother said.

The father was all for it. “Sure, she can’t do anything alone, she’s so little. It’d be pretty dangerous for her, so let’s keep her until she adjusts to this new environment. We can decide what to do once she’s more comfortable with living outside of the village.”

There were no disputes, and an agreement was made.

Lin Miao’s mother soon returned with hot water, coming in as Lin Miao peeled an apple for Little Ling. As her mother, she knew Lin Miao’s character. Understanding that it was unnecessary for her to ask Lin Miao, she asked calmly in front of the two children, “What is Little Ling planning to do in the future?”

“I’m going to find a job and work,” Little Ling responded as she wiped her tears. She saw hope in her life again, so she tossed all her troubles to the back of her head. Even though her knowledge of working was just the measly information she gathered from others at the village, she was optimistic.

“Since you’re working, how about this,” Lin Miao’s mother said, “You can help me first. It’s just helping me pick and buy food, washing vegetables, and cooking meals. I’ll pay you. Alternatively, if you want to study first, we can think of another way.” Lin Miao’s mother was still cooking and delivering meals for the workers, so it would be a great transition for Little Ling. She could decide whether she wants to study or work afterwards. There was always a way to learn, and she could be a tradeswoman if she didn’t want to study.

Lin Miao’s mother had discussed it with Lin Miao’s father. Unlike Lin Miao, they had a way to help with Little Ling’s future.

They had brought her out of the village at such a young age, so they needed to be responsible for her. If something were to happen to her, it would also affect Lin Miao emotionally.

Lin Miao was surprised by the suggestion. “Then Little Ling can come home with us!”

She held Little Ling’s hand, “Little Ling can live with me!”

Little Ling froze, staring at them, unable to believe the situation.

“What’s wrong? Do you not want to?” Lin Miao’s mother asked.

Little Ling came back to her senses, responding enthusiastically, “I want to! I want to!”

Just like that, Little Ling followed Lin Miao home.

Lin Miao slept with Little Ling for the night. The next day, she saw the Young Master, whom she hadn’t seen for many days.

Lin Miao had a healthy habit of morning jogs, no matter the weather.

She woke up before everyone else.

Little Ling was still deeply asleep beside her. The two had chatted until very late last night. Lin Miao quietly got off the bed and stretched a bit.

She saw the Young Master outside her window.

He wore a white coat and stood on the opposite side of the street to her apartment block. Since there weren’t many people this early in the morning, the scene was beautiful. Lin Miao had an urge to take a picture of it to use as her phone wallpaper.

Lin Miao dashed out of her apartment, still wearing her pajamas.

It had been a long time, so she missed the Young Master immensely.

She ran down the stairs, and then across the street.

The Young Master was met with a big embrace. “Gege!”

The Young Master stroked her hair. Hugging her, he exhaled, satisfied, “You’re finally back.”

Even though they rarely met face-to-face on regular days due to Lin Miao’s tight schedule of competitions and badminton practice, they met each other frequently during holidays.

However, this time, Lin Miao had been away for much of the break at her village. In addition, with Lin Miao being sloppy, her text messages weren’t clear.

It had made the Young Master feel quite empty in his heart, but he didn’t want to say something direct like “I miss you” or “Come back soon” to her…

“Yeah, I’m finally back.” Lin Miao said, belatedly realizing that she had come down in her pajamas.

Winter pajamas were all fluffy, and the one she wore even had a hood with rabbit ears.

Lin Miao felt quite embarrassed.

“Let me go back to change my clothes, wait a little bit for me, Gege!” Lin Miao ran back towards her apartment. From behind, she really looked like a rabbit.

Lin Miao quietly washed back in her apartment and changed her clothes. Right when she was about to leave her apartment, Lin Miao saw something in her closet. She quickly grabbed it before running back outside.

The Young Master soon saw Lin Miao coming out again.

Lin Miao stood on her tip toes and wrapped a scarf around the Young Master.

Looking at the person in front of him, the Young Master felt his heart racing…

It was so much that he didn’t even notice the appearance of the scarf Lin Miao put around him.

The scarf was a fiery red. It was a plain scarf and didn’t have any designs.

She also had a pink scarf, but she only took down her red one.

The Young Master’s skin was very white, but a healthy shade. Not only did he not appear feminine with the scarf, it gave him an indescribable appearance that was filled with elegance.

The Young Master was a bit reluctant. He wanted to take it off and give it back for Lin Miao to wear herself. However, he then heard Lin Miao asking him, “Isn’t it super warm?”

The Young Master didn’t wear scarves during the winter. He thought they were unnecessary, but seeing Lin Miao’s look of anticipation, he nodded, “Very warm.”

“Did Gege wait here for a long time?” Lin Miao felt his hand, realizing that it was ice cold.

Lin Miao’s hands were still warm as she had just woken up. She tried to wrap her older brother’s hands, which were a lot larger than hers, and even rubbed them together. “Gege’s hands are so cold.”

The Young Master’s heart melted into a puddle, and he forgot about his cold hands. His previous complaints he wanted to say about Lin Miao being vague and not responding to his messages vanished without a trace.

“I’m not cold. I just wanted to see you.” The Young Master said.

Lin Miao’s brows furrowed, “What do you mean you’re not cold, your hands are freezing. If I didn’t leave my gloves at school, you could’ve worn my gloves. I’m so irresponsible…”

The Young Master had the standard noble hand: thin fingers and distinct joints.

Lin Miao’s hands were not nearly as pretty as his due to badminton.

Lin Miao was unaware of this until now, and she somehow found herself a bit shy. She didn’t know where the emotion came from, but her face reddened seeing the difference between their hands. The Young Master must’ve noticed as well...

“Gege, your hand is so pretty…” Lin Miao said shyly, “Mine are not pretty at all.”

The Young Master paused, unable to understand the teenage girl’s thought process. He just covered her hands with his. “These hands are prettier, they’re of a world champion.”

The Young Master was serious. He held her hands as if they were some precious gem.

Lin Miao felt as if her hands had been scalded and instinctively pulled them back.

Then, she remembered what she was doing and held her older brother’s hands again, warming them with her own.

Looking at her dedication, the Young Master had an impulse to pat her head. However, since she held both of his hands, he touched foreheads with Lin Miao instead, “Shuishui is the best to Gege.”

They were so close that Lin Miao could even hear her older brother’s heartbeat.

Lin Miao’s face suddenly turned red. Luckily, she was looking down, so the Young Master couldn’t see her. She felt her fingertips burning up.

It was as if her head had turned into a puddle of sludge. Lin Miao tried to switch topics, stuttering, “I’m… I’m so absentminded… Or else you would have gloves to wear...”

“It’s okay, I’ll just remind you in the future.” The Young Master reluctantly withdrew his hands.

The two stood at the corner of the street, warming up in the sun. Once they both felt warmer, Lin Miao spoke, “Gege, let me take you to breakfast.”

Raising her head, she connected gazes with the Young Master who was still wearing the red scarf. His youthful eyes seemed to contain a sky of stars in them...

Lin Miao felt her mind drift away for a moment. Then, she lowered her head and led the Young Master forward.

Gege is so good-looking, so pretty!

Even though Gege looks pretty every day, today… Today was a little different.


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